Akar Trophy for Architectural Journalism, ATAJ-10

Do All things Urban Have To Be Ugly too?
The price we are paying for developing at a crazy pace! The whole country is on a wave of modernization, but are we looking at the serious implications this so called progress has on the visual identity of our cities??? Cell phone towers, atrociously huge and carelessly put up hoardings, electric wires, poles, and now, elevated metros!!! What are we thinking? Or, are we thinking at all? And why are the people who are in a position to make a difference, not thinking? Are their motivations different? Isn't it the responsibility of Architects and urban planners to take up these matters officially to the authorities that sanction such projects? Are we, as a fraternity, not responsible for preserving the aesthetic value of our cities??? Is Mumbai going to look like say, Singapore, after its elevated metro starts operating? Is it enough that we are modeling our urban planning on a proven or workable option??? Aren't our cities different? Isn't our cultural ethos different? Should we change? Is the change going to do us good? Students of Architecture must be aware of the world they are going to step into, and the many challenges an Architect must be willing to take up. It is easy to live in a cocoon, to turn a blind eye towards issues of larger interest, but how good is that for our Conscience???

along with a copy of the original publication in which it appeared • The publication should have been after the author joined the qualifying course • The entry shall be limited to maximum 2000 words in English as it appeared in the original publication In case of unpublished work • The written work shall be limited to maximum 2000 words in English. dissertation. research documentation which have been published. . Coloured seal is essential on the letter. and make propositions and express their thoughts in the form of written matter in line with the theme ‘Do All Things Urban Have To Be Ugly Too. research documentation which have not been published. Submission Requirements In case of published work • The entry should be sent in unlocked pdf format and word document in soft copy. write ups. abstracts for thesis. essays. write ups. Soft copy of the text is to be sent by email. Email Address: ataj. Unpublished: Articles. essays.' The brief and modalities Two modalities are proposed   Published: Articles.nasa10@gmail.com The entry should be accompanied by a letter from the HOD / Principal on the college letterhead with the name/s of the authors and the institution.Proposition to the NASA 2010 / 2011 theme Opposition to the NASA 2010/ 2011 theme The aim of the ATAJ NASA Journalism Trophy 2010 / 2011 Competition is to inculcate the intrinsic observation capabilities of students to be aware of the real World around them. abstracts for thesis. dissertation. The author/s will give a written declaration stating that the work is the original intellectual property of the respective author.

• The author/s will give a written declaration. and will only contain strictly non controversial subject matter. • The participants may be individuals or a group of not more than three. and NASA Council and NASA Journalism Trophy Moderator. font size 11. community. misinformation.Format Margins : 1cm on top. • All decisions in this matter will be binding on all authors which would be at the final and sole discretion of the NASA Journalism Trophy Moderator NASA Convention 2010 .5 spacing between the lines Text needs to be justified NASA logo shall be at bottom right of all the pages of the submission. students. statements. claims. 1. which is entirely the authors'. and will put at risk further participation in NASA activities of the entire student delegation from which the said violator is part of. in particular.25cm on the left. • Any such entry violating this provision will be disqualified forthwith. are in no way responsible or liable to the contents of any work. college or institution of Architecture. Terms and Conditions : • The entries will be sent and accepted in good faith. • The students shall do an online registration in one week in advance one week of the date of submission. absolving the NASA Council and ATAJ Trophy Moderator from any consequences arising out of these entries being published after the competition. .html. during or after the NASA Journalism Trophy competition period. to accompany entry. will not under any circumstances. Maximum of 3 graphics/images may be used which each shall not exceed half of an A4 page in size. Eligibility : • The competition is open to all student members of NASA in undergraduate of any NASArecognised school. • The author / s will give a written declaration stating that the work is the original intellectual property of the respective author. Font : Arial font. disinformation. of any race. contain any references. and the original author will have no claim on the same after the entry is sent for the said competition. accusation. as set out in http://www. terms. society.org/Overview/rights. language. • The entries will adhere to the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights.2011 • All entries will be the property of NASA Council.un. 1. class. 3. which will be free to utilise the same in any manner at any time. allegations. misrepresentations. abuse. and will be solely responsible and liable in case the work has violated any copyrighted material. creed. bottom and right. etc.

and specificity is meant with respect to the competition questions and theme. is the written work? Would the written work be clear to a broad audience? How does the written work rank in terms of writing style? How socially significant is the written work? What is the potential for developing this written work into a strong essay? Each Proposal will be given a score of 1 to 5. This will also enable all the entrants and those interested students to participate and involve themselves in a more meaningful interaction in this form of written and verbal expression. clarity.• The NASA Journalism Trophy Moderator will endeavor to the best of his ability to give a free and fair competition. Eight short listed entries each in Proposition and Opposition will be selected and invited for a debate / panel discussion in one session on the first day of the NASA 2010 / 2011 Convention. and all entrants would be expected to be participants in the audience. and finally select the top three based on the written entries as well as the debate / panel discussion. or creatively developed. Content refers to the overall theme of the written work. to be announced on the final day. grammar. and specificity. Winners announced Valedictory Function JAN 2011 NASA 2010 / 2011 . • The NASA Journalism Trophy Competition is subject to Chennai jurisdiction Proposals and essays will be judged for content. The Jury would judge the eight short listed ones. Be sure to check for grammar and spellings as well. Frequently asked questions judging criteria Does the written work address the question? How creative. clarity includes coherence. and spelling. 5 being the highest Dates and schedule Entries accepted 1800 hours IST 2010 07 NOV 2010.

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