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Ihr Kinderlein, Kommet (O Come, Little Children) for TTBB a cappella 2°00” Darren Schmidt ance A x Sepes! For Quorus, to be premiered at their 2017 Christmas Concert Thr Kinderlein, Kommet by Christoph von Schmid Original German Version Ihr Kinderlein, kommet, O kommet doch all! ‘Zax krippe her kommet in Bethlchems Stall. Und seht was in dieser hochheiligen Nacht Der Vater im Himmel fiir Freude uns macht. O seht in der Krippe im nichtlichen Stall, Seht hier bei des Lichtes hellglinzendem Strahl, In reinliche Windeln das himmlische Kind, Viel schéner und holder, als Engelein sind. Da liegt es, ihr Kinder, auf Heu und auf Stroh, Maria und Josef betrachten es froh; Die redlichen Hirten knien betend davor, Hoch oben schwebt jubelnd der Engelein Chor. Literal English Translation Ye children, come, O come ye all! Come to the cradle in Bethlchem's stall. And see what in this most holy night The Father in heaven such joy for us makes. O sce in the cradle in the nighttime stall, See here by the light's bright gleaming rays, In pure swaddling clothes the heavenly child, More beautiful and beloved than angels are. There he lies, ye children upon hay and on straw, Maria and Joseph gaze at him happily; ‘The honest shepherds kneel praying before him, High above hovers joyously the choir of angels. anslation from http://christmascarols. 365 html Darren Schmidt is an award-winning composer and performer from Baltimore, MD. Since graduating from Towson University, Schmidt has continued to add to his diverse collection of pieces (ranging from solo and chamber works up to full choir and symphonic band). His ample firsthand experience as a singer, F Horn player, and ensemble leader allows him to understand music from multiple perspectives: audience, performer, and director. The kind of music he loves most is honest, approachable, and compelling; it has the ability to reach out and meet people where they are. Schmidt endeavors to create engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable music that resonates with people from all walks of life. When he’s not composing, Schmidt enjoys teaching private lessons and performing with his barbershop quartet Pratt Street Power, barbershop chorus Parkside Harmony, and the 229th Army Band Ihr Kinderlein, Kommet (O Come, Little Children) Jor Quorus Ihr Kin ~ der-lein kom met, © kom - met doch, solo Ihr Kin ~ der-Iein kom = met, © kom met doch BP ~ pe her kom - met in Beth ~ Techems Stal Und scht heel = ig-en Nacht Der Vat ~ er im Him ~ mel Far Beth ~ te-hems Stall = er Hoch = hell = jg-en Nacht Der Vat - er im Him - mel Far _———— (©2017 Darren Schmit (ASCAP) Al Rights Reserved ‘dpscomposercom En ~ ge-lein sind, Thr Kinderlein, Kommet in der Krip = pe im nicht ~ Seht hier bei des Licht ~ es Hell- sch ~ ner und hol = der Als und bol = der Als lich-e Win = dein Das himm - li-sche Kind, poco accel, Kin = der-lein kom = ret doch all Thr Kinderlein, Kommet 4-60 liegt es ihr Kin ~ der, Au’ Heu und auf Soh, Ma = ri - a und Jo ~ set Be~t d=56 ten Knien be - tend da-vor, ‘chwebt ju belnd Der En - ge-lein Chor, loo — leo.