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1. The length of a football field is 100 yards. In meters it would measure roughly _________.

110 meters 91 meters 109 meters 81 meters 2. Agnes rides her bicycle to work each day. She lives on an old farm which is 40 kilometers from the factory where she works. Approximately how many miles does Agnes ride her bike? 24.9 miles 40.6 miles 30.4 miles 25 miles 3. As a part of A Company's fitness program, each man has to run at least 100 miles each month. 100 miles = __________ KM. 140 KM 150 KM 180 KM 160 KM 4. Craig Starr, quarterback of the Huns, completed a 20 yard pass to his wide receiver, John Tilley, for the first touchdown of the game. Twenty yards is approximately __________ meters. 12 meters 18 meters 20 meters 22 meters 5. The unit of measure in the metric system that is onethousandth of the basic unit is the __________. centimeter millimeter kilometer meter 6. The intersection of Provost Avenue and 4th Infantry Division Road is 50 yards from Building 12702. What is the equivalent metric distance? 46 M 40 M

55 M 58 M 7. Bravo Company needs 15 feet of guy wire to erect a radio antenna. The approximate metric length of guy wire Bravo Company must requisition is __________. 4.5 meters 3.8 meters 24.0 meters 13.6 meters 8. Private Larry Holmes has the responsibility of driving his unit's communication van from Site A to Site X. He is responsible for planning all necessary stops for refueling and maintenance purposes. Private Holmes' van holds 20 gallons of gasoline and average 11 miles per gallon. Private Holmes is now parked beside the road because his vehicle is out of gasoline. What is the approximate distance that he has traveled in kilometers? 322 KM 750 KM 354 KM 220 KM 9. In order to repair a defective electrical fan, the repairman has been instructed to replace a defective piece of wire that is 10 inches long. If the repairman measures the wire using metric units, how long will the wire be? 25.4 CM 3.90 CM 2.54 CM 254 CM 10. The average woman is 5 feet 4 inches tall. What is the equivalent measure using the metric system? 173 CM 163 CM 64 CM 160 CM 11. What metric system unit is one hundredth of a meter?

Decimeter Centimeter Kilometer Millimeter 12. Assume that a 2.0 meter signal cable extending from the Antenna to the radio transmitter is broken and must be replaced. How many inches long is this cable? 78 inches 66 inches 6.6 inches 24 inches 13. If the coaxial cable to the AN/VRC-12 is 5 feet long, how many meters long is the cable? .45 M 15.0 M 4.50 M 1.50 M 14. The prefix "kilo" means "thousand." How many meters equals one kilometer? 1,000 100 .001 .0001 15. Electronic warning devices are to be installed at a secure communication site. The minimum distance between each device is 30 meters, the equivalent distance of separation between each device in yards is __________. 39 yards 33 yards 30 yards 35 yards 16. The meter is approximately 39.37 inches long. This is __________ inches longer than the English yard. 4.00 inches 3.93 inches 3.50 inches

3.37 inches 17. The average height for a man is 5 feet 10 inches. Using the metric measure this is equivalent to __________. 108 CM 280 CM 190 CM 178 CM 18. A decimeter is 1/10 of a meter. It may also be written as __________. 0.1 0.001 0.01 .0001 19. In 1973, it was rumored that a new light weight handgun that had an effective range of 200 meters was being developed. How many yards would the effective range of the gun be? 240 yards 219 yards 120 yards 210 yards 20. In 1880 Johannse Kazier constructed a balloon that enabled him to soar to a height of 9,719 feet. What is the approximate height in meters? 2,916 meters 2,452 meters 3,240 meters 2,184 meters 21. If the distance from the Equator to the North Pole is about 10,000,000 meters, what is the distance in kilometers? 100,00 KM 1,000 KM 10,000 KM .100 KM 22. Assume that a certain camera uses a 25.4 centimeter lens. The size of this lens in English units is __________.

10 inches 28 inches 23 inches 64 inches 23. If an aircraft made an emergency landing in an open field, which is approximately 50 kilometers short of the intended runway, using the English unit of measure how many miles is the aircraft short of its intended target? 34 miles 31 miles 25 miles 29 miles 24. PFC Willis has won the 50 yard dash for 2d Bn. What is the approximate distance in meters? 91 meters. 55 meters 28 meters 46 meters

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