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More than 2 months of shaping success stories trying to be leader in the field of Management Education. This is the world of SUCCESS, where our FOCUS is our student, TRUST our primary concern and Career Building our job. Mentoring, motivating and guiding all those who interact with us. Keeping our values dear to us at all times We believe in Personalized Counseling that caters to all our students' requirements and their counseling and career needs. We feel proud when our students realize their dreams and aspirations. Our primary goal is to build that concrete foundation on which our students will build their dream careers. As Henry David Thoreau has rightly put it in Walden, 'If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put the foundation under them.' And we are here to help lay that foundation for our students.

Core Ideology

To enable students realize their potential and make their dreams come true.

Core values

Vision 2010 Vision 2010 for SUCCESS India Ltd encompasses the following intent: To enable the youth of today to realize their potential and make their career dreams come true. To be the first choice for the target audience. To be viewed as One-Stop-Shop for all Career Advisory Services; the ‘best’ in the industry. To be experienced and perceived as completely reliable source of career assistance.

I saw. To be an open. contemporary education services in the most convenient & desirable manner. To be able to create and maintain 'I came. I fell in love' impact whenever the customer comes in contact with SUCCESS. To create wealth and value for all shareholders and stakeholders. delivery.Objectives To offer world class. flexible. and service value enhancement. Why Education . responsive and fair organization. as required by the customer environment To aggressively employ contemporary technology in all aspects of the business.

so is their purchasing capacity. These trends have put tremendous expectations on the schooling system both in terms of scale. Now. the awareness about and value of education have also gone up. a need for extra hours of coaching is felt now a days due to the demanding course structure and lack of availability of faculties at all time.The number of Indian families who give a very high priority to education is on the rise. As India takes the leap from a developing economy to one of the global leaders of the information age. The economic revolution triggered by the knowledge economy companies has acted as a catalyst in increasing the value of education beyond the middle-income group. Middle-income-group families have for long held education as the cornerstone of their value-system. they are looking for better and more effective education options to fuel their aspirations. Reputed Faculty . and learning philosophies. In management and other professional colleges. innovations. Students look for people who can help them in further sharpening their basics and help them master their core subjects and area of interests.

The faculty is ably guided by a senior team of eleven former Vice Chancellors and leading Scientists and Scholars. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best. the Faculty also author books and present papers in their field of expertise. but have high standards of moral and ethical values. we pride ourselves in having some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders in the country who come from the best institutions around the world. leading professionals from the corporate world interact regularly with the students in the classroom as well as their workplaces. the core faculty comprises distinguished academicians from the best institutions and leading professionals from the corporate world with rich industry experience. They encourage the students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experiential learning. The students get a different insight into the subject with the rich industry experience the faculty shares with each of them. Core Faculty At SUCCESS. the quality of the faculty is the most important. so that they can be true role models. Besides carrying out industry oriented consultancy and applied research. Product Description . At SUCCESS.In an academic institution. Visiting Faculty In addition to the permanent faculty.

Here. The whole course is overseen by a student body as well. The whole course is overseen by a student body as well. The whole course is overseen by a student body as well. Finance C-FIN Marketing C-MKT Human resource C-HRM IT C-IT C-FIN C-FIN is a program offered to students who major in Finance or have got special interest in the subject. C-HRM C-FIN is a program offered to students who major in Human Resource Management or have got special interest in the subject. Here. Programs offered are highly flexible.Career offers different programs for different people. Here. we provide a CAREER advantage by offering students an option to select the topics they want to cover in a particular specialization paper. we provide a CAREER advantage by offering students an option to select the topics they want to cover in a particular specialization paper. It depends on the students. C-IT . we provide a CAREER advantage by offering students an option to select the topics they want to cover in a particular specialization paper. C-MKT C-FIN is a program offered to students who major in Marketing or have got special interest in the subject.

C-FIN is a program offered to students who major in Information Technology or have got special interest in the subject. Here. we provide a CAREER advantage by offering students an option to select the topics they want to cover in a particular specialization paper. Advantage @ CAREER  State of the art facility  Excellent pedagogy  Reputed Faculties  Personalized attention  24*7 Environment  Rich Library  Well equipped Lab  Wi-Fi Campus and many more . The whole course is overseen by a student body as well.

Notes etc 3. Placements assistance etc. Generic Product Classroom coaching. Video-conferencing. Potential Product Lifetime Membership programs. disciplined approach 4. Alumni associations. Industry visits. Presentations.Product levels 1. Core Product Education/ teaching/ coaching 2. Expected Product Well maintained infrastructure. . Augmented Product Career Counseling. Seminar etc 5. quality teacher. Case studies. Online assistance.

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students. The thing we thought that how a student could correctly identify the product category for the brand based on the brand element and it also considered the specific information about particular attributes and benefit of the brand – SUCCESS. the tagline. There were some particular important criteria like what the general information of our product/service gives to the students. . the color combination of logo.JIM Noida. favorable. protectability Memorability This is one of the necessary conditions for our brand SUCCESS. all these bring together the variables as easily recognized and easily recalled. are those trademarkable devices that serve to identify and differentiate the brand. likeability 4. The main once of our brand are brand name. memorability 2. Meaningfulness The brand elements can take all kinds of meaning. There are several criteria for choosing brand elements. These are 1. symbol(star). meaningfulness 3. the thing what we considered was that it can last in the minds of the college. logo. tagline. transferability 5. the color combination in the logo. all these has been found to enhance brand awareness facilitates the formation of strong. and unique brand association and feelings with the students and faculty of the college . The size of the logo.Brand elements of “SUCCESS” Brand elements sometimes called brand identities. characters. adapatability 6.

do students find the brand elements appealing? It is the matter of likeable visually. So the important factor was the creative potential of the brand name and brand element to capture intangible characteristics of a brand. How it reacts within and across products categories or across various competitors. meaningful. Adaptability The fifth consideration of our brand element is the adaptability because of changes in the mind set of student regarding the service and satisfaction. verbally. is there any other service which is offering the same service with the same name and also the logo verification. and in other ways. But here the matter was about the educational service that we offer.Likeability Independent of its memorability and meaningfulness. the easier it is to update with. The more adaptable and flexible the brand element.legal and competitive sense. Protectability This is the final general consideration of the brand element which considers two variables . Transferability This measures the extent to which the brand elements adds to the brand equity of our brand SUCCESS. So we have provided various services in each streams of MBA so that more and more students can be benefited. OPTONS AND TACTICS OF BRAND ELEMENTS . they get. A memorable. and likeable set of brand elements offer many advantages because consumers often do not examine much information in making product decisions. So we checked across the websites that.

or they want to make clear knowledge and understanding of the subjects that have been offered to them. because there are students who want to excel in the class. Brand names can be an extremely effective shorthand means of communications. with the branding strategy in place. The logo of the brand (star sign) has a means to indicate origin. next generate as many names and concepts as possible. For naming the brand we defined our objectives which we wanted to achieve by naming. So we chose the brand name as SUCCESS. ownership or association. It is so closely tied to the product in the minds of the students.BRAND NAME The brand name is fundamentally important choice because it often captures the central theme or key associations of a product in a very compact and economical fashion. The character color. For this we all group members sat and thought for a while. The advantage of the logo is to recognize the product and also the versatility because they are non verbal. This brand name offered a clear. and unambiguous pronunciation and meaning. Once the objective is defined. the brand name is also most difficult element to change once this has created an image in the mind of student. The brand association was also main factor to be considered like we had to create a brand name which could have the compact form of communication. in the batch. understandable. So it was a very hard job to identify the right word which could fulfill the voice of our brand to be delivered. the explicit and implicit meanings students extract from it. and the size were also discussed which could suit the logo we designed. The SUCCESS has all these factors to satisfy. we also went through the target customers (students). communicates descriptive and . The tagline “In everything we do”. To encourage the word of mouth exposure that helps to built strong memory links. We focused on the variables so that it becomes simplicity and ease of pronunciation and the spellings of the brand.

The entire set of brand elements makes up the brand identity. concrete visual imagery often yield powerful logos and symbols. We choose each brand elements to support the others which can be easily incorporated into other aspects of the brand and marketing program. Why to brand our institution?? . the contribution of all brand elements to awareness and image. This is what the SUCCESS is all about. creates its image and impact in their minds. Brand names characterized by rich.persuasive information about the brand because who goes through it. Putting it all together we see that each brand element can play a different role in building brand equity.

” . it nurtures talent from all quarters and is a force for positive change. In its pursuit of excellence.Or Strategic Reasons? • • • • Need to position the institution Perception does not match our strategic direction How are we viewed in the global marketplace What does our brand communicate to a diverse range of audiences Building a brand is essentially about reputation building and reputation management and is the single most important aspect of our institution POSITIONING STATEMENT The Success is distinguished internationally as a vibrant centre of enquiry and innovation is committed to being one of the finest institutions in the world by 2015.

Summary By working the brand in everything we do we can achieve… • • • • Greater internal collaboration and knowledge sharing Enhanced consistency in communications Reduced costs and operational overlap Deeper alignment of vision. values and goals – speaking with one voice • Faster feedback • Stronger ongoing relationships with customers .

Success . and consistent beliefs among target customer segments  Build and maintain differentiation  Versus key competitors  Versus land-grant stereotype  Encourage word-of-mouth marketing  Increase customer (claimant) involvement and loyalty  Prospective students. government officials. recruiters.Brand What are our ambitions?  Globally successful  Friendly and welcoming  Elite but not elitist  In the top 25 in the world  Accessible to all with talent  Well established and innovative  Excellent quality teaching  High research profile  World-class facilities  Academic with application Brand objectives of success  Establish strongly-held. administrators. ranking organizations  Enhance pricing power . faculty. positive. current students. alumni.

Branding Challenges of Success  External  Constant change  Customer problems  Repositioning against current brand equity and land-grant institution stereotype  Dissatisfaction  Future expectations ≠ new positioning  Internal  Resource constraints  Inconsistent implementation  Establishing clear. meaningful. and sustainable differentiation  Lack of employee commitment .

Brand Framework BRAND POSITION SUCCESS IN EVERYTHING WE DO Brand Position . . BRAND PROMISE QUALITY EDUCATION Brand Promise.The brand promise tells people what they can count on you to do.The brand position is the central theme of our brand – the big idea behind our institution. .

The brand message portion of the Brand Framework prescribes the key points to emphasize with each audience you touch.Our brand promise and brand proof create a core brand message. and our brand voice is a big part of how we express it. BRAND MESSAGE Reliable Education Partner Brand message .Brand proof gives people reason to believe our brand promise is more than just marketing hocus pocus. Once our brand is defined with a position. BRAND APPEARANCE . it’s time to turn to the three elements of brand presentation – how our brand should be communicated. BRAND VOICE SUCCESS EVERYWHERE Brand voice .BRAND PROOF 3 YEARS OF EXCELLENT TRACK RECORD AND PROVEN METHOD OF TEACHING Brand Proof . promise and proof.Our brand has a personality.

• The premium a brand can command in the market • The difference between the perceived value and the intrinsic value ADVANTAGES OF BRAND EQUITY • Reduced marketing costs • Trade leverage • Can charge a higher price . A brand is a live asset and shows all the characteristics of a living cognitive entity. FEATURES OF BRAND EQUITY • When a commodity becomes a brand. One must understand the equity their brand has in the market and also understand how Brand’s image measures up against the identity one is trying to create. perceptions. typefaces. and intelligence is changing. Brand equity is constantly changing just as society's values. The final element of the Brand Framework outlines how to portray our brand with colors.Brand Appearance. logos. imagery and so on. BRAND EQUITY Brand Equity is the sum total of all the different values people attach to the brand. it is said to have equity. All of these visual elements should reflect our brand definition.

• Can easily launch brand extensions • Can take some price competition .

strength of the brand. It refers to a consumer knowing of a brand's existence. beliefs and knowledge that consumers (customers) have about brands.BRAND AWARENESS Strength of a brand’s presence in the customers’ mind. BRAND ASSOCIATIONS Brand associations include perceptions of brand quality and attitudes towards the brand and the favourability. These associations are derived as a result of experiences and are consistent with the brand positioning and the basis of differentiation PE RCEIVED QUALITY . uniqueness. at aggregate (brand) level it refers to the proportion of consumers who know of the brand. The feelings.

consumer's peer group. and others BRAND LOYALTY Brand Loyalty consists of a consumer's commitment to repurchase the brand and can be demonstrated by repeated buying of a product or service or other positive behaviors such as word of mouth advocacy. and the influence of the opinion leaders. and is based on the firm's (or brand's) current public image . to put aside their own desires in the interest of the brand. at least on occasion.Consumer's opinion of a product's (or a brand's) ability to fulfill his or her expectations. True brand loyalty implies that the consumer is willing. A loyal customer base generates predictable sales & hence profit . consumer's experience with the firm's other products. It may have little or nothing to do with the actual excellence of the product.