SPiDeRNiaLL – ISSUE 1 Niall Lexx Kissick, an ordinary guy. Nothing special about him.

Never did anything remarkable. Had his high and low points. His life changed, when he had his ‘accident’ in a chemical plant not far out of town. Now he is Spiderniall. This is the story. SPIDERNIALL – THE BEGINNING A bright light shone through the slit in Niall’s curtains, the light shone on him as if he was some radiant figure. Gently he stirred. “Niall Lexx Kissick, you get up those stairs and eat your breakfast!!” his mother called. “ Sure mum” he replied. He raised himself from his dwelling walked out the door with his eyes shut, took a sharp left and hit the bathroom for a slash. “ Ahh brilliant” he said to himself. He sprinted up the stairs with the lease of energy he had been begging for. “Morning Mom” he leant over and pecked her on the cheek, “Thanks mom, what I do to deserve the Fry?” “Nothing I just felt you could do with it, you’ve been losing weight!” “Thanks Mom.” Niall downed his orange juice in one, and ate his sausage, bacon egg and pancake the usual fry ingredients. “By Mom see you later, I’ll prob be home late, I’ll fone you if something goes wrong…BYEEEEE” Niall shut the door and walked briskly to the bus stop. “Of to school again. Hmmmm it’s usually assignment time now, Wonder what the Doc will have me do this time?” Niall pondered for a while, dreaming. “Holy Smokes There’s the bus!!!” Niall woke. Jumped on. Sat down. And nodded of again. Niall was rudely awakened by the back of the bus crew, “Lexx isn’t this your stop?” one of them yelled. “Thanks awfully” Niall replied he was not the one to bite back, well not when he was in such a good mood. The school day is drawing to a close. Its Biology, the Doc is ranting and raving about genetics, stuff Niall knew about because of previous assignments the Doc had set him. “Niall!!” exclaimed the Doc “can you stay behind for a second?” “Sure, No problemo por pa voray or sum Spanish crap like that” he replied …………………………………………………………………………………………………… “Niall I have an assignment for you” “What’s up Doc?” “I’d like you to check out that new chemical plant in town, I need…a few things from it.” Niall immediately thought “ oh great one of Docs crazy plans”

he had been short sighted ever since his yester years. Niall looked upwards at the sky and said. Niall was a sensitive young boy. then strutted away from the window. He carried on. place hasn’t opened. asserted himself. jumped down. you will find everything you need to know” “So this means I’m like your spy or sumthing?” replied Niall naively “You could say that! Now be gone with you!! I have work to do!!!” …………………………………………………………………………………………………… It was dark. “Ok now for the Docs stuff. he liked who he was. stealing that’s what it is.“What’s in it for me Doc?” “Lets just say it could be the difference between a B to an A* in you’re GCSEs” The dying urge in Niall was dying to say no. “Right. he could see the pipes running underneath them. cant be far from here. That’s the view Niall had anyway. but the Doc always made him go back and put the items back. the clouds gloomed in the starless night sky. pried a window open. Eyes like a hawk when he looked through his glasses. We’ll see what happens to him. However Niall rather unlike what he shows in his daily life is up for a challenge and. he always thought he was different and didn’t want to be like other guys. so he never thought about it. When he struggled to fit in. willingly accepted. “ Here we go” he flicked the switch and glanced down two identical looking corridors. Niall had been there for several hours. where’s that flashlight” said Niall as he rummaged through his favourite rucksack. He cries like any real man. now take this dossier. “Sure Doc” “Good” replied the Doc in laughter “Very good. Life dealt Niall a rough card. Events still to come will change Niall’s life some good some bad. Niall immediately knew this wasn’t the case as he knew his films and this was not your ordinary company.” Stealthily he stole round the huge chemical plant. where he hadn’t a care in the world. not very tight security. that seems to be quite top secret underneath its corporate chemical purification skin. Moving through the shadows. “I got a bad feeling about this. “hmmm ALIENS” he said to himself. broken into many rooms and . “Now I’m in a building. keeping an ever-present watch on his surroundings. but a good player can turn that bad card around. shouldn’t be a problem” Niall set off down a corridor with steel floors with rectangular holes cut in them.” you see that’s what the public thought this building was. and still is today. unaffected by what he is doing.

Favourite album destroyed. so I’d better not be to careful.” exclaimed Niall. Alarms rang as if he has £1000000. “Sheesh.” Now little did Niall know that putting on his CD player was going to be one of those big mistakes classed under ‘biggest mistake of your life’ type mistakes. “Hmmm this looks interesting” as he picked up some documents. . Niall was ready to strike out at the first thing that confronted him. CD player fell. Lights flashing. No matter how big! “Ah” sighed Niall “‘the Unforgettable Fire’ I’ll be able to relax now” “‘The Unforgettable Fire’ one of Niall’s all time favourite songs. animal DNA and Human DNA. howling. CD player jumped. Animals screaming. “Right I’ve been here 3hours that’s £60 in the bag” “Suppose I’d better head then” Niall said after spinning around in one of the computer operator’s chair. U2 album in hand.” Niall bolted for the next door. Chemicals. a star (5-6guards) of guards came round the corner. reason. “Let me see now…” Niall said inwardly as he thought “something doesn’t feel right. flicked open the case inserted CD. All this of course set the alarm off. This place was getting eerier. He took a brief moment hiding under the field of view of on of the motion sensors. Alarm bells ringing. Bono’s lyrics a’ blazing. “I mean Amen. tramped on by one of the guards. music stopped. “Holy Smokes of Cow land. a good chase” Alarms Blazing. How long is this going to take? I promised I’d take Keri-Leigh out tonight. opened up. Larry Mullen Jr pulling of drum combos. He let everything go. “I wonder why there are no security cameras here? Maybe the place doesn’t need them. Niall had not been this way he took a moment to pray he would get out of here. Niall looked in anguish. volume up and walked out of the room. “Well I’m getting £20 and hour and £50 if my life is in danger. guidance. plants. Just before he could finish. The Edge’s guitar sounding off. “Just what I need. hit the floor. Lights Flashing.not found anything. and Adam Clayton on the bass pulling everything together and making it sound perfect.” he said jokingly. all gone. or perhaps forgot about them” Niall left everything the way he found it minus the documents and a few computer files he took for himself. insects and reptiles. he didn’t want to know what was going on here. “Crud” he said. Took out his CD player. 5 guards one average 16 year old. screeching. wonder what doc wants this for?” Niall bundled the documents into his pack. and wisdom.” said Niall looking at thousands of species of animals. CD fell out. logic. Full volume Niall waked right past the sound activated alarm. “this looks like the stuff the Doc wanted.

He crawled towards the wall and used it to help him up. read his bible then went to sleep. Acting on pre cognition he stuck his leg out. “Get him. 2 to1 the odds still against Niall.” yelled the guards. “Niall Lexx Kissick! Where have you been?” his mother enquired as he entered the door. “2 down 3 to go” said Niall. “Doc you owe me big time” “Come on you guys! Can’t you deal with one 16 year old?” Niall taunted the guards. “Crud that hurt” Niall pined. blood flew from his mouth. he could here the guards running. He squealed in a high pitch voice that could rival the bee gees “you little rat”. “At Adams studying mom. bald guy. fat. They slumped to the ground with very sore heads. Love you Dad” Niall preceded to go to bed. “My U2 album” yelled Niall. “as fast as you can. All the air emptied from his lungs. Instantly he was hit another dashing blow to the ribs. Two big brutes of a guard left. Niall running at MAX speed was beginning to tire. “That can’t be good” Niall whined. “That was rough. “Grrrrr…” roared Niall.” Through corridors and labs they chased Niall.” replied Niall as he headed for his room. Contact.the odds weren’t good. Niall clutched his damaged abdomen and coughed. The guards moved closer for another attack. He threw objects into the path of the guards.” The 3 remaining guards chased Niall. ………………………………………………………………………………………… . Like a tree being felled in the rainforests he hit the ground hard. but at least he’d hit a few to vent his frustration. Niall bought a thump in the ribs for his cockiness. He clambered up it and away to freedom. sorry I’m late. Niall’s leg went limp for a second or two. “RUN” Niall thought. write down some stuff. Bang. He was gasping for breath. “Night mom love you loads. “Not so bad at this am I guys?” Niall knew that by intimidating the guards would get them more fired up. Sorry guys gotta blow!!” Niall ran for the window he had gotten in through. Thud. He crashed to the ground with a broken nose. He hid in the shadows. One of the guards had hit is leg. Niall ran across the grass towards the fence. “Guys look an elephant” guards being guards turned and found out they’d been had. Like skittles they fell to the ground. but it might put them off a bit. Niall had a chance to catch his breath. Niall kicked the tall guard in the privates. Niall punched the short. “That’s for my U2 album” Niall replied. “Come on you can do better than that.

5Guards each life threatening 5x 50 = 250 and the 3-4 hours I was there 4x 20 = 80. More coming in issue two. There we go folks. You got all the stuff I need?” replied the Doc “Yeh its all there. “Oh Ok. you only owe me £310.” replied Niall “What £310?!?” said the Doc “What were you doing?” “OK.“No problems I take it Niall?” asked the Doc “No. sorry miscalculated £330” Niall exclaimed. known only to me” remarked the Doc “So you aren’t going to tell me?” exclaimed Niall “You are a smart one” replied the Doc “Catch ya later Doc” “Don’t call me Doc” he said as Niall shut the door. Doc you could compensate the loss of My CD and CD player” “What do you think I pay you for!!!!?” “OK OK” replied Niall “what you need this stuff for?” “That’s a well known secret. ……………………………………………. The first issue is complete. . “Hey guys” Niall said…………….