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​Community Education Council 22​  


Dear District 22 Family,

The Community Education Council’s Diversity and Cultural Inclusion Committee would like to take this
opportunity to introduce itself to you! True to it its name, the committee’s purpose will be to strengthen and
uplift the rich diversity of our school district.

We understand that students flourish when their educational experience is equitable and is culturally inclusive
of their identities.We all know District 22’s students and their families are uniquely exceptional in their histories
and perspectives. The Diversity and Cultural Inclusion Committee hopes to harness all of that and advocate for
integrating that essence into the District’s educational initiatives.

To begin, the Committee wants to reach out to appropriate representatives from all District 22 schools. This
collective will work with the Diversity and Culturally Inclusive Committee to formulate the prerogative of the
body. The main goal for this committee will be to discuss, share and formulate the issues, in relation to
diversity and cultural inclusion, of the district. The CEC members of the Committee will then share all this
information to the Council at large, as well as the District Superintendent.

Equity is also very important to the committee along with inclusion, as we recognize that both need to happen
simultaneously. To address that aspect, the committee is planning to hold a district wide town hall, which will
include various stakeholders in the conversation of equity and excellence. The purpose of the town hall will be
to equip everyone in the District 22 community with the basic information regarding our educational system.
That way we all engage in a substantive discussion of how to best serve District 22.

New York City is the world’s most diverse city, and School District 22’s community exhibits that exceptionally.
We are proud of our vibrancy in cultural and academic backgrounds, as well as perspectives. Join the Diversity
and Cultural Inclusion Committee in steering our school district to be one of the role models among NYC Public
School System!

Aaliyah Thomas and Tazin Azad
Co-Chairs of Diversity and Cultural Inclusion Committee, CEC22