Jack Weiss


Jack Weiss
Jack Weiss

Member of the Los Angeles City Council from the 5th district
In office 2001–2009 Preceded by Succeeded by Born Political party Spouse(s) Residence Alma mater Religion Michael Feuer Paul Koretz August 21, 1964Los Angeles, California Democratic Leslie Barnes Kautz Los Angeles, California University of California, Los Angeles Princeton University Judaism

Jack Stephen Weiss (born August 21, 1964) is a former member of the Los Angeles City Council representing the 5th district from 2001-2009. He previously served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Central District of California from 1994-2000.[1] In 2009, Weiss lost to Carmen Trutanich in a bitterly fought election for Los Angeles City Attorney. Weiss currently heads the Los Angeles office of Kroll, a global risk consulting company.[2]

Background and early career
Weiss graduated with honors from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University in 1986.[3] After graduation, Weiss moved to Washington D.C. where he worked as an arms control researcher and as a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill.[4] He then attended UCLA Law School and graduated in 1992.[3] While at UCLA, Weiss was the Editor-in-Chief of the UCLA Law Review. After UCLA, Weiss served as a law clerk to a federal judge in California. Weiss then briefly practiced as an attorney with the Los Angeles law firm, Irell & Manella LLP.[5]

Jack Weiss


Legal career
Weiss joined the United States Attorney's Office for the Central District of California in 1994. He was assigned to the Public Corruption and Government Fraud Section and the Major Frauds Section, and he brought cases involving white collar crime, corruption, civil rights, and violent crimes. He initiated the government’s prosecution of a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge who had conducted an affair with a defendant in his court.[3]

Political career
Los Angeles City Council
In 2001, Weiss was elected to the Los Angeles City Council's 5th district. He defeated former state senator, assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Tom Hayden by 369 votes.[6] During his tenure on the Los Angeles City Council, Weiss chaired the Public Safety Committee;[7] the Redistricting Committee;[8] the Arts, Health and Humanities Committee; and, the Information Technology and General Services Committee. He also served on the Planning and Land Use Management Committee,[9] [10] and contributed to the unsuccessful bid to hold the 2016 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.[11] Weiss supported the efforts of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief William Bratton to increase the City's trash collection fees to raise funds to hire new police officers.[12] [13] [14] Weiss was active on issues involving homeland security and the police department. He was a frequent speaker and author on the topic of terrorism preparedness.[3] During his tenure on the Council, Weiss wrote legislation that toughened the city’s gun laws,[15] and he served as the founding chair of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission.[3] Weiss was also an outspoken supporter of the State of Israel.[16] Weiss won reelection in 2005 with 71.9% of the vote.[17] As a city councilman, Weiss was criticized for accepting campaign contributions from real estate developers and their representatives.[18] In particular, Weiss accepted 78 political contributions from subcontractors for developer Alan Casden.[19] In violation of California election law, an executive affiliated with Casden made illegal contributions to the campaigns of Weiss, City Controller Wendy Greuel, former City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, and mayoral candidate Kathleen Connell.[20] In 2006 and 2007, KNBC TV and the Los Angeles Times reported that Weiss and the other candidates had not returned these funds.[21] The Fair Political Political Practices Commission reported that there was no evidence that the recipients were aware of the source of the funds.[22] [23]

Campaign for Los Angeles City Attorney
In 2007, Weiss announced that he would run for Los Angeles City Attorney seat in 2009, when incumbent Rocky Delgadillo would be forced from office by term limits.[24] That May a group of residents in his district launched a campaign to try to force a recall election of Weiss, accusing him of being too supportive of large development projects.[17] [25] Weiss said the developments were permitted under the city’s zoning laws and would bring needed jobs, housing, property taxes and other infrastructure improvements to the area. The group never turned in its petitions to the city, but claimed to have gathered 20,000 signatures. Their efforts attracted unflattering media attention to Weiss.[26] Weiss finished first with 36 percent of the vote in the primary election for City Attorney, but was forced into a runoff against Carmen Trutanich, an attorney in private practice.[27] Several members of the Council threw their support behind Trutanich and Weiss was frequently criticized for his close relationship with Villaraigosa, whose popularity had fallen and who had won reelection in March by a much lower margin than expected.[28] Weiss’ campaign also suffered missteps that garnered bad publicity. In one case, a city pension commissioner resigned after he allowed his name to be used on an invitation to a campaign fundraiser, a violation of city ethics law.[29] In another, Weiss

Jack Weiss attended a fundraiser held a convicted felon.[30] Weiss was also criticized for accepting money from Benjamin Reznik, a lobbyist with a long history of suing the city.[31] In a bitterly fought campaign, Weiss and Trutanich argued who was more ethically fit to better fight crime, protect the environment and act independently of Villaraigosa. Weiss eventually lost by a final tally of 56% to 44%.[32] The loss was seen as a blow to L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a supporter of Weiss and a potential candidate for governor of California.[33]


Business career
In 2010, Weiss joined Virginia-based security and global investigations firm, Altegrity Risk International. In August 2010, Altegrity acquired Kroll, a global risk consulting company, and on September 30, 2010 Weiss was chosen to head Kroll's Los Angeles office. Weiss oversees the company's effort to expand its due diligence and fraud investigative services in local corporate and legal communities.[34]

Community involvement
He has served as a member of the UCLA School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors, the Cesar Chavez Foundation, and the Pacific Council on International Policy.[1] He serves as a fellow for the Truman National Security Project.[3] While serving as a Councilmember, Weiss was notified that he was a bone marrow match for a leukemia patient he did not know. Weiss donated bone marrow to the patient and later received the Legislative Award from the National Marrow Donor Program for expanding city medical leave for bone marrow donors.[35] He is also a contributing editor to the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles.[36] [37]

During his career as a public servant, Weiss received numerous awards including: • • • • • • 100 New Democrats to Watch by Democratic Leadership Council[10] [38] Humanitarian Award from the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women[3] Environmentalist of the Year Award from the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters[3] Distinguished Community Leader Award by UCLA Center for Community Partnerships [1] Civic Leadership Award by Santa Monica Baykeeper Civic Leadership Award, Peace Over Violence[39]

Personal life
Weiss resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Leslie Kautz, a former Pentagon policy analyst who is a co-founder of an investment advisory firm. The couple have two young children Jacob Wolf who attends Harvard-Westlake school and Mollie, who attends Marlborough school.[1] [40]

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Jack Weiss
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