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babbel.English Grammar Grammar Explanations Adjectives/Adverbs Articles Conditional sentences . You're going to play handball. English for Aviation ICAO English for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.uk Use 1) planned actions in the future We are going to sing at the party.going to-future going to-future Summary Use Signal words Form of affirmative.com Examples Affirmative sentences: I am going to play handball.999 Weekly www.going to-future .htm Page 2 of 2 . is) + going to + infinitive Business English School Immersion School California All Inclusive $2. Questions: Am I going to play handball? ATTENTION!! Do not mix up with the Present Progressive! going to-future He's going to read the book. I'm going to play handball.com/Grammar Easy english Learn words and phrases easily and connect with others at Babbel www.ESL-Library. Negative sentences: I am not going to play handball. Look at this car! It is going to crash into the yellow one. Are you going to play handball? You are not going to play handball. I'm not going to play handball.anglo-continental. Esl students grammar Printable Exercises For ESL Grammar Join Us Today To Gain Full Access! www.2010 englisch. 2) You are certain that sth.schoolofenglish.if Gerund and Infinitive Modal Auxiliaries Nouns Participles Passive Voice Phrasal Verbs Prepositions Pronouns Quantifiers Questions Reported Speech Sentences Tenses Various Verbs Grammar Exercises Vocabulary Explanations Vocabulary Exercises Complex Tests Tests Exams Daily English Lesson English Forum Talks Download Worksheets Writing Games Parents Teachers Pupils/Students Literature/Books Dictionaries Read Top News Newsletter EFL/ESL Sites Guestbook FAQ Sitemap Press/Advertising Privacy Policy Imprint/Contact Search website: Search Custom Search © 1999.going to-future English School in London Learn English in Central London General English for Professionals www.com Signal words no unambiguous ones Form to be (am.hilfen.TahoeEnglish.org. Present Progressive He's reading the book. are. Teachers and Testers www.englisch-hilfen. is going to happen in the future. negative sentences and questions Special Short forms Diagram will/going to Exercises . You're not going to play handball. You aren't going to play handball.de/en/grammar/going_to.de 5/16/10 6:40 PM English Grammar .com http://www. You are going to play handball.

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