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David M.

Cox ES PTA General Membership Meeting 10/8/2019 Minutes

I. 6:04pm call to order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Officer Reports

A. President- Danielle Hall
1. SOT elections
a) Vote and tally
(1) Amanda Chandler
(2) Christopher Huff
(3) Stephanie Pandulo
B. Treasurer- Rebecca Warnick
1. Bank balance: $27,308.19 (prior to fun run monies)
2. Fun run check was incorrect. They will send another
C. Secretary- Julie Reitz
D. Membership- Hiba Lobue
1. Teacher membership
E. 1st Vice President, Fundraising- Mary King
1. Penguin Patch starting in mid-December
F. 2 Vice President, Communcations- Lauren McGreal
1. Needs updates for the newsletter Send her updates to be
uploaded on Facebook
G. 3rd Vice President, Community Activities- Stephanie Pandulo
1. Milers
a) Need additional volunteers
b) Controlling the kids on the blacktop better, closing gate
H. 4 Vice President, Legislative- Sarah Gondek
1. 2020-2021 calendar for CCSD is available
I. Box Tops and Shoparoo Chair
1. No update
J. Milers Chair- Allison Theodosis
David M. Cox ES PTA General Membership Meeting 10/8/2019 Minutes

1. Not present. No update

K. Yearbook Chair- Monica Smallridge
1. Danielle will meet with Monica to format, etc. will get flyer
made and out before Halloween. If purchased before you receive a
discount $25 hard cover reduced to $20 and $18 soft cover reduced
to $15
L. Family Fun Night Chair- Mary King
1. Celestia- may be able to get kids in free and discount for
parents (Friday or Saturday is best)
M. Reflections- Anexie Portalatin-Karsaz
1. Since there is no Reflections Anexie may do something to
encourage kids to participate in art contest
N. Garden update- Dan Bollard
1. Basil harvest sale 10/11 after school 3:21-3:35 need 2 parent
volunteers (arrive 10 minutes early to set up table outside kinder)
Athena has the basil. Put money in the safe. (behind Giana, in PTA
treasurer fill out the form and put in safe) expected donations is
$2.00 per bag
a) Monica Smallridge
b) Mrs. Connor
2. Bench and tables
a) 12 convertible benches and tables. Fold like bench then
into table. Composite
b) $2000-$2300 would like to use PTA budget or use the
SNWA budget (over $8,000 left)
(1) Vote on money- from SNWA fund
O. Restaurant Night Chair- Beth Camuso
1. Peter Piper $303.29
2. Chic-fil-A $187.70
3. Mi Gusta 10/22
4. Freddy’s 11/6
P. Staff Appreciation Chair- Melanie Riggs
David M. Cox ES PTA General Membership Meeting 10/8/2019 Minutes

1. 11/15 Soup will send out mass email for parent sign-ups to
make soup. Bring crock pots. Can bring deserts as well
2. Will talk to Shana about getting bread bowls
Q. Principal- Tara Imboden
1. Roof to be done 10/19
2. School events calendar on dojo
3. Playgrounds to be redone in January
4. Carpet new in December 2020
5. Asphault to be done as well. TBD
6. Newsletter on Dojo and parent link
7. Instagram and twitter are up and ready but not deployed
8. 74,000 cut to budget. Keep class sizes low and keep teacher.
9. Everyone has envision 2.0.
10. Reach for reading has been suggested. National Geographic
based. $8400 per grade level
11. Adjust Henderson green monies. We get money to purchase
reading program for 5th.
12. We are a 3 star so we get extra money $107,000 extra tutors.
Were able to purchase 1-2 textbooks. Will work on 4-5.
a) Asking PTA to purchase 1 grade level and will purchase
the last one in the future ($8,295 for 3rd or 4th)
b) We can use the Lexia budget of $8,000 and supplement
the rest from PTA
(1) Danielle motion to approve
(2) Second- Amanda Miller
(3) Motion passes
13. SNWA rebate went into the budget.
14. Reflex math purchased and will be deployed to all grades soon
15. Smith Center performance at school (not certain which grade)
16. If you take your child out early it counts as a Tardy
R. Old Business: None
David M. Cox ES PTA General Membership Meeting 10/8/2019 Minutes

S. New Business: 1st grade requesting $270 for bus x2 to Smith Center
from Field trip fund. Would like 3 listening centers -CD player, jacks,
headphones x3 sets $600. School technology software $165 total for all
teachers. Need total of $495 on top or resource bank. Can use fun run
1. Motion to approve: Sarah Gondek
2. Second Beth Camuso
3. Motion passes-

IV. Adjourned at 7:05

A. Next meeting (general membership): Tuesday, November 12, 2019,
DMC Library