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HESS Business Groon Rewards Card palit MIAMI PARKING AUT Scorr SIMPSON LOPEN Closing Date 07/19/17 Noxt Closing Date 09/13/17 ‘Account Ending 9-36002 Membership Rewards® Points New Balance $5,687.11 ‘Nalubleand Pandas of 05/0/17 512,694 Picose Pay By" = ovr2ain7®_ || Feyetgetpapt atrsanfl eon EER sncmborshipowadscom + payments cue upon receipt, We suggest you pay by the Please Pay. date. | Agoount Summary Provious Balance 290165 Paynvents/crelts $3007.05 NewChaiges +$5;70051 Foes "14000 2). Seepage? for important aformation about your account. New Balance $5,607.41 [2) Seopago7 —forantnportantChange to Your Account Terms, [Ea ezbxcarpeer openeomv Customer Cate Pay by Phone Waoo-ts2-3344 1-800472°9007 [B)see Page 2 for additional information. & D_ Important information: To access the most up to cate version cf your Carcmember Agreement, please log in to your Account at ee lata) le “Please fldon the perforation below, detach and return withyour payment ¥ ie ‘AB 02 000184 91859 B 46 C ‘Make check payable to American Express. § luteal hte sett dette eb EET TE MIAMI PARKING AUTH ane a Hy tle galt EE ba ee [LD] Cheekaretyouraddressor ‘AMERICAN EXPRESS i fene number hs changed PO. BOK 5040, & nechangeson evese st DALLAS TX 75265-0008 OOOOTNIIIBOLE? 74S OOOSLA7LAOOOSES7LL OF A Rvainen Geen Femara Card SCOTT SIMSON, Tesi oan aa Giosing Dato 07/19/17 ‘Acoount Ending $-36002 Payments and Credits ‘Summary otal Payments z $2380466 Groat ‘SCOTT SHPSON3-35002 Bi $000 "ARTHUR NOREGA3-35010 no ‘otal Payments andl Credits $39007.06 (Botall rrdesesnieg de Payrnonts Amount Oeyasii7* SCOTT SIMPSON PAYMENT RECEVED THANKYOU “$2.50456 og reat, Amount 3 osraon7_aNTHUNNOREGAY MENGE AWERICAS LIC EMETG=AWERCAS $2240 CORALGABLES. FL CORAL GABLES New Charges ] Summary J etal SCOTT SRAPSON' 35000 3595540 [ARTHURNORIEGAV3-<5010 3175103 Total New charaos s5700s1 (Detait HI SCOTT SIMPSON Gard Ending 335002 Amount Ganon? PRESTIGEAUDIOGo00D0007 “cINCNNATT oH 7108000 74047-45257, dorian SUNPASSACCETTEA081 ass te $08 08-65. 5352 Dereon ria ‘sris/i7 _ EXPOCNVTIVENTACTAS RNC 0366 ‘mia A {$5000 3057511234 Desaiption ot BUSINESS SERVICES : ‘ceiairi7 —_MINMLHERALD SUBSCRIFTO aM a ‘$2000 7o42017062105473033172 SUBSCHPION osaami7 ASMUSLLP DAVENPORT iw 240000 ‘8000000000 Bescon Generel Merchandise ‘a7ias/i7 Mion Dade Expressway Au $960455570570 wi A $14440 “OLL @BAIDGE FEE - ‘osm? SUNPASS*ACCED52820% ‘aa ace ase a ‘1600 200-0855352 Description ETAL z Continued on reverse se SCOTT SIMPSON Account Endling 336002 pant (Dotait Continued a ™) Aneunt dren SuNPASSRCCSROSIOGT a8 85 7 $1025 nn 65-5352 Doscipton __ real seca ‘o7men7—_suNPnss*ncc69s20577 5 52 ft 6065 8352 Deserpon reat i seed ‘anriuNoniEGn v aid Edlng 335010 Hee Amount {G6riin7_ EMERGEAMERTCASLLC EMERGE AMERTCAS ConA GAS 7 777) —_comucaaues i ie er, Ons ‘13717 _TST*SUSHITMAKTGROVE HAR 300000108 ‘nw i S613 7065073300 Beserptin co RESTAURANTS____$4st3 seeded 1500, 6595 ‘cria7i? YARD SOUTHERN 5129290055317 ‘Mien fl * 910058 355805220 = it $2600 __ apes ‘os57i7 NOM INI EAT ‘min ft Ntsot60 COMMEnCIAL PORTS “ . sekers 20170615 _ 1800, 8662 ‘smori7 THE BUSINESS JOURNALSTHEDUSIESS cHAWOTTE Ne No freoa0 00-40-3009 Destin __THE BUSINESS JOURNA _ Vga csyaart? KOMODOVALET 100 osna2ni7 (06/24/17 PENRICONES MARKETPLACE 305-178.9109 _foo0 son70 ‘vacri7 AUDIOS 501 on00| wine 700-655-0950, Besaiption FASTFOOD nESTAURAN, e a asamn7 —_ VALETPANKING sERICES ais. 04 6 366 8391 = ‘5/2077 CORAL GABLES CHAMMEROF C6ton14001056 CORAL GABLES - (a0s)6-1657 ficbaeeetae = osranr7 — TST*SUSHH MAKIGROVE MARS00000106 ‘aa 7065073309 Bese Peo __estAUabs. Bea esccmace ‘sri? CHOCOLATE FASHIONDAKERY 73s259s00%007 CORAL GAMES (70534-0500 iss a [Fees } Arount Total FeosforthisPerod ce $0.00 Continued on next page Business Green Rewards Card p19 MIAMI PARKING AUTH le ‘SCOTT SIMPSON Closing Date 08/13/17 Next Closing Date 09/12/17 ‘Account Ending 9-35002 Membership Rewards* Points ‘vallableand Pending as of 7/31/17 518,381 Please Pay By 08/26/17* J) ‘etaleuskmenbershiprewardscon | [New Balance $1,889.58 4 Payments due upon receipt. We suggest you pay by the Plesse Pay By dete, Yeti have to pay alate elyour payments notrecened by We Nes Closing bate ‘Account Summary Previous Balance $5,607.11 Payments/Crelts $5,687.11 New Charges ++51,809358 Fees ‘$000 NewBalance 81.0088 Daysin Billing Period: 31 [2)_ seepage? forimportant information about your account. Seepage _foraNotice Of Change ToThe Membership Rewards Customer Care Poyby niga Be spenesne Program Terms & Conditions. Etfecve Immediately we are making changes toe Manbaship Rewards Program lerms & Concitions that impact Card Members who CustomerCare Pay byPhone ate enrolled in the Membership Rewards Program and are eligible for reoosse-sse4 — 1en0Mr S257 points transfer. Membership Rewards points can now be transferred at 1:1 ratio Into British Alrways Executive Club and Iberia Plus Ease Page2 for additonal information. programme and can be transferred in increments of 1,000 points 4 Please fold on the perforation below, detach and return with your payment ¥ Bae 82 pec Pay by Computer rales, ‘Account Ending 335002 Domotstoplee ise paper clips Bd opencomipbe B00! ep atcea Make checepayabltoAmercantxpess scorr simpson PleasePay by MIAMI PARKING AUTH 08/28/17 AONWSRD ST Ste ri03, ‘out Dus THIAMI FL 33128-1806 889 ltt patton ah heckhereifyouradressor AMERICAN EXPRESS hone nana hovered BO. BOKesoe8 Rote changes on reverse side DALLAS TX 75265-0448, O000349990801927745 OOOL88ISK000182958 09 A Business Green Rewards Card MIAMI PARKING AUTH. SCOTT SIMPSON Closing Date 08/13/17 ce ‘Account Ending 3.35002 Payments and Credits ‘Summary Total Payments $5,687.11 Credits 3000 ‘Total Payments and Credits $5,607.11 Detail sodas posing de Payments ‘Amount o7reen7 _ SCOTTSIMPSON PAYMENT RECEIVED “THANKYOU $5687.11 New Charges ‘Summary Total SCOTTSINPSON3-35002 $4735 [ARTHUR NORIEGA V3-35010 $1,74223 Total New Charges $1,009.58 Detail ‘SCOTTSiMPSON CardEnding 3-35002 Amount O7aWA7 _ SUNPASSFACC2E35967 308-065-5352, i $5000 88 -265.5252 Description ETAL o7rai7i7 _ SUNPASS*ACC62635967 09 0655352 FL $6175 886-865-5352 Desciption ETAL (0103/17 Miami-Dade Expressway AuA4360455570576 ‘WIR FL $3560 TOLL #OfIDGE FEE a "ARTHURNORIEGA V CCardEnding 3.35010 Amount ‘O7A7AT _ ANTHONYSCOALFIRED PIZZA OF NORTH DA, ‘NORTHAM 7 $5515 305-099-0887 ‘O7A7A7_ NBA-MAIANA HEAT aN FL $7,18020 COMMERCIAL SPORTS {HcKETS 20170717, ‘7/i@/7 —_ CMXBRICKELL CTY-REST 0000 aN is $5437 736-577-0188 Description FOOD/BEVERAGE z ‘07727717 MIRINCONCITO MEXICANO 6000, nn rs $45.02 305-644-4015, Description FOOD/BEVERAGE (o7/31717 ZEST RESTAURANT MARKET 0831 man i $0032 786-318-8468 Description FOOD/BEVERAGE. E Continued on reverse SCOTT SIMPSON Account Ending 8.35002 49 Detail Continued ‘Amount Tapa _ BCTRANSTT SERVICE CENTERDC TRANSIT aa os 755 786469524 amar? BC TRANSIT SERVE CENTER DCTRANSTTS inal # $85 786469528 anr7/t7 SOYKARESTALRANT 6000000775655 aa cs qos 3057592117 w 1700 Dayoan 72755 BRICKELL TY CENTRE SPRRT ATSB an i ‘300 suzara00 Description Price PARBING FEES $300 onary Wiusez02se06617458 GeONUT GROVE fl wD oseasana iw 100 iH aaron? wait STIOURNAL 80 568-7695 MA si788 SUBSCRETION Fees Amount Total Fees for this Porlod $0.00 2017 Fees and Interest Totals Year-to-Date ‘Amount Total Feesin 27 $9500 “Totlineestin 2017 3000 ecoresa seeemat sani ¢t cox RiRR ene aera Core ‘SCOTT SIMPSON Closing Dato 08/1217 Next Closing Date 10/19/17 New Balance o9/27/17* pay by tha lage Pay By date iho coe by Be Rot Please Pay By _ to, Payment s due upon racalp. We suggest yo Youimay have to pay ante feelf your pay eae ay your pay [2)_ Seepage 2for important infomation about your account, 4+ Peat fold onthe petforationbelow tach and turn wth your payment Payment Coupon Dohotstapleer use paper clps ‘AB 01 008216 45967 B 40.A eta gen Hh 1 Nab IMPSON SCOTT SIMPSON MIAN PAIRING AUTH 4oNW3RDST Pay compar EE cota rE 1103 MIAMI FL 33128-1906 AMERICAN EXPRESS P.0,bOx 5044. DALLAS TX 75265-0440, Check herelf your address phone numberhas change. Rote changeson reverse se, OODOANATAOANAE? 74S OOWISIALLOOLOSLIAL 09 A $10,519.11 fa Aa OPEN tio Account Encling 8-95002 Mombership Rewards® Polnts ‘Alabeand Pandig avo OO81/17 fovpiocna po noma arpa GeieicRinemberehiprouuscon Account Summary Previous Balance PaymentsCrels New Charges Fe $1909.50 $1009.50 #1081011 “60100 Now $1048 ‘aysiniling Period: 30 ‘Customer Care PaybyPhi Feooasasaad Toole ExseoPage 2 attionl ior, Account Ending 388002 Enter 15 igh account # onal payments. Make check payable to American Express. hove one Pasa Pay By ‘osra7N? AOBAT gga REAR fs 5 uae f patie Cord OPEN pao Closing Dato 09/12/17 ‘Account fending 9-96002 Payments and Credits ‘Summary Toto Payments = -$).00969, routs cee $000. jnentsand Croats (Bini Sarasa Payments oway/i?® SCOTTSNPSON (ie Charges ‘Summary. Sconrshipsons-seo02 a a $127570 ‘ARTHUR NORIEGA V3-35010 e $9241 “Tote How charges a Sostott Dotall = ‘SCOTT SIMPsON Cave Eneling 3:38002 Gimant civ orMmnSCaNTER os commEsG® NT iw iano” na sosaysze z : SaRSNT Manta pny SETS ——— a 7 or Toulacnnes tis ‘ARTHURNORIEGAV arcing 235010 ani MARRIOTT MARCUS ‘wink Loos FOOD/BEVERAGE $5259 ‘wieri?_72472-WELLS FARGO CENTER SPRK72A722 ‘3122792000 Descption Paco PARIGNG FEES _ i ‘ani? GARCIMSSEAFOODGRELEAN 50000000248, aan iH yea 3053750765, ; $900 a Sere See eset 7 ‘conan? ~ OLD LIBDONRESTAURANTA 6650000007300 ‘COnAL GABLES 3058540089 iP. $1000 ‘oaravi7 GREATER MIAMI CHAMBER ora 700 305.570.7700, a ‘OoRHTT_ QGVICHILDREN'S HOMESOCE ‘Wien PARE ____A7573032792. z ‘oaneii7 BILTMORE HOTEL @nkSORT ConA GnOLES Arial Date Departure Date ous? ows/i7 popann0 1300, 6S) Continyed on ovore visa scorrsiMpson Account Ending 338002 pao Dotall Continued ao ae eer ‘amount ‘irarit TREE TRANENT onaroosT Toes Tana 20.00 3124690088 |S00, @SA'S: caaori7 —AMenicaN ainaneSasTO7=BE 200.483.7300 ror AMERICAN AILNES From: To: aniee, cae IAMIINTERNATIONA” —JACKSONVILEINTER AA L [MAMIINTERNATIONA Aa N Nh w % Na w » ee nunbanonz azo teofDepanue 1023 serge! Name: NOREGAARTHUR c, Document Type:PASSENGERTICKET \s00, 6S ‘a/30717 AMERICAN AIRLINES 4107392 OAS % 6086 "AMERICAN AIRLINES From To. Carlos cass Na NA w y NA w 0 Wa w °° NA Ww 0 Tet Number oorous7oens38 Dat of Departure: 00/30 Praveen NOMEGAVNT = SacmnenTpSADDMONALCoEON—NSCOBST RZ COCONUT GROVE ‘waver CORAL BAGELS 6s0000008177720 3058540336 ie $500, caava7_LeACoMMUNITY FOUNDATIORS6 305-446-5969 Descpton ‘CHANTABLE@SOCIAL 08/0177 REAL PROFESSIONALS LLC ‘uaa PARKING0305 HISCPERSONAL SERUCES Garari7AAcETRACED2 onszats7acce0eRR 0 000000 Descpion Pleo Fue ssa ‘3/057 MICCOSUNEESERVICEPLA 954-217 9082 ‘psi? THORNTONS #717 ooeo00711 1s4ss7ec0 AUTOMATED Fue. ‘apsni7 HYATT REGENCY CORAL GABL 0000 35061-1647 Description z AMM FEES nes. ‘9/0/17 CHEVRON 353086/CHEVON SERVCESTI Description he THK I DJSWALLSTSOURNAL SUBSCRPTON ORAL ‘ATLANTA toTz FTLAUDEROALE RIVERVIEW Ory ‘ORAL ABLES OA MA 100-560-7025, w 7 on cs i z a i MA $33.10 \Sco, BFS ‘50000 1400. 6395 ‘360000 ISCO. 26 3L $341 100. )aeS 1300. 7a6s $3909 {300.1865 $749 1500, 634. $795 1 S00 7] 3969 iS00, eons 7m Contnund on nox page SCOTT SIMPSON Closing Dato 10/1317 Next Closing Dato 11/12/17 L glans Gen gant Cort New Balance $82,371.68 PlensoPayBy 10/20/17* Payment} due upon recelpt. Wo suggest you pay by the Please Pay By cate, Se Sn ae ea 2). seapage2forlmportantinformationabot your account, & pages fora Notlca Of Change To The Memhorship Rowerds gram Terms & Conditions, SeoPago7 _ foranimportant Notice About a Change to Your Carclmember Agreement, © Important information: To access the most up to date version of your « ° Cardmambor Agreement, please log in to your Account at, “Pleas fold on the perforatonbelow datach ad retum with your payment ~ Bapomentconven captor yh Beater popercins Bl Spendopbe Kalix . ‘02004010 750005 258 ean 1 Ma ll HL i scort Sivan Min BANG AUTH AONW ROT sretn03. Faint. 33120-1006 Mle pe heck your aden AMERICAN ExPnESS 71 prentmbtras changes HO, BOK sos, OO Remelangeren eee DALLAS TK 75265-0009 qn00849990803387745 DOFEI7LSBOOREA7ISA 04 A Recon (EM, pat ‘Account Ending 8-38002 Membership Rewards Points \ ‘Avallble and Penang a of 09/3077 f hunni pega 01 upto date pot balance am ‘Etalesissgnbershprardceny Account Suin Previous Balance $10.51011 Paymonts/Ciedlts $9810 New Charges 443237155 Feet “0100, Now Balance $8271.50 Poy by Computer ‘open com tai Gap cae Paya Phone aooao2-s3i8 18004729297 EXseeregeztoradittorntinvomstion | yyBhone ‘Account Bing 3-35002 91 enter Sag account on all payments, ‘ake check payable to American Expres, Please Pay by. ‘ToL25n7 SEBASE HES i. na hosing Date T0077 Account Ending $-95002 |. Payments. and Credits [ Summary Hi — 7 ait Total Pegronts ee fae 51911 Erodite ‘Total Paymonts and Cad consi — ScOrTSIPSOH New Charges i Summary. Sorishsons amr ne apr7.04 ‘nMTHUENOMEGAY 335070 aa : ‘45374 Total Now Charges acca wuanise (etait a J ‘corr simon aig 395002 Amount sonny OPC MRC SEVICEREEDE Tamiows te 45791 008874567 Deeerpton erenTontcepr ‘Sanan7 MipmiDado Wotarewer 026001778 ion i tase 056557477 Bescon __taranonecerr = aanony AMEXGHchnos wm Ww sewnass 80. 0050 eweenrRwsratercH é aon THESCHNAR GROUP Oo oNz7595H0 WasoN wa ‘ano 260.459400 Ha Sonar SUNPASNACETOREOES ana a 7a fap acssse Desespton RETAIL ——- ‘yeni? Ml Dada xpress ha BGOASESTOSTS or] © rr) IAN Tout anniocEREE ies ARTHUR NORIEGAY Grd ang 232010 Amoune Gaia ORONFUELS 7590 Tina W +918 posse . OD ction : : asic Deceéptro#t diaper 1300.79.26 . onan? NeA-nnNM EAT i os 19480 COMIEACALsPonts ISoo, 6 Be “Tcners 20170910 Continued on averse ij | | ‘SCOTT SIMPSON (BetaiGaneiew SHELL OIL Syaiaosea0s AUTO FUEL DISPRHSER_ a ANGUANLCEVICHESPOONE G 0379. 305-4440216 Deseration FOODIREVENAGE ‘TST SUSHIMAKIGROVE 70ss073309 Dascton consi? conan voor? Aaguaaa196 Pico ‘SUNSHINE 131 00060171086 305-520-6670 Deserptlon GAS/MSCO6 £41510, espa Pea $5392 conan? 3089760765 fd ‘CHEVRON OS530801CHFVROHN SERVICE STN Deserption Ghevtiont TN AXON 9914 305-056-2424 Seertion LEADERSHIP FLORIDA 62010700%085032 aso 521 1320 cen sonar tovoani7 Account Ending 3-38002 “GARCIAS SEAFCOO GRILLE AN 650000006248 S100 COCONUT GROVE ian ‘mia waa Maa ‘alan TES ‘Anon 1300, 7a0s_*” a ia (50. GSAT § n 3019 $s NRO ES % iam \200. 86S we $8907 iS00. 555, # ‘$5205 {Se6 Jae cs 4638 IS@. 7868 TALL ARASSEE Ww ‘27500 1300, BE % MaveAinCo6s 305-981-1697 Deterpton PARKING Fs - TST® SUSHI MAIC GROVE MAR 300000185 eesaricos RESTAURANTS “GREATER MIAMI CWB G1GE 305-539-3082 Desaiption BUSINESS SERVICES ‘CHEVRON 0353006/C11EVRON SEIVICE STN Deserption HEVEON HK ‘ovo 1ai05/i7 Price $550 aroess7 ‘oor? ‘orton? ‘onion? ‘sosu72aaz Dererption 51130-HOTELINTER 306-577-1000 “WYRWGOD DINE WiRAvOOO DINER besravran "FLORIDA PATIENG ASSOC] 113.950.3549 iaanr [RESTAURANT ATINTERCON MIAMI RESTAURAN ‘GARCIAS SEAFOOD GMILLEANGsond0n0s>48 $200 '51130- HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL 6500000 $1300 ‘COCONUT GROVE ‘MIAME aM ‘wa Mint taal Mat ia TAN OTaKES n $800 1400. S73, a 35670 1900. 9845 fl e500 1S00, 8655 a $5205 1G00. 7386S, a $5439 _ 1500. 8593 A “$500 [500 6573, (S00, 6545 t $0320 1600, @59S © 1500645 Hs000 3 Continued on nae page 4 04, ces ro! evs Gard ae og luosag chen aN, Scott SIMPSON Closing Date TWI2I7 Next Closing Dato 2/9017 ‘AecountEnang 336002 | New Balance i #1616591) || Nawkeninhawest oan |» oa oi nace ane Please Pay By 1027/17* J} fei atingnboripowedscsn ‘ emul no ty eae ete Pele Spates tp tea Prevoustalance jrariso Paymientsfrells $3237150 Newclarges 481616591 Fees “$000 ays ining Petied: 30 [B)_ See page 2for important inormatlon about your account. © Effective November 9,2017, Telecharge will nolongerbe part ofthe Pay Guistomer Care yah Pos program, Cardenal not beable oredr, wiane jembership Rewards points on or over the phore ray by Copter directly with Tlecharge = Ee opaneomehe Customer Core Pay by Phono Waootoz-s3td {004729267 [Bi see Page 2for additional information ‘Plas ol onthe perforation below, datach and return wth your payrnant 1 Coupon ayy Computer one count nang 3 PEE MRE LENE gt ‘NB 01 090970 01122 8 99.8 ees Make check payable to American Expres, tel sh LLM EH eat tog : [ese MIAMI PARKING AUTH nea a es ee MAM FL 33120-106 Seesot eee LEG ot heck hae yur aes AMERICAN EXPRESS fice mrimchunged Bo. Hor sot Notechangeseneverse sds, DALLAS TX 75205-0440 ODDORNTIIOANISE77S OODILSALOOLLILSI OF A 4 Da ci eon Rowards Car pat AHR ieheen cag. Broan Date 127 Account Bnilng 286002 d Credits: Total (Beta intesespeantas Paymants 1oean7 SOFT SHAPSON New Charges it i Stinmary ‘OTTSwiFGON 35002 Branns0 ‘ARIHURNOWEGAV350(0 ei s074841 “Tota How Chargss H16,1651 (Detail ] SCOTT SiMPSON Card Ending 338002 _ Arvount ‘Troi? PUBLIC CERTIFICATES oo0007=5 TaiGAND cy 7742050 saearti71 sc ANTHURNORIEGAV ard Eding 335010 sigunt janan? — SHELLOILs7s4s950I00 rE Te ‘AUTO FUEL SPENSER 1800. 76S TOAGA7 .PERRICONES MARKETPLACE mon i ne} 6S 205-3749 js02, 859 jvign? —_PGANATIONAL RESORT PAINDERCHSA i errr Anvalbate Departure Date iaans wapiNis 00000 Lopains ae Gonos eee =e = (son, esa {aviai7 PGANATIONAL RESORT PAIMBEACHA a No tear ‘nal ite stra Date Means 6 ‘eooenco tongs CANDEPOSIE Isto. e545 Tviavi?PGANATIONAL RESORT PAIMBEACHA A Nyaa ‘ial Date Haare ie i tops _cAKOEPOSIT Is00. 854s Torri? NBMMIANI HEAT in fc aco COMMERCIAL SPORTS a ‘cners 20171018 Baa i 1600. i Conthwedon reverse ‘SCOTT SIMPEON ‘Account Ending 326002 par (Batailconeinued™ sc J jonny SELON STSIsoRE Tian a _ ON NS AUTOFUEL DISPENSER 150073965 Tane/7 _ ONEOCEANRESOAT &SsPAFD “ATLANTICBCH cs Ni tis0a7 ‘thal ate Departure Date torn tohsri? ooocega tooains s Sas Ce e a 1334.8S95 . {R377 ANERICAN AIRLINES 10102105. Man # {9500 AMERICAN AIRLINES From: Te: Cane, Ch: Nin NA M y NA wy oo NA W ° NA wv % Te tunbencnoaszat DateofDepartue: 0723 asenger Nome NONEGAVARTHUR, 5 Docurnent Type: EXCESS BAGGAGE. 1308 6543, jana? AMERICAN AIRLINES ror0st04 TRCISONAILE a 12500 “AMERICAN AIRLINES From Te: one, Chis: NA NA ” y NA w © va w cy Cy Tckt Number or02sssz04a2 Dneotdopanuertans LOLA Aecectr OO Fasengo Nome NOMEGAARTHUR a Documant Type EXCESS BAGGAGE 1300. 8543 Tona/i7_ FLASH FUEL-8160542525607201008, SACKSONVILE cs Nie ‘04744525, Bescon Pca a ‘AUTOMATED FUELDSP__ §462 1560, 7S io Yanan? BACARDINO:MTOBARD ‘a ft wa | 305.471.0559 | oop sia 1800, BSA ‘yerna7i7 CHEVRON O3S3086/CHEVRON Mia nh Von | SERVICESTIV Description Ghevon ag _ i 1800. 76S ana? MAPARKINGPLAZA 009 va i \iea00 2osare7e8 nae 1500.0593, 10724717 ONEOCEAN RESORT & SPA FD ATLANTIC BCH AL Nv 310917 ‘val Date Departure Date onan? oni? noocdeo Lopains = onan? ONEOCEANRESORT &.SPAFD ‘tance A ‘Autval Date Doparture Date | tonal? tobani7 | soaceeco toons _1506.859S 10RsA7 — ONEOCEAN RESORT SPA Fa ‘ATLANTIC BCH i Naas s04249:7402 ’ Foon 74 apse 1? 0 i ___ 180.650 {a0/17 FLORIDA PARKING ASSOCI TANDOTAKES i _S ga70000 813.259.3549 l=. Ba6 > yai/i7 — SHELLOILS75@3656205 inn a Ny fas AUTOFUELDISPENSER 1s90 71a@3} | | Conthuedonnextpae | « (ox comms neem 20707 FUR Bas keen givers Cave ‘SCOTT SIMPSON Closing Dato 12/13/17 Noxt Closing Dato ova New Balance $6,048.51 Ploase Pay By : ae yen oa aa ee rm Sen sy ee et el am [2)_ Seepage? forimportant Informatio about youreccount. © Eefective February 2, 2010, Card Members will no longer he able to transfer Membership Rewards points to the Plent! rewarels program, _Aaraeri7* iia Account Ending 3-86002 | ‘Membership Rewards® Points Avalable nl Panag a 11/3017 Feros op inn gente ‘tls nembersipewardsceny Account Summary rvs tahice FaymentsCredts isneso1 Newciniges e005 Fees “4000 $6083 $ie6s91 , Days nailing Period 31 indonvhe Guatomer Care Pay by Phone Fovotsa-93a4 "472 S207 By seepage fradonstinomatin i 4 Pleasefal onthe perforation blotch ard eu you pant "Baa Poymentcoupon Fl Poy by Contr Payby Phone Accounting 386002 Deere eee te pacercys BB Sanita Cee cag net ‘801 srs nore nat Hite cackpyebieovneranByess | ge ae ease iaear sie. 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