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Drag queens Period progress Silk exhibit

Rogue and other Vancouver B.C. government is promising Artist Zhong Ren has his first
drag performers weigh in on a all public buildings to provide Canadian art exhibit at Sun Zen
new age of drag. P4-5 free menstrual products. P3 Art Gallery. P7

of TH2 0 1 5
3rd PL 2019


by bus
Langara students
have few options
to get to campus
during job action

any students who com-
mute to Langara by bus
say they would have no
alternative but to skip classes if
strike action escalates to a full bus
shutdown on Wednesday.
In an informal poll conducted by
The Voice, a quarter of commuting
students say they will be stranded
at home if strike action escalates.
Another 21 per cent of stu-
dents say they aren’t sure how they
would get to class and don’t have
a plan in place if the buses shut

“We will have to

skip. It's really
expensive taking a
cab here. So we're Prabhleen Matharu (left) and her father, Gurdial Matharu (right) pose for a photo. Matharu was an international student at Langara College. Her body was found

'An isolated incident'

in a central Surrey home with one other unidentified body. PHOTO FROM MATHARU'S INSTAGRAM
not going to do

In a statement posted on Lan-

Not looking for further suspects after body found: IHIT

gara’s website, the college said, “we
recognize this escalation in job ac-
tion will cause disruption.”
Classes will continue as normal-
ly scheduled and students are en-  By PALAK KLAIRE said in the statement. DSV Solutions Inc., a global trans- was no longer studying at Langara.

couraged to contact their instruc- “Although our investigation is in portation logistics company. The Mark Dawson, Langara Col-
tors if they are concerned about former Langara College its early stages, at this time it ap- co-worker lege’s manager
missing classes or arriving late. student who was found pears as though one of the deceased has asked not of public af-
Wendy Jimenez, a psychology dead Friday had failed to was the victim of a homicide. We to be identi- “She was always fairs, said there
student at Langara, said she will show up for her shift at are working hard to gather evidence fied because was a student
likely be commuting by cab to work the day before, according to a to identify the events surrounding the company smiling, she wouldn't by the name
school. Jimenez said she takes the co-worker. this tragedy,” said Constable Har- didn’t autho- of Prabhleen
bus to drop her son off at daycare, The body of Prabhleen Matharu, rison Mohr in the statement from rize her to hesitate to help others Kaur Matharu
before getting back on the bus to 21, was found in a Surrey home IHIT. speak.
Langara. Friday at the 14000-block of 102A After which, the statement said, “She was al- at work, she was a very studying college.
at the

“I’ll be relying on taxis, but even

that’s probably going to be chaos,”
Avenue. Another body, an 18-year-
old male, was found on the scene.
"initial indications are that this was
an isolated incident with no risk to
ways smiling,
she wouldn’t
down-to-earth person.” respect “Out of
Jimenez said. “It will be at least The Integrated Homicide Inves- the public." hesitate to — MATHARU'S CO-WORKER student confi-
$30 or more, one way; probably tigation Team said in a statement Matharu came to Canada in 2016 help others at dentiality and
more because I have to drop him that Matharu is a homicide victim, and was studying business manage- work, she was a very down-to-earth the privacy of the family, we can-
off and come back here.” but did not say if the male was also ment at Langara College according person,” said the co-worker. not share any further information,”
a victim of homicide. “We are not to her co-worker. According to the co-worker, Dawson said, “our deepest sympa-
Please see STUCK BY BUS STRIKE, page 2 looking for further suspects,” IHIT Matharu was working full time at Matharu had a work permit and thies are with her family or friends.”
Langara stu-
dents have
few options
to get to
campus dur-
ing bus strike
STUDENT, continues from page 1

Sonali Dhingra and Shradha

Oberoi, both second-year market-
ing management students at Lan-
gara, were commuting together, and
said they will also skip class.
“We won’t be coming,” Dhingra
said. “We will have to skip. It’s re-
ally expensive taking a cab here, so
we’re not going to do that.”
Dhingra said she will still have to
go to work and will have no choice
but to take a cab, which will cost
her $24 each day.
Unifor, the union represent-
ing the striking workers, said if an
agreement isn’t reached, a complete
bus and SeaBus shutdown will oc-
cur from Wednesday, Nov. 27 to
Friday, Nov. 29.
TransLink CEO, Kevin Des-
mond, spoke to media at Water-
front Station on Monday morning

“[The strike] will

have a devastating
impact on the people
Fernanda Girotto (right) alongside her mother, Rosana Girotto. SOCIAL MEDIA SOURCED PHOTO of Metro Vancouver.”

Girl dragged by car for 40m


about the planned transit strike.

Desmond said both parties needed
to return to the bargaining table,
“without any preconditions.”
TransLink CEO Kevin Des-

Defendants on trial after girl was struck by two cars, dies on road
mond spoke to media at Water-
front Station on Monday morning
about the planned transit strike.
Desmond said both parties needed
 By LINA CHUNG Court of British Columbia, the underneath the car. After Wong allegedly hit the to return to the bargaining table

trial began for Paul Oliver Wong The indictment against Wong pedestrian, Proulx said that Cheu’s “without any preconditions.”
he first emergency re- and Kai Man Cheu, the two driv- said he failed to yield the right of car struck Girotto, dragging her 40 “The union’s planned strike, set to
sponder on the scene of ers charged for driving without way to a pedestrian crossing on metres. start Wednesday, will have a dev-
a traffic accident that due care and attention. Cariboo Road. “He should have stopped,” Proulx astating impact on the people of
killed a teenaged girl Girotto was allegedly struck The indictment against Cheu said, adding that the driver should Metro Vancouver,” Desmond said.
testified Monday that all he could down by a first car before being hit said he was driving on the left side have known he had hit a large “It will be especially felt by the 165
see at the scene was a hand in front and dragged by the second car. of the roadway and overtaking and object. thousand people who use the bus
of a face and a body pinned under- Mitchell passing an- Both Wong and Cheu pleaded every day.”
neath a car. was the first “All I could see was other vehicle not guilty. In a press conference held at
Fernanda Girotto, 14, an ex- witness in when it was In a Facebook post, after her Monday, Gavin McGarrigle, the
change student from Brazil, was the four-day a face and a hand. unsafe to do daughter died, Rosana Girotto western regional director of Unifor,
killed after being struck by two trial being so. wrote that her daughter “left Bra- said the union will continue to ne-
different cars crossing the street at heard before It's embossed in my C r o w n zil full of life, joy and dreams.” gotiate.
the 7200-block of Cariboo Road Judge Da- prosecu- She wrote that she hoped that “We’re going back to the bar-
in Burnaby on Jan. 17, 2018. vid St. Pierre. memory.” tor Geordie her death would make authorities gaining table tomorrow afternoon,”
“The predicament was dire,” He testified — WAYNE MITCHELL, B.C. PARAMEDIC Proulx said in make changes in traffic signage. McGarrigle said. “We will reach a
said paramedic Wayne Mitchell, Monday that court that the According to Mitchell it was a fair deal, or else we will take strike
his voice breaking on the witness he checked the victim’s neck for Crown’s case against Wong is that dark day with heavy rain when the action on Wednesday.”
stand. “All I could see was a face a pulse and then asked the driver he “failed to keep watch of pedes- accident happened. A pedestrian-
and a hand. It’s embossed in my of the car to slowly reverse the car trians” and the case against Cheu controlled light was installed at STRIKES IN HISTORY
memory.” while he and his partner held the was he “bypassed Mr. Wong’s car the crosswalk within two months FACTS ON PAST TRANSIT WOES
On Monday in the Provincial body down to try to unpin it from when it was unsafe.” of the fatality, Mitchell said.
>> First in 18 years
This strike is the first time in more
than 18 years where local unions
have issued a strike notice.

>> Four months

Last time this happened was in
2001, and the strike lasted for
four months.

>> 99 per cent

On Oct. 10 of this year, the two
Unifor local unions voted 99 per
cent in favour of strike action.

>> 5,000 workers

Unifor represents more than 5,000
workers at Coast Mountain Bus
An image of the crosswalk where a vehicle collision claimed pedestrian Fernanda Girotto's life early last year, taken in Oct. 2018, after pedestrian-controlled SOURCE: UNIFOR.ORG
lights installed and the flower memorial on the side of the road. GOOGLE MAPS SOURCED PHOTO

Just a
Retail survey
says Black Friday
booming but not
all buying in

ome Vancouver stores are
gearing up for Black Friday,
but some local consumers
don't believe those deals are all that.
According to a Retail Council
of Canada survey taken earlier this The "Build Your Own Wellness Kits" station, provided by the Langara's Office of Student Engagement as a part of the college's De-stress Fest, showcases a
month, almost 43 per cent of Ca- customizable spread of self-care products, including razors and menstrual pads. LAUREN GARGIULO PHOTO

Period products promised

nadians said they would likely be
taking advantage of the Black Fri-
day sales this year - something the
big stores will be
looking to cash in
“Black Friday
offers amazing

NDP mandates free menstrual products in public buildings

deals and Cana-
dians love deals,”
Anne DeWolfe,
a marketing in-
Anne DeWolfe structor at Lan-  By LAUREN GARGIULO pon dispenser set up, but the dif- are expensive.” with his team.

LANGARA MARKET- gara College said. ference between a dispenser that “The cost and availability of men- The Office for Student Engage-
DeWolfe said he province is support- dispenses one tampon at a time and strual products is a real concern for ment, also known as The Hub, of-
Canadian compa- ing a campaign that re- the option to get a month’s sup- people experiencing poverty,” Par- fered products including tampons
nies saw this huge sales phenom- quires all public build- ply at a time liamentary and pads that students can have for
enon south of the border and de- ings, such as Langara makes a huge secretar y free as part of a customizable “well-
cided to jump on board. College, to provide free menstrual difference for “Tackling period Mable El- ness kit” during exam time.
Anjee Gill is the communica- products after passing a resolution people experi- more said. The Hub’s department assistant
tions specialist for Best Buy Can- this weekend at the NDP conven- encing poverty.
poverty is one way we “ Ta c k - Jennifer Riley said that menstrual
ada and said that there are more
deals to be had this year than ever
This new requirement is in addi-
“ I t [ t h e
grant] is a
are trying to make a ling period
poverty is
products should be accessible to “all
vagina bearing people.”
before, “We will have hundreds of tion to a grant of $95,000 given to huge help and difference in ensuring one way Currently, Langara has menstrual
items on sale.” United Way of the Lower Main- they [menstru- we are vending machines that cost 25 cents
Best Buy first introduced Black land to help low-income individu- al products] no one is left behind.” trying to per tampon. Although the women’s
als access menstrual products. are expensive — MABLE ELMORE, PARLIMENTARY SECRETARY make a bathrooms have these machines,
Kiwassa Neighbourhood House products,” An- difference they aren’t always convenient.
“I'm more likely to is one of the 12 organizations in drea Thompson, Kiwassa’s director in ensuring no one is left behind.” “There’s so many times where
buy something on the Lower Mainland that was given
money from this grant.
of operations, said. “It can really The Voice has reached out to
help with promoting dignity. We Dwayne Doornbosch, the director
I’ll be going to the bathroom and
it’ll just come and I won’t have any
Cyber Monday.” The Kiwassa organization said have some folks who are living on of facilities at Langara who said [money] on me,” Tiffany McKech-
that before they were given the or near the street who are access- he could not respond at this time, nie, a Langara student, said. “It’s
grant, they already had a free tam- ing programs here, and these things as he is still reviewing this update just an extra level of panic.”
Friday to its Canadian stores back
in 2012 when they only had 30
items on sale, Gill said. PERIODIC TIMELINE
The RCC survey also showed LANDMARK MOMENTS OF THE
that Black Friday in Canada has MOVEMENT
now surpassed the traditional Box-
ing Day sales as Canada’s number
one sales event.
However, not all Vancouver cus- Feb. 2018 NDP passes
tomers are buying into the hype. resolution to make feminine
Anthony Kegaly, a marketing hygiene products in Canada
consultant for Salesmatter in Van- free.
couver said he was surprised by the
growth of Black Fridays popularity Oct. 2018 Women's
being that it was an exclusively a Advisory Committee at the City
U.S. Thanksgiving pre-holiday sale, of Vancouver passes motion
“[I] won’t be running out to pur- recommending to council to
chase an item just because it’s Black
work on getting free tampons
Friday,” Kegaly said.
Vancouver resident David Gao in schools, government service
lives next door to the Best Buy centres and shelters.
on Granville Street, and said that
while he always buys in store, he Feb. 2019 New Westmin-
wasn’t planning on buying anything ster school board votes to sup-
this coming Black Friday. ply free tampons in schools.
“I don’t see too much difference
between Black Friday and the nor- Mar. 2019 B.C. govern-
mal sales,” Gao said. ment reveals that schools
Gursewak Singh, a computer are required to supply free
studies student at Langara College, tampons and pads by the end
said he also will not be buying any-
A woman uses the menstrual vending machine in the women's bathroom at Langara College. Each tampon costs 25 the year.
thing, due to more applicable spe-
cial sales. cents each, but the purchase requirement comes to the detriment of women in tight situations. MISSY JOHNSON PHOTO SOURCE: LANGARAVOICE.CA

Drag a misunderstood art

Vancouver performers speak out on their art expression

hough the popular show azine as one of the top 10 most in- in the bathroom 30 minutes before ing at Langara about four years
RuPaul’s Drag Race re- fluential drag performers in the city. the show starts and your beard is ago. They were a design formation
vealed much about the Another performer, who uses coming through.” student but they stayed true to their
underground world of the stage name Boss, said RuPaul’s Local drag performer, Alma interests in makeup.
drag, true drag culture remains show is not inclusive of all drag. Bitches, who started performing They were also inspired by Ru-
misunderstood by many and “raw Boss is a hyper-queen — which drag nine years ago, said the crowds Paul’s Drag Race. 
drag” culture will never be in main- refers to a woman dressing and per- at her shows are getting bigger and “[The crowds] are used to the
stream culture, according to one forming in the style of drag queens. more diverse. glamourous side of RuPaul’s Drag
local performer. “There aren’t a lot of female con- She thinks drag culture has Race, but raw drag is local perform-
With a high concentration of testants on the show. I think that’s changed in Vancouver in the last ers hustling to make a name for
performers in the city, drag is a something RuPaul has to work to- few years because people are more themselves.”
huge part of the Vancouver night- wards,” said Boss, who added that accepting and more willing to ex- Another Vancouver drag per-
life. Yet even with the popularity the entire queer community is not press themselves.  former, Lamé, said that people may
of the show, a resistance to male fully represented in drag in general. “There is more progress, people feel uncomfortable with drag due
femininity remains sticking points “I like to perform from the per- have more awareness and represent to a lack of understanding.
for some people, said one perform- spective of a lesbian because I don’t different demographics,” Bitches “Even if you don’t know about it,
er who calls themself Rogue when think our stories are being told said. “There is a lot more gender ex- you can come to the show and try
in drag. enough,” Boss said. pression through drag and it’s a lot to learn about drag. There might be
They said when people have Rogue said despite public interest more artistic.” something that you might enjoy,”
problems with drag, they usually in mainstream drag, the raw drag at Yet the crowds are not always said Lamé.
also have problems with femininity. your local bar is misunderstood. there with realistic expectations, Drag is performed throughout
“People have an issue with men “The drag you see in the main- Rogue said. many clubs and bars in Vancouver,
putting on makeup and expressing stream is very clean, pristine and “The problem comes from the with some venues even offering a
femininity,” said Rogue, who was perfect,” Rogue said.  “But raw crowds,” said Rogue, who began drag brunch where guests can en-
recently named by Vancouver Mag- drag culture is like getting ready their journey of drag while study- joy brunch and a drag show.

ABOVE: Rogue prepares with their base makeup.

BELOW: Colours are a major source of insipration for Rogue and this is reflected in their makeup and style.

Rogue is a non-binar
performer which mea
they are not confined to
style of gender when pr
ing looks. This is one loo
Rogue's show that expres
News&Features 5

Stories and
photos by

Makeup is a huge part of drag culture and provides a great way to express ones art by serving face.

Rogue appears
The performer's journey to the stage

ecoming a drag performer When realizing drag was their
isn't as easy as it looks and chosen career Rogue said the hustle
comes with its own chal- became a lot more work.
lenges, according to one drag per- “I was doing a little bit of drag
former in Vancouver. when I was still in school. But I
Rogue, a non-binary drag per- knew I wanted to do drag for a liv-
former in Vancouver wasn’t just in- ing. I had to hustle way harder and
spired by RuPaul’s Drag Race but get better at doing makeup,” Rogue
saw themself in the contestants and said.
started doing drag while in school. According to Rogue, part of that
Being non-binary, Rogue is not “hustle” was all about joining a
confined in makeup
per- "The biggest thing for me contest
last De-
to stick to a wasn't to learn how to move c e m b e r
gender. where
“I fell in well during a performance. It they not
love with this only im-
drag queen was how to perform in heels." p r o v e d
named Pearl, — ROGUE, DRAG PERFORMER t h e i r
I really like skills but
the personal- created a
ity Pearl por- name for
trays because it was very similar to themselves in the community.
mine,” Rogue said. Makeup however wasn’t the only
Pearl is a Drag Race contestant challenge that Rogue faced becom-
and was a runner-up in season ing a drag performer.
seven. “The biggest thing for me wasn’t
Inspiration for their drag also to learn how to move well during
A sample of the looks Rogue serves at their shows. comes from nostalgic characters a performance. It was how to per-
from their childhood, such as the form in heels,” Rogue said.
genie from Disney’s Aladdin, and “I would force myself to walk in
exploration with colour. heels from the beginning to the end
ry “I do a lot of mainstream pop of the night.” 
ans like the Shawn Mendes songs. It’s Rogue has walked in both Van-
o any perfect because it’s a market that couver and New York Fashion
repar- everyone knows about. I love doing weeks.
ok from memorable characters that people They continues to improve their
sses just BELOW: You can never have enough makeup when doing drag. grew up with,” Rogue said. drag.
he debate to make menstru-
al products more available
in all public washrooms has
been ongoing in Canada for the last
couple of years and it’s pretty obvi-
ous that, just like toilet paper, they
should be free.
No woman or girl should have
a fear of missing out because they
don’t have the products their bod-
ies need.
In March, Rob Fleming, the
minister of
education, an-
nounced that
one in seven
girls in Canada
miss out on
learning time
due to a lack
of menstrual
OPINION products.
In March,
MISSY the province
JOHNSON that all public

People rely on the buses

schools in the Students rely on buses to get to and from school. They will be greatly affected by the bus strike. CHRISTINA DOMMER ILLUSTRATION
province would
be required to provide tampons and
pads for free to students.
Menstruation is a basic and nor-
mal bodily function that you can’t
control and not being able to have

access to these items means missing
not only education but social activi- he Metro Vancouver re- Not everyone can drive. Taxis are traffic bumper to bumper on the without ruining commutes. In
ties as well. gion relies on its bus sys- expensive and Granville Street Bridge. Japan, when the bus drivers went
Some colleges offer free tampons tem so much and if there unreliable and There are better ways to strike. on strike, they refused to take fare
at the security office or health clin- are no buses, there will we will prob- For instance, from people.
ic, but you wouldn’t expect some- be total chaos. ably have high the drivers That meant
one to run all over campus asking If no deal is reached between speed rail to haven’t been “We will probably free bus rides
for toilet paper. Unifor and Coast Mountain Bus Seattle before wearing their for everybody.
I can’t imagine living in a world Company before Wednesday, buses Uber and Lyft uniforms but have high speed rail It would be
where men would have to pay for will not be running on Wednesday, come to Van- are still oper- much better if
toilet paper or ask their friends for Thursday and Friday. couver. If there ating the bus- to Seattle before Uber the drivers in
it if they don’t have any. Many Langara students take the OPINION were no buses es. I’ve seen and Lyft come to Vancouver did
bus to school like myself. If the on the roads drivers wear that instead
“No woman or girl
buses aren’t running how are we go- JOSHUA even for a day, T-shirts and Vancouver.” of a complete
ing to get to and from school? REY it would be to- jackets instead shutdown.
This is an important part of the tal chaos. Could of the uniforms. I have no problem Shutting down the system will just
should have a fear of semester as major assignments you imagine the with the drivers not wearing uni- cause pandemonium all over the
missing out because are due and exams are coming up.
With the buses not running, many
traffic? It will be a gridlock. Good
luck trying to get to your 9 a.m. of-
forms as long as I can get to school city and there are much better ways
on time. to strike. I just hope they resolve
they don't have students might as well stay home. fice meeting when you are stuck in Here is another way to strike this soon.

Black Friday causes stress

the products their
bodies need.”
Aiding in providing access to
these items means we are helping

to provide dignity and reduce the lack Friday is coming and secondary institutions aren’t plan- busy months for retailers. There will Much like Boxing Day, Black
stress and anxiety that is associated retail employees don’t need ning on cancelling classes, students always be sales before Christmas. Friday has morphed from one day
with not knowing where to get your the added stress. who work in retail are feeling the The only difference between of deals to an entire weekend, ooz-
next tampon or pad. Many stu- pressure. Black Friday ing into Cyber
In a study done by Plan Interna- dents work retail Now with the general end of se- and other "Apart from the fact Monday, giving
tional earlier this year, women and and are currently mester stress, the added question of sales is the consumers end-
men overwhelmingly encourage juggling study- “how am I going to get to class and hype. that it is noted to be less possibilities to
making menstrual products free in ing for exams, work” is stressing me out, and my But Black submit to the retail
public spaces. the end of the coworkers. Friday is an a day of sales, Black overlords.
The bottom line is men and boys term, personal A Retail Council of Canada sur- American tra- So that after
have everything they need in public lives and their vey published earlier this month dition, hap- Friday holds no the Black Friday
washrooms and women and girls
deserve the same, especially if it
jobs. With the
looming possi- OPINION stated that nearly 43% of Canadi-
ans will be going to a black Friday
pening after
context in Canada." frenzy has worn
off they can work
means by not having these items bility of a transit shopping trip. Thanksgiving, extra shifts to pay
they are socially and economically strike, employers LAUREN Unless Black Friday is a good op- which is over a month after Cana- off their credit card bills. Christmas
put at a disadvantage. are reminding GARGIULO portunity to get Christmas shop- dian Thanksgiving. is coming, Boxing Day is coming,
These products should be avail- their employees ping out of the way with an incred- Apart from the fact that it is not- you don’t need more stuff, but you
able in men and women’s wash- that they “are ible savings there isn’t a point. ed to be a day of sales, Black Friday do need to save money to buy other
rooms to ensure no one is left out. responsible for [their] shifts” post- November and December are holds no context in Canada. people more stuff.


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Art exhibit displays rare drawings

Experiences witnessed by Residential School survivors as children

The exhibit displays not only pictures drawn by children, but of some clothing articles that made it through the years. GINA ROGERS PHOTO
 By GINA ROGERS tion of St. Michaels art was on loan One piece from the Alberni In- whom brushed down the gallery RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS
from the U’Mista Cultural Centre dian Residential School, “Pulling with cedar before we installed the IN THE LOWER MAINLAND
There is Truth Here: Creativity in Alert Bay. out Hair”, hangs with a bundle of artworks”, Fortney said. This would » St. Paul's
and Resilience in Children’s Art from Since September, the museum traditional white sage above the have prepared the museum space
Indian Residential and Day Schools is has seen upwards of 25,000 visi- frame. This dried plant is consid- to hold the art, which may harbour North Vancouver, 1899 - 1958
on view at the Museum of Vancou- tors, including 2,000 students. Dr. ered sacred in many cultures and is negative energy from these notori- Roman Catholic
ver and “has quite a history of sur- Walsh estimates that thought ous schools.
vival itself,” said Dr. Andrea Walsh, the numbers have to have One attendee, Julia Harrison, » St. Mary's
associate professor of anthropology risen since then. “It was really exciting to p r o - knew of the primary Inkameep Mission, 1863 - 1985
at the University of Victoria For There is Truth tective Day School in Okanagan, but Roman Catholic
Dr. Walsh has worked with the Here, MOV’s Cura- see those and to learn proper- didn’t know of the other collec-
museum and the Osoyoos Indian tor of Indigenous
how this has been such ties in tions from Alert Bay, Vancouver » St. George's
Band for almost 20 years on just the Collections and En- ceremo- Island and Manitoba. “It was re- Lytton, 1901 - 1979
Inkameep Day School portion of
the exhibit. The rest of the exhibit
gagement, Sharon
M. Fortney, PhD.,
a community effort.” ny.
ally exciting to see those and to
learn how this has been such a Anglican
was done in collaboration with sur- “incorporated pieces rators community effort in terms of inte- » Coqualeetza
vivors and their families from the from the MOV col- t o o k grating the community voice back Chilliwack, 1861 - 1940
Alberni Indian Residential School, lection” and “added a section about the advice of Tsleil-Waututh com- into the exhibit," Harrison said.
and the MacKay Indiant Residen- schools that local First Nations at- munity members when dealing There is Truth Here is on exhibit Presbyterian
tial School in Manitoba. The sec- tended.” with the children’s art. “One of until Jan.5, 2020. SOURCE: HTTPS://BCTF.CA/HIDDENHISTORY/EBOOK.PDF

Twins to the Glory ex-

plores man and nature
20 years,” Dashan Pan, the curator “My job is to basically create an
Gallery honoured at Sunzen Art Gallery, said. exhibition that could easily com-
Sunzen Art Gallery was original- municate to the audience why his
to present Zhong ly established 17 years ago in Qing- work is important,” Yuan said.
dao, China. The Vancouver location Yuan said the idea is that when

Ren's first showcased Ren’s work in its grand people walk in the gallery, they will
opening. feel that they are emerging into an-
Lu Wang, the director of opera- other realm with nature, which is
Canadian Exhibit tions at Sunzen, has worked at the totally different from a modern city.
location in Shandong China for Part of Ren’s fall section was
years. She done on silk,
 By ANITA ZHU helps to using a tech-
communicate “[Ren] always seeks nique known as

F to break through the

amous Chinese painter with Ren and taoran. Taoran
Zhong Ren has 38 pieces his studio means “leav-
on display at the Sunzen Art team. challenge, again and ing the blank
Gallery. Wang said space,” on emp-
The pieces can be viewed from that Ren be- again.” ty areas as well
Nov. 22 to Feb. 21 in downtown came famous — LU WANG, DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS SUNZEN as the high-
Vancouver. Ren is known for his in his early lighted area on
gonbi paintings. Gonbi is a Chi- 20s, and “always seeks to challenge the branches of the bamboo.
nese painting technique where the himself and break through the “If you see this snow on the leaves,
artist uses ink, colour, and meticu- challenge, again and again.” the bamboo as the highlighted part,
lous brush strokes to create detailed The co-curator, Viahsta Yuan, it all reveals the true color of the
works of art. said that they represent Ren’s paint- silk, instead of using any dye to
“I have admired Ren for almost ings as four seasons. paint in afterwards,” Yuan said. Painting by Zhong Ren, displayed in the Sunzen Art Gallery. ANITA ZHU PHOTO
fans excited
about team
Writers and editors
give out their thoughts
on start of 50th anni-
versary season

he Vancouver Canucks have
two games left in their cur-
rent six-game road trip. De-
cember is right around the corner,
and the Canucks can shake things
up with a few home games to make
their November schedule and re-
sults easily erasable.
Chris Faber, contributor for Ca-
Coach Paul Eberhardt (left) said that he'd like to improve on his team's defense after the inter semester break despite a recent big win for the team. HENRI NGIM- nucksArmy and host of Canucks

Falcons win before break

BIS PHOTO Conversation podcast, says that the
things that seem to stand out to
him compared to last season, would
be the depth of the team, especially
the change in defense.
“Just the availability to have new
guys come in like Tyler Myers,

Athletes reflect on what it's like to play before exam period

Quinn Hughes and Jordie Benn
being able to play consistently.
You look at what options they had
last year, Michael Del Zotto, Erik
 By HENRI NGIMBIS the guys are starting to know each Falcons guard, Luka Lizdek, said he’s recently been able to bal- Gudbranson and Derrick Pouliot,

other a bit better now. So I’m largely contributed to his team vic- ance athletics and education. the defence has changed so much,”
he Langara Falcons won pleased that our chemistry has got- tory with 29 points. He said he got “I’ve always tried to balance it Faber said.
a high-scoring perfor- ten quite good,” Eberhardt said. a taste of exam stress while study- with my classes and make sure I’m Rob Williams, sports editor for
mance beating Colum- Eberhardt said that he’d like to ing at the University of Ottawa for on top of them.” Daily Hive, said that a lot of peo-
bia Bible College by 32 improve on his team’s defense after two years prior coming to Langara. ple have been making the parallels
points at home on Nov. 23. “I come here and try to organize of November this season and how
Last Saturday was the final bas-
ketball game of the term for the
“We have the whole my school work first. We have the
whole December off and we’re go-
FALCONS' they’ve fallen off in recent years in
the month.
Falcons before their inter semester December off and ing to try and win the league for TALLY “It’s been different this year, they
break. The Falcons won the game sure,” Lizdek said. haven’t won very much, so there’s
115-83. we're going to try Assistant coach Joey Dhillon said PACWEST STANDINGS that similarity. If you look at how
“It was a big win for us, we were that the staff doesn’t put any pres- W-L this team has been playing, they
tied with that team. We had a tough and win the league.” sure on players to prepare for the 2-4 haven’t been that poor,” Williams
loss last week, so it’s very good for —LUKA LIZDEK, FALCONS GUARD competition, because they know Ranked: 4th said.
our confidence. Our boys played that players have exams coming up. Matthew Zator, contributor for
very well today,” said head coach the inter semester break. “We just try and keep everything STAT HIGHLIGHTS The Canuck Way and The Hockey
Paul Eberhardt in a postgame in- “We have moments where we simple for them, especially with Luka Lizdek: 29 PTS Writers, said that December can be
terview with The Voice. give up too many easy baskets, we exams coming up. There’s a reward Tyler Anderson: 25 PTS a month the Canucks look forward
Eberhardt said that the team has don’t defend as well. That’s some- after this game, just go hard, en- Moeiz Athaya: 22 PTS to with their upcoming homes-
11 new players on the roster, which thing that’s going to be a point for joy this game and after that it’s all tands.
is very rare for a team. emphasis to get ready for January,” about school,” Dhillon said. SOURCE: PACWESTBC.CA “December has a lot of home
“With 11 returning guys, I think said Eberhardt. Falcons forward, Ronan Reid, games. If they can get rolling at
home, it can erase this November
pretty quickly,” Zator said.

101-year-old curler keeps on rocking

Williams said that the two new
key additions, J.T. Miller, and Ty-
ler Myers, have both played better
than expected. Miller was acquired
via a first-round pick trade with
Vancouverite the Tampa Bay Lightning and has
gelled himself with Elias Petters-
may be world's son and Brock Boeser on the first
line. Myers, who was signed as a

oldest curler
free agent on a five-year contract
worth an average annual value of
$6 million, has stapled himself as a
first pairing defenseman alongside
Alex Edler.
“There was a lot of pessimism
when both players were acquired.

aving fun and making Most people recognized that they
friends she can depend were good players but the cost in
on while exercising are which to get both players was high,”
just some of the reasons why the Williams said.
world’s oldest active curler makes Williams also said that the Ca-
the game more than just a hobby. nucks this season are a lot more fun
Lola Holmes of Vancouver is still to watch compared to last year.
curling at the age of 101. “They’re a young team, they’re a
“I do it to stay active and make team that fans are excited at what
friends. For those feeling lazy dur- they might become in the future,”
ing winters, it’s a great game to so- Lola Holmes (centre, blue) 101-year-old curler has been staying active throughout the winter seasons. SOUBHIK Williams said.
cialize,” Holmes said CHAKRABARTI PHOTO Faber said that if the Canucks
Richard Brower, membership about the limited sports options tighter muscles, stiffer limbs, short- a daily log, and have a routine, while make the playoffs this season, it will
services coordinator at the Van- during winter. ness of breath,” Wilson said. setting daily goals,” Wilson said give a huge boost to the squad, al-
couver Curling Club said that the Mental performance consultant, Wilson also said people with Holmes does just that. ready having a young core.
sport is especially popular during Dani Wilson, said the holiday sea- asthma have increased risks during She makes a schedule of what “If they’re given the opportunity
the winter. son has increased social and finan- the winter, such as dehydration. she plans to do the next day, every to go to the playoffs and see what’s
“January is nearly fully booked,” cial demands. Doing athletic activi- Curling is a great choice for peo- night before she goes to bed. it’s like, and just keep adding more
Brower said. ties in the winter can bring health ple to stay active during the winter. Her advice for new players is to young players into the roster, that’s
“Not many sports are as great,” repercussions. “For those looking to battle the just go out and do it. kind of how you turn into a dy-
said curler Gail Lepore talking “A lot of things can happen like winter blues, I would advise to keep “Keep playing, don’t give up.” nasty.”

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