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Dytran 2010

Installation Instructions

2 Dytran™ 2010 Installation Instructions
Windows Customers

Windows Customers
If you are a current customer, Dytran 2010 upgrades the earlier version that you may have installed on your system. To install Dytran 2010: Download Dytran 2010 from MSC.Software SDC (Software Download Center) site or insert the installation DVD into your DVD drive. The installation procedure should automatically start up if you click on dytran 2010 installation executable or your DVD drive is configured to auto-start DVDs. Follow the step by step instructions to install the Dytran 2010. If the installation procedure does not start automatically, click Start, select"Run, and type:

where D:\ is your DVD drive. This will start the installation procedure.

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UNIX and Linux Customers

UNIX and Linux Customers
1. Log on to the system. You must log on as root or have access privileges. Download the software from MSC.Software SDC site. 2. If you downloaded the software from the SDC site, untar or unzip the installation file and go to step 5. 3. If you have a DVD: Mount the DVD (not required on SGI and Sun). Insert the DVD into the DVD drive and mount the DVD file system. Note: The device names and DVD mount points in the following mount commands are examples. The actual names on your system may differ.

Platform Command HP IBM Linux SGI Sun /usr/sbin/mount -rF cdfs /dev/dsk/c2t2d0/CDROM mount -prv cdrfs /dev/cd0/CDROM mount -o exec /mnt/cdrom Mounts automatically Mounts automatically

4. Run mscinfo (optional). This will give information about your machine. If you do not want to install the software, proceed to step 7. To view more detailed installation information using a text editor such as vi, type: /mnt/cdrom/INSTALL.txt /cdrom/cdrom0/INSTALL.txt Platform Command Linux Sun All others All other UNIX platforms /mnt/cdrom/mscsetup info /cdrom/cdrom0/mscsetup info /CDROM/mscsetup info /CDROM/INSTALL.txt for Linux for Sun

To view more detailed installation information using your web browser, in the URL field type: Linux Sun All other UNIX platforms file:/mnt/cdrom/INSTALL.htm file:/cdrom/cdrom0/INSTALL.htm file:/CDROM/INSTALL.htm

4 Dytran™ 2010 Installation Instructions
UNIX and Linux Customers

If you downloaded the installation file, you can find INSTALL.txt or INSTALL.htm in the folder where files were unzipped. 5. Start the installation script for DVD installation. If you downloaded the installation file, type mscsetup in the folder where files were unzipped. Platform Command Linux Sun All others /mnt/cdrom/mscsetup /cdrom/cdrom0/mscsetup /CDROM/mscsetup

6. Follow the prompts to complete the installation and exit. 7. Unmount the DVD. Platform Command Linux SGI Sun All others umount /mnt/cdrom eject /CDROM eject cdrom0 umount /CDROM

Dytran™ 2010 Installation Instructions 5
How to Install the License

How to Install the License
The mscsetup utility automatically installs the license.dat file if you provide it during installation. The license file may be located anywhere on your license server. MSC recommends locating it in: /msc/flexlm/licenses/license.dat Clients with network-licensed MSC.Software installations are encouraged to employ the most recent versions of the FLEXlm and MSC licensing daemons (lmgrd,lmutil,msc). These binaries maintain downward compatibility and regular upgrades are recommended regardless of whether or not the current software application level requires the upgrade. Updates are available at: or from the MSC external ftp site:

6 Dytran™ 2010 Installation Instructions
How to Install the License

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