Who we are?

TreeWorks is a company specialized in accomplishing web based communication and interactivity solutions. Our main specialty is Content Management Systems (CMS), software applications that:
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integrate an advanced programming level; demand an interface that maximizes the usability; offer an intuitive navigation system for the users, so that he needed information is provided as soon as possible; imply strategic options concerning the contemporary way the online content is consumed; demand expertise in working with large data bases in order to analyze the users' habits, the content performances etc.; and, last but not least, give us the chance to have fun and go heart and soul into our work.

TreeWorks was founded in 2002 and has so far realized over 100 projects for clients from Romania and abroad (U.S.A., Japan etc.), many of them with a high complexity level.

Industries we work in
In brief, we create presences and particularly complex web services. We like data bases: a big amount of information to be smartly structured. We like to arrange things so that information can be found by anyone and we like that we grow little by little with every new client, with every collaboration. The previous experience helped us to achieve expertise in these particularly fields:
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Retail and B2B Logistics Financial and Corporate Services Real Estate / Hospitality Online and Traditional Media Government and NGO Show Biz and Entertainment Small and Medium Enterprises.


After having fulfilled specific solutions, we came to be good at:

Content Management Systems. We organize information into intuitive structures, offering in the same time the possibility of fast and efficient content updating. We can determine the most probable information someone would search for. We know how to create applications in order to optimize the content for the search engines. We know how to structure information and to facilitate content administration. We can, therefore, provide competent solutions, adapted to our client's wishes. ASP (Application Service Provider). ASP are those type of applications that offer online services with a high complexity level. TreeWorks created so far exhaustive solutions for a series of industries, each with its own particularities. Among the facilities we created for users, we can name: website builder, sending newsletters system, drip mail system, the possibility to create online presentations, rapport generator. Supply Chain Applications. Modern solutions that allow a real time communication and facilitate the collaboration between different departments or companies, so that the final product / service can be completed. Specialization, collaboration and speed, so that everything appears simple as a child's game for the client. Multimedia Products. Whether it is an educational product or a presentation CD, the products made are interactive and combine the learning / informing process with entertainment. B2C Portals. We create complex websites that offer the consumer exhaustive information about a product and also the possibility to purchase it from the same place. It is a facility that meets the 21st century consumers' expectations. Vertical Marketplaces. Evolved offspring of the business catalogs, vertical marketplaces represent an extended promotional space for products or services. To keep up the pace with the users' expectations, vertical marketplaces must offer interacting and monitoring facilities, permanent updating, availability at any time and place. Online Software Applications. Online applications can be used as a solution for some of the clients' information and support problems: estimative calculators, forms, knowledge database, intranet applications for the communication between employees and as well as for the support, extranet for communication with the partners and the beneficiary. These applications can solve extremely easy all the repetitive processes of the client's industry. Online Presences. An extended business card. To know exactly what to focus on, we analyze the clients' communication objectives. Still, we never forget the basic principles: clarity and coherence of the content and wide information.


Who are our clients?
Amongst our representative clients, we can name:

MediaPro Group – the most important media group in Romania – for whom we have made over five projects, including the “fanion portal”, protv.ro; Artic S.A. – B2B Customer Portal; SBS Communication – amongst the projects made there is the website of the television channel Prima TV; The Group – an important consortium of advertising agencies, managed by Mihaela Nicola and Zoltan Szigeti; FX Online Japan – Customer Relationship Management; Vacation Home Rentals – touristic offer portal.

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And many others, who can be seen in the TreeWorks portfolio. The most interesting think is that all important clients have stick with us. We have clients that started to collaborate with us when the company was created and with whom we are still working now; clients that see us as their partners. We start with small things and we develop together complex solutions. Because we believe in long-term business relationships. We are always searching for smart clients because the benefits we obtain are not only financial ones. They motivate us to learn and to grow together.


What we have achieved so far? (representative web applications)
Every project is unique and the solutions we have offered to our clients have always adapted their demands and needs. For the television channel Pro TV the content management system solution proposed by TreeWorks concerned the client's need to create a media channel by itself, which allows the complete control of the content, but also collects data, manages efficiently and creates a portal rich in information. The creative and practical solution offers multiple facilities to the users, like: participative content, RSS feeds, blogs, email alerts, complex search, availability on mobile devices. Regarding Artic S.A., the number one company on the white goods Romanian market, the Extranet and Internet solution for the Customer Portal was implemented to facilitate the users' access to the information. This way, the general effort to generate information has been reduced. For Vacation Home Rentals, a touristic offer portal, TreeWorks has created a performing navigation system, so that the communication be made accessible to users and also to the offerers. For a high degree of usability, a semantic informational architecture was adopted (bread crumbs, pyramidal structure), together with a friendly and easy to use interface. FXOnline Japan implemented the complex CRM application developed by TreeWorks, in order to offer real time unlimited access to online marketplaces, available by Internet of phone. The use of specialized instruments for graphic transactions and quotations, hedging and vocal quotations, made possible the fast clients' problems solving and the maintenance of a permanent contact with them. Intrepid Business Solutions needed a middle ware E-logistic application in order to create complex operations that allow the interfacing between the online distribution, the inventories of the producers and the postal or courier delivering. This led to the decrease of the delivering time and the amount of work and to the growth of the company's flexibility.

Contact Information
Headquarters: Bvd. Corneliu Coposu nr. 4 bl.105A sc.A ap.1 Interfon 1 sector 3 Bucharest Romania Email: office@tree.ro Phone / Fax: +40(21)3260602 / +40(21)3267233