1. Instructions on radio silence should be contained in the signal annex. True. 2.

The reliability of radio communications depends largely on selecting a good radio site. Valleys and underpasses are good sites for radio communications. False. 3. The signal annex contains information about the maintenance of signal equipment. False. 4. In a heavy division, the unit assigned to the combat aviation brigade which provides aerial communications intelligence, direction finding, and jamming support to the division is the_______ QUICKFIX flight platoon. 5. The division primarily uses which radio net to pass mission taskings to the MI battalion? Division command net. 6. The MI battalion in a light division has an HHSC, a collection company, an intelligence and surveillance company, a flight platoon, and a__________ Long range surveillance detachment. 7. The MI battalion in an air assault division has an HHOC, a collection and jamming company, an intelligence and surveillance company, a long range surveillance detachment, and a_______ Service support company. 8. In an airborne division, the _______ provides communications intelligence collection and line-of-bearing information on radar and other noncommunications emitters for the division. Collection and jamming company 9. The radio net used for tasking, coordinating, and tactically controlling deployed IEW elements of the battalion is the _____

MI battalion operations net. 10. The MI battalion administrative/logistics net is a/an ____ net. FM voice 11. A heavy division's MI battalion has a headquarters, headquarters and service company (HHSC), a collection and jamming (C&J) company, an electronic warfare (EW) company, an intelligence and surveillance (I&S) company, a QUICKFIX platoon, and a________ Long range surveillance detachment (LRSD). 12. The ____ connects the TCAE to deployed SIGINT elements of the EW company. SIGINT tasking and reporting net (RATT) 13. The ______ provides for the collection of information by human intelligence means within a heavy division's area of operations and interest. Long range surveillance detachment 14. The ____ is used for signals intelligence and electronic warfare tasking and reporting, and for passing technical data to deployed subordinate elements of the C&J company. C&J tasking and reporting net 15. The final selection of a route for laying wire is made on the basis of a map study. False. 16. Wire planning considerations include the type of units to be supported, the availability of wire and cable equipment, and SOP items that pertain to wire communications. True. 17. The primary radio communications means used to provide internal command and control of the MI battalion is_________ Single-channel. 18. Mobile subscribers access the MSE network via the______

Mobile subscriber radiotelephone terminal. 19. The MI battalion tactical operations center accesses the MSE network through a_______ Small extension node. 20. In a heavy division, the MI unit that provides electronic warfare support measures to the division is the_________ EW company.