Australia praises India`s `exceptional` Games

Sydney: India¶s preparations for the New Delhi Commonwealth Games got a thumbs up from the usually stringent Australians and termed them as "exceptional" after organisers overcame a shambolic build-up and widespread criticism to deliver a largely successful event. Sports Minister Mark Arbib said authorities "really got their act together" after a dreadful lead-in which included an attack on tourists, a footbridge collapse and accusations the athletes` village was unfit for human habitation. India has done a great job in organising the Commonwealth Games, an Australian daily said Friday. A day after the Games ended in New Delhi, The Age said: "The people of Delhi have done a terrific job, and are entitled to be proud. Faced with a lot of hurdles, they`ve pulled it off admirably." However, it criticised the Games` Indian organisers. "They have let their country down," it said. But "neither the people of Delhi, nor India as a whole, can be held accountable for the incompetence of (Commonwealth Games) Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi.´ "Locals have been left to pick up the pieces, and done so manfully." "There were some difficulties prior to games getting underway, some issues around the village, some issues around unfinished facilities," he told public broadcaster ABC. "But the Indian authorities really got their act together in the last couple of weeks, got the Games facilities completed and got underway and the Games, when they were on, were very good.´ Sports Minister Arbib said Australia`s athletes had faced "challenges and trials" during the Games on their way to dominating the medals tally with 74 golds. "The Australian athletes have just shown so much resilience," Arbib said. "Through all the challenges and trials of the Games and the Games village the Australian athletes have not lost the smile on their face. They`ve been very committed to competing the whole way through." But he added: "Overall as our athletes are saying and as the Commonwealth Games Federation said, they were an exceptional Games." Australian and New Zealand media also congratulated Delhi on the event in a surprisingly upbeat assessment. "Bravo India" declared an editorial in Sydney tabloid the Daily Telegraph which described the New Delhi Games as a "glorious competition". "They`ve pulled it off admirably and deserve better than the carping, nit-picking and borderline racism that has masqueraded as informed coverage of the Games," wrote Sydney Morning Herald journalist Peter Hanlon. The New Zealand Press Association said organisation gradually improved as the Games progressed, to the point where everything was running like clockwork just before the closing ceremony. "For a Games where all the (Western media) talk going in was about cancellation, or a swift transfer to

but choose to live the life of slave. "I have my doubts that we did it.ravi kumar . there were reports of other athletes from other countries in our residence at the time. albeit in a quirky." he said. With Bureau Inputs Post Comment Your comment(s) on this article it`s great moment for indian in cwg india done a great gob through hosting cwg this yr our country can promote sports in all sphere . now i understand you have gone to usa to get rid of your poverty.ajay lohia . a poor indian is much better than you and people like you.ali ebrahim kutty .bihar farook naqvi has made a statement which is out of sheer ignorance and lack of knowledge.ali ebrahim kutty. explore new market & growth new opportunity . thats what you are. .usa because he himself was below the poverty line and finding it difficult meet both ends.assam but ehat about 90% indians who are livingbelow the powerty level ." Meanwhile ABC quoted Australian Commonwealth Games Association chief Perry Crosswhite as saying an unnamed athlete was sent home in disgrace this week. and where athletes bailed out pre-Games for fears over their safety and hygiene. spasmodic.california usa . random and often frustrating fashion. in a foreign land. Crosswhite also said Indian police were investigating after a washing machine was thrown from a multistorey athletes` village building following Australia`s Test cricket series defeat to India on Wednesday. Delhi far exceeded expectations. and it did deliver. kerala ghari mei tola ghari mei masha yeh media bada tamasha.brij . "Delhi did perform. .newyork naqvi sahab bharat kab aaye the aap? m sorry but u shud know wht u r talking about! .kochi. but did not reveal the reason. he may have gone to california. colourful. according to ABC. you are sadly mistaken that india is not a country with 90% of its people living in povrty .farooq naqvi ." it said. understand .Melbourne.

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