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Name of Student: Elizabeth Lee ShiXin Course/Year: New Media, Year 3 Student’s Email Address: 83502@myrp.edu.sg Training Period: 19th May 2010 to 6th October 2010 Name of Company: Integral Group Consultant
Internship Report Nov 2010

Integral Group Consultant. Eugene Soo Director. Singapore.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 A REPORT ON “INTERNING AS A CORPORATE DESIGNER FOR A FINANCIAL CONSULTANT CORPORATION” IN INTEGRAL GROUP CONSULTANT SINGAPORE A Report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a better prospect in the NEW MEDIA industry By Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin Under the esteemed guidance of Mr. Internship Report Nov 2010 .

I deem it my pleasure to convey the deepest of my heart-full thanks to the management of Integral Group Consultant. School of Technology for the Arts (STA) for giving me the opportunity to do my internship at Integral Group Consultant. for also providing me with timely and valuable suggestions for all my design works. And lastly. which has given me permission to apply academic experience in the design field to commercial practice.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS As I sum up draft of my study. for guiding me a long way and for successful completion of my internship within the time frame. who has given me the initial orientation about the organizational activities. Singapore. whose patience and faith in my abilities always boosted my confidence. this course of study would have never taken its present form. I thank Republic Polytechnic. Singapore.Eugene Soo. (ELIZABETH LEE SHI XIN) Internship Report Nov 2010 . Director of Integral Group Consultant. My sincerest thanks to Mr. I appreciatively reminisce the contribution of all those people without whose support and help.

websites.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As a part of my school curriculum in Republic Polytechnic. In this report. my role was to design corporate identities and materials. envelopes. folders. I have done my internship training at Integral Group Consultant. Singapore. During my course of internship. I am going to share my experiences working in this company for the period of 5 months from 19th May 2010 to 6th October 2010. typeface and name of the company was used on letterheads. brochures. I provided some suggestions and recommendations to my supervisor about designs that worked best for the company. Internship Report Nov 2010 . etc. forms. Being a part of these projects. or specifically. to brand projects. My graphical design of the logo.

rp.sg/iep) a) Company Report Clearance Form b) Training Log Sheet Form c) Student Feedback Form d) Company Feedback Form 12 Internship Report Nov 2010 .Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 4 I INTRODUCTION 6 II BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF ORGANISATION 7 III THE TRAINING ASSIGNMENTS (Main Text) 8 IV REFLECTIONS 9 V CONCLUSIONS 10 REFERENCES 11 APPENDICES (Sample forms are available for download at www.

the obstacles I have faced and what I have learned from it all. I have been fortunate enough to complete a number of design projects. Internship Report Nov 2010 . This report also outlines how the student has met the competencies required by the Industry Experience Programme. I was tasked to brand a project. which is inclusive of designing materials for electronic direct marketing. During that time. students will be required to complete a management and leadership report outlining how he/she spearheaded a change or managed a project/process through to completion. newsletter. post cards. I have been working as a corporate designer at a highly dynamic corporation for 5 months. and as a result. During my course of work. this report chronicles my experiences over the past as a corporate designer for a financial consultant corporation – the projects and courses I have worked on.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 INTRODUCTION One of the requirements of the course of 3 Year Studies at Republic Polytechnic is to complete an internship in the field of the student’s choice. corporate brochures. envelopes. Therefore. posters. company logos and personal profiles. booklets.

The guiding principle of the company. At Integral Group Consultant. is to develop and augment their life long practice through their consultations. The company’s focus is in the area of providing the best-of-class services and support platform to serious financial consultants.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF ORGANISATION Integral Group Consultant is a licensed financial advisory organization. The financial advisors believe in the value of long term planning. towards their consultants. Internship Report Nov 2010 . their staffs put the right consultants at the centre of everything they do. helping them become truly distinctive. They ensure success to the right consultants. The company’s aim is to make sure all the consultant’s end clients can achieve their long-term goals without compromising their short-term and mid-term needs.

The Mortgage Specialist: This is another company new project altogether. Internship Report Nov 2010 . Infinity Prestige: This is a new company and my task was to brand the project which included assignments like designing brochures. personal profiles. Most of which were directly incorporated into the publications. In addition. which I have designed. I covered the entire project on my own since the very beginning of my internship. I handed in all my assignments on time. I also handled company emails. I took care of the envelope design. This was because much of my time was spent working on the other companies. Therefore enabling the working staffs to meet deadlines. to coming up with various corporate write outs for brochures and personal profiles. I designed their staff’s evaluation form. to initiating comments and suggestions to all my works. This was also the main partner company working alongside Infinity Prestige. html mailer interface. The publications benefited a lot from my comments. Integral Group Consultant: I only handled the overall re-designing of the seminar booklet for this company. envelope. Professional Investment Advisory Services: In my course of work with PIAS. corporate logo.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 THE TRAINING ASSIGNMENTS Most of the assignments that I did handle were projects that had just started not long ago and they were at the early stages of their development. brochures. Fundamentally. electronic direct marketing for seminar invitations. However. postcards. I managed to accomplish this task within a short span of time. calls and meetings with print clients from Malaysia to discuss about the type of prints materials I would want to publish for the company booklets. etc. envelopes. posters. etc. letterhead and company html mailer. envelopes. etc. I informed them on the placements of the company logo to be embossed on the company folder and wine holder. from creating different graphics and designs. letterheads.

Also. Career-wise. This would reflect much onto my experience. but also a chance to learn and experiment with different types of creative designs that would communicate best with different recipients. I was able to apply critical thinking and creative processes to develop good communication practices with clients and creating fine corporate designs using computer softwares. the internship programme undoubtedly enriched my curriculum vitae (CV). Internship Report Nov 2010 . The internship programme gave me a chance not only to work with Integral Group Consultant.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 REFLECTIONS I am grateful to have this rare opportunity to be able to put in the knowledge and skills that I had acquired from Republic Polytechnic. I have had an insight on how to shape my career towards a design job in the near future. having sufficient basic exposure to the creative industry.

my experiences with corporate designs and social interactive skills with people and clients from all over were largely broadened. and helped me to develop new ways of thinking about the same problems I had previously been thinking about. Through the work that I used to do. I can state that my internship at Integral Group Consultant was a rewarding experience and have provided me with some new perspectives that I did not come across during my studies back at Republic Polytechnic. had contributed greatly to making my job a very enjoyable one.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 CONCLUSIONS To conclude. who was also my sole colleague during my course of internship. His faith in my abilities was a real source of motivation to date. I know how to communicate and make relationships with clients better now. I also have to stress that my supervisor. This allowed me to listen to people with ideas and opinions that I had never before considered. Internship Report Nov 2010 . One of the most significant aspects of this internship was meeting a network of people from outside the company as well.

soo@gmail.profinvest.com.Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 REFERENCES http://www.sg/ Staff Eugene Soo Director Contact Eugene Soo at 97373776 or eug.com Internship Report Nov 2010 .

Elizabeth Lee Shi Xin STA-DNM 83502 APPENDICES C2) Internship Company C3) Internship Training Log C4) Internship Student Report Clearance Sheet Form.doc Internship Report Nov 2010 . Feedback Form.do C5) Internship-Feedback Form.