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This is where In-Store Communications comes in. As well as a single point of contact for all your queries.In-Store Communications. there is a need for new communications channels that not only measure up to changed market conditions but also meet the expectations of today’s sophisticated consumers. It is a solution that delivers precisely targeted communications at the point of sale (POS). precisely targeted customer communications Regularly updated. outlet-specific information and advertising Increase in impulse buying Higher customer traffic through value-added services Proven growth in sales Easy monitoring and analysis of impact New revenue streams through marketing of advertising slots 02 . and with the interactive payment and/or information services of your choice. emotional shopping experience An effective way of keeping waiting customers entertained and satisfied Flexible communications at the point of sale. Around 70 percent of purchasing decisions for customer goods are made at the POS. While competitive pressures continue to mount. outlet-specific information and special offers Product information An attractive. we offer you many other benefits: Flexible. conventional advertising formats are losing their bite. dynamic channels that provide up-to-the-minute information. T-Systems provides you with a one-stop solution to your needs. In-Store Communications delivers: A broad and convenient service offering with added value Up-to-the-minute. A service your customers will value. build their loyalty. and providing them with highly up-to-date information. The overriding goal is to help retailers and service providers fulfil their basic mission: win new customers. In-Store Communications (IC) from T-Systems is designed for all companies that have brick-andmortar outlets and that interact with customers face to face. IC comprises the following modules: Digital signage: Your very own in-store TV channel Multi-Service Spots: Electronic kiosks – your shop-in-shop Take advantage of tomorrow’s digital marketing and communications technologies today: with TV formats that are tailored to your customers. Added value for retailers. addressing consumers in a very direct and personal way. In response. Focusing on the consumer. and increase sales. It’s a service your customers are sure to value. Revolutionize customer communications by means of versatile.

Multi-Service Spots. Information Advertising Infotainment Communications Digital signage. Infrastructure Content management Production Sale of advertising slots Digital-signage services. Photo printing Prepaid cards Mobile content Micropayments Multi-Service Spots. 03 . Mobile marketing Next-generation solutions.Contents. Next-generation solutions. Digital-signage services. Digital signage.

Visual and acoustic cues generate recognition and provide consumers with guidance. Targeted customer communications. Get your sales messages across where they have the greatest impact. banks or car dealerships. you can show regularly updated storespecific content in brilliant quality at all your outlets. inviting passersby to “look and take”. and hesitating before making a purchase. Comprehensive. the bank’s offerings. travel agencies or airports. Whether deployed by specialty retailers or supermarkets. Where required.Digital signage. Digital signage can complement or replace traditional POS advertising methods.a total of over 850 sites. for example. Our solution for Postbank. Customers standing in line are entertained with news stories. 04 . such as counter displays. The result is greater responsiveness. audiovisual advertising is not only more eye-catching. you can even vary content individually for each screen. The right message at the right place. Digital signage extends the reach of your product advertising and brand identity beyond TV. With digital signage – dynamic communications and advertising at the point of sale (POS). Should they try something new? Take advantage of that special offer? Or buy something extra? These questions are posed and answered in the store itself. comparing. T-Systems can also apply your corporate design to all equipment and hardware. Moving images take point-of-sale communications to a new level. Consumers are most receptive to relevant information when they are looking. and generates more impulse sales. and even the weather. print and online channels to the point of sale. Postbank can tailor content to the needs of individual branches. while in the evenings you focus on singles and busy professionals. In the mornings. it also has emotional appeal. Postbank was the first company in Germany to provide an in-store TV channel in all of its financialadvice centers -. and in versions that can be wallmounted or suspended from the ceiling. printed signs and posters. If required. With today’s flat screens. One particularly effective option is a stylish and slender freestanding display that incorporates a screen and a brochure holder. your messaging might target housewives and seniors. Screens and viewers are available in various sizes. consistent CI/CD. flexibility and dynamism.

Seeing is believing. as a one-stop provider. Moreover. you can leverage your digital-signage system for staff training and internal communications. Always on air with In-Store Communications. That enables us to reach travelers more quickly and more flexibly. Studio/editing suite Server Firewall Outlets Digital signage 05 Next-generation solutions. Our solution for Deutsche Bahn. “With the In-Store Communications solution from T-Systems. T-Systems installs and runs the entire system on your behalf. you can boost sales of your own brands or recoup your investment by selling advertising slots to third parties. Comprehensive content. you know you are in safe hands: Data protection and data security Transmission reliability and robust. right from the start. fail-safe infrastructure Protection against external threats A combination of high-availability networks. such as news and weather reports. T-Systems is a partner you can depend on. Digital signage. And outside opening times. Total security and reliability. faster over-the-counter transactions. You can provide customers in waiting zones with infotainment.” says Magnus Michels. Multi-Service Spots. Content is distributed to retail outlets via a central platform. and in designing and building infrastructure. project manager at Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb GmbH. We advise you on implementing made-to-measure communications at the point of sale. you can offer varied. The result is streamlined marketing and sales: from product planning to advertising at the POS. and increased customer satisfaction. With Germany’s leading ICT service company. high-quality content of four kinds: Information Advertising Infotainment Communications You can present information on products and your latest offers right next to the shelf. powerful software. . Through precisely targeted advertising. secure data transfer – round the clock. ongoing hardware maintenance and monitoring. Leverage our comprehensive knowledge and skills in developing content. With in-store TV. Comprehensive service. we can advertise our latest offers at our travel centers and on the Internet. And create an end-to-end In-Store Communications solution that will raise your profile as an enterprise at the cutting edge. Digital-signage services. and firewalls at all interfaces delivers reliable.

Your newfound speed and agility will pay dividends. editorial control. You can launch special offers with pointand-click simplicity. program production (using studio/editing suite) Checking and analyzing broadcast content Plan for positioning displays in stores Marketing of advertising slots Infrastructure Solution concept Provision/operation of IT infrastructure (hardware. As all content is automatically documented Who does what? Clearly defined roles and responsibilities ensure success. T-Systems can provide all digital-signage services. sporting triumphs.) Telecommunications infrastructure (distribution via Internet) User help desk. on-site support Some of the above elements can be optionally handled in-house or by your agency. such as sudden changes in the weather. even for very short-term promotional activities. You are also free to perform tasks inhouse.Digital-signage services. including delivery to sites in other countries. and marketing of advertising slots to third parties. and regularly updated. A raft of benefits. we offer one-stop solutions. or source them from your own agency. and delivers tangible benefits to your business. Proven T-Systems specialists work closely with you to develop content that is tailored to your needs. and significantly reduces material. Digital signage makes your outlets more appealing to consumers. A simple comparison with POS transaction data gives an accurate picture of your success. Less expenditure on printing Lower costs for postage and materials No additional human resources required Flexible business and payment models: Rental. printing and production costs for point-of-sale advertising. etc. routers. reporting and analysis. Digital signage increases your sales. Agile and transparent. such as concept development. content management. Where required. It pays to use digital signage. T-Systems Customer Agency T-Systems Customer Agency 06 . software. As one of Germany’s leading players. Content Content development. and other headline news – with corresponding campaigns at the POS. for each outlet. assessing the results is both easy and highly revealing. And respond swiftly to unpredictable events. The marketing of slots to suppliers and manufacturers unlocks new revenue streams. Plus you can take advantage of the network of media agencies who partner with T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom. purchase or leasing Additional income through sale of advertising slots In-house or outsource? The choice is yours.

recipes. product usage guidance. 07 Next-generation solutions. you can create a winning combination with digital signage. All programs are transferred from a central server to the screens in the respective outlets. It’s a simple yet effective way to build customer loyalty – one which is flexible and future-proof. fashion advice. care instructions. photos. Do you operate a queue management system? If so. T-Systems collaborates with a network of media providers. you can dialog-enable digital-signage systems with touch screens. Advertising clips can be made-to-order by proven experts. we set up a central studio/editing suite for you. weather. and for marketing advertising slots. at your advertising agency. Local or regional studios/editing suites can also be established. Like a TV channel. video. and where your advertising is adapted to the time of day and the target group. Tangible advantages. Digital-signage services include much more than just enterprise-specific and outlet-specific programming. Keep customers entertained. Digital-signage services. giving you access to a rich and varied pool of infotainment that includes news. Multi-Service Spots. Digital signage. Dynamic. The service is guaranteed to be popular with your customers. sport. consumer advice. entertainment. this is where fresh. new content is produced daily. For ongoing content management. and instructions. You can be sure of viewers’ attention – an ideal basis for effective advertising and public relations. barcode and RFID scanners – so consumers can view product and service information. Why not offer your customers interactive services? For example. and display your in-store TV program along with the next ticket number. this can be located at your site. or at T-Systems. Added value for the consumer. The content broadcast via your outlets is a tailored mix of text. Simply divide the screen into two sections. . Web pages and Flash animations. Depending on your preferences.An added attraction. Made-to-measure content. where appropriate. up-to-date customer communications Interaction Responsiveness Consistent brand image and identity Central or regional control over content A single point of contact at T-Systems Central studio/editing suite. and more.

And we plan to add more MSS services in the future. extensible and future-proof Support for interaction via barcodes and RFID Integration with POS and enterprise-resourceplanning (ERP) systems Payment with debit cards Increased customer traffic and sales Reduced staff costs per customer A one-stop solution from T-Systems 08 . Flexible delivery of information and services. are actively embracing digital media and sales channels. audio books. Digital services at the POS. Today’s consumers.Multi-Service Spots. videos. The MultiService Spot (MSS) enables you to offer a host of new in-store digital services via compact terminals. And this has already transformed the way people shop for goods and services. etc. The result is a more comprehensive offering. particularly the younger generation. ensuring MSS offerings are always right up to date. plus increased customer traffic and sales – and all without extra staff. Boost sales – through additional services. With Multi-Service Spots. and with no additional effort at your stores. etc. and software Benefits of a store within a store. new services can be integrated at any time. What’s more.) Mobile content (ring tones. retailers can now reap the benefits of new technologies at the point of sale (POS). you are free to choose the services you offer your customers: On-the-spot printing of digital photos Prepaid cards (for cell phones. Thanks to innovative solutions from T-Systems. etc. including: Tickets for events Gift certificates Music downloads.) Calling cards and micropayment cards Couponing Management of customer loyalty cards Product information.

helps win new customers. cell-phone ring tones. Actively influence customers’ purchasing behavior. without increasing staff headcount. convenient service. Our solution for The Phone House. With 160 stores and 40 million customers annually. Digital signage. but you retain complete control over content. And your customers enjoy quick. plus prepaid and calling cards. Kloppenburg customers can now purchase cell-phone credit. T-Systems installs and operates the terminals at your stores. The Phone House’s stores in Bonn and Dortmund. MSS: It could hardly be simpler. Germany. Our solution for Kloppenburg. Customers can also print out coupons issued by The Phone House for special offers. T-Systems helped the company give its digital-photo service a makeover. Customers choose one or more coupons. materials and more. Digital-signage services.POS means point of service. games and logos. 09 Next-generation solutions. Multi-Service Spots. and download logos and ring tones at the Multi-Service Spot – without entering their bank details or signing up for subscriptions. Europe’s leading independent retailer of mobile phones and services. Couponing with the Multi-Service Spot (MSS) is a simple way of rapidly increasing sales of selected products. You can even integrate payment via debit cards. Once hooked up to your POS and ERP systems. the Multi-Service Spot represents a comprehensive information and service point in every store. Rapidly growing telecoms company The Phone House is part of UK-based The Carphone Warehouse Group. Incorporating this process into the store experience provides an even greater incentive to buy. The MSS terminal is also a great way of providing product information – by allowing customers to interactively query ingredients. Kloppenburg is North Germany’s leading drugstore chain. . Combined with a digital-signage screen. deploy T-Systems’ Multi-Service Spot as an entertainment center – providing photo-printing services. the Multi-Service Spot requires no additional staff or organizational effort. paysafecards and MicroMoney. There are also other clear benefits: A more extensive service offering enhances your company’s image. This has provided Kloppenburg with a valuable source of new business. and raise sales. The services are paid for at the checkout. and can print them out on the spot. and add new offerings.

including the Internet. The future is now. new marketing approaches. New opportunities are emerging for marketing and customer communications – enabling businesses to address consumers across all channels. Anne Smith is using her cell phone to photograph the barcode of an ad that has caught her eye. she receives a coupon offering her a discount today. they also provide retailers with a direct channel to consumers – across the entire media spectrum. cameras. and the article is placed in Anne's virtual shopping basket. TV. The customer is king. Targeted communications – from ads to the cash desk. Cell phones are more than just telephones. This interactive process continues at the outlet: Thanks to In-Store Communications. Somewhere in Europe. Let’s take a trip into the near future. This could be in a newspaper. Rapid advances in digital communications are having a huge impact on public and private life. the phone displays additional information. The next goal is to provide anytime. 10 . In a matter of seconds. She can also view a map of the city. interactivity and mobility are playing an increasingly important role. showing local stores that stock the item. and cell phones. she can pay via cell phone at the push of button. or on screen. At the same time. We now take it for granted that we can be contacted anywhere. mini TVs and online terminals – they are now becoming personal service centers. seamless shopping. Are you ready to step into the future? T-Systems is happy to support you – as a partner you can depend on. Marketing goes mobile. linking diverse media and information. One click. and will continue to do so in the future. today and tomorrow. outdoor advertising. T-Systems delivers the necessary infrastructure. At the same time. And that goal is now within reach. And it will be customers who decide which services prevail in the markets of tomorrow. New communications and sales channels are transforming shopping habits. on a billboard. And if she wants. the expertise required to ensure hassle-free. last but not least. and at any time. digital signage.Next-generation solutions. software – and. In today’s increasingly complex retail environment. not only make for easier. The convergence of disparate media and systems is giving rise to solutions that transcend traditional boundaries – delivering truly seamless communications. Anne can print out the coupon at a terminal and look up the precise location of the item. secure data transfer at all times. anywhere access to the right information and services.

Multi-Service Spots. Digital signage.Next-generation solutions. . 11 Digital-signage services.

com .Find out more. Germany Contact: E-mail: in-store-communications@t-systems. Published by: T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH Corporate Marketing & Communications Mainzer Landstrasse 50 60325 Frankfurt am Main.t-systems.

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