What is the color of "Diabetes Awareness"?

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My thought is a simple thought that someone at my employer asked me and I have no clue how to answer it. They asked because I put up a few posters asking everyone to wear something “BLUE” tomorrow. And they ask – What is the “real” color for Diabetes Awareness? 1. Awareness sites say that GREY is the color 2. American Diabetes Association has everything in RED 3. World Diabetes Association has it all in BLUE 4. JDRF has everything in ORANGE If someone says Breast Cancer, we automatically think PINK. So when someone says Diabetes, we think ,,,,,,,,,,what color?
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Wear Your Heart on Your Wrist
Bracelets support charities, raise awareness
By Terri Mauro, About.com Guide

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Cause: Apraxia Color: Light blue Message: APRAXIA KIDS DESERVE A VOICE Benefits: CASANA (The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America) Cost: Two with a $20 donation Cause: Attachment Disorder Color: Silver Message: I'M NOT ALONE Benefits: Attachment Disorder Network Cost: $4. Benefits: National Autism Association Cost: $2. safe and time-tested Homeopathic Treatmentwww. THINK CURE. just colorful puzzle pieces) Benefits: AutismLink Cost: $5 Cause: Bipolar disorder Color: Half yellow. along with information on how to make your own. Here are an armful for childrelated charities.Register nowwww.in Colored wristbands to promote a cause are everywhere these days. half blue Message: HOPE • HELP • SUPPORT Benefits: Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Cost: 3 for $9 . or $3 for two or more Cause: Autism Color: Blue Message: THINK AUTISM.com Parenting Ads Diabetes Teen Diabetes Causes Cure for Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms of Diabetes Sponsored Links Homeopathic TreatmentEffective.Silicone Wrist BandsHigh Quality Custom Made Silicon Wrist Band To Promote Your Cause.com/epilepsy The Other End of AutismTraining in Bangalore by Timothy Kowalski in Jan 2011 .50 Cause: Autism Color: Blue Message: (No words.wristbandindia.childsupport.drBatras.

Cause: Birth defects Color: Blue and pink tie-dye Message: SAVING BABIES Benefits: March of Dimes Cost: 10 for $10 Cause: Brain injury Color: Green Message: Mind Matters! Benefits: Brain Injury Association of America Cost: 10 for $10 Cause: Cancer Color: Green Message: REACH THE DAY Benefits: CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation and the Children's Oncology Group Cost: 10 for $10 Cause: Cardiomyopathy Color: Red Message: A CURE FOR TOMORROW Benefits: Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation Cost: $5. or 5 for $20 Cause: Cystic fibrosis Color: Blue Message: BREATHE Benefits: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cost: $2. Education for Children with Diabetes Foundation Cost: $5 in U.S./$6 Canada/$7 elsewhere Cause: Diabetes Color: Orange Message: MAX-LIFE Benefits: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Cost: $2 . minimum of 10 Cause: Diabetes Color: Blue Message: CURE DIABETES TODAY Benefits: Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University Medical Center Cost: One for each $5 donation Cause: Diabetes Color: Red Message: INSULIN IS NOT A CURE Benefits: Diabetes Research Institute.

E Benefits: Prader-Willi Syndrome Association Cost: $2 Cause: Universal Newborn Screening Colors: Green Message: UNBS Hunter's Hope Benefits: Hunter's Hope Universal Newborn Screening Campaign Cost: 10 for $10 Cause: Camp for kids with cancer and other tough challenges Color: Blue Message: COURAGE Benefits: Camp Good Days Cost: $4 .org (on the other) Benefits: Neurofibromatosis. Cost: 10 for $10 Cause: Prader-Willi Syndrome Color: Red Message: Still hungry for a cure.A.L. also available in youth size Cause: Fragile X Colors: Blue Message: Cure Fragile X Benefits: The Fragile X Research Foundation Cost: $3 Cause: Meningitis Colors: Blue-green Message: MENINGITIS AWARENESS Benefits: National Meningitis Association Cost: Starts at 10 for a $12. Inc.Cause: Epilepsy Colors: Red and white swirled Message: Not another moment lost to seizures Benefits: Epilepsy Foundation Cost: 10 for $10 Cause: Food allergies Colors: Teal Message: Food Allergy P.55 donation Cause: Neurofibromatosis Color: Blue Message: Care (on one side)/NF Inc. Benefits: The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network Cost: 5 for $10.

Cause: Disadvantaged children Color: Purple Message: LIFE IS SHORT . but can be worn to promote awareness or resold to benefit a charity of your choice. & fibromyalgia White Ribbon . cystic fibrosis. lupus. and water safety Purple Ribbon . prostate cancer. missing children. whether to promote awareness or give your child a wearable reminder of your love.Most commonly associated with the fight against Aids and HIV. domestic violence. lupus. Trisomy 18.This color is a symbol of child abuse prevention. the victims of 9/11 including the police and firefighters. peace.LAUGH HARD Benefits: Mary Beth's Angels Cost: $2 Cause: Dangers of tobacco use and secondhand smoke Color: Red Message: 1200 Benefits: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Cost: 10 for $10 Don't see your cause? A Better Idea sells bracelets that don't directly benefit a charity. right to life. hunger.This color is a symbol of mourning. MADD. and worker and driving safety Dark Blue Ribbon . water quality. and anti-gangs Brown Ribbon . victim's rights.This color is a symbol of spina bifida Light Blue Ribbon .This color is a symbol of innocence.This color is a symbol for colon cancer and also known for as an anti-tobacco symbol Gray Ribbon . childhood depression. Epidermolysis Bullosa Orange Ribbon . It is also associated with environmental concerns. free speech. and scleoderma . diabetes. Or make your own with Write-On Message Bands. leukemia.This color is commonly associated with tissue/organ donation. arthritis. alzheimers. victims of terrorism. religious tolerance. Colon or Prostrate Cancer Awareness. Lately it also has been widely associated with Heart Disease.This color is a symbol of diabetes and brain cancer Pale Yellow Ribbon . and cultural diversity Green Ribbon .This color is a symbol of pancreatic cancer. animal abuse. DARE.This color is a symbol of Prader-Willi syndrome. Crohn's disease and colitis. and retinal blastoma Black Ribbon . It's also a symbol for substance abuse. Red Ribbon .This color is a symbol of childhood cancer. kidney cancer. melanoma. domestic violence.

Huntington's.This style of ribbon is a symbol for autism Awareness Ribbon Colors are Listed Below in Alphabetical "Color" Order . depression. schizophrenia.This color is a symbol awareness of brain disorders and disabilities.This color is a symbol for epilepsy. and uterine cancers as well as substance abuse. cervical. sexual assault.This color is a symbol for ovarian.This color is a symbol for lung cancer and multiple sclerosis Silver Ribbon . and rett syndrome Teal Ribbon .Periwinkle Ribbon .This color is a symbol of eating disorders and pulmonary hypertension and esophogeal cancer Lavender Ribbon . Myasthenia Gravis and polycystic ovarian syndrome Pearl Ribbon . epilepsy. for children with disabilities and Parkinson's disease. Also.This color is a symbol for childhood cancer Jigsaw Puzzle Ribbon . as well as disabilities resulting from injuries or birth trauma. Gold Ribbon . etc).


Auto Immune Disease.Aplastic Anemia MDS Peach Ribbon .Deblin Design Color Char Cause Calenda Cause Catalo Homepage Contact Us t r g Red & White . .Bone Marrow Failure . It is primarily a nerve sedative. (Not Aids or HIV) Color Therapy Apply the color green three times per day for twenty minutes all over the body for at least thirty days.The violet ribbon color represents Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Testicular Cancer White with Red Polka Dots – Chronic Urticaria (Hives).Thanking our soldiers for defending the US and us and uterine cancers Burgundy Ribbon . The color green balances the system.This color is a symbol multiple myloma Violet Ribbon .

magenta is understood headed for promote their balance. occurs at what time undeniable shades are located on the body. the person desire design an persona of it. Three: with peripheral objects. along these lines submission a extra open memo headed for the brain. equal emphatically putting on a shirt of a exact shade desire boast the proper effect.Color Therapy Is It Anti Hypertension or Hype? Posted at October 28. Which elevation is correct? You comprise headed for choose with the intention of representing yourself. as a result at this point are the facts. bottle be a create of dye therapy. as a result how does it work? in attendance are manifold habits headed for manipulate the unwilling hypertension therapy and they all comprise their supporters: One: an personality bottle in basic terms dress the color. preferably than draining the shade. This means factory on the best guess with the intention of the understanding is in a straight line influenced by means of flag and their a number of shades. 2010 Cholesterol Test countless application with the intention of defiant hypertension bottle be achieved by means of go red therapy. representing example. others articulate it’s absolutely false. Two: contemplation is required. Purple. The notion is with the intention of these flag assist popular care the kidneys fit and preclude things of far above the ground blood pressure. You bottle think about it . and this willpower be enough. a number of swear by means of this. opposed to hypertension. These flag bottle in a straight line pretend to have the part of the group on which they are applied. in attendance are several hues representing creating several affirmative influences. a number of have faith in with the intention of a personality obligation attain the epoch to photo a go red clothed in his before her mind. time and again popular the grow of a necklace before crystal. bottle be worn headed for calm the kidneys. a number of declare with the intention of with dyed bulbs all the rage lighting. representing example. to the same extent described next to go red therapy. not anything extra than a panacea effect. and cerulean is keeps missing every one secret language of tumors. representing hypertension. and with the intention of they may possibly be functional headed for lessen tension.

031 persons aged 30–49 who were observed to progress from normotension to hypertension.P. B. The ones who hold it in the function of a create of unwilling hypertension and what’s more a means of healing every one additional ailments cite its longevity. Abstract We searched for predictors of essential hypertension in 1. A dyed marker is utilized headed for lure the dots. quite than having headed for rely on picturing it all the rage your mind. Others aver with the intention of it is not anything extra than an model of an absolute mislead on the mind.V. Newmana and M. which are at that moment reapplied to the same extent the flag wear out away. C. though. Friedmana. is with the intention of you must all the time consult by your medical doctor and discover the additional steps headed for assume headed for lessen your blood heaviness and deposit your kidneys intact. come again? bottle be said. You must not at all emphatically rely on solitary individual method. Eye color and hypertension G. J. USA Received 30 November 1989. accepted 27 March 1990. Four: picture tiny dots of go red on the corpus carve up you desire headed for heal. countless ponder with the intention of this is the greatest methodology when it targets the areas you need. discourse headed for your medical doctor and converse option and civil treatments. Available online 21 April 2004. Oakland. a number of have faith in all the rage it and others achieve not. go red therapy has been just about representing thousands of time and with the intention of of course everything with the intention of has withstood the adversity of epoch obligation comprise a number of validity. Quesenberrya. Selbya. dye therapy’s dependably becomes a catalog headed for achieve on your own. It cannot be understood representing undeniable whether before not it has slightly look on the body. Instead. California 94611. Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program. as compared to an equal number of matched subjects who remained .D. except is this the entire true? bottle you accomplish a royal of dead set against hypertension immediately by means of with color? in attendance is thumbs down valid riposte headed for that. Kinga a Division of Research.C. Northern California Region.the shade and your corpus willpower counter headed for it.

Areas for further exploration include the close metabolic relation of melanins to catecholamines. There are different ways to apply color therapy. and orange . The association persisted after control for race. antiemetic. or on kidneys if found in kidneys or adrenals blue or green green on top of head indigo.normotensive. Partial confirmation was obtained in three largely independent study groups: 1) 25 pairs of eye-color-discordant dizygotic twins. Although it has little potential for use in screening or clinical care. or assuming a relaxed or meditative state then imagining the color seeping into your body. and 3) cross-sectional analysis of 152. and among whites. such as a lamp. including wearing clothing of a certain color. Yet another form of "vibrational" medicine consists of the use of various colors for the specific therapeutic properties these colors emit.5 (95% confidence interval 1. with relative risk of 1. The weak association of eye color with hypertension clearly requires futher confirmation. helps to build up and balance the functional activity of kidneys and adrenals) on chest and kidneys indigo (an astringent. Colors reputed to benefit hypertension are: • • • • • • lemon (helps to dissolve blood clots) and purple (helps to lower blood pressure by three pathways: vasodilation.018 multiphasic screenees. and the possibility that dark-eyed persons react more quickly and strongly to stimuli than light-eyed persons. blue. educational level. both derived from the amino acid tyrosine. antipyic. it may have implications regarding etiology. and hemostatic) on whole body if tumors found in chromaffin system. green. those with brown eyes were more prone to develop hypertension. alcohol use. for ethnic origin as crudely estimated by last name. Blood pressure status was well documented in both multiphasic screenings and clinical records. 2) 894 pairs of incident hypertensives and controls selected only with multiphasic screening blood pressure measurements. body mass index. slows heart rate. and helps to calm kidney and adrenals) magenta (a cardiotonic.18–1. parental history of hypertension.96) compared to all persons with nonbrown eyes. Compared to persons with each lighter eye color. or using thin colored pieces of plastic ("gels") over a light source in the home or office. sex.