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A Proper Monster for SA choir with divisi and piano 2°30” Darren Schmidt ance a wy iv an ~ Sepes! Composed for Vincent Sandroni, Director of Choral Activities at Cockeysville Middle School. A Proper Monster by Margo Fitch If monsters could meet me, or shake my hand, I wonder if their claws would burt me. Or would they look at me, so small and fragile, and wonder what I'd tell my friends. Would I spin a story of a horrible attack, or would Tsay - "T met a strange gentlemen. He looked a bit peculiar, but he had better manners than the other strangers I've met." Darren Schmidt is an award-winning composer and performer from Baltimore, MD. Since graduating from Towson University, Schmidt has continued to add to his diverse collection of pieces (ranging from solo and chamber works up to full choir and symphonic band). His ample firsthand experience as a singer, F Horn player, and ensemble leader allows him to understand music from multiple perspectives: audience, performer, and director. The kind of music he loves most is honest, apptoachable, and compelling; it has the ability to reach out and meet people where they are. Schmidt endeavors to create engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable music that resonates with people from all walks of life. When he’s not composing, Schmidt enjoys teaching private lessons and performing with his barbershop quartet Pratt Street Power barbershop chorus Parkside Harmony, and the 229th Army Band A Proper Monster 2'30" For Vincent Sandroni and the Voices of Cockeysville Soprano Alto Piano ©2016 Darren Schmidt (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. pscomposer,com Ss smon-sters A mon-sters Pho. s won-der if their claws A won-der if their Pho. so small and frag. = (OF would they look at me, d-60 af, what 1d tell my frends Td tell my riends mf A = tell my friends my friends rit, be Pho. id won-der —— and won-der mp would I spin. a sto = ry mp would I spin a sto - ry subito p tack? would 1 pf a strange gen -de-man. Pho. ners than the oth {j— stra = gers strange gen = tle-man, rmon-sters man - ners than the won-der it their claws would hurt Pho. ee oth = et siran=gers I've met rit, al fine —— mon - ster, pro - pet mon ~ ster, mon - ster, pro - per mon - ster, rit. al fin Pho.