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-Definition of research process.

-Nature of research process

-Significance of research process in transport

A research process is an exercise carried out for the purpose of making

experimental decision through collection and testing of data. In research
process, data is gathered through several methods, like questionnaire, interview,
observation and participation. The test of the data gathered through any of these
means is carried out using any of the scientific procedures of data analysis, such
as regression analysis, hypothesis testing, test of goodness of fit. The actual
purpose of a research process is to ensure that decisions are not made on guess
work, but on outcomes from experimental data gathering and analysis.

A good research process is known for certain characteristics such as;

 !" A good research process should be objective, carrying out its
assignment purely on analysis of available data as gathered without the input of
subjective sentiments.

#! A good research process doesn¶t take sides in any of its studies. It
implies purely sitting on the fence with the primary purpose of analysing
outcomes the way they are.

#$% : Since researches are basically on sample estimate, a good

research purpose must be capable of working on samples that must be
representative, for the convenience of generalizing.

&#'!; All conclusions drawn from its studies must be occasioned or

supported by the data collected for that particular studies in question.

'" A good research process certainly takes its studies to an end

with the supposed and expected findi ngs. It is without bias arising from input of
persons/opinion during data collection, errors of omission and commission
during the analytical stage and other mistakes that can possibly cause its
outcome to fall short of expectation.

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A research process could be beneficial to transport studies in the following



The validity of a research finding is necessary, if positive decision on reliability

could be made on them. There should be confidence in working with the
conclusion of a research process, since such conclusion is not based on guess
work, but on experimental proofs with relevant data.


Since research findings have the capability of being generalized, it becomes an

advantage to use such findings in transport studies . This is so because if a
transport company operating nationwide is to research on passenger reaction to
its fare or rate, it would do so by only collecting a number of states to represent
the entire nation and thereafter makes its generalization, translating into savings
from carrying out such research across all states of the federation.

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Transport studies get the benefit of time and energy saving, the same way it
does to cost reduction.

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Through research, transport studies will improve on service delivery and better
performance on areas needing attention. In passenger transport, the research
findings could help in the acceptance or reje ction of the fare or rate charged.