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Young Indians
Yi Vision

“To become a voice of Young Indians Globally”

• To motivate and enable positive generational change
in attitude & mindsets working with the youth &
• To enhance leadership skills of members by
providing high quality forums & trainings
• To create a network of partnerships with like minded
• To align with the CSR initiatives of companies by
engaging young employee volunteers
• Define, research, develop, incubate, demonstrate,
outsource, scale up projects and campaigns in areas
of primary education, environment, health &
• To reach out to rural youth through district chapters
& farmers nets
• To engage overseas Indian youth
• To expand the Yi membership in all cities where CII
has offices
• Reach optimum level of integration with CII at
national and state level through sectoral platforms &
• To envision India in her 75th year, create aspirations
and inspire many others to work towards a shared
• To create a corps of vision ambassadors &
volunteers to work for India@75
• To identify, document & share relevant “Next
Practices” for India’s development goals
• To conduct experimental projects to demonstrate
successful intervention
Example: “Get all children to school”
Organisation Structure
Advisory Council
K V Kamath, President, CII & MD and CEO, ICICI Bank / N R Narayana Murthy,Chief
Mentor, Infosys Technologies / Tarun Das, Chief Mentor, CII / Arun Maira, Chairman,
BCG/ Piruz Khambatta, MD, Rasna /R Seshasayee, MD, Ashok Leyland/ Manavendra
Singh, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha/ Sachin Pilot, Member of Parliament, Lok
Sabha /B J Panda, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

Core Group
Members - Chairman, Vice Chairman, All Past Chairman of Yi, Finance Chair, DG – CII,
Head – Yi, National Managing Member

Governing Council
Members - Core Group, Chapters Chairs/Co-Chairs, Other National Office Bearers,

Chapters, Platforms, Initiatives

16 City Chapters with 900
young business and civil
leaders - Engaging the
Indian Urban Youth
1 District Chapter at Chittoor
District, Andhra Pradesh –
Engaging the Indian Rural
1 Corporate Chapter at
Infosys Technologies
Ltd, Bangalore –
Engaging Young
professionals from
that primarily employ a large
number of young people
• National Farmers Net supported by Aries
Agro Ltd with 5123 farmers – Engaging
young and progressive farmers
• “Students Net” in 44 schools and
colleges covering 2900 students – Engaging
the Student Community
• Total 9 editions of the Know India Program –
with 2 editions in the year 2008-09, Engaging
Overseas Youth of Indian Origin
Farmers Net
• The objective of the farmers net is to engage young and
progressive farmers from across the country
• 5123 Farmers have enrolled from the states of Nagpur,
Nasik, Solapur, Indore, Nipani, Ghaziabad, Raipur,
Uttaranchal, Gujrat, AP, Rajasthan & TN
• Service includes: SMS Alert SMS based services,
specifically providing real time agricultural output price

Four editions of Agromax at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh & Kolkata

Students Net
• Engages the student community across the country in knowledge
dissemination and nation building activities. Yi engages 2900 students
from 44 nets from across the nation
• Young Leaders World Summit India Edition in June 2008
World Summit was participated by 350 students from 71 institution
The students debated and deliberated on 30 World issues through a
United Nations Simulation
• Call for Research Papers: Uncover the ‘Next Practices’ that will
Empower a Developed India organised at the 5th Young Indians
National Summit at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
Overseas Indians: Know India Programme
• The objective of KIP is to introduce the Youth of
Indian Origin living overseas to the its Culture,
Heritage, History, Economy and its development
• Yi signed an MoU with the Ministry of Overseas Indian
Affairs, Govt of India, to organize the “Know India
• Visits to places of historical importance, social
activities, meetings with Ministers and the President
of India are additional highlights of this event

9th Edition was held in New Delhi, Gujarat & UP covering 33

participants from 10 countries in Sept 08
• Yi Akshara - Focus on Primary Education
• Yi Labs - Focus on Employability
• Yi Healthcare – Focus on Preventive & Community
• Yi Environment – Focus on Environmental
• Integrity India Campaigns – Focus on accountability

Yi aims at building educated, healthy, employable,

responsible Young Indians
Akshara – Primary Learning Resource Center
• Akshara is a primary resource centre covering 15000 students
across 50 centres
• Materials sourced from NGO’s across the country
• Supplements primary education of class 1 – 5 and teachers given
• IMRB Study conducted to test efficacy of the Initiative

50 Akshara launched covering 15000 children and 200 teachers

Yi partners with Dr Reddy’s Foundation to create employment for
worthy employable candidates from economically weaker sections
of the society. In total 713 youth skilled & placed in the year 2008-

Pune : 8 batches of 611 youth trained in the field of Customer Relations,

Sales, Hospitality and Bedside Patient Assistance in Pune, 9th batch of 70
youth undergoing training
Mumbai - 35 youth have completed training in the field of Hospitality and
Customer Relations at Mumbai , 2nd batch of 35 youth undergoing training
125 youth skilled at Smart Academy
Awareness Programmes and camps on subjects that impact the
– Deworming campaigns
– General Health Camps
– Dental Camps
– Session on HIV AIDS

170000 children dewormed in the cities of Kolkata,

Coimbatore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai
Focus on being responsible citizens
• Green-I contest for school children
- 2 Editions completed (2007- 08)
• Tree plantation Drives
• Solid Waste Management Projects
• Campaigns on Global warming
• Sessions on Water Management
• Promoting Green building
• Campaigns on useful tips to save
• Missions to companies with eco
friendly practices
Integrity India Campaign
• The objective of the Integrity India Campaign is to
work with youth to raise awareness on issues of
transparency, accountability and ethical behaviour

15 Integrity India Campaign at 10 cities covering 12000 people

• Focus on self development of member
• The Yi learning platform is for the self development of
members through learning sessions and leadership
• Annual Retreat within India (Discover India)
• Delegations to visit organisation of excellence
overseas (Discover the World)

115 Learning session: 3 International Missions ;20 Domestic Missions

• The fun side of the organisation
• An event organised every year with members from all
• The objective is to enhance bonding between
members and enhancing their engagement with Yi for
nation building
• Learning sessions and visits to places of local
significance also organised for members

5th Yi National Retreat at Nagaland was held in Nagaland

on 21 – 23 Nov 08
• Yi’s flagship events Provides Young Indians from all
over the country & abroad an opportunity to come
together at one location
• Provides opportunity to discuss & debate on issues
vital to the overall development of the country
• Provides opportunity to network & learn
National Summit
National Summit
• “Unleashing the India Opportunity” -2004 at Delhi
• “Transforming India: Making it Happen” -2005 at
• “Challenging the Status Quo” - 2007 at Mumbai
• “Wake up India” - We Can We Will - 2008 at Chennai
• “WAKE UP to India@75: Make your Choice NOW!- 2009
at Hyderabad- witnessed the participation of over 350
Regional Summit
Regional Summit
• Southern Region & Eastern Region Summit held on
2006 at Coimbatore, Kolkata - “India on the
Rise…Sustaining the momentum through Young
• Northern Region Summit, 2006, New Delhi - “India on
the Rise - Aspire to Succeed”
• BMW Foundation to organize the biennial Indo
German Young Leaders Forum India Edition
• ICICI Foundation for Civil Society Organisation
(CSO) partners
• Union Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, to
organize Know India Program (two edition
• The Aspen Institute India for “Leadership” Learning
• Franklin Covey Institution for conducting series of
learning sessions
India @ 75
• CII-Yi & BCG India worked towards envisioning India
in its 75th year (2022)
• ‘State Vision’, ‘district vision’ & ‘National Vision’
developed 21 states and 18 districts
• Vision elements of India@75 aligned with Yi
• Vision Ambassadors & Volunteers recruited for four
– Evangelists
– Experimental Project Implementers
– Next Practices Identifiers
– Online Collaborators
India @ 75
• 254 Vision Ambassadors recruited and 57 attended the three
Induction & Role Selection Sessions held in Mumbai, Chennai
& Delhi on 6th, 13th & 14th October 08 respectively
• 4 Experimental Projects off the ground
• Student Engagement
• Imagine-A-Nation Campaign by Yi Mumbai Net Students
• 300 Net students sensitized at the School of
Communication & Management Studies, Kochi
• Paper Presentation on “Uncover the ‘Next Practices’ that
will Empower a Developed India"
We Can, We Will

For more information on Yi

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National Managing Member
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