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Formal Response for RFP 19-033 Consulting Services for Nutrient Source Evaluation and Assessment October 15, 2019 Prepared For: City of Marco Island Environmental Research and Design, Inc. 3419 Trentwood Bivd., Suite 102 Belle Isle (Orlando), FL 32812-4864 Phone: 407-855-9465 The below forms C. through F. must be included as a part of your RFP response C. DECLARATION STATEMENT RFP No. 19-033 Full Name of Proposer: Environmental Research & Design Main Business Address: 3419 Trentwood Bivd., Suite 102, Belle Isle, FL 32812 Telephone No.: _ 407-855-9465 Email Address: _hharper@erd.org_ State License# CA6244 Type __Engineering Business To: City Manager, City of Marco Island, Florida (hereinafter called the Owner) ‘The undersigned, as Proposer hereby declares that he has examined the Scope of Services and informed himself fully in regard to all conditions pertaining to the work to be done. The Proposer further declares that the only persons, company or parties interested in this Proposal or the RFP to be entered into as principals are named herein; that the Proposal is made without connection with any other person, company or companies making a Proposal; and it is in all respects fair and in good faith, without collusion or fraud. The services to be furnished by us shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of the Request for Proposal #19-033 as issued by The City of Marco Island on September 5, 2019, The undersigned do agree that should his firm is offered a contract, to execute that contract and present the same to the City for approval within fifteen (15) days after being notified of the award. The undersigned do further agree that failure to execute and deliver said forms of Contract within fifteen (15) days will result in damages to the City. Further, the Bidder acknowledges receipt of Addenda as follows: Consultant's Signature ‘Addendum Number Date Issued (Full Name) 1 9130/19 Houny Ho to wperre 2 10/2/19 Ha Ataf ff ft 15 19-033 IN_ WITNESS WHEREOF, WE have hereunto subscribed our names on_ this __15th day October 201.9. in the City of Belle Isle in the State of FL. Environmental Research & Desig! Firm's Complete Legal Name Ine. Check one of the following: Sole Proprietorship Corporation or P.A. Limited Partnership General Partnership Phone No, _ 407-855-9465 Fax No, _407-826-0419 Email 3419 Trentwood Bivd., Suite 102 Address Belle Isle, FL 32812 City, State, Zip Harvey H. Harper, Ill President Title D, BIDDER’S AND INSURANCE AGENT STATEMENT: We understand the insurance requirements contained in these specifications, and that the evidence of said insurance may be required within five (5) business days of the award of bid. Environmental Research & Design Combs Risk Management, LLC Bidder Insurance Agency r lature of Bidder’s Agent ni tal Consultant oy Maney kl Mans Date:_10/15/19, Tts_President Nutrient REP —, STATEMENT OF LITIGATION, AWARDS AND FEES MEN \TION Litigation information: Identify any pending litigation or litigation completed in the last five-years. Identify lawsuit by name, number, date filed, parties, and your claim or participation, Nani Volume of Work Previously Awarded to Firm (Tie-breaker) - In the event of a tie, both in individual scoring and in final ranking, the firm with the lowest volume of work on The City of Marco Island projects within the last five (5) years will receive the higher individual ranking. This information will be based on information provided by the proposer, subject to verification at the City’s option. See below. If there is a multiple firm tie in either individual scoring or final renking, the firm with the lowest volume of work shall receive the higher ranking, the firm with the next lowest volume of work shall receive the next highest ranking and so on. ‘Once the final ranking has been compiled, the Selection committee will choose the short listed firms based on consensus, and not necessarily by the final ranking order of the firms. Fees List total fees for work done on all The City of Marco Island Government projects in the past five (5) years, whether as an individual firm or as part of a joint venture. Fees must be listed individually by RFP or project and then summarized as a total dollar amount. Attach additional page if necessary. $. o Total Fees for work done on all The City of Marco Island projects F. _ PROPOSERS CHECK LIST IMPORTANT: Signin the spaces indicated and submit with your proposal. Proposer should check off each of the following items as the necessary action is completed: 1 2 3. ‘The RFP has been signed. Any required forms, qualification statements, etc. have been included. ‘Any addendums (if any) have been signed and included. Proposed fees are included Environmental Research & Design nye ay A Apa sy ly IE Company Name Signature & Titie Date: _ 10/15/19 PRESDENT E R DD ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH & DESIGN, INC. Engineering + Science + Chemistry = Research 3419 Trentwood Blvd. + Suite 102 + Belle Isle (Orlando), FL 32812-4864 Telephone: 407-855-9465 + Fax: 407-826-0419 October 15, 2019 City of Marco Island ATTN: Lina Upham, Purchasing and Risk Manager 50 Bald Eagle Drive Marco Island, FL 34145 RE: Response to Request for Proposal for City of Marco Island RFP # 19-033 — Consulting Services for Nutrient Source Evaluation and Assessment Dear Ms. Upham: Environmental Research & Design, Inc. (ERD) is pleased to submit one original bound copy of our Technical Proposal to the City of Marco Island for the Request for Proposal for RFP # 19- 033 - (Consulting Services for Nutrient Source Evaluation and Assessment). Tre enclosed response provides details of our project team, technical experience, project understanding and approach, similar experience, and references. ERD is an environmental engineering company which specializes exclusively in projects related to surface water management, stormwater research, surface water quality, and stormwater treatment systems. In addition to engineers, scientists, and design professionals, ERD maintains a fully equipped research laboratory which is certified by NELAC. ERD currently ‘owns a wide range of field monitoring equipment for hydrologic, stormwater, surface water, groundwater, and sediment sampling and analysis. The field monitoring and instrumentation Capabilities of ERD are currently unmatched by any other firm in the State of Florida ERD was founded in 1986 by Dr. Harvey H. Harper, lll, P.E., formerly a faculty member in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Central Florida for over 11 years. Dr. Harper is a nationally recognized expert in stormwater treatment system efficiencies, surface water evaluation and management, water quality, and stormwater management, and has directly authored over 120 publications in these areas. Dr. Harper will serve as the Project Director for this project and will be actively involved in every facet of the project, including project oversight, data analyses and evaluation, review of loading models, review of technical comments, QA/QC, model generation, data evaluation, statistical analyses, and report preparation. All other professional staff at ERD have been with the firm over 10 years, and most have been with the firm since its creation 33 years ago. For the purpose of this project, Dr. Harper (President of ERD) is authorized to make representations on behalf of ERD. ERD is eager to work with the City on this important project Sincerely, Horuseitd! Mas peor Harvey H. Harper, Il, Ph.D, PLE President Attachment: Technical Proposal TABLE OF CONTENTS Formal Response for RFP 19-033 Consulting Services for Nutrient Source Evaluation and Assessment FORM C - Declaration Statement FORM D - Bidder’s and Insurance Agent Statement FORME - Statement of Litigation, Awards and Fees FORM F - Proposer’s Check List LETTER OF INTRODUCTION SECTION 4 — Consultant Team and Management 4.1. ERD History, Description, and Resources 4.1.1 General Qualifications 4.1.2 Resources 4.2. Project Team 4.2.1 Key ERD Team Members 42.2 Resumes SECTION 5 - Technical Experience 5.1 General Experience 5.2 Water Quality Monitoring Experience 5.3. Hydrologic Instrumentation 5.4 Water Quality Data Analysis Experience 5.5 ERD Research Laboratory 5.6 Examples of Water Quality Management Projects 5.6.1 Water Quality Management Projects 5.6.2. Stormwater and BMP Performance Monitoring 5.6.3. Nutrient Source Tracking 5.6.4 Water-Sediment Interactions 5.6.5 Groundwater Influx 5.7, Project Management and Quality Control 5.7.1. City/ERD Coordination 5.7.2 ERD Internal Coordination 5.7.3. Project Cost Control TABLE OF CONTENTS - Continued Formal Response for RFP 19-033 Consulting Services for Nutrient Source Evaluation and Assessment SECTION 6 ~ Project Understanding and Approach 22 6.1 General Philosophy 22 6.2 Proposed Scope of Services 23 6.3 Fee Estimate 27 64 Time Frame 27 SECTION 7 — Office Location 29 SECTION 8 — Professional References 30 SECTION 9 — Additional Information State of Florida Corporate Certificate NELAC Certificate and List of Accredited Parameters (2 pages) Florida Professional Engineer Certificate for Environmental Research & Design Florida Professional Engineer Certificate for Harvey H. Harper, III Florida Professional Engineer Certificate for David Baker Insurance Certificate for ERD SECTION 4 Consultant Team and Management 4.1. ERD History, Description, and Resources 4.1.1 General Qualifications Environmental Research & Design, Inc. (ERD) was created as a water quality research and engineering firm in 1986 in Orlando, Florida. ‘The firm was founded by its president, Harvey H. Harper, Ph.D., P.E., formerly an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Central Florida. ERD presently maintains a staff of 12 engineers, scientists, chemists and support personnel. ERD has successfully completed lake restoration, stormwater treatment, BMP evaluation, source tracking, and water quality projects for public entities throughout the states of Florida, Washington and Indiana. Some of our present clients include Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Orange County, Martin County, Seminole County, Brevard County, Walton County, City of Orlando, City of Winter Park, the Southwest Florida Water Management Distric:, the South Florida Water Management District, the Northwest Florida Water Management District, the St. Johns River Water Management District, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. ERD's entire staff ‘s devoted exclusively to water quality, lake restoration, and stormwater treatment retrofit projects all day, every day, and due to our specialization in water quality, ERD has the largest full-ime water quality staff of any firm in the southeast United States. Personnel currently at ERD have conducted over 45 sponsored research projects, published over 125 reports and articles, and conducted more than 150 presentations related to lake management and restoration and general water quality issues. This information spans over 34 years from the infancy of stormwater treatment to today's advanced technologies. Almost all ERD projects involve field sampling, measurement and quantification of pollutant loads, and evaluation and implementation of water quality restoration elements. ERD has extensive experience in each of the potential project elements required for the Marco Island project. Water quality services conducted by ERD typically include field instrumentation, development of hydrologic and nutrient budgets, land use characterization, watershed modeling, loading quantification, nutrient evaluation and analysis, water and sediment sampling, nutrient source tracking, bathymetric mapping, GIS services, water quality modeling, data analysis, development of management plans, nutrient abatement evaluations, report generation, and public presentations. ERD also routinely conducts performance efficiency evaluations for constructed BMPs or to evaluate improvements to existing BMPs. This experience provides ERD with a unique understanding of pollutant transport and removal mechanisms in a wide variety of systems. ERD conducts projects in the areas of lake restoration, nutrient and hydrologic budgets, stormwater management, sediment-water column interactions, nutrient assimilation, algal productivity, and general water quality issues. Because of this specialization, ERD has a minimum of 2-3 lake restoration projects and 5-10 water quality evaluation projects in progress at all times. Over the past 15 years, ERD has been involved in more than 50 lake restoration and water quality evaluations. All but two of these projects have been performed on lake or river systems within the State of Florida which has provided ERD with a unique understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes in Florida surface water systems. In addition to the PROPOSALS\MARCO ISLAND RFP Iaatt SErTION && PAGE 1 projects listed above, ERD has also performed more than 50 additional water quality-related Projects involving estimation of pollutant loadings to surface waterbodies based on field measurements, water quality modeling, and evaluation of water column-sediment interactions. Many of the projects conducted by ERD involve evaluating ambient water quality characteristics of surface waters and performance efficiency of constructed BMPs. Typical services include field instrumentation, sampiing, development of hydrologic and nutrient budgets, mapping and GIS services, data analysis, on-going maintenance and calibration of field instrumentation, hydrologic and water quality modeling, report preparation, and public presentations. The areas of expertise listed above for ERD cover all foreseeable services which may be required for this project. 4.1.2 Resources ‘The specialization of ERD in water quality has allowed us to develop very complete resources in this area. ERD maintains a complete inventory of state-of-the-art field sampling and monitoring equipment sufficient to successfully complete any water quality research project. ERD owns more than 25 automatic samplers with integral flow meters for collection of stormwater runoff and basefiow; seepage meters for monitoring of the quantity and quality of groundwater inflow to surface waters; equipment for collection of surface water, equipment for installation of groundwater monitoring wells and collection of groundwater samples; equipment for recording rainfall, evaporation, water level and flow rate; equipment for collection of grab and core samples from lake bottom sediments; sample collection and research boats; and multiple 4-wheel drive vehicles. This extensive inventory of equipment allows us to complete virtually any water quality project with in-house resources. ERD has also investigated and developed innovative methods for estimation of groundwater flux in surface water systems. Based upon the research performed by ERD, many lake managers in Florida now recognize that groundwater inflow into aquatic systems can represent a significant pollutant and hydrologic loading to the lake system that may alter selection of final water quality improvement options. To assist in quantification of influx from groundwater seepage, ERD has developed and refined a monitoring system for estimation of the quantity and quality of groundwater influx using seepage meters. Seepage meters have been used by ERD in virtually all lake restoration and diagnostic evaluation projects over the past five years. Seepage meters are now commonly specified by governmental agencies when soliciting services for pollutant loading evaluation studies. ‘Working primarily on water quality projects over the past 30 years has enabled ERD to develop an extensive library and database related to water quality issues. ERD continuously provides research and summary papers and reports free-of-charge to water resource professionals in the State of Florida. During 2007, ERD was selected by FDEP to develop the technical framework for the proposed Statewide Stormwater Rule. The resulting analysis has substantially enhanced the state of knowledge for pollutant load estimation and BMP efficiency estimation in Florida. ERD also developed a runoff emc database for Florida which includes summaries of previous runoff characterization studies and emc values for 15 different land use categories and 10 different runoff constituents. The information contained in this database is now used for TMDL studies and BMAP projects throughout the State. During 2008, ERD completed a 14-month study of natural area runoff characteristics which included 31 sites across the State, and more than 325 composite runoff samples were collected. This database is now used to characterize runoff loadings from natural areas. PROPOSALS ARCO ISLAND RE 19 033 SECTION 48 nce 2 4.2, Project Team ‘An organizational chart is provided in Figure 1 which summarizes the key team members who will be working on the Nutrient Source Evaluation and Assessment project. The Project Team includes experts from all areas of expertise needed to successfully complete any Water Quality project described in the Request for Proposal. The project team includes extensive expertise in surface water quality and monitoring, stormwater quality, limnology, water quality, wetlands, hydrologic instrumentation, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, pollutant loading models and estimaticn, BMP performance efficiency evaluations, water quality research, nutrient source tracking, and public presentations. Figure 1 is followed by a brief description of each key team member and copies of their resumes. Alll anticipated work efforts for the Marco Island Project will be conducted using ERD personnel exclusively, and no subconsultants are necessary with the exception of a sub-consultant laboratory for isotope analyses. [City of Marco Island Project Manager Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E. ‘Sharon Daring ERD Project Director Administrative Assistant a 1 David M. Baker ‘Chip Harper Cassio Revell Project Engineer L Limnologist Lab Supervisor Leslie Height | Harry Seenauth ‘Andrew Folkes Engineering Technician Field Operations Supervisor Microbiologist ‘Amber Maroon Field Technicians Lab Technician ‘Stable Isotope Lab Uc Davis, 4.21 Key ERD Team Members Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E. will serve as Project Director for all project activities and will be responsible for day-to-day communication and coordination with the City. In this role, he will oversee all activities performed and will be responsible for the overall success of all assigned projects. Dr. Harper received a Bachelors Degree in Limnology, a Masters Degree in Environmental Science, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Environmental Engineering. Dr. Harper has over 40 years of experience with water quality, development of monitoring plans, interpretation of water quality data, instrumentation, experimental design, stormwater treatment, hydrologic modeling, runoff loading models, BMP efficiencies, and lake management projects. He been involved with the evaluation and/or water quality design, monitoring, analyses, and evaluation PROPOSALS MARCO ISLAND RFP 19032. SECTION 48 vaGe for over 100 waterbodies throughout Florida. He is recognized as one of the foremost experts on water quality in natural systems in the southeast United States and is routinely called upon to serve as an expert witness in administrative hearings and court cases. Dr. Harper has also successfully ‘completed over 40 sponsored research projects, published over 120 articles and reports on water quality issues, and conducted more than 130 seminars and workshops on stormwater, lake restoration, and water quality. Research and analyses conducted by Dr. Harper form the basis for many TMDL and BMAP documents in Florida. Dr. Harper has received numerous state, national, and intemational awards for his work in lake management, water quality improvement, and chemical treatment of runoff. He is a current member, past-director, and officer of the Florida Lake Management Society (FLMS), a current member and former director of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS), and a member of the Florida Stormwater Association (FSA). David M. Baker, P.E. will serve as a Project Engineer and will be responsible for any required computer simulations, modeling, watershed delineations, nutrient loading models, and GIS work. Mr. Baker received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Central Florida and has worked with ERD for over 20 years. Mr. Baker has extensive experience in computer modeling, including advanced hydrodynamic models, SWIM, AdICPR, GIS systems, and has developed a number of spreadsheet mocels for predicting pollutant loadings and water quality characteristics of receiving waterbodies. Mr. Baker recently developed the runoff, baseflow, groundwater, and nutrient loading model algorithms for the 600,000-acre Indian River Lagoon watershed which have been peer reviewed and accepted by SJRWMD, FDEP, and US EPA. Mr. Baker developed the initial GIS-based land use/soil type loading model used today by many engineering consultants. Chip Harper will serve as Project Limnologist and Director of Field Operations and will be responsible for design of water quality monitoring programs, including equipment selection and installation, overseeing collection of surface water, data review and analysis, and sediment samples. Mr. Harper received a degree in Limnology from the University of Central Florida and a Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Safety. While Mr. Harper has worked with ERD, he has worked as a field and laboratory technician and has served as the Director of Field Operations on over 50 lake and stormwater projects and has been responsible for the collection of over 20,000 stormwater, surface water, groundwater and sediment samples. Harry Seenauth will serve as the Field Operations Supervisor and will be responsible for most of the actual field sampling activities. Mr. Seenauth will oversee and supervise all other ERD field technicians. Mr. Seenauth has been with ERD for the past 15 years and has served as the Field Operations Supervisor for over 60 lake and stormwater projects. Mr. Seenauth will be responsible for the continued operation, maintenance, calibration, and data collection for all field moritoring ‘equipment, Cassie Revell will serve as Laboratory Supervisor. She will be responsible for conducting any necessary laboratory testing on collected surface water and sediment samples. Ms. Revell received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida. Ms. Revell has been responsible for the analysis of thousands of sediment and water samples. In addition to the professional staff mentioned previously, ERD also has highly trained field technicians and laboratory analysts who perform routine field monitoring and analytical procedures. All ERD field and laboratory technicians must pass rigorous training and provide documented evidence of proficiency for each field or laboratory activity performed by the technician 42.2 Resumes: Resumes of key ERD and team personnel follow. PROPOSALS {MARCO ISLAND. RFP 10.%- SECTION 4.8 pace & EDUCATION: PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION: ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH & DESIGN, INC. Engineering + Science + Chemistry + Research 3419 Trentwood Bivd, + Suite 102 + Bele Isle (Oriando), FL 32812-4864 Telephone: 407-855-9465 + Fax: 407-826-0419 RESUME OF DR. HARVEY H. HARPER, Ill, P.E. President (Revised July 2018) B.S. Biological Sciences (Limnology), Florida Technological University, 1977 M.S. _ Environmental Sciences, University of Central Florida, 1979 (Thesis Title: "Ecological Responses of Lake Eola to Urban Runoff’) Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University of Central Florida, 1985 (Dissertation Title: "Fate of Heavy Metals from Highway Runoft in Stormwater Management Systems") Registered Professional Engineer in State of Florida, Reg. #32595 Registered Professional Engineer in State of Washington, Reg. #31061 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1986-Present 1978-1990 AREAS OF ‘SPONSORED RESEARCH PROJECTS: PUBLICATIONS: PRESENTATIONS: ‘SEMINARS/ ROLE IN PROJECT: President - Environmental Research & Design, Inc. Activities: Water quality engineering exclusively in the area of stormwater management systems, lake management and restoration, use of alum for pollutant removal, groundwater pollutant studies, wetlands and sediment chemistry Eacully Member - University of Central Florida, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Efficiency and Performance of Stormwater Management BMPsEXPERTISE: Pollutant Loading Analyses ~ Response of Fresh Water to Pollutant Loads = Chemical Coagulation for Pollutant Removal ~ Impacts of Groundwater Seepage on Surface Water Systems - Stormwater Retention/Detention Designs - Movement and Fate of Heavy Metals in Stormwater Management Systems - Dynamics of Nutrients and Heavy Metals in Fresh Water Wetlands (Over 30 research projects for FDEP, FDOT, SJRWMD, NWFWMD, SFWMD, ‘SWFWMD, and various cities and counties related to lake restoration, stormwater treatment, BMP effectiveness, and ground and surface water qual Over 125 technical reports and publications related to lake management, stormwater treatment system efficiency, ground and surface water quality, and general stormwater management issues. Over 140 presentations throughout North America Conducted more than 130 seminars/short courses/workshops related to water quality, stormwater management, and lake restoration Monitoring system design ~ Data review and analysis ~ Development of water quality management pians and report preparation PROPOSALS'MARCO ISLAND REP 1947%- SECTION 48 nace E R BD _ENVRONMENTAL RESEARCH & DESIGN, INC. Engineering + Science + Chemistry + Research 3419 Trentwood Bivd. + Suite 102 + Belle Isle (Oriando), FL 32812-4864 Telephone: 407-855-0465 + Fax: 407-826-0419 RESUME OF DAVID M. BAKER, P.E. Project Engineer (Revised March 2019) EDUCATION: B.S. - Biological Sciences (Chemistry minor), Florida Technological University, 1981 M.S. - Environmental Sciences, University of Central Florida, 1994 PROFESSIONAL _ Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida, Reg. No. 54602 REGISTRATION: AREAS OF Stormwater Management Statistical Analysis EXPERTISE: Aquatic Chemistry GIS Applications Computer Modeling ‘Water Quality Modeling PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1987-Present: Project Engineer: Environmental Research & Design, Inc.; Orlando, Florida Activities: Water quality and quantity modeling, sediment and water studies, hydrologic modeling, statistical analysis of water quality data, and regulatory permitting for public and govemmental clients throughout Florida. 1987: Project Engineer: Jammal and Associates; Winter Park, Florida Activities: Groundwater modeling using MODFLOW, hydrogeological reports for effluent disposal, stormwater treatment facility underdrain modeling, environmental assessments. PUBLICATIONS: — Over 20 publications related to lake management, stormwater treatment system efficiency, ground and surface water quality, and general stormwater management issues. PROFOSALS\MARCO ISLAND REP 19.022- SECTIONS PAGE € E RD __ ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH & DESIGN, INC. Engineering * Science - Chemistry + Research 3419 Trentwood Bivd. + Suite 102 + Belle Isle (Orlando), FL 32812-4864 Telephone: 407-855-9465 + Fax: 407-826-0419 RESUME OF CHIP HARPER QA Officer (Revised March 2019) EDUCATION: —_B.S. - Biology (Limnology), University of Central Florida, 1997 M.S. - Environmental Management, Columbia Southern University, 2011 AREAS OF General Limnology EXPERTISE Field Monitoring and Instrumentation Aquatic Biology Environmental Sample Collection Data Compilation and Analysis PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1997-Present: Project Limnologist: Environmental Research & Design, Inc. Activities: Responsible for management of field operations; data review, management, and synthesis; QA/QC of field and lab data; project management; statistical analyses; and report preparation for Public and governmental clients throughout Florida. 1987-1997: Id Operations Technician/Director of Field Operations: Environmental Research & Design, Inc Activities: Responsible for lake monitoring, installation of stormwater sampling equipment, collection and compositing of stormwater samples, and collection and identification of sediment samples. Design and fabrication of specialized sample collection equipment Mr. Harper has served as Director of Field Operations on over 100 surface water projects and has been responsible for the collection of over 20,000 stormwater, surface water, groundwater, and sediment samples. PROPOSALS MARCO ISLAND EF I3S-SECLIUN 8 vac 9 E R Ds ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH & DESIGN, INC. Engineering - Science - Chemisty - Research 3419 Trentwood Bivd. + Suite 102 + Belle Isle (Orlando), FL 32812-4864 Telephone: 407-855-9465 + Fax: 407-826-0419 RESUME OF CASSANDRE L. REVELL Laboratory Supervisor (Revised January 2019) EDUCATION: B.S. - Biology (Limnology), University of Central Florida, Dec. 2008 AREAS OF Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Procedures EXPERTISE: QA/QC Plan Development Environmental Chemistry Analytical Chemistry PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: June 2016-Present Laboratory Director: Environmental Research & Design, Inc Activities: Laboratory supervision and management, handling and preparation of chemicals/reagents, FIA analyses for nutrients, trace metals analysis on Varian AA; manage laboratory maintenance, data, and personnel; maintain proper laboratory sample collection/receiving, corrective actions, etc.; calculation and data review, including quality control and proficiency testing for public and governmental clients throughout Florida. April 2014-June 2016: Profect_Manager/Senior Specialist: Eurofins Lancaster Labs Environmental Activites: Customer service providing packing/shipping of samples; managed client and project from sample reception through final report submission April 2010-April 2014: Laboratory Director: Environmental Research & Design, Inc Activites: Handling and preparation of chemicals/reagents, FIA analyses for nutrients, trace metals analysis on Varian AA; manage laboratory maintenance, data, and personnel; maintain proper laboratory sample collection/receiving, corrective actions, etc.; calculation and review all data, including quality control and proficiency testing, Dec. 2008-April 2010: Assistant Laboratory Director: Environmental Research & Design, Inc Activites: Handling and preparation of chemicalsireagents, analyzing ‘samples for nutrients on Lachat QuikChem, trace metals analysis on Varian ‘AA, analysis of oil and grease: assisted Lab Director in duties such as ordering supplies, logging/receiving samples, preparation for inspection of NELAC and assisted in training new technicians. ‘Oct. 2008-Dec. 2008: Laboratory Technician: Environmental Research & Design, Inc Activites: Performed tests on color, hardness, chloride, fecal coliform, total coliform, E. Coli, conductivity, alkalinity, pH, metals digestion and analysis via Flame AA, and nutrient analysis using the Lachat QuikChem, PROPOSALS\MARCO ISLAND RFP 19 032 SECTION «6 PAGE # SECTION 5 Technical Experience 5.1 General Experience ERD has extensive experience in each of the potential project elements required for the Nutrient Source Evaluation Project. Typical projects conducted by ERD fall into one of four categories, including water qualty monitoring and assessment, lake management projects, stormwater BMP Performance evaluations, including instrumentation and monitoring, and development of water quality management plans. Lake and surface water management services typically incluce field instrumentation, development of hydrologic and nutrient budgets, land use characterization and loading quantification, nutrient evaluation and analysis, sampling, bathymetric mapping, GIS services, water quality modeling, data analysis, development of management plans, nutrient abatement evaluations, report generation, and public presentations. BMP evaluations are conducted to evaluate the performance efficiency of constructed BMPs or to evaluate improvements to existing BMPs. 5.2 Water Quality Monitoring Experience Since all projects performed by ERD involve lakes, rivers, estuaries, or stormwater treatment systems, ERD routinely conducts monitoring of surface water and sediment quality in lakes or rivers, performing laboratory analyses on surface water and sediment samples, and previding interpretive results to the client. For some projects, the monitoring is performed as part of a lake restoration program or stormwater treatment project to identify significant nutrient sources and develop water quality management plans. For other clients, we perform routine surface water or sediment monitoring to satisfy permit conditions or simply to maintain a database of water quality conditions and trends. A partial listing of the surface waters monitored by ERD in the ast few years is given in Table 2. Virtually all of these waterbodies were monitored on multiple ‘occasions, with most monitored over at least one annual cycle. Most monitoring programs included collection of vertical field profiles and collection of surface water samples for analysis in the ERD Laboratory. 5.3 Hydrologic Instrumentation Development of an accurate hydrologic budget is one of the most important aspects of evaluating potential management options for any given waterbody. Nutrient inputs and losses are driven largely by hydrologic forces, and a thorough understanding of the hydrology of any evaluated system is essential. ERD has extensive experience in hydrologic evaluations, both as independent stucies and as part of surface water nutrient budgets and management plans. ERD maintains a complete state-of-the-art inventory of hydrologic monitoring equipment, including automatic samplers, velocity meters, discharge measurement devices, rain gauges, bulk precipitation collectors, evaporimeters, staff gauges, water level recorders, and associated equipment. This extensive experience has enabled ERD to evaluate the most appropriate hydrologic monitoring strategy for any given situation. All hydrologic monitoring equipment and instrumentation necessary for completion of the work efforts for this project are likely already owned by ERD. PROPOSALS. MARCO ISLAND REP I9.33-SECTION 4 PAGE 9 TABLE 2 PARTIAL LISTING OF SURFACE WATERS, MONITORED BY ERD OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS LOCATION WATERBODIES MONITORED ‘Altamonte Springs Lake Orienta Lake Ruby Brevard County Newfound Harbor Canaveral Barge Canal ~ Indian River Lagoon Canaveral Port Harbor Casselberry Grassy Lake ‘Secret Lake Lost Lake Trout Lake North Lake Triplet Lake Yvonne Lake Grifin South Lake Triplet Lake Cecile Lake Kathryn Midale Lake Triplet Lake Maria Lake Concord ‘Queens Mirror Lake Lake Annette Citrus County Homosassa River Cocoa Banana River | Deltona Lake Sema Lake Norwood Lake Laponaca Lake Dupont North Lake Clearwater Lake Theresa Lake Dupont South Lake Felton Lake Big Lake Angela Lake Fisher Lake Sidney Lake Elizabeth Lake Helen Lake Diana Lake Suzanne Lake Viscaya Lake Fieldstone Lake Dumas Lake Lorraine Lake Haverhill Lake McGarity Lake Lehigh Lake Baton Lake Vivian Lake Briarwood Lake Trout | Lake Foy Lake Tivol Lake Hidden Lake Lucene Lake Twin Oak Lake Gleason Lake Shelby Clear Lake Lake Louise | Lake Outlook Lake Anne Marie Lake Butler Lake Pioneer Lake Karnes Jenkins Pond Ft Myers Caloosahatchee River Whiskey Creek Powell Creek Billy Crook Popash Creek Orange River Trout Creek Daughty Creek S-79 Structure Telegraph Creek Hammock Creek | Highiands County Lake Persimmen Liftle Lake Jackson Blue Lake | Hillsborough County East Lake ‘Alafia River Buckhorn Creek Hypoluxo. Dolphin Cove [Indian River County Felsmere Canal C5 Canat Sebastian River Jacksonvile | Intercoastal Waterway _ Lake County Lake Joanna’ Lake Dora Lake Beauclair Lake Yale Trout Lake Lakeland Lake Morton Lake Mirror Lake Holingsworth Lee Couniy Estero River Leon County Lake Anna Lake Fae Pine Hils Lake ‘Arrowhead Lake Gilbert Pond Plantation Lake Lake Bess (Lake Jamie) Lake Jett Rabbit Pond Lake Carolyn Lake Maryann Lake Tom John Lake Charles Lake McBride Lake Warner Megginnis Arm Lake Kilamey Lake Kanturk Martin County “Indian River lagoon Manatee Creek ‘All American Ditch Monroe County West Lake Florida Bay ee PROPOSALS {MARCH ISLAND RFP UY SECTION 48 PAGE 10 PARTIAL LISTING OF SURFACE WATERS TABLE 2- CONTINUED MONITORED BY ERD OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS LOCATION WATERBODIES MONITORED ‘New Port Richey Pihlachascotes River Guif of Mexico ‘New Port Richey ‘Okeechobee County Lettuce Creek ‘Oldsmar Safety Harbor Gui of Mexico ‘Orlando Lake Rowena Lake Eola Lake Baldwin Lake Luceme Lake Siver Giear Lake Lake Davis Lake Adair Lake Wade Lake Dot Lake Suzanne Lake Daniel ‘Orange County Clear Lake Wekiva River Lake Steer Lake Apopka Lake Down Lake Butler Lake Holden Lake Sherwood Lake Conway Bass Lake Lake Oivia Cypress Creek | Lake Bessie Lake Lotia Lake Rose Lake Gatin Lake Isleworth Lake Pocket Wauseon Bay Lake Chase Fish Lake Lake Anderson Lake Blanche Lake Sheen Lake Tyler Lake Tibet Lake Floyd Lake Jennie Jewel Lake Lawne Lake Price | Lake Jessamine Lake Roberts Lake Jennie Jewel Lake Pickett Econ River Lake Gem Lake Rose Lake Peart Lake Gem Mary _ Lake Bumby Lake Tilden Johns Lake Palm Bay Turkey Creek Boundary Canal Polk County | Lake Hancock Banana Lake Lake Cannon Ranger Drainage District | Mallard Lake Dallas Lake ‘Suzanne Lake Jennifer Lake ‘Sebastian Elam West Canal South Prong Radial Gate ‘Seminole County Lake Monroe ake Howell Cub Lake Sweetwater Cove Bear Gully Lake East Crystal Lake St. Johns River Bear Lake Belair Lake Lake Jesup Soldiers Creek ‘Amory Lake LLockhart-Smith Canal Lite Bear Lake Deforest Lake Grows Creek Asher Lake Deer Run Canal Spring Lake St Lucie Indian River Lagoon ‘S Fork of St Lucie River Charles Creek NFork of St Luce River__Bessie Creek St Petersburg Lake Maggiore Miror Lake Clam Bayou Booker Lake | Sumter County Lake Panasofttee Tallahassee Lake Ella Lake Jackson Lake Lafayette Winter Haven Lake Conine Lake Cannon Lake dy Lake Howard Lake May Cake Lulu Lake Shipp Winter Park Lake Mizell ake Maitland Lake Virginia __| Lake Osceota Lake Kilamey Park Lake Pinellas County Lake Seminole ‘Joes Creek Roosevelt Creek Klosterman Bayou Longbranch Creek PROPOSALS\MARCO ISLAND REP 19053 SECTION 4 54 Water Quality Data Analysis Experience For many water quality projects, ERD analyzes historic water quality data and evaluates trends with respect to certain water quality parameters or lake trophic state indices. This evaluation begins with the collection of all available physical, chemical and biological data for the waterbody of interest. Once all of the available data have been collected, it is entered into a water quality database, ERD normally uses Excel, SigmaPlot, or the widely recognized and well-respected Statistical Analysis System (SAS) unless another type of software is requested by the client. Often, data sets for individual variables require transformations to obtain a normally distributed probability function. A normally distributed data set is necessary before simple univariate statistics, such as means or standard deviations, can be performed. It is also useful to plot individual parameters of concem with respect to time to look for ennual or seasonal trends or periods of highly differing values. ERD has conducted both long term and seasonal trend analyses on more than 100 waterbodies in Florida. 5.5 ERD Research Laboratory ERD maintains its own in-house research-grade water quality laboratory which is used solely for our own project efforts. In addition to research-grade equipment for water quality analyses, facilities are also provided for sediment nutrient analysis, algal bioassays, short- and long-term toxicity experiments, setting columns, scale model filtration systems with underdrains, soil/sediment grain size analysis, and facilities for jar test and coagulation experiments, including measurement of zeta potential. ERD has also designed and constructed a continuously stirred environmental chamber for incubation of sediments and slurries under differing pH levels and oxidation states. Al laboratory and field activities conducted by ERD are certified by NELAC (#£1031026) as _a Basic Environmental Laboratory (general parameters, nutrients, and microbiological Parameters) and for Heavy Metals. Quality control is very important at ERD for both laboratory and field operations. Quality control is continuously monitored on all work efforts and is frequently reviewed by the Quality Assurance Officer and the Project Director. Quality assurance in field operations is provided through pre-installation testing, cleaning and calibration procedures, frequent maintenance and calibration of equipment after entering the field, and @ continuous evaluation of the suitability and accuracy of the field equipment for the desired task. Since ERD performs water quality testing only for projects related to surface water, groundwater, and sediments, laboratory procedures have been developed to optimize measurements within the range of values normally found in these water sources. This means that ERD can provide consistently lower detection limits for significant parameters such as nutrients than can be provided by other laboratories which measure a wide range of parameters from industrial wastes to drinking water. As an example, the minimum detection limits for ortho- Phosphorus and total phosphorus in the ERD laboratory are 0.001 mg/l and 0.003 mg/l, respectively. Most other laboratories list detection limits of 0.005 mg/l and 0.050 mg/l for these parameters. Since typical concentrations of ortho-phosphorus and total phosphorus in surface water systems are less than 0.005 mg/l and 0.050 mg/l, respectively, the reported data from these laboratories is presented as <0.005 mg/l and <0.050 mg/l which is essentially useless data. Many laboratories can provide reduced detection limits, but at a substantially higher price. Since the lower detection limits generated by ERD are standard values, no additional charges are involved. ERD also conducts measurements of chlorophyll-a using the extremely accurate fluorometric technique which is based on actual chlorophyll-a standards instead of the spectrophotometric method, which is difficult to perform and replicate, does not utilize standards, and is valid only in freshwater systems. 5.6 Examples of Water Quality Management Projects ‘A summary of significant water quality management and source identification projects conducted by ERD over the past few years is given in the following sections. Information is provided for the Client, Project Management contact, Project Name, Description of Services, Fees, Dates of Services, and Relevant Work Efforts. A code is provided for relevant work efforts and a key for the codes is given at the end of each table. 5.6.1 Water Quality Management Projects ERD has conducted more than 100 water quality management projects which included field monitoring to identify and quantify nutrient loadings to water bodies and develop water quality management options and plans. Virtually all of these projects include hydrologic monitoring to assist in developing hydrologic budgets and surface water or stormwater monitoring to quantify nutrient loadings. After identifying the nutrient loadings and sources, ERD develops a site-specific management plan for each waterbody based on the types, concentrations, and composition of the nutrient inputs. ERD has installed stormwater collection and flow monitoring instrumentation at more than 200 individual monitoring sites and has collected thousands of stormwater runoff, tributary, and canal samples within the State of Florida. This level of expertise is unmatched by other firms within the State of Florida. ERD can quickly conduct virtually any type of hydrologic or water quality investigation using existing in-house resources, including laboratory services. ERD has an unmatched record of successful water quality projects throughout the State. Examples of typical surface water and lake management projects conducted by ERD are given in Table 3. TABLE 3 EXAMPLES OF SURFACE WATER QUALITY AND LAKE MANAGEMENT PROJECTS eee Project Name me of Eo ‘Work. eee - sores | Personnel enor aim Beach County aim Beach Chain-of Lakes Hyerolegic! 123,457,813, Janet Pipps tsos7t | soos | 12345 seems Nation Budgets 14:16,17.18.22 ‘Orange County EPO Fon Nowy Bay Lake Alum Tregiment Sediment | ass | raosans | 12348 478 407.836-409 valuation iy of Winter Park Tim Egan {ake Vrginia Sediment asso | rosso | 12348 478 407.599.3509 vation Evaluation ‘Grange County EPD Ron on, Lake ndeson Alun Teatment | gyso | soosiome | 12948 ane 4078361409 ment Evaluation - ‘iy of Winter Haven ‘Winter Haven Chsin-ofLakes Sediment ‘ 13457.8,11,12, peeve Removal Feasbity Stusy torso | 905207 12aas 914.16,1720 ‘range County EP Buler Chain-of Lakes | 13457.841.12, ‘Serge Quarie Nutienuyeroiogie Budget and 300000 | 108207 | 12345 4578.18.12 407-896-1805, Management Pian — Orange County EPD Serge Duarte nusvent ne Preetveroeaic | sooo | sne-toms | 1.2948 asta isie 407-896-1508 tient Budget and Management Plan 4718,19.20.21 ‘Grange County EPO Fork, Lae sawyer Nase! yscioae | soon | anetome | 1234s | 1aa4sereze FN og jet and Management Plan PROPOSALS MARCO ISLAND REP (083- SECTION 18 TABLE 3~ CONTINUED EXAMPLES OF SURFACE WATER QUALITY AND LAKE MANAGEMENT PROJECTS. ‘cant Profoct Project | Relevant Monge tones Project Name “Fee ot 5 o Service fone efor range County EPO = Lake Pineioch Nutrient Hydrologle 123587.8.13, ae ‘Budget and Management Pan 50,000 7108-2108 129.48 1416.47.22. ‘iy of rand TSS578.10,7, fawn Neca Spin Lie ycrtogcmuion | sg.099 | open | 12348 aise | aori246-2230 04 gets and Management Plan 17,1818202122 | Pineias county vow rman BayoutJoe's Creek Nutent 34567.8,11 Kat Bouse Pasnna oes 70000 | 500-1209 Sees Seminole Couriy 12345878 Sormwater Management | Lake Howell HycrolgicNutrent Budget i844, kim Omberg, PE Evaluaton and Management Pian | 70.000) 1107-1109 16,17,18,1920, 407-665:2417 at Seminole County 12345678 ere cer semen | 862! Gully Lake FytrologioNutient Weise Serer Mann Budget Evaluation and Management | 70.000 | 117-1109 | 1.2345 was, 4078052617 Plan 2 SURWMD my Lake Jesup Tebutary Treatment 3.4567.0.11, Soles Feasbiy Eveucton So.o00 | ames 194s 18,45:16.7,19.21 ‘range County EPO Lave Tet Sore 1 Tbet Sub-basin t and 2 Nutient 1234,78,13.8, | Sopeouers ‘Source Evaluation sooo | _eueeno ‘6tr.e,t0.22 Pinel County Roosevelt Crook Nutrent Source 34567.8.1, an "tacky Pree sooo | _moeavno wsisie tiga ‘range County EPO Lake Tbet Sub-basins 1 and 2 Nutrient 12547.81315 avi Hanson ‘Sours Evalston Updote sooo | eoeano | 12345 feat letaze Seminote Coury Stormwater Management Lake Jesup Seepage 34.87.83, Kim Oberg. PE. Hydrologic tent Loadngs 70.000 " 16.1716,1321 407.865.2617 ‘Seminole County Tease Te co Bear Lake Chain Lakes ae RoOnen ne HystrologicNutrient Budget Evaluation | 140,000 anne 1.2345 sel aSo, igromiens ‘and Management Plan ie ‘Orange County EPO Take Jessamine Hydroogi Nuttant 1234587871 Gay Jacobs Budget and Water Qualty Management | 100000 | sHowie2 | 12548 ‘2 t3.14i6, 407836-1472 | Pan 17,18,18,2021 Southwest Five Water Lake Thonotosassa Nutiont 1 Eimegerrent Det ¢ Hyorologic Budget and Management | 250,000 106-3112 123.45 ISSIR 015.900.7501 12204 Plan Ci of Wier Park PuBRE Faaeare Works Department Lake Kitarney Hyroogi Nutient A wert: De nemey Hrcrologic! 500 | mos | 12948 1316.17.18, 407-585-3500, _ ! ‘Orange County ‘oon eae, Pro. Lake leone evel Nutienttixdosic | seno9 | sonosins | 12345 12948878 ee iget and Management Plan | Seminole County Kim Lake Jesup Seepage! Sedtrent woo | meen | 12348 4578 407-865-2417, — Semiole County Stem areoemort | yey Cogan nga takes \ 1234567811, Stora yorologioNtrent Budget and Water | 100.000 | anosna | 12345 ieastad Sree 20 Quali Management Plan srie.te2021 PROPOSALS) MARCO ISLAND BFP 1.051 SECTION 48 pace 1 TABLE 3--CONTINUED EXAMPLES OF SURFACE WATER QUALITY AND LAKE MANAGEMENT PROJECTS eae aEe Oates Relevant sx flo [Fle = = Involved" iy of Casa POE ‘ree Cassar Lakes Water Quay 378 ely Brook Montonng Progen ~2n,00niyear | 20042014 1348 setriaat ope T35 238 — Orange Cay EPO cavaata Wotage Lave Lake Jessamine Sediment action | 253000 | azar 47.88 ‘orawiat : iy of Toanasice Takes are, Karur and Rise emmce | Gaageeiaan oases | eam | ana ‘oaeza gt feos 3838 Brauston tote. ‘Grane Coty EPO a3487 8071 tae Cage Lake Lawne crlogenuent Bust | iogoq9 | grosns | 1284 ‘isis orsse ats erent Pan mnisieaaize Serinte Coury pig Late Fyeroge Naot taaisoracs an Ontera pubetvauionsneeragenet | 10000 | anzene | 12345 248078 Sorsee str Pion ie range cavriy PO lua of Runt Loigs ard jnaasazan Woe Lge imac forUniesedtacerisen | s0000 | raterone | 1asas | 1284587518 onsse 8 Cranage Baie ve. Take County “Toul akete Yai Hye —] Taas7a01", Rorvrt Nitnen’sedget na Nowrausiy | 10000 | ner 4s ey Sensors ‘aragemt Pan Season svheieaoztze Cage Couly EPO 13457801, Br meer ote Lake Pkt tent Study ssao00 | anstane | szses | Matatee | irae 408 sribt8 203420 ‘range countvEPS | waraaon Coun 1200n Bay ~ Evaluation of Sedrert 13.4678:111316 207-836-1808 Impacts on Lake Water Qualty 80,000 Trane 12348 W7.4816,21,23 ‘range Couriy=PO | Evaluation othe Efecveness ofthe arc nance Aum Sediertinacvatormiearon | 60000 | onsane | i2aa5 | TRBZAAN IBIS ors i82e ‘uate Klmey. 1018 Serle Couiy Tae Taal Fy loge Nao 7345781077 Sioa ey BucpelErauatar are anayerant | 120000 | ranseno | 12345 “aia Sores 3000 Pn | ‘eno 175818902 22 Sere Gomiy ‘ia aa an ane any Fog arent Steer Nuon awset Erector am | 110490 «| ransene | 1234s ‘atin sores 209 “tener Pan anja isaoatz Serine Coury Tar Sst Cove cao Teesreia Sins Boy ‘unertavogel vader and | 110000 | 1oneane ‘ataiaiao, Serer 230 | itonosonen Dn srigiso031o2 Srznge Gary EPO Br naeser oe BigEconWaterduatty and scrage | 125999 | yonrane | -2a4s | 184587811 sore 08 : 82, 80 Personnel Notes: 1, Haney H. Harper Pho. PE tPraeet Brose 1. Development ot msotcsictudgets = 12-_—Devlop water uty modes 2. Bu eveuatons 13 Gees 2. OaviaM. Baker PE. (Sarir 3. Nutr anaes 1: evelopment of management plans Propet Enea 4 Staton of ears 1 Reape Source ra Cand use aay 18. Daa anys 2. ChpHaner MS. Lint) & Lanse 11. Repo preparaen er ed Seen samping 1 Bub preertatons 4. Cassio Revel(Lab Drecon «8 Limnoomytrmotugealimesigatons 18. Conaual rvestgeons 3. wlan esraion 20, toe restraton eres 5. Hany Seana Fad Oeratons 10. Deol ote Zt Prope managenort saree Siponisg) 1 Mapping Sens 2 yetooge normeiaton PROFOSALS \MAKUU ISLAND REP I9433- SECTION 48 PAGE Is 5.6.2 Stormwater and BMP Performance Monitoring ERD has conducted performance efficiency monitoring on virtually every type of traditional and innovative BMP currently in use within the State of Floride. Each of these projects involved design of the monitoring program, selection and installation of hydrologic and automated monitoring equipment, equipment calibration and maintenance, and data retrieval and management. ERD has developed many innovative monitoring designs and instrumentation to address unusual monitoring conditions. Field monitoring has been conducted in pipes, weirs, swales, channels, canals, and water control structures. Mary of the existing stormwater design criteria and removal efficiency calculations used by the Water Management Districts are based on work conducted by ERD. ERD has conducted more than 30 detailed research projects, involving both field and laboratory activities, to evaluate the performance efficiencies of stormwater BMPs and STAs and to characterize runoff discharging from various land use categories. ERD maintains an extensive selection of research-grade field and laboratory equipment and can easily implement monitoring activities for virtually any outfall type and configuration. ERD has provided stormwater collection instrumentation at more than 200 individual monitoring sites and has collected thousands of stormwater runoff, tributary, and canal samples within the State of Florida. Much of the existing runoff emc database within the State of Florida is based upon research conducted by ERD. ERD hhas been routinely selected by FDEP for BMP evaluations and field monitoring activities, often through a Sole Source contract. ERD has conducted BMP efficiency monitoring in the field for virtually every type of stormwater management practice used within the State of Florida to date. This experience provides ERD with an unmatched understanding of significant removal processes within each type of BMP which can assist in targeting and maximizing BMP selection for specific pollutant removals. A summary of significant stormwater and BMP water quality monitoring projects conducted by ERD over the past few years is given in Table 4. TABLE 4 EXAMPLES OF STORMWATER AND BMP WATER QUALITY MONITORING PROJECTS z = Signieant client Project Ereieat Project erste oter fat, Relevant Manager Contact Description Personnel | Work Efforts | Service Pegasus Engineering Fics Dashed | Cates hyeroagi and Dan once Caretsedng | nutenadiye dstergnato | enooo | 28, saan. 407.992.9160 Analysis “rout Lake for TMOL : ‘Seminole Coury Navy Canal RSF | Field instrumentation and dota Stommater Management 07. as | 1295678 sorter Mora Pefomance | “coleciontodemresup | 70x88 | Tm, | izaas | ASS cone raivtion Perfomance eficienc ‘range County Envien ‘Conduct easy valuation Lake Down Sub- Protection Divsion and conceptual design repo. 1107., Soo Beare ban ssReiott | Stnteatrenttoesn | 7% | See | 284s | “Otte 407-836-1608 valuation discharges = Sewn {ake Okeechobee | Develop volume-based i2sasania Daman Merers Basin Stormwater stomwater rue for sno00 | soso | 12 | 22458412, 561-682.6876 Rule Develooment | ___ Okeechobee Basin { en Serinala Coury Cassel Creek RSF | Field instrumentation and data Reromaartlerasement | “Perirmance | colecion odewmine su | 7,108 | 97 | izsa5 | 1295078 in Semon, PE Evaluation erormance fisencies 12109 Siraz2 407-9052817 PROPOSALS MARCO ISLAND REP 19.433- SECTION ¢ PAGE 16 TABLE 4-- CONTINUED EXAMPLES OF STORMWATER AND BMP WATER QUALITY MONITORING PROJECTS Cert Project. Project Projet | ontme | HERD | Relevant Manager Contact See, Description — ce | Personnel | Work Efforts™ | Serer | involves" Gy of Sar Pepper Greek | Falster avd data ; Mitton Pint RSE peromarce | ‘coectontocatamreswe’ | 7oc00 | 1207 | izaes | 1238678 1722005300 vaunton’” | “pevlomance eftaences it Semmae Cosi Fi triton an a Strmtararagement | ercrekRSr | Scr teactemine BME | ose | yoeane 1236678 in Omberg, PE romance | Gerformanceefcecis for gion ‘orsesoir vw aeealongon Seranole County conser] Fai tstumenaton ad daa Stormetronaperent Socom darnre EMP 1aasere, kim Oberg, PE. Peformance | performance efcences for | 272000 | 7-1 | 1.2945 | gig ty4p 407-665-2417, ‘alvation _wet detention pond -_ [none Cie poem ont Ge Detet otet water quay dt tases, Sot otord waren Loséra | evap watershed eeares | T8088 | sttant | 128° | gtSGR aa 407-824-7324 ~~ Serincle Coun Fil nsaraiaton ard aia Lockhart Sh Blots Management Coteciontoceterne BAP rassere Kim Omberg. PE Perfomance | jeromance eftcances fora | T00000 | soesr2 | t2a4s |" io4s ty orate set read wale aia L — Traol oxstng sora Rosia Stewse | ts ané develo trate 1aae7a, Er Living ‘Stormwater Rule criteria; conduct runoff 380,000 2012 | 12.94.85 14,12,13 950-245-8490 ‘monitoring in natural areas Soret Fowe | CProceBere, | felinsumenatonandasts | | sag. | taaseze Mark Oxon TMOL Loading | Soeton measur a | assez 321-289-6911 Evaluation loadings: svc Comn Engeecm ‘Pron menos wear Matin county Enanesina | opal Fams._| lun te meaner tesserae ° siommuserRaret | andaatcolecten: deed | a5000 | ania | i2aas | 1228878 Sra Note Proje | hydrologic and nutent budgets M12 ‘Sn BMP nas enov conemney ) Candaced fa nentonng a7 FDEP ‘ne locations over 12-month period: tt Schenkman oaney tO | oped maaeatard” | zancco | 22 | iasqs | Y2sesa7s bcos cast batnon and | stan beget ected ran BMP efficiencies. _ Pevomanea Cay otCassebery Puke | PETEMARES Fag azumeriaton and data Works icencies collection to determine BMP en. 1235678, rely Brock assbery Gross | tmanccetieraester | 90% | fang | 12848 | glofrtzan (407-262-7725 x1235 Separators ‘wet detention pond ‘simvano oor Roviw or | Regen ot age and 12948010 ast! Gray fiona spines | oadoganaysen; etn, | sso | maans | 12 | tbistaat 386-329-4547 ERP Permit ‘madi cobasotne 19,21,22 ‘Seminole Couniy Dee Run RSF | Fed instrumentaton and data | Storwatraragoment Cateten odin BP ais, 1assere Kien Omberg, PE oe performance efficiencies for | 185000 | savas 12348 8,10,14,12, sovsssoir | deter pons read Coun Waloahed Develop nou praetor and Preyer RL TWO sit. tasasan, Vapi Barr Fafnoment | ffbacefow grins ora | ea.toe | ng | 12 | aan tastde 921-633-2016 »000-aere waiters - TABLE 4-~CONTINUED EXAMPLES OF STORMWATER AND BMP WATER QUALITY MONITORING PROJECTS Datse itt Project Project Project Relevant eee Project Name Description ne hae ‘Efforts Wart County Fa armenian ad data doe Wat Manatecreek. | “Shacranto etemine ue” | aiaaoa | 1216 12a4se7e, Traas9-9269 perormenoe siieis - . ‘ivAmerican Dich Martin County Stormwater Qvaity | Fad instrumentation and data | sanz John Mae Retroft Fioject | collctionio determine BMP | 12220 | TNT" | r2s45 | 12345678, 772455:3263 Pertrmance | perfomance eficences Evaluation | “ERD Personne) Note 1. Haney H Harper Pr, PE. (Project Diesen 1. Development of hydoonisbudgets 12. Dovel water quality models 2. Bi evaluators 13. SiS concer 2 Davi M. Boker. PE. (Senior Project 3 Nutent anale 14. Devotpment ofmanagement pans Engineen 4 Estmaton of dings 15 Isotope Source Treckng 5. Land use anal 48. Data anavsts 3. Chip Hamer MS. (Umnoogit) & tabanaysie 17, Report preparation 7 Water and sediment sampling 18. Pubic presentations 4. Cassie Rover (Lab Decor & Unmologytmolopal investigations 19. Conduct rwestgatns 8. Wettend restoration 20. Lake restoration stvties 5. Hay Seonauth Fats Operatons 10. Destine cours 21. Projec management series Stoenisod 11, Mapping services 22. Hyarooge mnwumenaton 5.6.3 Nutrient Source Tracking Virtually every project conducted by ERD involves design of a monitoring program to identify and quantify sources of nutrients into surface waters. However, in some cases, the origin of the Nutrients is of concem to trace specific sources in the watershed. ERD has conducted more than 10 source tracking projects to identify both surface water and groundwater impacts from wastewater reuse irrigaticn, golf course fertilization, residential fertilization, septic tanks, landfill leachate, agricultural activities, and changes in nutrient loadings before and after implementation of fertilizer ordinances. ERD was one of the first to recognize the potential nutrient impacts from reuse irrigation, and ERD personnel gave many presentations to scientific groups and organizations regarding this issue. Other projects have been conducted using tracers such as sucralose, caffeine, and boron. A partial summary of nutrient source tracking Projects conducted by ERD is given in Table 5. Using source tracking techniques, ERD has been able to identify sources of nitrate in groundwater and surface water associated with golf courses which use reuse irrigation at multiple sites in Pinellas County and Orange County. Stable isotopes have been used by ERD to identify sources of groundwater influx to lakes and to identify sources of nutrient contamination in urban drainage systems. ERD has also used sucralose as an indicator of the source of sewage contamination in the Econ River. PROPOSALS \MARCO ISLAND RFP 19.032 SECTION 48 Pac 18 TABLE 5 EXAMPLES OF NUTRIENT SOURCE TRACKING PROJECTS Client / Project Project | Dates | S@RieanE Project "ERD Rolevant See | pales teame Description Fe | cactice | Personnel | Work Efforts (9)_| Semice | Involved Kisterman | Conducted month fll montering proect, Pineias County | Bayoulloe's | incsing discharge and water chemistry. to ‘508- 134567811, keliLovy Creek Nutrient | identify nutrient soures to urban drinage | 70.000 1234s | 1213,1415.16.17, 727-484-3317 | Source Tracking | cliches; used stable Isotopes to Kent 12109 18,19,21,22 Project ‘utien sources ‘Conducted month field monitoring preiect, Pinatas County | Roosevet Creek | ncuding discharge and water chemistry. 10 1109. 1345678:11, kali Levy NNutvent Source | identify nutrient sources to urban drainage | 60,000 1234s | 1213, 727-464-3517 | Tracking Project | tches, used stable wotopesto identy a0 18,19,21,22 nutiont sours = Tet Sub. | CoRduCed E-month eld monitoring proaram eraeCouny | Lake Tt ab | tn ow tough en os isaseras, Sepa Hanson | Ramee sez, | watershed, including go cour; instated | e000 | SAB | 12948 | 1213.1415.1617, sareset008 arent Sour ‘monitoring wots n go couse and 18,19,21,22 background areas a Cows Greay | Condusied Emonth eld monitoring projec, Seminole County | ,CroWS Cr8eK | etuding dscharge and water chemistry, 0 ons 134587821 Giora Eby etre identiy nutront sources to urban drainage | 69.000 | S'S | yas4s | 12.1314.15.187, 407-655-2439 enifcation |“ Giches; used stable otopes to idertty |“ tesg.2t22 Project ution sours . ‘Conducted 12-meonth montoig projet in Lowe urban lake, including cischarge and water Seminole County | Sweetwater 134567841 Gione Eby Cove Hysroigie | Memst of infows, groundwater seepage, | 419,999 | 10/16 1213,14,18,16.17, 407-865-2429 | ‘Nutrent Busget | 24 runoff ently nutnent sources to ane 18,1921.22 Nutont Budget | wing iake; used sable topes to ently sources of nutrients in runoff, seepage range County | BREN Wa | Conaucad12month monte program one 194701 | urban rer to ent loasings and sources; | 128,000 | yaaa | 1213.14.18 16, Dr. Michel Katz | Discharge ang 18.19.2122 foresees | Ocharge | “used sucaiose to deny human inputs ; ‘Lake Pear! Condueied T2-menth Fld monitoring Grapes County | yrgle_ | program to quantly heli ns nutet nie sgageren FPO sachet Kate | Nutfent Bucget | loadings to urban lake: measure sucralse | 168.463 |," | 12a45 | 1218,14,15,16.17, soraseacs” | Eval andMan. | on groundwater seepage entoig lake to 18.1921.22 Plan dentfy human meee Take Rose ‘range County | tetany Conducted 12sont eld mantorng Po eeeR | program fo quantity hydroogs and nutent wie 1945678.1, Emiy Lawson, | Wicatonand | loadings to uban ke: measue suraiose | 195585 | pracy | 12848 | 1213.1815.1817, Be aluation and/or groundwater seepage entting take rose 1 2 ‘oreesaas | Management | °° ny mman eps SERO Personnel ‘Notes: 1. Haney H. Harper, Ph.D, PE. (Project Brecon 41. Development et hydrolopieroudgets 12. Develop water quaity models 2. BMP evatiatons 43. GIS serdces 2, David M. Baker, PE, (Senior Project 3. Nutrient analy 14 Development of management plans Engineer) 4 Estimation of dings 45. Isotope Source Tracking 5 Land use analysis 18. Data ana 3. Chip Harper, MS. (Limnotogist) 6 Lab analysis 17. Report preparation 7. Wator and seament sampling 18. Public presentations 4 Cassie Revel (Lab Director) 8 Limnologyrimvelogicalinvessigations 18. Conduct investigations 9. Wetland restoration 20, Lake restoration activites 5. Harry Seenauth (Field Operations 10, Designs of Ps 21. Project management services Superson) 41. Mapping services 22. Hydrologic instrumentation PROPOSALS) MARCO ISLAND RFP 1-03-SECTION 4 5.6.4 Water-Sediment Interactions ERD has extensive experience in characterization of bottom sediments and evaluation of sediment-water column interactions in lake systems and is a nationally recognized leader in this field. Interactions between the sediments and the water column can be particularly significant in shallow lake systems. ERD has performed numerous projects to evaluate the impacts of sediments on water quality including projects in Lake Maggiore in St. Petersburg, FL, where in-lake isolation limno-coral chambers were utilized to identify changes in water quality characteristics resulting from wave action within the lake and to determine the effect of dredging on lake water quality; in the Winter Haven Chain-of-Lakes, where ERD performed another study utilizing isolation limno-coral chambers to evaluate the impacts of sediment nutrient exchange and potential sediment remediation projects (such as sediment removal or alum sediment inactivation) on algal productivity; and in East Lake, located in Tampa, FL, where ERD evaluated the impacts of sediment resuspension and recycling on water quality within the lake as a component of the nutrient budget for the lake. ERD has conducted actual field measurements of sediment-nutrient exchange in more than 50 lakes in Florida. Prior to the work conducted by ERD jin this area, nutient loadings from internal recycling were ignored in virtually all lake nutrient budgets and TMDL allocations, which results in an increased emphasis on runoff generated inputs and higher load reduction allocations to local governments. After numerous presentations on this issue by ERD at ic symposia, FDEP has now begun to include internal recycling estimates in current TMDL documents. 5.6.5 Groundwater Influx ERD has also investigated and developed innovative [ 7" methods for estimation of groundwater flux in surface water systems using seepage meters designed by ERD. Based upon the research performed by ERD, many lake managers in Florida now recognize that groundwater inflow into lake systems can represent a significant pollutant and hydrologic loading to the lake system that may alter selection of final water quality improvement options. Prior to the extensive work conducted by ERD in this area, groundwater nutrient loadings were only included by FDEP in TMDL allocations if septic tanks were located along the lake perimeter. The work conducted by ERD has demonstrated that groundwater seepage is a significant hydrologic and nutrient loading to all lakes, not just lakes with septic tanks along the shoreline. Pace 20 5.7 Project Management And Quality Control Successful implementation of Water Quality Projects will require preparation and continued moritoring of a thorough Project Management Plan. The Project Management Plan will include the following key elements: City / ERD Coordination ERD / Internal Coordination Project Cost Control Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Program - Field Monitoring and Laboratory Analyses Sens Project management for ERD projects is greatly simplified since sub-consultants are not required for any of the proposed activities with the exception of specialized lab analyses. Since all management is internal, ERD can quickly resolve any potential issues which may arise without e-mails or phone calls. The lack of subconsultants also el additional layer of management fees which results in savings to the Client. 5.7.1 City ERD Coordination The City/ERD interface for this project will begin prior to the kick-off meeting. ERD will have already coordinated the final Project Work Plan, a project schedule, and an agreed upon budget for all project services. At the start-up meeting, we will finalize the contacts for the City and ERD, and review the Project Work Plan, project schedule, and the budget for the project. The City/ERD interface will continue throughout the project with periodic e-mails between project managers. Detailed monthly progress reports will be provided to the City. ERD will meet with the City at all key Points, as outlined in the Scope of Services. 5.7.2 ERD Internal Coordination ‘Throughout the project, ERD's Project Director, Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E., will be responsible for coordinating the activities of ERD personnel. Immediately upon contract execution between the City and ERD, Dr. Harper will promptly schedule an internal start-up meeting to discuss the services to be provided, equipment and staffing needs, and the project schedule. Following the start-up meeting, Dr. Harper will also conduct monthly internal meetings to discuss previous work Products, upcoming work products, and to resolve any questions or concems which have developed. 5.7.3 Project Cost Control In conjunction with developing the proposed Work Plan, ERD will prepare a detailed breakdown of all labor, materials, and expenses. ERD will monitor costs carefully and will prepare monthly Progress reports to the District summarizing all expenditures related to labor, materials, or expenses. These monthly progress reports and associated invoices will be submtted to the District for review and payment. ERD commits to not exceeding the agreed upon budget unless the Scope of Services are changed or modified. Once accepting a project, ERD has never requested a change order from any client unless a significant change in scope was ‘specifically requested by the client. If any changes in Scope are requested, ERD will prepare a revised project cost summary and submit to the City's Project Manager for approval. No additional work will be completed unless approved by the City's Project Manager. PROPOSALS {MARCO ISLAND RFP 19.089 SECTION 48 PAGE SECTION 6 Project Understanding and Approach 6.1 General Philosophy Virtually all projects conducted by ERD involve identification and quantification of nutrient sources and development of water quality management plans. Over the years ERD has developed a relatively standard strategy for these projects. Many consultants assume that water quality issues are created primarily by stormwater runoff and focus narrowly on stormwater management. However, to adequately assess nutrient sources to waterbodies it must be understood that nutrients originate from a variety of sources, and each potential source must be evaluated and quantified to identify significant sources and achieve a successful water quality Project. This comprehensive approach to identifying nutrient sources has allowed ERD to achieve an un-matched level of success in improving water quality. Nutrient loadings to waterbodies originate from a variety of sources. A schematic diagram of Potential nutrient sources to waterbodies is given in the figure below. In addition to runoff, waterbodies are also impacted by loadings from baseflow, groundwater seepage, bulk Precipitation, internal recycling, and in some cases, waterfowl can be a significant nutrient source. Baseflow reflects drawdown of ponds and groundwater between storm events and is often ignored. Groundwater seepage carries loadings from watershed sources such as septic tanks, fertilizer applications, landuse activities, and reuse irrigation. Bulk precipitation is also ‘commonly ignored, but this source can contribute large nutrient loadings, particularly for nitrogen. Intemal recycling is another source which is almost always ignored, but in eutrophic waterbodies, this source often exceeds runoff loadings by a large margin. To achieve a successful water quality project, each of these sources must be quantified and compared. Typical Waterbody Nutrient Budget Components Runoff! Basefiow Precipitation \ | Outflow J 7 \ Groundwater \ Seepage Deep Recharge PROPOSALS\MARCO ISLAND RFP 19.013 SECTION 4 The approach proposed by ERD is to quantify each of the identified nutrient sources and produce a ranking of nutrient loadings and develop mitigation strategies for each source. ERD Proposes to collect sufficient field and laboratory data, using a combination of existing and new data, to partion and quantify nutrient inputs. To assist in better understanding the issues facing the City ERD has downloaded available water quality data for the Marco Island area from 2015 to the present and reviewed current and historical aerial photography to identify changes in landuse and visual water quality in waterbodies. To demonstrate our approach, understanding, and methods of providing the requested services to the City, ERD has provided a typical Scope of Services for a water quality evaluation and management project. This Scope of Services outlines each of the specific work efforts to be conducted by ERD, including specific ERD personnel involved. Since more data will become available to the selected consultant, the tasks listed below and number of proposed monitoring sites may change based on discussions with the City, but this proposed Scope of Services should be viewed as a demonstration of understanding of identifying, monitoring, and quantifying nutrient sources in waterbodies. 6.2_Proposed Scope of Services 1. Prolect Kick-off Meeting: ERD personnel will attend a project kick-off meeting with the City Project Manager to review the overall project objectives, scope of services, primary contacts for each organization, project schedule, meeting schedule, coordination and access issues, and to request specific information from the Client. A site visit will also be conducted to review the general area and select potential monitoring sites. (ERD Personnel Involved: Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.) 2. Collect/Review Available Information: All existing information in the possession of the City concerning the waterbodies and contributing watersheds will be provided to ERD for review, including previous studies, historical and current water quality data, and drainage basin boundaries for each watershed to be evaluated; and applicable hydrolagic/stream gauging data, if available. ERD will review all provided and collected information, and applicable information will be utilized for purposes of this project and summarized in the Final Report. (ERD Personnel Involved: Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; Chip Harper; David Baker, P.E.) 3. Historical i ‘sis: All available historical and current water quality data for the Marco Island area will be collected by ERD. ERD will enter the historical water quality into a statistical database and perform trend analyses and ‘ANOVA comparisons to examine historical trends in water quality. The resulting data will be presented in both tabular and graphical formats. The data will be used to identify “hot spots" and potential loading sources. (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper; Dr Harvey H. Harper, PE.) 4. Routine Surface Water Quality Monitoring: Surface water quality monitoring will be performed by ERD at 12 monitoring sites on a monthly basis and used to establish existing water quality characteristics within each waterbody, examine seasonal variability, and evaluate spatial variability. Water quality monitoring will be performed for a period of 6 months, depending on available budget and schedule, and will include both wet and dry season conditions. During each monitoring event, field measurements of PH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and ORP will be performed at the water surface, and at 0.5 m intervals to the bottom at each monitoring site. A measurement of Secchi disk depth will also be performed. A water sample will be MARCO ISLAND RF? 19-035 SECTIONS PAGE 33 collected at each site, at a depth equal to 50% of the Secchi disk depth and analyzed for the parameters listed below. Microbiological parameters are not included on this list since there is no indication that bacteria have been a problem, but these can be added if desired by the City. All lab analyses will be conducted in the ERD Laboratory (NELAC #£1031026) a pH g. _ Orthophosphorus b. Alkalinity h. Particulate Phosphorus Ammonia Nitrogen i. Total Phosphorus d NO-N j. Turbidity e. Diss. Total N k, Total Suspended Solids (TSS) f, Total Nitrogen | Chlorophyll-a For purposes of this Scope a total of 12 monitoring sites is proposed with a monitoring Period of 6 months to include both wet and dry season conditions, although the number of sites and monitoring frequency can be easily modified if desired by the City. The monitoring data will be used to establish ambient water quality characteristics and assist in evaluating potential water quality trends. (ERD Personnel Involved: Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; Chip Harper; David Baker, P.E.) 5. Evaluation of Hydrologic Inputs: a, Waterbody Inflows: Field measurements of significant inflows will be performed during the 6-month monitoring program either manually on a periodic basis using the velocity/cross-sectional area method based on USGS protocol or continuously using an installed flow monitor. (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper; Harry Sesnauth; Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.) b. Direct Precipitation: Direct precipitation during the monitoring period will be monitored by ERD using a recording rain gauge, with a resolution of 0.01 inches, which will be installed near the center of the drainage basin. This rain gauge will provide a continuous record of all precipitation inputs to the lake during the study Period. (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper; Harry Seenauth; Dr. Harvey H. Hamper, PE.) ¢. Water Levels: If appropriate for the study, ERD will install digital water level recorders in significant waterbodies to document changes in water surface elevations to assist in developing hydrologic budgets. ERD personnel will retrieve information from the level recorders approximately once every two weeks. (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper, Harry Seenauth; Dr. Hervey H. Harper, P.E.) 6. Evaluation of Nutrient Inputs: a. Bulk Precipitation: Continuous measurements of bulk precipitation will be conducted by ERD at a single location near the center of the drainage basin Bulk precipitation will be collected in a funneltype device connected to a refrigerated polyethylene sample bottle. Bulk precipitation samples will be retrieved by ERD on a weekly basis during the monitoring program and analyzed for the following constituents: (1) pH (8) Total Nitrogen PROPOSALS\MARCO ISLAND REP 19.018 SUCTION 48 PAGE 26 (2) Specific Conductivity (7) Ortho-phosphorus (3) Alkalinity (8) Total Phosphorus (4) Ammonia Nitrogen (9) Total Suspended Solids (5) NOeN (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper; Harry Seenauth; Dr. Harvey H. Harper, PE: Cassie Revell) b. Shallow Groundwater Seepage: Groundwater seepage meters will be installed at 10 locations. The locations will be selected based on a review of bathymetric maps, adjacent landuse, septic tank areas, and application of reclaimed reuse irrigation. Seepage meters will also be placed in background areas for comparison. Seepage meters allow direct measurement of the quantity and quality of groundwater inflows to waterbodies and are far superior to the use of monitoring wells which only provide information on the water quality at the site of measurement, which can change substantially during migration through bottom sediments, and do not provide direct evaluation of inflow rates. ‘The quantity of seepage influx will be measured, and samples will be collected and analyzed once every month during the 6-month field monitoring program. The collected groundwater seepage samples will be returned to the ERD Laboratory and analyzed for the following parameters: (1) pH (6) Total Nitrogen (2) Specific Conductivity (7) Total Phosphorus (3) Alkalinity (8) Color (4) Ammonia (9) Stable Isotopes (6) Nox Locations of each seepage meter will be indicated by GPS coordinates and a submerged floating buoy. Each of the collected seepage samples will be field filtered prior to collection of samples for laboratory analyses. The proposed stable isotopes will be used to identify potential sources of NOx in the seepage. (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper; Harry Seenauth; Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.: Cassie Revell) ¢. Stormwater_Runoff The character of stormwater runoff discharging from various land use categories will be evaluated by performing monitoring at significant outfalls within the drainage basin. Specific locations and land use types to be included in the monitoring program will be selected jointly by ERD and the City, but for purposes of this submittal, a total of 4 monitoring sites is proposed. ERD will install stormwater autosamplers with integral flowmeters at each site inside an insulated equipment shelter. Runoff samples will be collected as a flow-weighted composite of runoff generated during the entire storm event, or in the case of baseflow, as a weekly composite, with a target goal of 8 samples collected per site. Each of the collected flow-weighted composite ‘stormwater samples will be returned to the ERD Laboratory and analyzed for the parameters listed below. Stable isotopes will be measured on the collected ‘samples and used to identify sources such as fertilizer and reuse. (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper, Harry Seenauth; Dr. Harvey H. Harper. P.E.; Cassie Revell) (1) pH (8) Total Nitrogen (2) Specific Conductivity (9) Orthophosphorus (3) Alkalinity (10) Particulate Phosphorus (4) Ammonia Nitrogen (11) Total Phosphorus 10. (5) NOeN (12) Turbidity (6) _ Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (13) Total Suspended Solids (7) Particulate Nitrogen (14) E.Coli (15) Stable isotopes of © & N Sediment Collection/Characterization: Sediment core samples will be collected at 20 selected locations to assist in evaluating potential water column/sediment interactions and resulting water quality impacts. Sediment core samples will be collected within the lake using a 2-inch diameter split-spoon type core device. Visual characteristics of each sediment core sample will be recorded, and the 0-10 cm layer will be extracted and retumed to the ERD Laboratory for chemical analysis. Each of the sediment core samples will be analyzed for the following parameters: a. Total Phosphorus d. Moisture Content b. Total Nitrogen e. Sediment Density ¢. Organic Nitrogen Each of the core samples will also be analyzed using the Chang and Jackson phosphorus speciation technique which divides sediment phosphorus associations into the following categories: a. Saloid-Bound Phosphorus b. __Iron-Bound Phosphorus (soluble + easily exchangeable) ¢._-—Aluminum-Bound Phosphorus The results of the sediment analyses and speciation procedures will be used to identify general sediment characteristics and to assist in estimating the potential for internal recycling of nutrients from the sediments into the overlying water column in each waterbody. Isopleth maps will be prepared for each evaluated sediment parameter and waterbody. (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper; Harty Seenauth; Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; Cassie Revell) ion of Internal Nutri ing: Direct measurements of internal recycling of nitrogen and phosphorus under aerobic and anaerobic conditions will be performed using sediment release rate experiments on sediment core samples collected within the waterbodies. Large diameter (10 cm) sediment core samples will be collected from a variety of water depths and sediment characteristics and returned to the ERD Laboratory Specific locations for collection of the large diameter core samples will be based upon the results of the sediment core samples collected under Task 7 Following collection, the large diameter core samples will be incubated under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Release of nitrogen phosphorus will be measured in each core sample over time. The release rate information will be combined with historical dissolved oxygen field measurements, as well as the general sediment characterization information, to estimate nutrient recycling based on the percentage of aerobic and anaerobic zones. (ERD Personnel Involved: Chip Harper, Harry Seenauth; Dr Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; Cassie Revell) Reuse Irrigation Impacts: Impacts from reuse irrigation will be evaluated by collection and analysis of reuse water and information on application areas and rates. ERD will collect samples of reuse water during each site visit, and the samples will be analyzed for the parameters outlined under Stormwater Runoff. The relative contribution of reuse PROPOSALS MARCO ISLAND RFP 19405. SUCTION 48 Pact m6 1. 12. 13, 14, 15. 16. water to overall nutrient loadings will be evaluated from basic hydrologic budgets and the results of the isotope analyses. (ERD Personnel Involved: David Baker, P.E.; Or Harvey H. Harper, PE) Identify Nutrient Sources: At the conclusion of the field monitoring efforts, ERD will develop an annual hydrologic budget for the lake. The hydrologic budget will include stormwater inflows, groundwater seepage, deep groundwater losses, direct precipitation, interconnected lake flow, and evaporation. (ERD Personnel Involved: David Baker, P-E., Or. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; Chip Harper) Develop Action Plan: Based upon the information obtained during the review of existing information and the data obtained during the field monitoring program, ERD will develop an Action Plan which outlines efforts to be undertaken to reduce loadings to waterbodies and improve water quality. This Plan will include both structural and non-structural techniques, as appropriate, to improve water quality. Conceptual designs, including construction, annual operation and maintenance costs, and pollutant removal costs and benefits, will be calculated for each evaluated management option. (ERD Personnel Involved: Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; David Baker, P.E.; Chip Harper; Sharon Darling) Prepare Draft Final Report: At the conclusion of the tasks outlined above, ERD will Prepare a Draft Final Report which describes all of the field and laboratory work efforts Performed, summarizes the analyses and conclusions of the study, and outlines the recommended management plan. (ERD Personnel Involved: Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; David Baker, P.E.; Chip Harper) Attend Review Meetings: The ERD Project Director will attend a meeting with City Personnel to discuss the Draft Final Report and receive comments. (ERD Personne! Involved. Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; David Baker, P.E,; Chip Harper) Prepare Final Report: ERD will prepare a Final Report for the project based upon the review comments provided by the City. (ERD Personnel Involved: Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.; David Baker, PE.) Prepare/Give Presentation of Results: The ERD Project Director will prepare a presentation summarizing the work efforts and results of the project. A presentation of the results will be provided to either the Client or other interested parties as directed by the City. (ERD Personnel Involved: Dr. Harvey H. Harper, P.E.) 6.3 Fee Estimate Appreliminary fee estimate for the proposed services is provided below. However, this fee is only an estimate at this time, and the final fee will depend on the final Scope of Work. The work efforts proposed by ERD can be easily modified to fit within the City's budget. ERD has never been unable to reach a fee agreement with any client. 6.4 Time Frame The proposed work efforts outlined above can be completed within 12-14 months after receipt of a Notice to Proceed. PROPOSALS\MARCO ISLAND REP 19<33-SECTION 48 PAGE 27 City of Marco Island Nutrient Source Evaluation and Assessment A, Labor Task Task Description Man-tours ‘Amount Pu [se im [er _[ cw [> [ot 1 __| Propet exo Meat 2 == a Foes Water Qualty Evaluaton and Trend 4 2 [eee 6 | 6 [am] - - |: 458.20 Routine Surface Water Monitoring -6 3_| Routine a - | 2 | 2 - | - 11,197.68 Inflow Moaiioneg -4 months ‘ Insta Autocampers at 4 locaons: 6 =a == B52 8 Rouine Mentnng aa Sample 12 ~ | 20 | ae . - 13,028.32 InstallMontor Bui Precintation Sambler |_—4 a == 23065 (Groundwater Seong . a. Seepage Meter 6 | Preparation/instatation 8 a a a7e0T2 &. Retine Montorng nd Sample 2 ~lulsel-|-|]- 4388.28 7 | Seciment Colscion/haracierization 3 ee ee 448008 Internal Recycling Evaivation 9 |[#.Collecion of Large Core Sams a 378072 | 'b. Routine Monitoring and Sampie bouton 4 -f2feof-f-.[. 7,908.92 Identity impacts fom Reuse ligation a 4308.92 entity Nutrient Sources 5 a 5,404.20 Develop Management Recommendations | 35 | 24] =| = [aa | 70,082.00, Prepare Draft Final Report ee |e |e a 14,707.22 | Review Meeting 12 <= = te 2.025 36. Prepare Final Resor 8 a3 2 fas 2a7a34 regare/Give Presentation of ResulS 20 | 2 spor 3,802.32, Totals 25692 | 36a) 367 | 24 | 38 | 38 707,818.08, B. Laboratory Expenses Task Description anak ‘S| Surface Water Samples - (12 samplesimonth x6 months @ $ 1s6/eanple) T2320 ‘4 | inflow Water Samples 4 sites x8 samplesiete @ $158/samole) 3,056.00 ‘5 | Buk Preciptation Samples (20 samples x $136/samola) 2,720.00, ‘5 | Groundwater Seepage (50 samples x $82/sampie) 5,740.00 ‘9 | Reuse Imigation Sarpies (10 samples x $13 /sampla) 4,310.00, 7 | Sediment Analyses (20 samples x $187/sample) - 3,740.00 ‘8 [intemal Recycing Analyses (5 core samples x 20 samples/core $72/sarpia) 3,640.00, “Total Laboratory Analyses: 36,438.00 . Reimbursable Expenses Task Description S| Surface water monitoring suppiesfiters, et. (12 samples @ $ Sample) 3. Lake monitoring equipment use (6 events x $100ievent 4 [ Autosamsier Rental 4 units x4 months x $250) | Seepage meter fabrication/oreparation/ental (10 seepage meters @ Si25iretor) 5 | Seepaae meter samole suoplies/iters (50 samoies @ $25/sample) Isotope analyses (30 samples @ $100/sample) — — ‘9 | Recycing evaluation supplies (Large ameter sediment cove cyinders, gases, supplies, ei6: 6 core bes x 200.00 ‘s200/tbe) "Total Reimbursable Expenses: 14,280.00 Project Total: PROPOSALS\MARCO ISLAND REP 10-033 SHCTION 4 Pace 18 7.0 OFFICE LOCATION The ERD office is located in Orange County, south of Orlando, near the Orlando International Airport, approximately 180 linear miles from the City of Marco Island. ERD routinely conducts projects throughout the State of Florida, and the distance to Marco Island is not an obstacle. ERO Inc. 2449 Trentwood Blvd, Orlando, FL 82812 HARDEE DESOTO Marco teiand COLLIER == Se ‘PROPOSALS \ MARCO ISLAND RFP 1942- SECTION 8 Pace 20 SECTION 8 Professional References ERD leased to provide the following previous and current clients as references for our capabilities, quality of services, and overall performance. Reference Activities Performed Mitchell Katz, Ph.D. EPD Water Sciences Desk: 407-836-1409 Mobile: 407-340-6605 Email: mitchell katz@ocfLnet Orange County Environmental Protection Division 3165 McCrory Place, Suite 200 Orlando, FL 32803-3727 Field monitoring, lab analyses, field instrumentation, hydrologic and nutrient budgets, stormwater monitoring, sediment collection and analysis, groundwater seepage, measurement of internal recycling, nutrient source tracking, hydrologic instrumentation, development of management plans, water quality trend analyses, BMP selection, report Dianne K. Hughes Senior Ecosystem Specialist Martin County Public Works 2401 SE Monterey Road preparation Field monitoring, lab analyses, field instrumentation, hydrologic and nutrient budgets, stormwater monitoring, performance efficiency monitoring, measurement of internal 200 W. County Home Road, Sanford, FL 32773 407-665-2439 Email: GEby@seminolecountyfigov Stuart, FL 34996 recycling, hydrologic instrumentation, 772-219-4980 development of management plans, BMP Email: dhughes@martin tus selection, data collection and analysis, report preparation Gloria Eby Field monitoring, lab analyses, field Principal Environmental Scientist instrumentation, hydrologic and nutrient Lake Management & Mosquito Control budgets, stormwater monitoring, sediment Seminole County Watershed Management Div. collection and analysis, groundwater seepage, measurement of intemal recycling, nutrient source tracking, hydrologic instrumentation, development of management plans, BMP selection, water quality trend analyses, report preparation Robert Musser Senior Director, Environmental | Canaveral Port Authority | 445 Challenger Road | Cape Canaveral | FL | 32920 321-394-3256 Email: David W. Hamstra, P.E., CFM Stormwater Department Manager Pegasus Engineering, LLC 301 West State Road 434, Suite 309 Winter Springs, Florida 32708 407-992-9160 work (extension 309 david@pegasusengineenng net Performed subconsultant services related to Routine field monitoring and lab analyses, field instrumentation, hydrologic instrumentation, water quality trend analyses, report preparation water quality issues related to stormwater and lake management. Field monitoring, lab analyses, field instrumentation, hydrologic and nutrient budgets, stormwater monitoring, sediment collection and analysis, groundwater seepage, measurement of internal recycling, BMP selection PROPOSALS\MARCO ISLAND REP 19432 SECTIONS 8 SECTION 9 Other Information PROPOSALS\ MARCO ISLAND REP 19-013-SECTION 48 PAGE State of Florida Department of State I certify from the records of this office that ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND DESIGN, INC. is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Florida, filed on September 9, 1986. The document number of this corporation is 132405. I further certify that said corporation has paid all fees due this office through December 31, 2019, that its most recent annual report/uniform business report, was filed on April 16, 2019, and that its status is active, I further certify that said corporation has not filed Articles of Dissolution. Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of Florida at Tallahassee, the Capital, this ‘the Sixteenth day of April, 2019 Secretary of State Tracking Nomber: O2302730506 ‘To authenticate this certificate, visit the followin follow the instructions displayed. enter this number, and then “quawindop siup asn 0} 2asua>I] ayy Wey) 494}O 9UOAUE 404 |nyme]UN St 3] “9SUDD!| INOA S} SIL “wuoy Aue u ULUNDOp SIU Jaye JOU Og wox-asua2rTepuo|JAW 18 aUy}U0 59su3>1) ALISA SAEMTy Tz0z ‘8z Auveaad “3tva NOLLWUIdXa WOW J N NaSN3DI7 Ik IV SSANISN 4O LNSW.Lavd4ad VdIdOT4 40 FLVLS Jagp Areyoinas “sueayseg AasteH, “quawinnop sty 3sn 0} aasuady ayy UeYR 19yJO aUOAUE 405 RJMeIUIN 51 3] ‘asUI>] INOA S| SIYL “Wog Aue Uy JUaWNDOp sIUy 493Ie JOU Og wo>‘asu92!]epHO] 4A Je AUl]UO SasUady) AYIA SKempy 1207 ‘82 Aveda d “STVGNOLLVuldXa ! O LS NOILVIND3Y TWNOISSAIONd ‘SSANISNG JO LNAWLYvdaG VdldOT4 40 ALVLS Jago Area1n9s ‘s1eo4saq AaSieH sowianog ‘snuesag voy "qUaWINZOP siUp aisn 0} 3asua>!} 242 UEYY J94IO BUOAUE 404 \nyMeIUN SI 3 “2SUI>H| INOA SI sIYL “wuoy Aue uy quatUNdop Si4y Jaye JOU 0g yan skemyy JOLLVald x3 WL 2 ‘SSINISNG JO LNIWLYVd3G VGROTd 40 ALVIS Jagp Areja.zas ‘sweaysag A2s|eH s0wsano5 ‘snuesag YOR sareoyiuea pansy Kisnoina ie sapasiedys S1EWESASNVELNON ‘Sevcae.oq27 edt! SHOP yO neaung FIKD (@OS¥iUW Van PysmopueNeT 'y Anes = = 0202 ‘o¢ eunr ‘a}eq uoNesdxy 6 L0Z ‘LO Ainr_:panss| a1eq |4 ul smets uoneottuea s,Kuoresoge! oun Aauebee SILA UAMA AION 01D jres0ge a uo palo Ste payin senkreue pub Spounau 2) Dou cwo9 Suyeb-vo myeeabans uodn mwsbunLe st wore ASO TOIBOBOIN - 451¥M 3TBVIOd NON 'STVL3N- Y2LVM 21EV.LOG-NON “AYISINHD TWRIN3O - HALYM 378V04 NON ‘soyoBare0 Suymojio) ey) Ut sajdiues jou ~3¥9 9p09 on py pI JOujAUS Jo UONIEUIWWEXS aA JO} i paijdwod sey zieze 14 ‘OUNVTIO. 20 ALINS “GATE COOMINSEL BLE ‘ON NDIS3G ® HOWVAS3Y TVINZWNOBIANS szoveo1a yeu Aynsao 01 st sy Salio1e0qe7 UAIeaH 211GNd Jo Neaing ‘ueaH Jo waunsedag EPLJO} 4 JO 2121S & HITWaH EDUC me re Laboratory Scope of Accreditation Paget ort ‘Attachment to Certificate #: E1031026-43, expiration date June 30, 2020. This listing of aceredited analytes should be used only when associated with a valid certificate. State Laboratory ID: 1031026 EPA Lab Code: FLO0529 (407) 855-9468 1031026 Environmental Research & Design, Inc. 3419 Trentwood Bivd., Suite 102 Orlando, FL. 32812, Matrix: Non-Potable Water Certification Analyte Methodrtech Category Type fective Date ‘Alkali a8 CACO SM2H208 ‘Geral chem NEAR ‘axa0r0 Alanna SmaI ews NELAP anya ‘Ammonia 1 SMsoD NAG GereralChomisey NeLAP ansn0i0 Blochancl oxygen demand sMs2108 ever Chemisey NeLAP vesv007 xian swath Meats NELAP srna010 Caleurn ssoute Mente NELAP a82017 Cstorazeout B09 (CROD) sws2108 General Chemisny NELAP ‘2nn07 (Crema oxygen demand act sc00 Genea Chemisry NELAP 2en007 Chord swasoo.cre Gere Chemisny NELAP an3a0i0 ler ssw 1020084 Genel Chensry NELAP: anga010 Cece swat Metts ELA e29a017 Calor sMe2iaa¢ Gener Chemistry NELAP ansa0i0 Condi sMe2siog Geer Chantry NELAP autvzaro cope sxestin8 Met NeLAP sisz010 sehen BPA 60 Mieinogy NELAP sixe010 Fea eniforns Monat © Microbisiony NeLaP wevao0 Fst elie se20 Mirbioogy NELAP ava007 Hardoes sw aoc (General Chemis NELAP wan cel swine Met NeLAP rss irate nice SM 4S00.NO3 F Gencal Cheisry NELAR: anx010 een tog THEN inst AMMONIA Gen Chemin pecan sav2007 Ontheprsphar as? Sw 4s0-PF Gover Chemistry NeLaP ansa0i0 pe Sw asoastin Gere Chem NELAP izsn0s Prose SM 4500.0 F Gener Chany NeLAP sis2010 Pot swine Meals NELAP wna00 Resiuestersie (TDS) sm 2s40e ever Chom) NELAP itso Reside soit (FSS) 3628400 ever! Cheritey NELAP. wazow Sedan SMH Meats NeLAP waa010 sale ‘56.4500 SO Geveal Chenisry NELAP \asxa007 Total mien SMASOONC 20ND Genel Creminy NOLAP ants2010 on) Tei sw27308 Goren Comin wunar siis200 Uinind Ammonia DEP SOP 105/83 Gaver Chemsry NFLAP evar are urged to veri the Environmental Laboratory Certifi the inboratory's current certification status with M0 Program. Issue Date: 7/1/2019 Expiration Date: 6/30/2020 —=Z oar ACORE CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE OeOIeOI8 THIS GERTINGATE 6 SUED AS A MATTER OF NFORWATION ONLY AND CONFERS NO RIGHTS UPON THE GERTICATE HOLDER. TH CERTINCATE. DOES NOT AFFIRMATIVELY Of NEGATIVELY AMEND, EXTEND OF ALTER THE COVERAGE AFFORDED BY THE POLICIES SELOW. This GeRTIVCATE OF NGURANGE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A CONTRACT BETWEEN THE SEUNG RGURER(S), AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OR PRODUGER: AND TH CERTIFICATE HOLDER. [“INPORTANT: 1 the cerificate hoider e an ADDITIONAL INSURED, tho polioyes) must have ADDITIONAL THSURED provisions or be endorsed SUBROGATION IS WAIVED, subject tothe torms and conditions of the palcy, certain policies may require an endorsement. A statement on this cotiteate does nt confor rights to the carlifcateRalder in iu of such endorsements) mone 407-377-7701 07377-7702 Combs Risk Management Bp on: 407. ; [RE ny 407-977-7702 |2 South Orange Avenue ‘homes; oO land Floor - Suite 203 nen room ona wae JOriando, FL 32601 saimera: Ace/Westchester Insurance Company 10172 ssunco 407-855-9465 seamens: Old Dominion insurance Company 40231 Environment Reseach & Design, Inc. | naunexe: Liberty Mutual Insurance Company | 23043 [3419 Trentwood Biv oumeno: Suite #102 ener loviando. FL 9281 . ‘COVERAGES ‘GERTICATE NUMBER: REVISION NUMBER: “Ts iS TO CERTIFY THAT THE POLICES OF INSURANCE USTED BELOW RAVE BEEN ISSUED TO THE NGUREO NAMED ABOVE FOR THE POLICY PERIOD INDICATED. NOTWITHSTANDING ANY REGUIREMENT, TERM OR CONDITION OF ANY CONTRACT OR OTHER DOCUMENT Witt RESPECT TO WHIGH THIS CCERTIFCA"E MAY BE ISSUED OR MAY PERTAIN, THE INSURANCE APTORDED av “HE POLIGIES OSSCRIBED HERE Is SUBIECT TO ALL THe TERWS. Excilsions AND conDm Gees.» 71.000,000 A i EEE caurece,_$ 50,000 Hf iar 54086389 oxrana0ra! o4nnr020) sen ew pnyem nnn) + Excluded j Penson. sacv wm’ 8 4,000,000 Veep soereane er paicsren [esserncanecave "+ 2.000.000 Civcuri 8 [soe Teecovrs-caumor ac 2,000,000. come $ Sr BEET Toon a0 8 Hate gee e008 cn0019 41072020 B00ky nui Pe ace 8 pe: | neveamon ann sasstest conor oanvanae YE ooo 000 ‘oe _cotese-exrurove 1,000,000 WERT Preece | casei revue | 1000-000 Contractors Poluion ind BOGESTS TTS BITRE] Ber Gocurance $7,000,000 {| Professional Liability Pinder s00033 | oxcoo%9 os020' Each Claim '$1,000,000 CERTIFICATE HOLDER. CANCELLATION (Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. seroRe }Assounts Payable Department ie rman BATE THENCORNOTEE WOE BELNERED a 900 Broken Sound Parkway NW Heconoance vers ME POLICY PROMSIONS. suite 200 Boca Raton, FL 33687 OREO RESTATE Habk (obs MILE ‘© 1868-2015 ACORD CORPORATION. Allrighta reserved: ‘ACORO 25 (2016/03) ‘The ACORD name and logo are registered marks of ACORD.