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  零 (0) nought; zero; O

  一百二十三 (123) one hundred and twenty-three

  一千三百 (1 300) thirteen hundred; one thousand three hundred
  二千 (2 000) two thousand
  四千五百零二 (4 502) four thousand five hundred and two
  三万六千 (36 000) thirty-six thousand
  四万五千七百八十九 (45 789) forty-five thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine
  五十万 (500 000) five hundred thousand
  三百一十二万四千五百 (3 124 500) three million, one hundred and twenty-four
thousand five
  八百万 (8 000 000) eight million
  四千三百万 (43 000 000) forty-three million
  九亿 (900 000 000) nine hundred million
  十亿八千万 (1 080 000 000) one billion and eighty million
  一百亿 (10 000 000 000) ten billion
  三千亿 (300 000 000 000) three hundred billion
  五万亿 (5 000 000 000 000) five million million

  (三) 分数 fractions
  二分之一 (1/2) one -half; a half
  三分之一 (1/3) one -third
  四分之三 (3/4) three -fourths
  五分之一 (1/5) one -fifth
  五分之二 (2/5) two -fifths
  八分之七 (7/8) seven-eighths
  十分之一 (1/10) one -tenth; a tenth
  百分之一 (1/100) one -hundredth; one percent
  千分之一 (1/1 000) one -thousandth
  万分之一 (1/10 000) one ten-thousandth
  二又二分之一 two and one half; two and a half
  四又三分之二 four and two -thirds

  (四) 百分比 percentages

  百分之百 (100%) one hundred per cent
  百分之零点五 (0.5%) point five per cent
  百分之零点三七 (0.37%) point three seven per cent

  (五) 小数 decimals
  4.03 four point nought three; four point O three
  7.005 seven point nought nought five; seven point O O five
  45.21 forty-five point two one

  (六) 增加 go up by; shoot up by; rise by (to); be raised by; increase by

  双倍; 加倍 (to) double
  象…一样多 as many as; as much as
  增加百分之一 to increase by one -hundredth
  增加百分之十 to increase by one -tenth
  增加百分之五十 to increase by one -half
  增加百分之七十 an increase of seventy per cent; an seventy-percent increase
  是去年的二倍(即增加一倍) to be double that of last year
  增加百分之百(即增加一倍或增加到原数的二倍) to increase by one hundred per
cent; to double; to increase to twice as many (much) as
  比 1978 年增加一倍以上 to be more than double the 1987 figure
  是…的四倍 four fimes as many (much) as
   是去年的五倍 to be five times that of last year; to increase fivefold compared
with last year; to increase by 400 per cent over last year
  比 1987 年增加了十多倍 to be a dozen times that of 1978
  粮食产量从 1978 年的 30 万吨上升到 1983 年的 715 000 吨 grain output went
up to 715 000 tons in 1983 from 300 000 tons in 1978
  1983 年粮食产量为 38 728 万吨, 是 1949 年的 3.42 倍 in 1983 the output of grain
was 387.28 million tons, 3.42 times that of 1949
   1983 年工农业总产值为 9 209 亿元,比 1982 年增加 10.2% the 1983 total
combined output value of industry and agriculture was 920.9 billion yuan, 10.2 per cent
higher than 1982
  1979 至 1983 年间工农业总产值平均每年的增长率是 8.2% the average annual
rate of increase of the total output value of industry and agriculture from 1979 through
1983 was 8.2 per cent
  与 1949 年相比,大学生人数增 加了 63%, 中学生增加了 1.5 倍,小学生增加了
1.1 倍 compared with 1949, the number of university students increased by 63 per
cent, that of secondary school students by 1.5 times, and that of primary school pupils
by 1.1 times

  (七) 减少(下降) go down by; fall by (to); reduce by

  下降(减少)百分之六十 a reduction (fall) of sixty per cent
  下降百分之一 to decrease by one -hundredth; to reduce by one -hundredth
  下降百分之十(或十分之一) to decrease by ten per cent; to reduce by ten per
cent; to reduce to nine -tenths; to be reduced to nine -tenths
  下降百分之二十(或五分之一) to decrease by one -fifth; to reduce by one -fifth;
to reduce to four-fifths; to be reduced to four-fifths
   下降百分之二十五(或四分之一) to decrease by one quarter; to reduce by one
quarter; to reduce to three -fourths; to be reduced to three -fourths
  下降百分之五十(或一半) to decrease by one -half; to reduce by one -half; to
reduce to one -half; to be reduced to one -half

  (八) 不确指的数字
   indefinite numbers
  几个 some; a few; several; a number of
  十几个 more than ten; over a dozen; no more than twenty
  几十个 dozens of
  几十年 decades
  四十好几 well over forty
  好几百个 hundreds of
  成千上万 thousands of
  几十万 hundreds of thousands of
  数以百万计的 millions of
  亿万(人) hundreds of millions of

  (九) 时间 time
  6∶00 six o'clock;
  six a.m.(上午); six p.m.(下午)
  7∶10 ten past seven; seven ten
  8∶15 a quarter past eight; eight fifteen
  9∶25 twenty-five past nine; nine twenty-five
  10∶30 half past ten; ten thirty
  11∶35 eleven thirty-five; twenty-five to twe ̄lve
  12∶45 twelve forty-five; a quarter to thirteen
  13∶50 thirteen fifty; ten to fourteen
  14∶57 fourteen fifty-seven; three to fifteen
  15∶00 fifteen

  (十) 年月日 dates

  1643 年 sixteen forty-three
  1755 年 seventeen fifty-five
  1898 年 eighteen ninety-eight
  1900 年 nineteen hundred
  1989 年 nineteen eighty -nine
  2000 年 twenty hundred
  三月八日 the eighth of March
  五月一日 the first of May
  七月二十三日 the twenty-third of July
  一九四九年十月一日 the first of October,nineteen forty-nine

  (十一) 电话号码
  telephone numbers
  117 one one seven
  120 one two oh
  699 six double -nine
  2442 two double -four two
  3271 three two seven one
  893712 eight nine three seven one two
  8123456 eight one two three four five six

  (十二) 罗马数字
  Roman numeral

11: 十一(means one, in the tens-value place, plus one, in the ones-value place.)

12: 十二(means one, in the tens-value place, plus two, in the ones-value place.)

13:十三(means one, in the tens-value place, plus three, in the ones-value place.)

19: 十九(means one, in the tens-value place, plus nine, in the ones-value place.)

20: 二十(means two in the tens-value place and zero in the ones-value place.)

21: 二十一(means two in the tens-value place and one in the ones-value place.)

22: 二十二(means two in the tens-value place and two in the ones-value place.)

100: 一百(means one in the hundreds-value place.)

111: 一百一十一(means one in the hundreds-value place, one in the tens-value place
and one in the ones-value place.)

109: 一百零九(means one, in the hundreds-value place, zero in the tens-value place and
nine in the ones-value place.)

1000: 一千(means one in the thousands-value place.)

1005: 一千零五(means one, in the thousands-value place, plus five, in the ones-value

1050: 一千零五十(means one in the thousands-value place and five in the tens-value

Notice 1: From 11 (十一)to 19(十九), you don't have to add "one" (一) to the left of the
character "十" but in the over two-digit numbers, "一" is needed when one is in the
tens-value place.

Notice 2: When a zero is in the number except at the end, you need to use the character
"零", but only once for consecutive "0".
Reading 15,880,000 out in Chinese

First, you have to know the equivalent expression of each numeral to the left of a
comma. (Thousand=千) (Million=百万) Now let’s come to the question of how to read
the number 15,880,000 out in Chinese ASAP. At first sight of the number, you have got
to know 5 in the place means 5 million, namely 五百万, because the place in a number
is ten times greater than the value of the place to the number’s right. So the 1 in the
place means 10 million, namely 1 千万. Now read out each number’s value in each
place from left to right. It’s 一千五百八十八万.


(3 in the place means 3 million, namely 三百万; 6 means 6 hundred thousand, namely
六十万; 5 means 五万; 2 means 两千; 9 means 九百; 8 namely 八十; 1 namely 一.) So
it’s 三(sān)百(bǎi)六(liù)十(shí)五(wǔ)万(wàn)两(liǎng)千

(1) 大 数:
千亿 hundred billion
百亿 ten billion
十亿 billion
亿 hundred million
千万 ten million
百万 million
十万 hundred thousand
万 ten thousand
千 thousand
百 hundred
十 ten
个 one
百,千,百万和十亿位的数字名称,每个数位的大小均以 3 位数表示。
如上图数字读作:three hundred twenty five billion, eight hundred sixty seven million,
one hundred thirty four thousand and five hundred twenty nine.
掌握数字中的分节号“,”对掌握这种对应关系很有帮助,每个“,“ 左面恰好是英
语数字的一个数位名称 thousand, million and billion,在汉语中分别是:千,百万
Thirteen billion, six hundred (and) twenty-five million, four thousand and sixty nine.
Thirty two billion, six million, eighty thousand and five.
分子用基数词,即 one, two, three, four…,分母用序数词,即 first, second, third,
1/3 one third
5/8 five eighths. 分子大于 1,分母用复数。
1/4 one quarter
3/4 three quarters
(3) 小数
小数点读成 point.
0.35 zero point thirty-five; nought point thirty-five; point thirty-five
(4) teen vs ty
听力中经常出现十几和几十的辩音。teen 是长音,并且有明显的 n 鼻音,而几十
ty 是短音,且无任何鼻音。若在考试过程中未能分清,则猜几十 ty。
2. 电话号码:
(1)电话号码中的 0 比较特殊,可读作:zero, nought, null, nil, nothing, oh.
Nought 在考试中用的比较多,经常会听到 nought point 3,(0.3)
3: 0 three nil 足球比赛中较常用。

(2)读电话号码总的规则是: 国家代号,地区代号和具体号码分开来读。如
对于一个特定地区的电话,一般来说只有 7 位或 8 位。
7 位的号码,读的时候前三位一组连在一起,后四位一组连在一起。如 8645259,
读作 eight six four, five two five nine
8 位的号码,可以四个一组来读。
两个或三个相同的数字可以用 double 和 triple 来代替,比如 2266555 可读作
double two double six triple five, or two two six six five five five.

00 读成 double oh ,听起来像 w; 1800 往往读成 one eight hundred,one 的 n 与
eight 的 ei 连读, eight 的 t 与 hundred 的 h 失去爆破,只能听到 h 音却听不到 t 的
音,因此听起来像 one hundred 的发音。88 读做 double eight, l 与 ei 连读。