General Situation: You are assigned as the battalion signal officer.

You are in charge of coordinating communications in a complex field exercise. Situation: An unknown enemy is trying to confuse your radio communications by transmitting false messages on your communications frequencies. The figure below shows the authentication tables you are currently using. This situation pertains to questions 1 through 3.

Figure 1. 1. You issue the following challenge to a calling station: "Authenticate Juliet Tango, over." What response do you expect to hear? (Refer to Figure 1)

"I authenticate Juliet Tango as Lima." 2. You are sending a blind message to all units on your net. What type of authentication do you use? (Refer to Figure 1) . Transmission authentication. 3. You are opening a radio net. Which stations must authenticate? (Refer to Figure 1) All stations. Situation: You are operating a mobile command post coordinating the movements of four platoons in a field exercise. This situation pertains to questions 4 through 16. 4. Which of the following radio sets will you most likely be using? AN/VRC-53. 5. On what equipment will dismounted platoon communications personnel receive your transmissions? AN/PRC-25. 6. You are directed to establish a retransmission set so that base HQ can communicate directly with forward units. Which of the following AN/VRC-12 configurations should you use? AN/VRC-48. 7. An armored cavalry unit is also involved in the exercise and you are directed to monitor their net in addition to the one you are already monitoring. Which of the following AN/VRC-12 configurations should you select? AN/VRC-46. 8. You learn that your communications post has been targeted and that you must set up a remote station. Which of the following pieces of equipment should you use? . AN/GRA-39.

You are instructed to shift communications with your platoons to "secure" mode. Which of the following radio sets do you instruct your units to use? AN/PRC-77. 9. What type of security device do the platoons use to convert their sets to "secure" voice transmission? VINSON. 10. What is the single most important factor when considering the tactical effectiveness of a radio telephone network? Use of proper procedures by all operators. 11. What do you call the series of letters and numbers used to identify a communications facility, a command, an authority, or a unit? A call sign. 12. Your communications station is identified by the letter-number combination C4W29. How do you pronounce this on a radio telephone net? Charlie Fohwer Whiskey Two Niner. 13. How should you abbreviate this pronunciation after you were established on a net? Whiskey Two Niner. . 14. You receive a message which is garbled after the first three words. What procedure words should you use in requesting a retransmission of the message? All after. 15. The station that transmitted the message of item 19 decides that the message they transmitted is incorrect, and wishes to cancel the message. What procedure words does the station transmit? 16. Disregard this transmission-out. 17. You are participating in a field exercise in desert terrain. You cannot contact your base station using a standard quarter-wave antenna configuration with a medium frequency transmitter. Which of the following modifications will improve communications? Erect a counterpoise for the antenna.

18. Your platoons have received SINCGARS replacements for their AN/PRC-25 and -77 units. Which of the following do they have now? AN/PRC-119. 19. What is the primary role of the combat net radio network? Voice transmission for Command and Control Systems. 20. You are operating in an area where covert communications with your base is necessary. Which of the following antennas presents the least chance of signal interception? V antenna. Which of the following transmitters does the newer teletypewriter set use? AN/GRC-106. 21. The keyboard for your TTY set fails. Which of the following is another method of putting signals into the teletypewriter format for transmission? Manually modulating the frequency. If the equipment in the 3/4 ton truck has been replaced with the newer teletypewriter sets, which of the following radio sets will you have now? AN/GRC-142. 22. You are operating an HF radio set in the field to communicate with a field headquarters (HQ) located 45 miles away. A power generation station located at an azimuth of 90 degrees from the field HQ is producing interfering noise. Which of the following antennas provides the best communications under these conditions? A vertical half-wave antenna. 23. What frequency band should you employ to communicate with field units located 4,000 miles away? . High frequency. You are experiencing cosite interference between an AN/PRC-104 set and an AN/GRC-213 set. Which of the following courses of action reduces the interference?

Operate each set on a different channel. You receive orders to transfer your communications center to a 3/4 ton utility truck. Which of the following radio teletypewriter sets should you use? AN/GRC-46. 24. You are operating a UHF radio set. What range of frequencies can you transmit? 300 - 3000 MHz. 25. You are using the VINSON "secure" device with your SINCGARS radio set. How many different sets of COMSEC variables can you load into the VINSON device? Five. 26. You are establishing a field command post using a combination of SINCGARS, IHFR, and MSRT/RAU radio sets. Which of the following combinations is most likely to produce unwanted interference? SINCGARS to MSRT/RAU. 27. You are operating a radio set in an area of high air traffic density. What type of antenna polarization causes the least RF interference from overflying aircraft? Vertically polarized. What message do you transmit to order the net to close down? ZKJ1 K. 28. The stations on your net have a combination of new and old radio teletypewriter sets. What frequency range must you use in order to ensure that you are within the transmitting and receiving frequencies of all stations? 2.0 to 29.999 MHz. 29. What feature of your new SINCGARS radio sets makes it more difficult for unfriendly forces to detect your transmissions? Frequency hopping. 30. You are opening a radio teletypewriter net and all stations have been tuned to the correct frequency. You transmit the message "INT ZNB F F K" to the first station on the net. What reply do you expect?

ZNB F F INT ZNB L Q K. 31. Which of the following types of antenna polarization do you use to minimize the effect of noise generated from a power station? Horizontally polarized. 32. The net is now open. You are sending a message and make an error. What procedure sign do you transmit to indicate this? EEEEEEEE.