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but you must hit the switch player button to take control of the ball carrier. tight end. If the setting is turned off. This year EA SPORTS decided to do something about that by introducing “Run to Daylight. we cover all the new Run to Daylight features so you are up to speed once you start playing. • Blocking View (Zoomed In is on by default). the game camera is in the default camera view when lead blocking. no problem. While in control of the blocker. All-new jukes. 8 . then go to Settings and choose Game Play. Next pick Blocking Control. To get to the Blocking Control options. you automatically switch to the ball carrier if a successful block is thrown. With it set to Normal. Instead of just controlling the ball carrier. you have all sorts of blocking moves at your disposal. you can control the lead blocker for as long as you like. Each setting has a different effect on how the game plays. If you want to cut block a defender down. you now can take control of the fullback. plus a brief description of how they affect your game. the game slows down momentarily when the user-controlled lead blocker engages a defender and triggers a block. One of the biggest complaints over the past years has been that the running game is not very exciting. you can switch to the ball carrier and perform innovative rushing moves that have never been seen in a video football game before. • Auto Switch Back (off by default). There you find four options. With this turned off you instantly switch to the ball carrier with no slowdown at all. With this turned on. Sometimes we didn’t see where the ball carrier was going. first decide which Blocking Control options you want to use. We have listed these four settings.” Before actually getting on the field.” You now have total control of every aspect of the running game. If Blocking View is zoomed in. cutbacks. because he was off the screen. With this turned off. • Blocking Slowdown (off by default). and the distinct running styles of your favorite backs will help you pound the opposition into the ground. Blocking Control Settings Here are the Blocking Control settings we personally prefer: • Auto Switch Back — off • Blocking Slowdown — off • Switch Slowdown — off • Blocking View — normal We like these settings the best because they don’t interfere with the gameplay much.PRIMA OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE Note: All control commands are performed with the Xbox Controller. or offensive linemen. You can open and create holes for the ball carrier to run through. the game speed does not change even if you connect on a crushing block. pause the game. • Switch Slowdown (on by default). After you finish knocking defenders to the turf. With this turned on. right? You now have the option to take control of any blocker to spring the running back loose with “Lead Blocking Control. it’s in the game. the game slows down momentarily when you switch from the lead blocker back to the ball carrier. it’s harder to keep an eye on the ball carrier. With this setting on Zoom In. How many times have you seen the CPU-controlled fullback miss his block and leave you dead in the backfield? You would have made the block. Each setting can be toggled on/off. the game camera is zoomed in closer to the lead blocker (closer to a first-person view). In this section. When this setting is turned on and you are in control of the blocker.

we control the fullback and look to make the key block to spring the ball carrier.COM 9 . As soon as the ball is snapped. Once you switch to the ball carrier. This is a good way to bluff your opponent into thinking run. all run blocking controls are turned off and run controls are turned on. • You cannot switch back and forth between the blocker and ball carrier more than once. • On the other hand. At this point we can either switch to the ball carrier or we can continue to stay in control of the blocker by pressing nothing. In the screen shot we selected the left guard. The free safety is closing in on our ball carrier. This allows the CPU-controlled ball carrier to find daylight outside. In the second screen shot. so we decide he needs to be blocked. We might as well just let the CPU-controlled offensive linemen do that and instead take control of the fullback to lead him through the hole unless you want to Turn Block Left or Right. After the ball is snapped. This works best with a pulling offensive linemen or fullback who is lead blocking to the outside. you are automatically switched to the quarterback. switch to the ball carrier and let the CPU take control of the blocker. We choose to stay in control of the blocker and throw another block on a linebacker. When we take control of offensive linemen who don’t pull. We throw a block on the free safety and he is knocked to the ground. You can also hold the button down and move the Left Thumbstick or D-pad up/down or left/right to move through players. we normally end up blocking the defender lined up across from us.Once on the field. Tap the cycle blockers button on your controller to switch players. If you feel like you are losing control of the blocker. switch off the blocker quickly and take control of the ball carrier to get him to go through the open hole. you can still take control of a player to block with before the snap. • Use the sprint button to get the blocker out in front quicker. you switch from blocker to ball carrier automatically. if you see the CPU-controlled ball carrier not going through the correct hole. we decide to cycle through until we select the fullback. • Don’t get yourself out of position to get the block. • Taking control of pulling offensive linemen seems to be more beneficial than taking control of the offensive linemen who do not pull. As soon as the ball is snapped. you have the option to choose any player on the field to block with outside of the quarterback and running back. • If you decide to call a pass play. PRIMAGAMES. you can. Lead Blocking Control Tips • If you want to take control of the ball carrier and pretend you are going to block with him before the snap.

• Turn Block Right Press the Black button on Xbox Turns the blocker right. but what about being able to throw different types of blocks? There are several ways to throw blocks in Madden NFL 07 while in control of the blocker. 10 . • Turn Block Left Press the White button on Xbox Turns the blocker left. • Hold Pull the Left Trigger Holds the defender or pulls him down to the ground. Type of Block Description • Impact Block Move the Right Thumbstick up The blocker delivers a devastating block that normally lays the defender out on the turf. Be careful not to overuse this button or you’ll get flagged for a penalty.PRIMA OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE Being able to take control of the blocker is good and all. • Cut Block Move the Right Thumbstick down The blocker goes for the knees to chop the defender down.

If the running back is a big bruising type. For big. If the running back is smaller. it’s now called the Highlight Stick.COM 11 . back Willie Parker is lightning fast and is great at making tacklers miss in the open the field. Instead of the Truck Stick. this was great because it enabled him to knock over smaller defenders. Johnson picks up another 4 yards before being brought down. This helps to keep the running game looking fresh. Chances are you will see several different types of Highlight Stick animations when playing Madden NFL 07. Thanks to the Highlight Stick. the Truck Stick was not that much of a factor.       TIP! Some backs. he looks to work around the defender. EA SPORTS wanted to make the game fun when picking up even a few yards. he would have been tackled for a loss.The Truck Stick was introduced in Madden NFL 06. Johnson lowers his shoulders and knocks the defender out of the way. What follows are two examples of how the Highlight Stick can be effective depending on what type of running back is used: Example A: Chiefs’ running back Larry Johnson is about to be tackled at the line of scrimmage by the Bengals’ defender. There are 20 different animations for the big running backs and 20 different animations for smaller running backs. but thanks to the Highlight Stick. By moving the Right Thumbstick up. They didn’t have the strength or break tackle ratings to effectively use it. Instead of being tackled for no gain. such as Shaun Alexander and LaDainian Tomlinson can perform both big and small running animations.   PRIMAGAMES. In the screen shot. EA SPORTS has decided to make the stick work for both types of backs. for smaller running backs such as Warrick Dunn. he runs the defenders over as in Madden NFL 06. Last year. the Broncos’ defender is closing in on Parker. he can use his elusiveness to turn a loss into positive yardage. This allowed the user-controlled ball carrier to run over defenders by moving the Right Thumbstick up. These types of backs are most effective because they can do all the moves to avoid being brought down. However. powerful running backs such as Jamal Lewis. they have Example B: Steelers’ running succeeded.

if the ball carrier’s break tackle rating is higher than the defender’s tackle rating. Before you get too excited about this feature. we did not base them on overall rating. defenses have a hard time defending the Charger rushing attack. San Diego Chargers HB: LaDainian Tomlinson FB: Lorenzo Neal Over the last three seasons Tomlinson and Neal have been the best HB/FB combination in the league. keep in mind that the user-controlled defender has a similar ability. When you put them together in the same backfield. 12 . we are in control of Bengals’ running back Rudi Johnson. then the ball carrier has a better chance to break the tackle even if both users are button pressing at the same speed. These two key attributes determine how good a fullback is at blocking. We break the tackle and continue down the field. In the screen shots. Conversely. During that three-year span. Instead we looked at run blocking and awareness. For example. we start rapidly tapping the sprint button. we thought we would take a look at the game’s top-five HB/FB combinations. you can get free of the defender and get more yardage. When ranking the fullbacks. Neal is unquestionably the best blocking fullback in the game and Tomlinson is one 2. Obviously a ball carrier with a high break tackle rating has a better chance of busting loose than a ball carrier with a lesser rating. he has a better chance to make the tackle even if both users are pressing at the same rate. By rapidly tapping down on the tackle button.315 yards and 48 touchdowns. The Browns defender is closing in. We came up with the list by looking at yardage totals and player ratings. Seattle Seahawks HB: Shaun Alexander FB: Mack Strong You could argue that the backfield combination of halfback Shaun Alexander and fullback Mack Strong is a better tandem than Tomlinson and Neal. 1.PRIMA OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE Another new weapon that was added to Madden NFL 07 is the ability for the user to break tackles. As we are about to be tackled. Neal has opened holes for Tomlinson to the tune of 4. By rapidly pressing the sprint button while the ball carrier is being tackled. The top five HB/FB combinations are as follow: of the top three running backs. Ratings also come into play.    With “Run to Daylight” being the big new gameplay feature in Madden NFL 07. Eight different types of random animation can occur while the ball carrier is trying to get out of the defender’s grasp. if the tackle rating of the defender is higher than the break tackle rating of the ball carrier. the defender can bring down the ball carrier in a hurry.

With that said. but the rushing game is not to blame. PRIMAGAMES. after all they are not designed to be base plays. He does not get many touches. Just don’t get too carried away. Just as he gets to the line of scrimmage. Over the last seven seasons. One of the key reasons for that is that Jeremi Johnson has been opening plenty of holes for Rudi Johnson to rush through. on its toes. you can see why we rank them number four on our list. Buffalo Bills HB: Willis McGahee FB: Daimon Shelton The Bills offense as a whole has not been that productive lately. Here we take a look at three of our favorite trick plays in the game. thinking run. If the safeties bite. the halfback tosses the ball back to the quarterback. Instead Randle El pulled up and threw a 43-yard touchdown strike to Hines Ward. Offensive Trick Plays • Part 1 In Super Bowl XL Pittsburgh ran a wide receiver reverse to former speedy Steelers receiver Antwaan Randle El. Halfback Willis McGahee and fullback Daimon Shelton have been a strong combination over the last two seasons. McGahee has rushed for 2. This next HB/FB combination does not get talked about much. who was left wide open deep down the field. over the last three seasons his totals have taken a dramatic rise because of underrated fullback Jim Finn. Fullback Jeremi Johnson does his work unnoticed. Ward makes the catch for a 25 yard pick up. You will find all three of them in the Pittsburgh Steelers playbook. We look for the Hines Ward running a wheel route deep down the left sideline. Strong does an excellent job at delivering bone-crushing blocks to give Alexander daylight to pick up yardage. I Form-Twin WR Flea Flicker One of the oldest trick plays in the book is the Flea Flicker. there are several different types of trick plays that you can call to keep the defense . In Madden NFL 07.817 yards and 89 touchdowns.2 yard average. Alexander has rushed for more than 7.COM 13 .That argument has plenty of evidence to back it up. 3. his rushing average and rushing totals have gone up yearly. He then acts as if he is going to run a HB Dive. This trick play gave the Steelers a 21-10 and the momentum they needed to eventually win the Super Bowl. A large part of that yardage and touchdown total has been because Shelton has been leading McGahee through 8.375 yards and 18 touchdowns. However. New York Giants HB: Tiki Barber FB: Jim Finn Tiki Barber has been terrorizing defenses since he came into the league in 1997. Finn paved the way for Barber’s career-high 1. The quarterback hands off the ball the halfback.860 yards and 5. one or two receivers deep should be open for a big play.and 9-man fronts. If you look at Rudi Johnson’s rushing numbers over the last three seasons. but he had no intention of running the ball. but when you look at the stats. 4. Cincinnati Bengals HB: Rudi Johnson FB: Jeremi Johnson 5. nor is talked about as being one of the best blocking fullbacks in the game.

Chances are if the ball carrier covers up the ball.PRIMA OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE Several new moves and animations have been added this year to improve the running game. cover up. Tap the dive button. Another advantage of using the cover up button is he lowers his shoulders and often knocks defenders over. this year’s Madden NFL Football running game is the strongest the series has ever seen. 14 . An old school Madden NFL Football running move is the dive. Often the ball carrier would get stuck behind offensive linemen and could not pick up yardage. the juke move is back with a vengeance because of the sheer number of animations that can be pulled off. Use when the quarterback is about to be tackled. using the juke move inside tackles did not always provide positive results. Sprint. Whenever you need to pick up that extra yard for a first down or to get across the goal line. plays. The back juke is back in Madden NFL 07. but if you do it at the right time. stiff arms.   Dive In Madden NFL 05. This juke move was not used as much as some of the other jukes. you shouldn’t find it too hard to establish a solid rushing attack in ‘07. the ball carrier performs a devastating Double Move that leaves defenders grasping at air. Another juke animation move we have seen is the ability to slash through the open holes inside. too. the dive button is the one to use. it seemed like every top player was using the juke move to dominate the opposition online and in the Madden Challenge. it will not be stripped or knocked out of his hands. By throwing in the new Highlight Stick. the juke move was not nearly as effective because it was toned down. In Madden NFL 07. we need to get you up to speed on the new and old game controls. For example by pressing left and right quickly on the Right Thumbstick. and instead of taking a vicious hit from the defender. Jukes. learn to use the cover up button. Cover Up   Juke Move   If your ball carrier is having a problem coughing up the ball whenever he is hit. and packages that can be used. In Madden NFL 06. This especially holds true when a player is in control of the defender and hits the hit stick or tackle button. and dive buttons are important controls to learn if you want your rushing attack to succeed. Or do this if the receiver has the ball and you don’t want him to get hurt. the quarterback slides to the ground. It’s not as effective as the Highlight Stick when it comes to breaking tackles. formations. you now can slash the ball carrier between offensive linemen to pick up positive yardage with ease. In previous versions of Madden NFL Football. Before we get to some of the different types of run plays that are in the game. but it’s safer to use because the ball carrier tends to keep the rock off the turf. With all of these new moves and animations. defenders will miss-time their tackle. Thanks to the ability to slash through the line of scrimmage by pressing softly left or right on the Right Thumbstick.

 The spin move has always been one of the most efficient running moves in Madden NFL Football to pick up yardage. you know the stiff arm was used the most outside of the Sprint.  PRIMAGAMES. This year you can perform two different types of spin moves. but when you are trying to make a quick cut. The drawback of using the quick spin is if the defender is not fooled. Whenever the Sprint is held down. It’s just more prevalent with the running backs. One last consideration is fatigue. he can make the tackle.COM 15 . By learning when to use it. It may not seem significant. you can turn what looks to be a short gain into something that makes the evening sports newscast. this may not be a big deal. The more the Sprint button is used. press left or right on the stiff arm buttons. because they tend to get the ball the most.Sprint   Spin Move   The Sprint button is by far the most-used rushing control. To throw a stiff arm. If you have a running back with a high stamina rating. the quicker the ball carrier gets tired. Stiff Arm   TIP! Overusing the Sprint button applies to all positions. Tap down on the spin button for a quick spin move. If you do. it can have a negative effect on the running games. but he has a better chance of breaking the tackle even if the defender is in position to make the tackle. don’t use the Sprint button too early or you risk overlapping your pulling guard. Learn when to use each type of spin move and you will be racking up yardage with the best of them. you can bet that Sprint is being used. The ball carrier spins quickly around and often put the defender(s) out of position to make the tackle. you lose some ability to move your ball carrier. it defeats the whole purpose of the guard pulling outside to be your lead blocker. Whether you are running outside to escape defenders or running the ball inside to get through the hole quickly. The key to using the Sprint button is knowing the proper time to use it. Ball carriers with high break tackle ratings benefit the most from a well-timed stiff arm. But if your running back has a low stamina rating and his backup is not very good. Another factor to consider when using the Sprint button is maneuverability. The stiff arm has been in the Madden NFL Football series for long time. If it’s performed correctly. the ball carrier puts his non-football-carrying hand out and shoves the would-be tackler to the turf. For all of you old school veterans who have played it before the juke and spin move were added to the game. For example. that lack of maneuverability can mean the difference between picking up a few yards or taking the rock to the house for a score. if you are running some type of counter play to the outside. The power spin (press and hold the spin button) takes the ball carrier longer to spin around.

we control the fullback. we take a look some of our favorite inside plays from the Chargers’ playbook. by the end of the game the defense will wear down. A player may think we are running some type of counter play and follow us out. Being able pound the rock inside is a must for success in Madden NFL 07. If the defense comes out in some type of 4-3 defense. Split Backs-3WR FB Blast Singleback-Flex Base HB Dive The Singleback-Flex Base is a pretty cool formation to call plays from. You may not have much success with it in the earlier stages of the game. If you can get past the defensive linemen. He takes himself right out of position to make the tackle on the ball carrier because the play design has the halfback running the ball between the center and right guard. Almost all of these plays have the fullback running inside for tough yardage. Once the ball is snapped. If any defender gets in our way. It is very flexible with its personnel sets and motion. We like to take control of the fullback before the snap and lead the halfback through. With him out of the box. This play forces the defense to take a defender out of the box to cover the slot receiver. we plow him over. That’s where the left outside linebacker would line up if there wasn’t a receiver in the slot. Nothing is more satisfying in football than knowing you have the defense back on its heels because it has no way of stopping the pound inside. while the CPU controls the halfback. there is one less defender we have to deal with. I-Form-Normal HB Blast Strong-Normal Split Belly This play works best against player controlled defenders who like to cheat when we are in control of the fullback before and after the snap. In the second screen shot. A fullback running play we like from the Chargers’ playbook is the Split Backs-3WR FB Blast. We use the highlight stick to slide through the line of scrimmage and find open daylight to pick up positive yardage. 19-16. they have achieved that goal. which springs the halfback through the line of scrimmage for a big gain. if we want to have a lead blocker for the halfback. the left outside linebacker will have to move to cover the slot. We use the fullback as a decoy to fool the user controlled defender. This play has the halfback looking to run between the center and right guard without a lead blocker. The play is designed for the halfback to follow the fullback through the hole between the left guard and left tackle. Once the ball is snapped.PRIMA OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE One of the biggest improvements that EA SPORTS wanted to achieve in Madden NFL 07 was the ability to the run ball inside with success. the HB Blast is probably the secondmost-used running play from the I-Form-Normal in the game. but if you stick with it. He now lines up in the backfield to be the lead blocker. Another benefit of having the left outside linebacker out of the box is that the design of the play has the fullback running between the right guard and right tackle. You will start to notice your running back picking up more chunks of yardage. 16 . If you look at the play diagram. we make a key block on the middle linebacker. Outside of the HB Slam. we can motion the fullback to the right. we look to follow the fullback through the hole. you’ll notice the fullback blocks to the outside on the left side of the offensive line. In this section. A good inside run play from the Singleback-Flex Base is the HB Dive. there will be plenty of room to run the fullback for a nice chunk of yardage. In the first screen. The Titans won in Indianapolis. With all the new running enhancements that have been added. look to bust through the hole. There are a fair number of run plays where the fullback gets the handoff instead of the halfback. However.

We sometimes take control of the right guard before the snap to make sure we get to any defender who comes in the area of the CPU-controlled halfback. If you don’t have speed. It seemed like every other play was some type of misdirection run play online. The right guard is pulling outside and looking to block the defender who first gets into his area.COM 17 . he hands the ball off to a running back that squirts up the middle for a nice gain. misdirection plays saw a huge improvement in how the run blocking sets up. It also requires some stick skill and knowledge on how to set up blocks with your blockers. He must be able to hold the cornerback across from him for the play to have any success. these types of run plays were a non-factor in most players’ offensive playbooks. In the second screen shot. That’s when the highlight stick comes in handy. and knowledge. Once we make the block. In previous years that just wasn’t the case. Often the defenders will bite on the fake to the fullback. making misdirection run plays a great choice when running the ball. especially against man coverage. The right guard pulls to right side of the field and paves the way for our halfback. This play has been successful the last couple of seasons. it becomes a serious challenge to establish an outside running game on the higher difficulty levels. we switch to the halfback. the right guard makes a block on a linebacker. This allows us to bust our halfback into the open field for big pickup on the ground. there is plenty of room for the halfback to find running room. The offensive line will sell the pass to the defense and defenders will abandon their run pursuit to come after the quarterback. Full House-Normal Wide HB Sweep Singleback-Normal Slot HB Slant 18 Many of the top players at the Madden Challenge found this outside run play a solid bet to call when needing to pick up yardage in clutch situations. The run blocking on draws and delays has been improved over the last two seasons.Having a fast running back who can get to the outer perimeter quickly is the key ingredient to having a successful outside running attack. This play could have been in the outside run section. notice the receiver outside makes the block on the left cornerback. Another key block is the receiver lined up outside on the right. In Madden NFL 07. With the defenders going in the wrong direction. we normally find only one defender left to deal with. I-Form-Twin TE FB FK HB Toss Misdirection and Draw Plays During the 2006 season. but we decided to stick it in the misdirection section instead. In this section we give you some tips and plays that will hopefully improve your perimeter run game. Just as the defenders close in on the quarterback. What makes this outside run play so successful is the blocks thrown by the right guard and fullback. The Full House-Normal Wide HB Sweep is a highly effective run play to call to get the halfback outside. the blocking is better than ever. The center crack blocks to the right and looks to seal off the middle linebacker. PRIMAGAMES. Because offensive linemen did not block correctly. With the receivers all acting as if they are running pass routes deep down the field. In the first screen shot. stick. freeing the halfback to take a toss from the quarterback going to the opposite direction. In this section. we take a look at a few of our favorite misdirection and draw plays.

If the safeties think run. the quarterback hands the ball off to the halfback. The defense usually cheats its defenders toward the two tight ends. This springs the halfback into the open field where we take control of him and go in for the score. we like to take control of the fullback and block the right outside linebacker or free safety. but as the defense closes in on the quarterback. Once the ball is snapped. Instead allow the blocking to develop and then look for the best hole to run through. The receiver lined up on the left draws his man deep down the field. Once the halfback gets to the line of scrimmage. We can pancake the smaller defender. The quarterback and the split end will be out in front to block for Ward. and the running back has plenty of open field real estate ahead of him. The quarterback drops back in the gun as if he is going to pass. This is when its time to look for Ward deep down the field for a big play. and then he pitches the ball to Wilson running the reverse. leaving only the free safety for us to deal with. Once the ball is snapped. we use the Sprint button to get him quickly out in front of the running back. hit the gas. Don’t hit the Sprint right away. 18 . Ward is running a deep crossing route. Shotgun-4WR HB Mid Draw This is a good draw play to run in third down passing situations when the defense is thinking the offense is about to air it out. Hines Ward then takes the handoff as the running back looks to run to the left side. Wilson is the receiver who will be throwing the ball. We like to take control of the pulling right guard before the snap. Expect 4-6 yards if you call it against the right defense. we then look to block the free safety. they will come up to pursue Wilson. leaving the backside running lanes wide open for the taking. Singleback-Trips Bunch WR Reverse This is a pretty effective trick play provided that the receiver running the reverse has the speed to get outside and the play is called against the right defense. The Weak I-Normal Toss Weak is one of the weak side run plays we found that does a great job of picking up yardage on the ground.PRIMA OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE Offensive Trick Plays • Part 2 I Form-Twin WR Reverse Pass This play has the same concept as the one the Steelers ran in Super Bowl XL. If the right outside linebacker is blocked. When running this play. Singleback-Big Twin TE Counter Weak This counter play works best against man coverage because two tight ends line up opposite the play call. This play has Steelers receivers Hines Ward and Cedrick Wilson lined up on the left side. The quarterback tosses the ball to the running back going to the right side. he hands off to the halfback. Weak I-Normal Toss Weak Running to the outside on the weak side often works better than running to the outside on the strong side because the defense tends to cheat to the side of the tight end. Ward makes the catch and goes in for six points.

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