A Definitive Course On Drug Discovery & Applied Bioinformatics

A course to meet the industry requirements with added skill sets…

1. Jigsaw Bio Solutions
Jigsaw Bio Solutions (JBS) is a private limited company focussing on applied research and consultancy services for Biotechnology, Bioinformatics Pharmaceutical Industries. JBS undertakes projects on Drug discovery, Diagnostics, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics. Jigsaw’s core team has skill sets in the domains of biotech, pharma, bioinformatics and software developments. The team of JBS has wide industrial research experience (3-9 years). The activities of JBS are also supported by professional experts in various research domains, having decades of research experience.

2. Course Introduction
Proteins are the functional unit of a cell and a better molecular understanding of proteins and their interaction will help us understand the pathological changes that cells and tissues are susceptible to. Ultimately, this knowledge will help in the development of new drugs against human and animal diseases. Currently only 500 proteins are being used as therapeutic targets of nearly 8,000 proteins, while all the 8000 are believed to have therapeutic potential. This difference ensures a huge commercial opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to identify other therapeutic targets and to develop new drugs. This has also opened the opportunities for skilled manpower in the drug discovery pipeline. Industries are looking either for experienced or the best skill to accomplish these kinds of projects. Hence, training students in understanding and executing the industry requirements is the primary objective of our training. The strength of this organisation is the multidimensional skill sets with specialised domains and an open vessel for all ideas and suggestions in all frequencies; this approach has always been unique and ideal way in dealing with Research and Development. Our research experience has given enough of room in understanding the flaws and difficulties in research. We discuss this also in our programme and believe that the future scientific community will surely contribute the best to the industries by our training. Though the course is a concentrated technical soup the participants will also be provided with critical tips and ideas for their interviews. Nevertheless, the course curriculum is extremely catchy that the interviewers quarry more on it if the student could surpass (we always have had positive testimonies in this juncture).

3. Course modules
Onsite programs:
• This would be a 1 or 2 days demo workshop. The course will be on Genomics, structural genomics and Drug Discovery. The demo sessions is based on industrial problems. A CD (containing bioinformatics software and tutorials) and a certificate will be provided to the participants The program will be conducted in your college campus The participants information will be collected for our future reference

• •

In-house program
• •

It’s a 15 days program. The participants will have hand on experience on the following o Sequence analysis: Methods & algorithms o Protein modelling o Lead Identification and Optimisation o Database (virtual) Screening

In-house program (Advanced)
• • It’s a 20 days program. The participants will have hands on experience on the following o Sequence analysis and methodologies o Gene optimisation o Advanced Protein modelling o Lead Identification and Optimisation o Database (virtual) Screening o Protein and enzyme engineering : molecular dynamics o Basics programming skills for bioinformatics

In-house program in software development:
• • Java and BioJava Mysql and PHP

Practicals to explore current industrial research standards.

4. The module flow:

S e q u e n c e A n a ly s is

B io -P ro g ra m m in g L in u x S h e ll & B io P e rl C h e m o in fo rm a tic s P ro te in M o d e lin g L e a d Id e n tific a tio n

B io Sequence

S tru c tu re -F u n c tio n R e la tio n s h ip

V irtu a l S c re e n in g E n z y m e E n g in e e rin g P h a rm a c o p h o re S tu d y D ru g D e s ig n
M o le c u la r E n g in e e rin g

M o le c u la r D y n a m ic s L e a d O p tim iz a tio n

5. FAQ’s
What are the job opportunities? Academia, Research & Development Labs, Biotech, Pharma and Biopharma companies are just scouting for students with this combination. The technical methodologies are very deep in this course that many interviewers were impressed (primary source of this data were student testimonies). Isn’t the course curriculum too vast for 20 days? Yes, however the theory will be cut short to maximize the hands on time. This would help in the completion of the course on time. The appropriate study materials for the theory and the practical are provided to the participants to learn more about the course. In fact, the passed out student never complained on the time constraint. Should I have a pharmacy background? No, but some amount of chemistry is required. Screening a phytochemical database on a target related to pesticidal activity is the job of a botanist or an entomologist.

6. Course Goodies And Cookies
• A Jigsaw Software CD: containing programs and their tutorials on sequence analysis, Docking, Protein modelling, enzyme engineering and molecular dynamics. A shell program to run automated virtual screening. A Course Certificate Linux installation and live CD. A skill sheet (in drug discovery) of the traineewhich can be incorporated in the resume.

• • • •

7. Course Duration And Timing
• • Duration: 20 working days Timing: 4 hours per day, with minimum 75% hands-on sessions

8. Course Eligibility:
• PhD, M.Pharm, MBBS, B.Pharm, M.Sc, BE, B.Tech, B.Sc (final year), Students looking for research opportunities abroad, summer training and projects.


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