1. The division G3 uses the ________ net for tactical command and control. Air defense coordination.

Division command/operations. Division TOC (AM voice). Early warning broadcast. 2. The division signal battalion operates a maximum of ________ area node centers. Four. Two. Five. Three. 3. A light infantry division's air defense battalion has three Stinger batteries and an Improved Chaparral/Stinger battery. True. False. 4. The ________ provides early warning detection of low-altitude hostile aircraft and other targets. Forward Area Alerting Radar platoon. Division airspace management element. Firing battery. Air defense fire coordination section. 5. Mobile subscribers in an air defense battalion use the ________ to access the MSE network. Facsimile. MSRT. FM radio. RAU. 6. Specific instructions relating to communications (such as instructions on radio silence and responding to jamming) are found in paragraph _________ of the signal annex. Four. Five. Two. Three.

7. The S2 element responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence, counter-intelligence, and security operations for the battalion is the _________. Air battle management operations center. Battlefield information coordination center. Tactical operations center. Division airspace management element. 8. Air defense battalions limit their targets to hostile aircraft. Hostile ground targets are left to friendly ground maneuver forces. True. False. 9. Which is not a duty of the battalion signal officer? Commands the HHB communications section in the absence of the section leader. Plans and supervises the battalion's single-channel radio and internal wire line communications. Serves as the battalion COMSEC officer. All of the above. 10. The air battle management operations center (ABMOC) uses the __________ net to coordinate tactical air and ground air defenses. Air defense coordination. Early warning broadcast. Section command/operations. Battery command/operations. 11. Paragraph ________ of the signal annex identifies internal and external radio nets. Four. Two. Three. Five. 12. The air defense battalion TOC uses a ________, which the division signal battalion provides, to access the MSE area common user multichannel network. RAU. Node center. LEN. SEN.

13. An air defense battalion uses wire circuits as the primary means of communications because of the frequent number of displacements. True. False. 14. Paragraph _________ of the signal annex notes any known jamming that may impact on signal support provided to the unit. Three. One. Four. Two. 15. The _______ net is used as a backup for the division command and operations and the division intelligence (FM) nets. Air defense coordination. Division TOC (AM voice). Early warning broadcast. Division purpose (RATT). 16. Chaparral, Vulcan, and Stinger batteries are normally positioned from the _________ to the _______ to defend against hostile aircraft. FEBA; division rear boundary. FEBA; corps rear boundary. FLOT; division rear boundary. FLOT; corps rear boundary. 17. Paragraph _____________ of the signal annex provides a clear, concise statement of the signal support to be provided. One. Four. Two. Three. 18. Stinger teams operate in the section command/operations net (FM voice). True. False. 19. The air defense battalion command net is an _______ net used to ________. FM; command and control.

AM; command and control. AM; coordinate service support. FM; receive intelligence. 20. Wire planning considerations include _________. Special training requirements. Predicted weather conditions. Power requirements by location. All of the above. 21. An airborne division's air defense battalion has __________ composite towed Vulcan/Stinger batteries. Three. Two. Six. Four. 22. The air defense battery primarily uses _________ to command and control its firing platoons. RATT. Single-channel radio. Multichannel. None of the above. 23. Planning and supervising the installation, operation, and maintenance of all mobile subscriber radiotelephone terminals (MSRT) occurs at the division signal battalion. True. False. 24. The signal officer in an air defense battalion not only serves on the battalion staff, but also directs and supervises the unit's signal elements. True. False. 25. A Chaparral battery has a battery HQ, _______ Chaparral platoons, and ________ Stinger platoon(s). Two; one. Three; none. Three; one.

Three; two.