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A Christmas Carol for TTBB a cappella 3°30” Darren Schmidt ance a wy iv ~ Sepes! For Quorus, to be premiered at their 2017 Christmas Concert A Christmas Carol by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) Thear along our street Pass the minstrel throngs; Hark! they play so sweet, On their hautboys, Christmas Songs! [Let us by the fire Ever higher Sing them till the night expire!] In December ring Every day the chimes; Loud the gleemen sing In the streets their merry rhymes. [Refrain] Shepherds at the grange, Where the Babe was born, Sang, with many a change, Christmas carols until morn, [Refrain] ‘These good people sang Songs devout and sweet; While the rafters rang, ‘There they stood with freezing feet. [Refrain] Nuns in frigid cells At this holy tide, For want of something else Christmas songs at times have tried [Refrain] Washerwomen old, To the sound they beat, Sing by rivers cold, With uncovered heads and feet. [Refrain] Who by the fireside stands Stamps his feet and sings; But he who blows his hands Not so gay a carol brings, [Refrain] Darren Schmidt is an award winning composer and performer from Baltimore, Maryland. Earning his undergraduate degree in composition from Towson University, he has accrued a diverse collection of pieces ranging from solo works to choir and symphonic band. The music he loves most is the kind that meets people where they are. As such, Schmidt endeavors to write engaging and meaningful music that resonates with audiences and performers alike. His firsthand experience as a singer and F Hom player continues to enhance this perspective. ‘When he’s not composing, Schmidt enjoys performing in several groups, including his barbershop quartet Pratt Street Power, barbershop chorus Parkside Harmony, male chamber choir Quorus, and the Maryland Military Band. Schmidt also gives private lessons at Music Land in Bel Air, MD. He is a member of ASCAP and ACDA. A Christmas Carol for Quorus mit Poem by Hent Joyfully J, =92 mp £ Tenor | a= long our sre pass the min-stre throngs play 50 sweet, Tenor 2 = 1 hear a= long our sreet pass the min-stel throngs ™? Baritone Bass Tong our sieet Hark! they play so. sweet TI 12 (©2017 Darten Schmidt (ASCAP) AIIRights Reserved <épscomposer com A Christmas Carol 3 er ey et high - er sing them sill the ight ex ev er ever high ~ er sing them till the night ex ev er ever high ~ er sing them till the night ex sing them sill the sight ex ding dong ding! loud the glee-men sing in > FS ding dong ding! loud the glee the streets their mer-ry fe glee-men sing inthe streets their mer-ry Shep-berds at the grange, where the Sing them tll the night ex = pire! a ev = @ igh = er sing them til the night ex = piel. 4 A Christmas Carol nf’ Sang, with ma-ny a change, Christ-mas carols un ~ tl sang with ma-ny a change, Chrsi-mas Let us by the f Let us by the Let us by the J=60 con rubato 7 songs de yout and ‘These good peo-ple sang songs de- vout and —swee CChris-mas car-ols Christ CChrist-mas JB -ols until mon, il the night ex sing them til the night ex sing them til the night ex = pire, the while the raters ‘Sood with freeing — while the raters -sood with freezing while the rafters -sood with freezing while the raters rang, there They stood with freezing A Christmas Carol 5 Nuns in frig-id cells at this stood with freeing feet want of something CChrist-mas songs at times have CChrist-mas songs at times have Chrismas songs at ti Christ-mas sil the night ex mill the night ex Washer-women old, , 10 the id. sing them ill the ni ‘ld, to the sound they beat, high - er sing them ll the night ex = pire The ‘shythm markings: sweeping motion of one hand against your pants, waistlevel -down, up down- and in 98, down, up, down, up, down, down ) 6 A Christmas Carol a of © by vi (Get pes $F Sing ty sve ed with un = covered ead and ids 12 [Ot eee pip reyes ¥ r sound ty ba, sing by =e tite ee pe Po oe BL Da FS ay sing by rivers cold p fp . Sia eee Wash-er-wo-men old, cel DTT] TI Let us by the fire . =e sing them till the night ex gi NT T2 ow] MT high — er sing. them wll the x a] TI ie feet, Oh high - er sing. them till the night ex - TI a the night expt Who by the fireside stands stampshis feet and sings, but T2 Who by the fire-side stands stampshis feet and sings the night ex ~ pre! Who by the fireside stands stampshis feet and sings pire the nightex - pie———" "Whe by the fireside stands stmaps his fet and sings A Christmas Carol 7 rit cel 4 he who Blows his he who blows his hands “not so gay a miso the night cil the night ex ~ piret___ them ill the night the night ex = piret__ sing them till the night ____ ex