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SH 50x) C663 cs sas [sca ssas — Méas SCOTT siMPsON Account Ending 6002 rer} Detail Continued Reaant inne SiRLLoL sTa7a9508 cr i [oo Tabs (NEN a AVHOFURL DISPENSER a GaSe ANDIAMO PZZAS-Q0290067I4IOD ma a wai 3057625751 ‘espana eens TE cROFEesoo0E0066319 ‘anon i $9610 ms saseeermnt a Sezane — 9RLLOLSTERRPETRe wea cs wo ATORUEL OPENER ‘omane — rasraaon vEAT vaso cs ‘aen20 COMMERCIAL PONS epentll, ‘TeRETS 20100702 song ‘enowe — exONNOD p28 an it ‘igpesss 33173, i z oo |20. Jaes wa Goioanig THE BUTCHER SHOP ooasestseosees rr cs 696 THEDLTKCHERSHOP@GMAL COM isc Grioarie CHEVRON NOI FANICHEVAON ‘ORLANO cr 36165 sence smi Iyeo. teages coyoarie WELW seu ‘oneatio0 rs nae sor 56a 1500.1a6S GrnOns LAZPARONNG S443 O00 cr fas iano Tasss903089 = 6543, ‘Garena SxORNOUL- ITS ‘ana ae eer Eeorereal (G00. TAG ‘arama JAGUAR LATIVAMERACAN F021770001435 ‘aa ae Gace A sissee16 1BeO BUGS. Foes Aenount Teta Feestorthl Peed a 2018 Fees and Interest Totals Year-to-Date ToulFersiai “Totalineret in 2018 jusiness Green Rewards Cai pm NAMI PARKING AUT SCOTT SIMPSON Closing Date 8/13/18 Next Closing Date oa/i2n8 ‘Account Ending 3-38002 NewBalance SSS $1384.20) || ee eae come 291,906 For uta dete pot balance and ogee ‘Geaks sk mambershiprenarscam 08/28/18 + payments due upon recep. We sugges the Please Pay By date, ia avoeo poy ast fee you payee ioek rece oy te est ingests, ‘Account Summary Sie page ? for Important bfrnation about your acount, (ieee Gees anrsS fcsmsa tabsia, ie cee esl 4 Please fold onthe perforation below, detach andretum with your payment & ernie Becta VTE epee Tatziiss, heen Slee eee eae ee aie “isd re heckhee your acres or ‘AMERICAN ExPRESS renumberhasehongt P.O. BOK 650448, Rraiegercarsvaea DALLAS 3 75265.0448 Foetechanges on reverse de. 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Seemage2torinportantarmtion stout your account Customer Care Ber” Customer Care Pay by Phone Toooapassst — Ta0o4ya5097 See Page’? for additonal information, 4 Please fle.on the perforation below, detach and return wh your paymant ee =e eer REESE GASSES, mts. otto Sees Hal PARKING AUTH “goal aie i 285.02 STE 1103 ‘MIAMI FL 33128-1806 vessor AMERICAM expess (pone metas ges. PO: soxes0s43 Nevechangesonrevere ane DALLAS IX 75265-0448 Iallossdetle dts lla lvll OO00349990801327745 OOOSZASL2ODDSESSkE 09 SCOTT SIMPSON, Clesing Date O81298 Suan cen figwaras Core om ‘Account Ending 3-25002 Payments and Credit Pepmants ‘credits ‘TotalPayments and Cres Detail mactspenie doe Payments ‘Amount OMRI/G_SCOTYSISON PAYMENT AECENED “THANKYOU 304.20 New Charges ‘Summary Total ‘ARTHUR NORIEGAY 3532018 $mSa2 35,205.62 ‘Total New Charges ARTHURNORIEGAV Card Ending 336018 "TST" SPILLOVER BY LORAL SoODSaaaF _sosases723 a EXOONWOML 8753) onan onan Amount ‘COROT GROVE TT 800) CORAL GABLES rs aa oun COMMERCIAL SPORTS ‘TKETS 20100815. ‘wrrwooo DNEROGDD 308-747-7888 MAS/I8PAYPAL*CORIGHTTIIN wma “TST” SUSHI AUK COCOMET G 390000156 roasarsscs Danes WALLST.OURNAL SUBSCHPON ONIT/IG PANERA BREAD #01 an36018 7745002 33136 JFOODVBEVERASE Bia/IH ELEVEN R092000073000042 305.274.5204 ‘ERXONMORIL A808 786-517-8018 [PERRICONES NASKETPLACE os745u9 ‘PERSUCONES MARKETPLACE s0s.374 59 EXKONMOSIL 3755 308-461-487 ‘GREATER MIAMI CHAVEER 305:570.9700, ose oueno ane coy w $0080 ‘aaa 4ORERS7733 1 vans a Toe se0 765 aan A aa nl Ta H vasa A ava Taina a 305307700 A SCOTT SIMPSON Account Ending 3.35002 nate Detail Continued Amount caoasie _ SMGATMARATHION 000016887 Doma 5 305-303-1609 ‘egal CASACUBARESTAURANSHZE2=q0657.015 aa aosunsens - cau7/ig — PESPENSEURNTOGMLL Ose er sosn2-9101 Au Gaoerie CHEVRON OSSSaa/ CHEVRON SERVICESTIE ner eae Ss came hone Wsresuve manacoconure emnooIBe 1865073309 Goriina LAA COnmMUNTY FoUNOATIONR 5 Sa 305-446-5369 Fees Amount Total Feesforthic Period s $0.00 2018 Fees and Interest Totals Year-to-Date ToxalFeesin 016 Totallnierestin 2018 006 Bugness Green fipwerds Cord Cay. ae Bear sowhson Closingato 1028 Nox Cesing Date 114278 Account Encing 3.25002 Tee Membership Rewards* Points New Balance $8,148.40 )|| pmbeund Penge none ne Please Pay By 10/28/18* }|| isk nicetmventipeesndcetes Fparment is due upon receipt We sungest you pay by thePlesse Pay By date. puma vey lef your poyienn fol rece thet ‘dosing bate, PaymentsiCretts ‘See pane ?for Important information about your account. EE Serreve pent Days Periods 30 Customer Gare px | CumtenerCore PaytaPhene femaoeses ebeannsasy 2) See Page 2 for additions information. oO Effective immediatly, eave updating the Cardmenibex Agreement to inckide more detaled information about the Pay Over Time option. The Pay Over Time opllon is avatable toeligible Card members whe are invtted to enroll These updates provide addtional darity,and da not change the Way the Pay Ove Time option moss. 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