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f HSTARSCHOLARS NOE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Tribhuvan University (TU) and the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR) ‘Tribhuvan University (TU), established in 1959, is Nepal’s oldest and much respected public university. As one of the world’s largest universities, TU has about 400,000 students and 8,000 faculty members. 5 Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR) is a transnational forum of scholars advancing global mobility through research, teaching and advocacy efforts for creating and sharing published scholarly research journals focused on international education by facilitating academic exchanges across the world, Currently, STAR is led by professors of different universities based in the USA. To institutionalize our past collaboration and continue-future academic activities, this MoU is hereby signed between TU and STAR. Through this agreement, we seek to collaboratively pursue a vision of social and economic impact through the enhancement of teaching, research and publication in TU. With this agreement both parties agree: ‘© to promote research and scholarship among TU faculty members by providing them with material and intellectual resources, training and expert support, and exchange and collaborative opportunities; © to strengthen academic and research capacity of TU faculty members through collaborative research projects, international exchanges of research scholars and experts, and co-authoring of publications across the sites; © to build on current initiatives such as “Academic Excellence through Enhancement of Teaching in the Semester System” for integrating research into teaching, thereby extending into research-focused collaboration for professional development of TU scholars; ; © to design new programs-for directly increasing and improving research and publication among faculty members of TU, thereby instilling a culture of research driven teaching (with workshops, webinars, training, provision of resources, and pursuit of finding~ funding, etc.); ‘© to develop faculty cupport system that will enhance the integration of teaching and scholarship; ‘© toestablish academic services (office hours, writing center, teaching center, etc.) in order to promote research in teaching and toward making research a means of social/economic impact; © to create and implement innovative initiatives for improving classroom pedagogies for research-driven teaching/learning, advancing institutional research and assessment of teaching/learning, and promoting academic environment where research is catalytic to educational change. As we sign this MOU, TU appreciates the contribution of STAR in the past two years and is committed-to facilitating further collaborations. The May 2018 conference, marking the completion of the first two years of informal and semi-formal exchanges, has helped us envision continued work and to work toward a larger Summit in 2019 with a view to fully institutionalizing faculty training and exchange of ideas. Both patties agree on the following operational plans as Both TU and STAR will actively seck financial support from potential funding sources, as ‘well as contribution of expertise, by individuals and organizations. ‘® Funding allocated or received for collaborative programs will be utilized by agreement of the two parties. © Cost of various programs and logistics will be bome and managed according to separate project-specific detailed plans of action. ‘The Guration of this MoU will be five years and it will be renewed automatically unless cancelled by the agreement of both parties. Any terms of this MoU are suibject to change, renewal, or ‘teomination at any time by mutual consent based on a written notice period of at least six months from either of the collaborating parties. Te NY Prof. Dr. Tirth Raj Khaytya. Dr. Uttain Gatilee Vice Chancellor President ‘Tribhuvan University, Nepal Society of Transnational Academic Researchers Prof. Dr. Sudha Tripathi Dr. Chris R. Glass Rector 4 ‘Vice President of Research and Public Policy Tribhuvan University, Nepal Society of Transnational Academic Researchers Prof. Dr. Bhupa Pd, Dhamala Ds, Gene Hammond Executive Director Trustee & Advisor, STAR Centre for International Relations Associate Professor, Stony Brook University Tribhuvan University, Nepal g laid out below. Operational Plans The activities will be conducted through a coordinator designated by Executive Council of ‘TU, under the Council's overall guidance; STAR will be similarly guided by its mission and will collaborate through designated members for different projects. TU will also designate required number of faculty members to facilitate different initiatives. Date: 4 9 AON Date: yp bb, wold