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Lovely Rose for barbershop quartet (TTBB) 4°30” Darren Schmidt once Se es’ gone, = Lovely Rose by Darren Schmidt Lovely Rose, my lovely rose ‘Oh Rose, Lovely Rose, never tire. Only you can make me smile. You make me smile. Ever since you were planted, I've watched Please stay for a while, you grow You can't die. ‘More charming and beautiful than you'll ever know, Don't die my lovely, lovely Rose. My love, my rose; Only you can make me smile. Llove you forever and ever. Please don’t die. Oh Rose, my lovely rose Tlove you so. Even before you bloomed, my heart was captured; r Like a deer in headlights, your thorns jove you so. pierced my heart. My lovely Rose. How long for Rose, my lovely rose; I dread the day you start to wilt. T've known love, I feel no guilt, but Curse the day you die. ‘This poem was inspired by the film “Though None Go With Me” released in 2006, based on the book by Jerry B. Jenkins. Directed by Armand Mastroianni, it stars Cheryl Ladd and features music by Nathan Furst. Darren Schmidt is an award-winning composer and performer from Baltimore, MD. Since graduating from Towson University, Schmidt has, continued to add to his diverse collection of pieces (ranging from solo and chamber works up to full choir and symphonic band). His ample firsthand experience as a singer, F Horn player, and ensemble leader allows him to understand music from multiple perspectives: audience, performer, and director. The kind of music he loves most is honest, approachable, and compelling; it has the ability to reach out and meet people where they are. Schmidt endeavors to create engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable music, that resonates with people from all walks of life. When he’s not composing, Schmidt enjoys teaching private lessons and performing with his barbershop quartet Prait Street Power, barbershop chorus Parkside Harmony, and the 229th Army Band Lovely Rose mid ‘Tenderly, 4 = 60 mf Baritone you were plant-ed, I've , 7 er since you were planted, I've watched you grow more ’ since you were planted, Ive watched you (©2014 Darren Schmidt (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved, pscomposer com 2 Lovely Rose than you'll ev = er P ‘and beau-ti-ful than you'll ev - er than youll ev = er than youll ev = er mp you bloomed fore you bloomed my heart was cap = twred, like @ deer in head-lights Lovely Rose pierced my Jong for long for long. for pierced my thors pierced my they pierced my hear How 1 long how 1 long f rit mp faay youll the day youl dread the day you'll the _day you guilt but the day you Tve known love, 1 feel no guilt. but curse the day you loveely ne-ver tir, subito p. stay awhile, subito p— while, stay a subito p stay please stay while, stay a subito P stay a while, stay a ‘my love while You__ cant die Don't die my love = ly Lovely Rose 5 love my ly youcan make me— smile ‘accel. — love-ly love My die 1 love I love you My lovely love = 6 Lovely Rose