Using the primary means of providing NRI, how far apart can the switchboard and the NRI device be? 2 miles. 4 miles. 5 miles. 10 miles. 2. You are operating a mobile command post out of a 3/4 - ton vehicle. Which of the following radio sets should you be using? AN/PRC-25. AN/VRC-64. AN/VRC-49. AN/PRC-77. 3. How will you, as the telephone operator, get a call sign to use over the NRI? The NRI operator assigns a call sign. Make up an arbitrary call sign. Look up your call sign in the CEOI. A call sign is not required. 4. Which of the following pieces of auxiliary equipment must you have in order to set up your radio teletypewriter set for remote operation? AN/GRA-71. AN/GRA-50. AN/GRA-39. AN/GRA-14. 5. The reconnaissance battalion needs to communicate with one of its long range reconnaissance units. Which division internal net should it use? The division HF voice net. The division rear operations center FM net. The division intelligence FM net. The division command operations FM net. 6. What provides initial command, control, and communications throughout the division? Single-channel net radios. Double-wire secure telephones. Radio wire integration systems.

Single channel point-to-point radios. 7. You are at a field communications site communicating on a frequency of 36 MHz. Your regular antenna breaks and you decide to fabricate a field-expedient halfwave doublet. How long should you cut the wire for the new antenna? 7.5 feet. 13.0 feet. 26.0 feet. 36.0 feet. 8. You are placing an NRI call from a wire telephone. You are calling another signal officer who is using a mobile radio set. Which parties must use proper radiotelephone procedures? The party using the telephone only. The party using the radio only. All parties. No parties. 9. You are setting up an AN/VRC-45 radio set as a retransmission station. Which of the following pieces of auxiliary equipment should you connect to perform this function? RT-442/VRC. RT-524/VRC. C-2299/VRC. C-2742/VRC. 10. The standard division radio net structure consists of how many separate nets? Three. Four. Five. Six. 11. Which of the following division communications nets is designed for use primarily as a data net? The intelligence net. The fire direction net. The GP RATT net. The surveillance net. 12. You are monitoring a squad command and control net. Which of the following radio sets is the squad most likely to be using?

AN/ PRT-4A. AN/ PRC-25. AN/VRC-64. AN/ PRC-77. 13. You must establish NRI at your division main command post. What piece of equipment do you need to provide this service? AN/GSA-7. AN/PRR-9. AN/GRA-50. AN/FRC-93. 14. If you do not have the appropriate piece of equipment to configure the retransmission station, what other piece of equipment should you use instead? RC-292. AN/GRA-6. AT-984A/G. MK-456/GRC. 15. Which of the following types of terrain is most likely to require an antenna counterpoise? Forest. Swampland. Meadowland. Desert. 16. What other piece of equipment can you use if the primary means of providing NRI is not available? AN/VRC-12. AN/GRA-39. AN/GRA-50. AN/GRC-125. 17. You are at a battalion command post using its communications equipment. Which of the following radio sets are you most likely to be using? AN/PRC-25. AN/VRC-53. AN/PRC-77. AN/VRC-89.

18. Which of the division command posts is a small, highly mobile package of selected personnel and equipment that provides command, control, and communications well forward in the division? The division tactical command post. The maneuver brigade command post. The division main command post. The division rear command post. 19. Which of the following division communications nets has the highest priority? The HF voice net. The intelligence net. The command and operations net. The surveillance net. 20. Which of the following operations is NOT directed from the main command post? EW operations. Interdiction. Logistical support. Psychological operations. 21. Who installs and operates NRI at the division level? The division commander. The division rear support element. The division maneuver brigade. The division signal battalion. 22. You have a forward observation unit whose job is to contact you immediately when the "enemy" it is watching begins to move. You want the unit to be able to make direct contact with you at a moment's notice. What type of communications system should you set up for this unit? A wire telephone system. A multihop system. A network system. A point-to-point system. 23. What feature of division command posts makes them less vulnerable to a single assault? Dispersal of the command posts throughout the division area. Having several staff members with similar functions at each command post. Locating all vital equipment in a single site well to the rear of the bulk of the

division. Location of the command posts in a hardened building. 24. Which of the following non-SINCGARS radio sets should personnel in the field on foot use to respond to your VHF-FM voice call? AN/VRC-12. AN/PRC-25. AN/VRC-45. AN/PRC-119. 25. Which of the following situations is NOT a normal use for NRI in the division? Communications during river crossings. Communications across a break in a wire line between two units. Communications between mobile combat elements in the division forward area with supporting logistic elements in the rear area. Communications with a special forces unit operating behind enemy lines. 26. You are in "enemy territory" and want to transmit a message to your base, but you do not want the transmission intercepted. Which of the following field expedient antennas should you use for best directionality and least chance of message intercept? A half-rhombic antenna. A ground plane antenna. A long-wire antenna. A whip antenna. 27. You are using an NRI system with a long run of unprotected wire that is subject to being tapped by "enemy" forces. Which of the following devices will you use to ensure that all portions of your NRI system are "secure"? KW-7. KY-38. KY-57. KG-84. 28. Your commander is going out in a jeep and desires to maintain the ability to communicate on the division telephone network. What type of system should you set up for him? A portable division telephone. A telephone set attached to a radio transmitter. A net radio interface.

A radio with a telephone handset. 29. When the NRI operator is contacting the net you have requested, who is required to authenticate? The NCS only. The NRI operator and the NCS. All stations on the net. The NRI operator only. 30. Which of the following radio teletypewriter sets should you have in your 3/4 - ton vehicle? AN/VSC-2. AN/VSC-3. AN/GRC-122. AN/GRC-142.