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Useful Tools: Scissors Paper Trimmer

Printable {Do-It-Yourself} Instructions

Materials: 8.5x11 Cardstock 8.5x11 Copy Paper

* Print 1:1 - don’t rescale when printing logos or the punches will not work with the scaled down logos.

8.5 x 11 Thanksgiving Placemats Ideal for: {Kid’s table on Thankgiving Day} Children’s coloring page Listing “I am Thankful for ” phrases {Thanksgiving Placemat Project} Display with every table setting for Thanksgiving day How to make Thanksgiving Day Placemat Project: 1. Print placemat on cardstock or copy paper 2. Early in the week, have your child/children draw, color and/or write “I am Thankful for” phrases in the white space. 3. Once artwork is completed, scan into your computer. 4. Print the amount of copies you need for your table-setting (you can print yourself or have local Kinkos/O ce Max print) 5. Laminate each one to protect and reuse each year (or give to guests to take home for Thanksgiving favor)

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