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A sincere
thank you
from Julian
I really do want to say a very sincere
thank you to everyone who has
supported The Wayland News this year.
I am always surprised at wide variety of
businesses that advertise in this paper.
Beyond doubt, without them, you would
lose the paper, so please, support those
local businesses that are still with us and
trading through these difficult times and
in the face of such ruthless competition.
And when you are doing that, tell them
you appreciate them advertising in your
This year we lost Jan Godfrey MBE,
with whom I started the journey
publishing The Wayland News back in
‘96. Although not intimately involved
after 2001, Jan has always been there, at
the end of the phone, ready with
editorial advice and shoulder to cry on.
And I am missing that. But the press
does not stop rolling so I must record
my thanks to all the contributors, both
regular and irregular, for all their
submissions. There is a “core” of
contributors who regularly submit
interesting and amusing pieces that help
make the paper what it is, and I give
particular thanks to Ken Knowles, Lotta
Potts, John Egerton, Orbiter, the Boy
Sid and a dozen others. Every
contributor helps make the paper an
interesting and informative read. Parrot Class from Watton Westfield Infant and Nursery School after their Indian Dancing class with Tina from JayaDance - More inside on page 3
I would also like to mention the Printers,
Sharman and Co in Peterborough. The event ‘In a Stable’ - to take place at Holy
team over there are so good in "In The Stable" Cross Church and Church Farm, Caston on Watton Town Carol Service
everything they do to help me meet Saturday 14th December – 11.00am- Please come! You are all welcome to the Town Carol Service
production deadlines and also in helping
Holy Cross Church, Caston 5.00pm 3.00pm Sunday 8th December 2019 in the Queens Hall.
to keep costs at a level wher the paper Saturday 14th December The Knitted people will be joined by live The Offering will be taken up for The Benjamin Foundation. They
works. So Mark, James, Jackie, Julie The village of Caston has reached national animals in the stable. The church will be are leading the way through partnership in this community of
and everyone else there, once more, I fame with the creation of Her Knitted decorated for Christmas. Refreshments, Watton for the Community Hub, evolving at the Harvey Street
thank you very much. Majesty (a life-sized replica of Queen gifts and goodies (for those last-minute Youth and Community Centre.
Ultimately, the efforts of all the above Elizabeth ll in her Coronation robes). She gifts) will be on sale in the church. The Benjamin Foundation is a charity set up in Norfolk and now
people come to nothing if you don’t featured in the Petal and Purl festival in Tickets to visit the stable will also be on expanding to Suffolk and neighbouring counties. They help people
pick up a copy and read it! So to you, June this year and has since travelled to the sale in the church cost £2 for adults and deal with many of the challenges that life throws at them. .
my dear reader, thank you. You are the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham children free. Homelessness - Accommodation centres for young adults provide
only reason The Wayland News is to be displayed at the Creative Craft Show. Join us to sing carols around the wondrous support and a safe place to live while we help them get their lives
published. Have a Happy, Peaceful Some of the remaining knitted people, from scene at 5.00pm We look forward to back on track. . Families - they support families in crisis and help
Christmas and a Healthy New the summer festival, have been reused into welcoming you to Caston for this special build stronger relationships. . Children - they work with schools to
Year. a life-sized Nativity tableau for a special day. support children with issues including bullying. They also provide
childcare in their day nursery and pre and post school clubs. .
Stores - their furniture stores in Norwich, Holt and Dereham sell
good quality donated furniture and electrical goods. Their Ipswich
Re-use Shop has a wide range of goods on sale. Each year the
Charity helps provide hope, opportunity, stability and independence
to around 2,000 people. Rev Gerry Foster
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 3
The Learning Journeys at Westfield mid- thirties, if we tuned our ‘wirelesses’ to
Radio Luxembourg, to which station our
attention was directed by the makers of the
Norfolk Wildlife Trust
famous night-time drink, made even more
famous when half the children of the country
Breckland Local Group
were encouraged to join the band of On Sunday 20th October a small group of us joined Jonathan Revett for
Ovaltinies, for whom a special show was a Fungi Foray at Brandon Country Park. We were lucky to have a dry
broadcast every Sunday afternoon (late enough and still morning to enjoy a
to avoid clashing with Sunday School!). Of wonderful beech and birch
course the war brought an end to all that, and woodland and no sooner had
though Luxembourg came back on the air six we set out than we found this
years later, it never regained its pre-war lovely specimen of a Pestle
popularity. Puffball. We went on to find
The arrival of commercial television brought a many different species
wealth of brilliant advertising, which including a small group of
entertained us through many years, but the rare Earth Star.
gradually the supply of ideas seemed to dry up, Jonathan was a very
which can only be expected after over sixty knowledgeable and
years, which has led me to my current approachable leader of our
reluctance to watch them. Of course I realise walk and a good time was
that many folks do not necessarily feel the had by all.
same way, but I do resent having my Our last event of this year
November has given us many reasons to the children joined in an Indian Dance enjoyment of a good play spoilt by regular is a talk by Philip Parker,
celebrate at Watton Westfield Infant Workshop with Tina from JayaDance. interruptions. Bats and Churches. Venue
and Nursery School. At the beginning BIFFA (Bible is Fun for All) Club was Of course advertising reaches us in many is Watton Christian
of the month we opened our new visited by Rt. Revd. Jonathan Meyrick, ways, especially via our postal services, which Community Centre, High
Nursery class for 2 year olds, Bishop of Lynn (above). The children depend on ads. to keep them in business, since Street, Watton. IP25 6AB.
‘Hedgehogs’. We are delighted to be acted out the story of Noah’s Ark, made no one can afford the stamps required for what Cost £3 non-members, £2 members including seasonal refreshments.
able to support our local children’s their own animal masks and learnt that a was once the normal mail. Hardly a day passes We start 2020 with a talk by local photographer, Martin Hosier on the
learning journeys from the term after rainbow is a sign of God’s promise without a leaf-let or catalogue arrives on our Wildlife of Borneo. Venue etc as above.
their second birthday. Please come and never to flood the whole earth again. doormats, all of them begging us to ‘Save’, by
speak to us if you would like to register We have been out and about in the purchasing some product - though how one
your child for a place. community each week. This half term it can ‘save’ by paying out money, I don’t Thank you from Jenny & Dave
We use core stories to deliver our has been the turn of Giraffe class to understand. And inside the catalogue, the first Our Macmillan coffee morning was once again a great success with our
curriculum. Our Early Years classes visit Watton Library and for Meerkat page will probably be headed by your name, guests able to enjoy a bright, sunny morning while they enjoyed their
have been reading Goldilocks and the class to use the climbing wall at Just printed in an identical type-face to the rest of coffee and a chat. Many who were unable to attend sent very generous
Three Bears and have been looking at Grip, Full Fitness Gym. the booklet, to make you think the whole thing donations so that we have been able to send £461 to Macmillan Cancer
different types of families and homes. If you would be interested in coming in has been specially printed just for you. Support. Thank you to everyone for their support but particularly to our
Our Key Stage One children have been to school occasionally to read to a group And should you decide to order anything, a helpers on the day - Beryl Brannan, Sue Bunce, Pam and Roy Challand,
reading Traction Man is Here and of children, please let us know by series of e-mails will reach you, the first Stella Langford, Stella Leonard and Valerie Semlyen.
learning about toys in the past and how emailing us at: acknowledging your order, and then a We couldn’t do it without you all and we hope to see you at our next
different materials have different as we succession of progress reports on when the one! Jenny and Dave Simons.
purposes. are still looking for more ‘Secret goods leave various points on their journey to
We learnt about the Hindu festival of Readers’ to help encourage our your door.
light, Diwali, listened to the story of children’s love of books and reading. And your purchase will have put your name on
Rama and Sita, and made our own We would love it if you could help! the data-base of numerous other firms, who
Rangoli patterns from coloured sand. Thank you… until our next update! will send even more ‘bumph’. It must be
As our picture on the front page shows galling for your postman to have to battle all
sorts of weather just to bring all this junk mail
they feature requests from newly- weds to your door, but I suppose everyone’s job has
A Quick Look for records to be played, and almost every
other one these days mentions that the
a down-side.
Now I don’t usually take too much interest in
Round wedding will take place in some peculiar
setting, such as down a coal mine, or
politics - we elect people to do all that sort of
thing - and in fact I know so little about
by Orbiter dangling from parachutes over Ben Nevis. government that until last week I thought the
It seems amazing that the dark nights of These gimmicky ceremonies may appeal Cabinet was where the PM stored his drinks,
winter are here with us again, but time to the whimsy of those concerne4, but a and that Amber Rudd was a species of
does not wait around, and Christmas is church or registry office wedding is butterfly – but I could have sworn that a few
beckoning, which seems even more deliberately intended to impress upon the weeks ago
surprising as I write these lines, as, in participants the serious commitment they I heard Mr. Johnson say categorically that
the first weeks of November there are are undertaking, even if they are not we would leave the EU on October 31st. But
very few falling leaves to mark the religiously inclined. Perhaps I am old- we seem to be still in it. Most confusing.
onset of autumn, let alone winter. But fashioned in my thinking, but a marriage And instead we are now to endure a general
the weather has been bringing surprises is the most serious commitment a couple election instead. Of course, on the face of
all through this year, and it can all be a can make, and should surely deserve things, an election gives a fair indication of
bit exciting, if that sort of thing turns respect. the wishes of the people, but does it ? The
you on, I am sure it has not escaped Now if there is one thing that annoys voting figures always include a vast number
your notice that several of the new me about broadcasting, whether on the of traditional voters, those who say that their
housing estates in the area have shed TV or on radio, it is advertising. Yes I great grandfather voted for this or that party
their surrounding hoardings to become have to expect it if I watch television, in the 19th century, so the family has always
part of the local scene, and that there are but not, surely, on BBC radio. But, alas, voted that way. Then there are the old folks
applications in for permission for others on Radio 2 not more than ten minutes is who are unfortunately sufferers from
to follow. Of course every such ever allowed to pass without my dementia, who probably think that Winston
application elicits objections from listening being interrupted by an advert Churchill is still in charge, the nuisance
existing residents. But are these for other programmes scheduled for voters who think it a joke to mess up the
objections justified ? Naturally the later in the same day or in the future, voting paper with frivolous remarks, and
original inhabitants must have been particularly the following Friday night. those who will definitely vote, well if it’s
horrified to find they were being Television adverts I can avoid by not raining.
overwhelmed by incomers, but it seems ensuring I record every programme and All these make the process frustrating for those
that it is mainly those same incomers then ‘fast forward’ through them. folks who take a real interest in these matters,
who are now raising the objections to It is rather a pity, for in the nineteen- but hopefully there will be a sufficient number
any new development. fifties, when commercial TV first arrived, of sensible voters to ensure that the present
Yes, it can be sad to see a well-loved bit and for many years afterwards, the adverts mess can soon be sorted out.
of open space swallowed up by roads and were often mini features themselves, and, As I write I am aware of all kinds of promises
houses – I, have been lucky enough to in fact, could be seen as little works of art, being made by the leaders of the various
enjoy a view of greenery for some time, many of them accompanied by jingles and political parties, and would hope to be able to
but I know the situation will soon change, catch phrases, such as ‘you’ll wonder remember these when the hustings are all over,
in which case I will have to cherish the where the yellow went….’, or ‘Buy some as they should make amusing reading.
memories, while accepting the changes as for Lulu’. Some folks even regarded the Meanwhile I have to decide who I’d prefer as
they come. And I will try to remember commercial breaks superior toe the the next Prime Minister so I shall know which
that I, too, was one of those incomers, programmes they inter-rupted ! party to vote for – Jeremy, Nigel or Boris. I
thirty years ago. Older readers may recall that we were first think I’ll go for the good looking one.
On a currently aired radio programme introduced to this sort of advertising in the Oh dear ! Good afternoon.
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 4
Bordeaux and they all said ‘Christmas varieties need a lot more thought and adopt Mr T’s method of taking two to see a large turn out by the general
In your garden finishes pruning’. The explanations as accuracy. The experts tell us that the steps back and saying “now grow you b public, an event that should never be
With Lotta Potts to why went over my head. first thing is to erect stout stakes about ----r”. Works every time. missed.
Well it’s a poor day you don’t learn If you didn't half-prune roses earlier in 6feet high and attach three rows of If you get bored with all that pruning Up and coming events: " Mulled Wine
something and an interesting fact I came the autumn it should be done now to horizontal wire supports between the you can always carry on with a bit of & Mince Pies" on Friday 13th
across before starting this is that the prevent wind-rock. Don't do it if it's stakes. The number of stakes is winter digging to get the appetite going December, this is a middle of the day
Lord Mayor’s Show day is traditionally frosty as this will get in through the governed by how many plants you put for December’s big day. Of course you event. Our Christmas Meal at "Broom
the start date for planting tulips. This wounds and kill the stems. Having said in. After the plants have fruited or now, can always plant onion seeds indoors Hall" is on 17th December, 7pm, this
year it was Saturday 9th November so that I did this pruning one Christmas the canes that have fruited should be cut on Boxing Day. In some quarters this is will be our last event of the year.
we aren’t late! I must try and remember Day when there was a hard frost (not right down and the new ones tied in to guaranteed to produce large onions. I This will bring yet another year to a
that for next year. here, in an area with clay and wonderful the wires. I assume the fruited canes are don’t know but maybe I’ll try it. If I close at Wayland Mens Shed, Our
Thanks to Christina Rossetti we think of roses) and that didn’t do any harm. I easy to identify. It is also recommended remember. thanks goes out to all our Committee
December being the ‘deep mid-winter’. wouldn’t recommend it as you never that weak shoots should be removed as May I wish readers of the Wayland Members, members, their wives,
It isn’t. Officially it’s the last month of know. Now's the time to prune well as others that are growing outside News a very Merry Christmas and if Partners and friends who have helped to
autumn. Having said that, a lot of the overgrown deciduous hedges. They will the allotted space. It is then assumed you find yourselves housebound due to make this another successful year at
country has had more than its fair share be dormant now so take them back to that the remaining new shoots that are inclement weather now’s a good time "The Shed" Church Walk, Watton.
of rain for November and South manageable sizes. Make the hedges tied in are nicely spaced along the to get out the catalogues and make lists Remember if you are passing by you
Yorkshire must be hell a few weeks tapered so that the top is narrower than wires. Good luck. of planning, seeds and new plants. Then are welcome to pop in for a chat or a
before Christmas. There has also been the bottom to prevent damage from, you Other soft fruit for pruning are the tear up the lists as you won’t have cuppa, the kettle is always on, our
snow in North Wales and parts of guessed, snow! This is called a 'batter' currant families. They are not all related either the space or the budget and by opening days are: Monday and
Shropshire before the middle of for some reason. You can prune just and need slightly different treatment. New Year’s versions you’ll be ready to Wednesdays; 9.30am to 1pm and
November. This must be a bit of a about any deciduous tree or bush to Black currants fruit best on year-old order. Fridays and Saturdays (computer
mickey-take: one can understand keep it within bounds, raise the canopy branches and only need pruning once Of course, last resort if the ground isn’t group) 9.30am to 1pm. Any enquiries
Scotland having to put up with it (and or correct the direction of growth. Don't the bushes are old enough to fruit covered in snow, keep weeding. just give me a call on 01953 881004.
they are) but not Shropshire. It isn’t overdo it. Step back every now and reliably. Once this is achieved cut back We look forward to meeting you.
even very far north in England. Maybe again to make sure you are achieving one-third of the oldest shoots close to Cheers, Richard Adams
it’s a sign of things to come. So, the right effect. Also remember that the base then remove diseased,
Wayland Mens
whatever the weather there are some damaged or badly placed shoots and
jobs that are best done now. The main
growth follows the knife so try to spot a
dormant bud that faces the right way finish up with a fairly open goblet of
Shed The West Norfolk
one for lots of plants is pruning as they and prune to that. It's unlikely you'll kill well-spaced young shoots. Red and Social Group, Church Walk, Watton
are dormant but they will be dormant anything by pruning it. The results white currants fruit on shoots that are at Having missed last months edition due Aviation Society
for some time to come so don’t despair might not be what you wanted but nine least two years old. Unlike black to taking a break it seems I have a lot to Such was the enthusiasm for WNAS
if you have to wait a while. I suppose times out of ten they'll grow away currants they are normally grown on a catch up with, as always there is a busy member Bob K’s talk last month that he
the most pressing is grapes. These have again. short length of clear stem. Although my list of activities going on at our shed. was asked to deliver the sequel this
to be pruned by Christmas. No I don’t This is the month to prune soft fruit. book doesn’t tell me I am going to Our membership this year at time of month. After spending over 30 years as
know why, just that. We spent some The easiest are autumn-fruiting assume that the usual routine of going to print is 71 Members and still a pilot in the RAF it is no wonder there
holidays in France and had quite a few raspberries. Cut the lot down to the removing dead, damaged and out of growing, Our work shop is now fully was so much more to tell.
visits to vineyards from Champagne to ground and that’s it. Summer-fruiting place shoots applies, then shorten last up and running with various woodwork Having qualified as a pilot he joined 3
summer’s growth at the tip of each commissions from the public and other Squadron at Coningsby in the 1960s
main shoot by half and cut back the organisations in and around Watton, we and his responsibilities were extreme
side-shoots to within one or two buds help where we can. As always our and varied. When stationed at Laabruch
of the main stems. On really old bushes Computer Group are busy repairing and in Germany, a 3 minute mobilising time
it might improve matters by completely recycling computers and we are soon to was often achieved in preparing his
removing some very old shoots that no have our own WiFi and will be offering Canberra for a potential nuclear strike.
longer fruit well but try to leave computer tuition to members of the Collaborating now, with old allies and
vigorous young side-shoot as public for a nominal fee. some old enemies, combined exercises
replacements. A coach full of our members made the were important. Target practice in the
Gooseberries are other varieties that trip to Duxford for the Battle of Britain Libyan desert won them prizes for
fruit on shoots of a year or more old Air show on the 22nd of September, accuracy; the Salmond Bombing
and will continue to fruit even if the with several of our members being Trophy being one.
pruning is neglected. However, as they retired ex Forces this is always a popular Compared to the American Starfighter
are armed with spiky stems harvesting event, the day being a little disrupted by the Canberra was ageing somewhat but
the fruit can become difficult so it’s torrential rain but giving the members a it still excelled, beating the American
best to grit the teeth and prune when the chance to view the large collection of and European teams by at least 20%.
bushes are of an age. First of all cut low fighting machines in the hangers. Despite this, Bob’s comrades were still
branches close to the soil to an upward- Friday the 4th October was our in awe of the Starfighter’s performance
pointing bud and again do the damaged, member, Stephen Smiths Birthday and, when offered a flight in one, foot
dead, diseased removal routine. Then party, this was organised by Stephen already poised on the bottom rung of
cut the new growth at the tips of the and held at Barn Ruche , on Thetford the boarding ladder, his excitement was
main shoots by about half and prune rd, all WMS members were invited and suddenly extinguished by orders to
back the side-shoots of the main was very much enjoyed by all those return to the mess.
branches to two buds from the old that attended. Thank you Stephen. The testing of ejector seats was another
wood. Again, if the plant is really old Wednesday 9th October was one of our practice vital to a well-trained squadron;
remove one or two of the oldest shoots regular "Photo Group Outings" on this here again the Martin Baker equipment
to a point where there is a younger occasion it was a visit to Winterton for was superior to that of the competition.
replacement. a stroll and some photography followed He was later invited to go to Oman and
I suppose we could basically treat all by a well earned Pub Lunch. demonstrate to the Sultan’s air force
deciduous trees and shrubs the same: RAF Marham was our next outing on procedures for parachuting from
three ‘ds’ and get them into shape with the 6th November once again we had a aeroplanes. The preferred types were
plenty of space in the middle for light full turnout of members, partners and Islanders, Dorniers and his favourite:
and air to get in. friends, we were given a tour of all the Buffalos. After a cancer scare he was
The other thing that applies to facilities on the base except of course ordered to return to England where he
deciduous trees and shrubs is that it’s those considered "Out of Bounds" but was invited to assist with the formation
planting time. Bare-root plants need to the day was enjoyed by all. Many of Air Wales and a charter company at
go in now and as with other plants pot- thanks to RAF Marham. Ipswich, operating Dorniers. With this
grown ones can be put in now or any Well I wont keep you all in suspense! experience he was asked to return to
time as long as the soil is not water- Yes, on Friday last 8th November we help his mate, the Sultan, refine his air
logged or frozen. The main advantage held another one of our now famous force. As if his life’s adventure so far
of bare-root specimens of course is and now copied by all, "Quiz and wasn’t enough, Bob, having a musical
cost. You can also tell if the roots are Chips" evenings, again a sell out bent, still felt the urge to express
sound. The roots should be soaked for (standing room only). Our quiz master himself in other ways and formed a
about an hour then put into a hole larger Mr Malcolm Trayhorn was on top form band with some of the locals. They
than the root-ball. Use a bit mycorrhizal with his corny jokes now cornier than called themselves ‘Rashid goes to
fungus powder on the roots and in the ever, a rumour has it that he recently Nizwa’; ‘The Duelling Banjos’ being
planting hole to encourage growth. The turned down an offer to visit the "White their signature tune. Bob now on a high
science eludes me but apparently it House" to assist with political speeches and, having talked for nearly two
works. Make sure the plant is at the but as yet he has not played his Trump hours, Jenny his wife, prompt and
same depth as when it was lifted. There card, is there no end to Malcolms manager, cautiously coaxed him
is usually a clear soil mark on the stem. talents. down to a safe landing.
Firm it in well, using the boot close to At the time of writing this article I have Here endeth the second lesson.
make sure the plant is firm and there not long returned home from the "Day Author: Nigel Tooth.
are no air pockets. Now prune it to of Remembrance" at the Watton
about 9-12” to stimulate new growth. Memorial on Thetford road, several of uk By kind permission of Mundford
Water the new plants. Then finally our members attended and it was good Bowls Club (Hosts Colin & Janet)
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 5
those we know today. services or facilities, that will help It also means that all patients were
A World On Now at last I had a bike on which I to reduce need, hardship or kept waiting longer on the phone
could keep up with my friends, distress. In certain circumstances while the Do not Attend Patients
Two Wheels even though it must have been the the Charity can also offer similar were making their appointments.
By Ken Knowles oddest one on the planet, equipped support to institutions or All doctors’ surgeries are under
I was born and brought up in north with no item matching another. But organisations serving residents of increasing pressure so members of
London, in the borough of Stoke I was now part of the mobile Watton. the Watton PPG would like to ask
Newington, which remained the population, and very soon I had In the past few years grants have, patients to please contact the
central point of my life, until the visited nearly every town or village in the main, consisted of support Watton Surgery if they can no
outbreak of the war in 1939. inn the area, and very soon would for the elderly to help with the longer keep their appointments
In those days everything in our be ready for the ‘big one’, a trip extra costs of Christmas and/or the with either the doctors or nursing
lives took place within a range of home, to London. ever-increasing costs of keeping staff. It is also the PPGs intention
about one mile, in which we had The distance to the capital was warm. In addition, during 2018 we to publish future Watton Surgery
shops, cinemas, parks, schools – exactly fifty miles, although have made one or two small cash monthly Do Not Attend Figures.
and in fact almost everything we possibly just about forty-eight to grants and provided some essential
needed. Apart from the annual my house, and my first attempt items of equipment. The Trustees
Sunday School outing to Southend took more than five hours, my are keen to consider applications The Wayland
on Sea, or Epping Forest, or progress being hampered by the from other age groups, provided
possibly a week in Clacton with still heavier than usual weight of they are residents of the Town of Chamber of
my mother, my world was quite the bike, plus the fact that the Watton and they are in ‘need,
restricted, though not unlike that of journey was quite a test for a hardship or distress.’ Commerce
the majority of London children in young boy, with little experience It is important to note that residents One of the roles of the Chamber is
those days. of riding more than about twenty in the parish of Carbrooke, living to represent Wayland businesses at
One exception I do recall, was miles at a time, plus the fact that in many of the housing various district meetings and
when I was about eight years old, the last twelve miles or so of the developments along Norwich events; this month the meeting of
on a fine summer day, I followed a journey were the most hilly. Road, are not eligible under the the Breckland Business Forum
footpath across the end of Hackney But I managed it, and from then on terms of the Charity’s legally (BFF) provided us with the
Marshes and came out in every subsequent trip became binding ‘Scheme of Arrangement.’ opportunity to hear from the
Walthanstow.. When I returned easier and faster. No preference is given to any Breckland Council Lead Sam,
home my mother would not As the war years rolled by, more section of the community but Chapman-Allen an outline of
believe that I could have reached and more cars were being laid up, applicants will be required to give Breckland Business initiatives. It
such a distant place, for although I which meant that there was less full personal financial details and also provided us with the chance to
don’t suppose it was actually more traffic for me to contend with and I provide whatever information the promote the activities and interests
than three miles away, the usual remember particularly one day, on Trustees require before any of the Wayland Chamber. I am
journey by bus would have taken the Great North Road, when for decisions can be made. All pleased to be able to report that
about three quarters of an hour, several minutes I was the only information given is treated in the Sam was impressed by what he had
with three changes of bus being traveller in sight. Imagine that strictest confidence and our data heard of our activities over recent
necessary. However my today! When eventually I knew I handling procedures are in line months and is arranging with a
description of Wood Street and was about to be overtaken by a big with the requirements of GDPR number of Breckland Officers to
Hoe Street and the large market lorry, I was able to use the practice legislation. visit and hear first hand of our
eventually convinced her. of the times, and tuck myself in Applications may be made in initiatives. We look forward to
This journey, and visits to behind it, taking the advantage of person, or on behalf of someone that. An additional outcome of this
Gamages in Holborn or Selfridges being sucked along by the back else, or on behalf of another particular meeting was that I was
in Oxford Street each Christmas draught afforded by the back of the Watton Charity but, in order to able to extend an invitation to hold
and maybe the Science Museum in large vehicle. I expect any reader comply with data protection the next meeting of the BBF in
Kensington constituted about the who used to be a cyclist will recall regulations, they must be on our Wayland. Keep an eye out for the
extent of my travels in those early using this method of assisted official form. Trustees also notices of this in the New Year.
days, but this was all to change in travel, but once again unthinkable nominate people or groups that It seems crazy to be even thinking
1939, with the out- break of war. today. they have knowledge of. of 2020, but it is now clear to us
My school was evacuated to By the end of 1941 I had left Application forms are available that Christmas 2019 is not far
Bedford, where we found that school, and returned to London, from; around the corner. And after a
pedestrians were in short supply, as where the bicycle was by far the Wayland Hall, Middle Street , short gap we are pleased to
almost everyone over the age of easiest means of getting about, for Watton IP25 6AG; Wayland announce that the Chamber returns
two, rode a bicycle, while those the vast number of small side House, High Street Watton IP25 this year to sponsoring the
under two travelled as passengers streets made excellent short-cuts to 6AR; Citizens Advice, Unit 2 Christmas Window Competition.
on their mothers’ bikes. enable me to avoid many main Ventura House, Norwich Road, The competition for the best
Of course we were keen to join roads, and over the years I must Watton IP25 6JU or by email to dressed window has in the past
them, and within weeks most of have covered hundreds of miles on been a hotly contested event
our boys had cycles of their own. two wheels. Completed forms can be returned among the Watton High Street
Alas, I realised that fortunes in our Of course eventually, as the years to any of the above contact points. retailers and although there is no
family at that time would not allow went by, vehicular traffic expanded particular theme this year, the
me to expect a bike of my own, but beyond belief, and one- way street window display needs to fully
on a weekend visit home (allowed systems put an end to using back Patients Who celebrate the festive season in all
because the expected air-raids had streets as cut- throughs, and its glory. Keep an eye out for the
not yet materialised) I was cycling in London took on the Do Not Attend appearance of the window displays
surprised to find a bicycle mantle of the survival of the fittest, which will all be in place at least a
awaiting. My pleasure, however, and though I continued to ride for Surgery week ahead of judging on the 18th
was dampened when I realised that many years in country areas, the November. This allows us chance
this was nothing like the machines time came to pension off my Appointments review all the entrants and to
ridden by my friends, who all had bicycle, though I can look back on The Watton Surgery Patients announce the winner sometime
modern lightweight models, many happy years up in the saddle. Participation Group (PPG) would between 1and 5 pm on the
whereas this bike resembled no like to make patients of the surgery afternoon of the Festive Market on
other I had ever seen, with old- aware of the time lost at the Sunday 24th November.
fashioned brakes, wheels, and Watton Relief surgery by patients who fail to On other important notice for this
handlebars, while the frame attend appointments with the months is that following up from
weighed what seemed to be a ton. In Need doctors and nurses. the successful launch of our vision
But I realised that my parents had The Trustees will be meeting early During September of this year 78 and strategy for businesses in
done their best, within their limited in December to consider patients failed to keep doctors Wayland in October at Broom Hall
means, and I would have to make applications from residents of appointments and 89 patients failed Hotel, we now have prepared a
the best of things. Watton for financial support this to keep appointments with nurses. summary which we have produced
And so I joined the merry band of Christmas. Applications forms for This is nearly 35hours of lost as a colourful leaflet. This is
cyclists who daily swarmed around assistance are available as detailed appointments time. available on our website, and
the streets of Bedford. below and must be returned before The PPG accept there may be good Wayland businesses will each be
As time went by I saved every the Trustees’ meeting takes place. reasons why some patients could receiving a printed copy over the
penny I could from pocket money The Charity is an amalgamation of not attend their appointments but next few weeks. Any business who
and Christmas gifts, until Charities set up many years ago to in this day of modern would like a copy and/or a
eventually I could afford to go to a support those in need and the communications there is very little membership pack so that they can
local shop that would, for about Trustees have a duty to distribute excuse for not informing the join the Chamber and engage with
three pounds, supply a lighter rear the income of the Charity ‘to surgery that they could not attend. our programme of activities should
wheel, complete with three-speed relieve residents of Watton who The 165 appointments made but either visit our website or email
gear box, and a cable brake. From are in conditions of need, hardship, not kept means that 165 other David Dent at
this it is obvious that prices in or distress.’ The Charity may make patients were prevented from
those days were so different to grants of money, or pay for items, making their own appointments.
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 6
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 7

A unique history of a Norfolk village during WWII PLEASE MENTION


Carbrooke Heritage Group launched the training and digging for victory and, of were recorded.
publication of their book, compiled by course, the mischief of some of the A packed village hall listened to extracts
Mike Kimber (above), ‘A Village School children. from the book read by the children from
at War’ at a special event in the village Of special interest are the accounts of the Carbrooke Primary Academy (above). The
hall. The book is based on Carbrooke gifts sent by the school children to sailors Three-agers, a ukulele band, provided
School’s log, which gave a fascinating and the resulting visit by officers from SS excellent musical entertainment and a war
picture into school and village life during Southwood. Visits from the American time tea party was enjoyed by all.
the war. Mary Norton was the servicemen also caused great excitement Copies of the book are available from
headteacher from 1940 to 1945 and wrote as they put on a Christmas party for the
vividly about everyday events like children and provided candy and chewing Ed: I have opbtained a copy of the book,
struggling to get through the snow drifts gum. The children were filmed for which is only £5, and I must say I have
to keep the school open. She included American newsreels. Visits by the district enjoyed reading it immensely. It really
fascinating details about the introduction nurse to check hair for nits and regular adds to the local history knowledge of the
of school dinners and milk, gas mask check-ups in school of children’s teeth area and life around here at that time.

strictly to the numbers stated and phasing around 11 weeks.

Saham Toney of sites over the entire plan period. For Meanwhile it now looks as though
Neighbourhood Plan those we presented further evidence, Breckland Council may at last approve
which was accepted and hence those its Local Plan at a meeting on 28
Update comments were withdrawn. A very few November. If so, the village will have
Shaping the future of Saham Toney! comments are undecided pending further some protection against speculative
This month’s update concentrates on the information from the Council. developments, which will be
responses we received to the recent From statutory and non-statutory bodies: strengthened further when the
consultation. We also consulted 121 organisations and Neighbourhood Plan is approved.
From villagers: individuals with a potential interest in the As usual, if you have any comments or
 31 parishioners indicated support for Plan. 10 of those responded, the most questions on any of this, or anything else
the Plan, without comment; important of which was Norfolk Council. to do with the Neighbourhood Plan, or if
 6 parishioners indicated support for the We had comments from their you would like to be added to our
Plan, subject to their comments; infrastructure and historic environment mailing list, please look on our website
departments, from the Lead Local Flood or contact Chris Blow on 01953 880915
 5 parishioners indicated they did not
Authority and the Local Highways or at
support the Plan and submitted
Authority, and support from our County
comments indicating their reasons for
Councillor. We are waiting for Watton Evening WI
clarification of the Highways’ comments, The past month has been a busy one with
In total, there were 27 comments from
but otherwise have used the responses as all sorts of group activities taking place.
the 11 villagers who made comments,
justification to further strengthen the The book club, dining club, walking club
concerning the following topics:
plan. Other comments came from and others, all meet for the WI bywords
 Flood risk in the Pound Hill / Page’s
Anglian Water, Sport England, Norfolk of 'friendship and fun'. How true that is.
Lane / Chequers Lane area: 6
Police, Gladman Developments, and the The November meeting was essentially a
 Development size exceeding 4-6 owners of sites STNP4-7 (via their
houses per site and housing density: 4 business one with the previous year's
agent). Responses from Historic committee standing down and a new one
 Potential for sewerage overspill: 3 England, Natural England, Highways being elected. Hazel Gillingham, our
 Impact on openness and key views: 3 England and the National Grid simply President felt unable to continue and
 Maintaining footways with farmland confirmed they each had no comments. stood down as did Barbara Trayhurn.
views: 2 We are now steadily incorporating Thanks goes to them for all the work of
 Supportive of the Plan: 2 (in addition to agreed comments into the Plan, and for the past year. All other members were
those who had no comments) others setting out reasons why no change happy to continue in a committee
 Highway safety and traffic speed to the Plan is required as a result of a capacity, along with assistance from
concerns: 2 comment. All comments received and other members, for the wide ranging
 Improving the appearance of Page’s our response to each will later be tasks necessary in running a group.
Place: 1 published as explained last month. We welcomed Meg Dorling, a WI
 Biodiversity surveys: 1 The Masterplanning studies for the sites advisor, joined our meeting and
 Development outside the settlement around Pound Hill and the one at answered questions and spoke about
boundary: 1 Richmond Hall are progressing well, and Denman House, a WI venue in
 Potential impact on archaeological as I write are being reviewed by our Oxfordshire providing workshops and
sites: 1 landscape consultant. The key findings activities in beautiful surroundings and
 Typographical error: 1 will be blended into the Plan as a guide quality rooms in which to stay.
From Breckland Council: We received to the sort of site layouts that best meet Additional activities taking place will, at
89 comments from the Council and met our policies. the time of writing, be a craft evening
with their Neighbourhood Planning Breckland Council has confirmed that with the Thursday club and The Festive
Coordinator to discuss those. In the main, Strategic Environmental and Habitats Market, hopefully along with the rest of
comments were minor and logical, and Regulations Assessments of the Plan are Watton and surrounding villages.
we accepted those. Others we accepted required. We have already applied for Many members are going to attend a
following clarification of their intent and Government support to undertake those, 'baby shower', it just goes to show that
the manner in which we should using the same consultants who did the being young is no barrier to WI
implement them. Others we considered site assessments and are now doing the membership.
would weaken the Plan if implemented, masterplanning work. Once the Finally, a Christmas Dinner for members
particularly those objecting to our applications are approved, the will be held at Broom Hall, a lovely way
limiting the number of houses allocated consultants expect their work to take to finish the WI year.
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 8
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 9
Acupuncture is also beneficial for pain suggestions to help you solve the Christmas season. At their November from 5pm until 8pm at the Blenheim
Breckland Cats relief but must be carried out by a vet. problem! We also have fresh, foliage meeting, member Bunty, showed us her Centre (Families Club), Tedder
Your cat's weight may have to be wreaths and various Christmas skill with flowers to demonstrate a Close, Watton, IP25 6HU a chance
Protection controlled as being overweight puts Decorations and Greeting Cards. number of ways to decorate our homes to buy your Christmas gifts. The
Like humans cats can also get arthritis extra stress on the joints. You can make Are you looking for something very with some really lovely arrangements. second is a Christmas Bingo night on
which causes inflammation of the some adjustments to your home so that local for your Christmas Dinner this Those who won one in the raffle were Friday 13th December eyes down
moveable joints and can be caused by your cat can reach his favourite places year? Angela is taking orders for locally highly delighted!. 7.30pm again at the Blenheim Centre
many things, including trauma, easily by placing boxes or furniture as produced large chickens, geese and At the meeting there was also serious (Families Club) prizes are cash
infection and wear and tear. It can launch pads. Make sure your cat has a turkeys, oven ready and full of flavour. work to be done as final arrangements prizes. The final one is early January
sometimes go unnoticed in older cats as cosy well padded bed in a safe warm We also have a good selection of home were made for our Pretty Parcels stall at with a Quiz Night and Chip Supper
owners think the cat is slowing down place that can be readily accessed and made chutneys, and Den’s pickled the town Festive Market on Sunday, date to be confirmed so keep an eye
with age, when it is actually a very ensure your cat can reach his toileting onions and shallots, perfect companions 24th November, to be quickly followed out for the posters.
painful condition. More than 80 per site easily and that the sides of his litter for cold meats over the festive period by our Christmas Coffee Morning in We are very much in need of more
cent of cats aged over 10 years will tray aren't too tall. and beyond. We have a good selection the Queens Hall on Saturday, 7th adult Leaders, a trip to Disney
have some degree of arthritis detectable As Christmas approaches pleased be of Christmas Cakes/fruit cakes both December. At this event we also have a doesn’t happen often so if that scares
on x-rays. It is worth getting your cat advised that we do not allow cats to be decorated and undecorated, but please raffle and tombola along with our usual you it will probably be a while
checked regularly as treating chronic adopted as gifts for adults or children. don’t wait too long as they may not be selection of delicious cakes, and yes, before we go again! However if you
problems like arthritis will make a huge We do not home any cat or kitten available at the last minute. Very there will be sausage rolls and mince like working with girls from 5 years
difference to his quality of life. between 16th December and 2nd pleased to announce that we have a new pies as well this time. All proceeds old to 18 years old then consider
January as Christmas time is not a good baker joining us, so look out for some from this event go towards maintaining joining Girlguiding. To gain a
time to introduce a cat or kitten to a of the new lines we will have available! our much loved Queens Hall. Leadership Qualification you will
busy, noisy household. Cats and kittens What are you doing on the morning of Then it was on to the big one on have a mentor to help you through
can be reserved, but kept in our care 7th December, would you like to join Wednesday, 11th December, when our the training and plenty of resources
until after the New Year. Jan and Veronica in our Festive Christmas Lunchtime Concert sees the to use.
For help or advice or if you need Workshop? You will be very welcome ladies singing in the choir with the The Girlguiding programme changed
assistance with the cost of neutering, but spaces are limited so please do not gentlemen of The West End Waiters recently and we now have cards that
please call us on 01842 810018. delay in booking. You can choose to joining them to celebrate an event we work from covering anything
Rita Thompson. create a festive, fresh foliage, hanging dedicated to ‘Families and Friends”. from den making to constructing a
basket or decorate a candle, learning all Lunch at this is turkey rolls with mince hedgehog home, exploring ways we
the techniques and tips of the trade as pies added to the menu. Do get your can improve the area we live in,
Cats are very good at hiding the signs Watton Country you go, and enjoying light refreshments tickets from Mullengers in Watton constructing food towers and then
of arthritis and unlike dogs, are unlikely in our usual ‘Country Market Style’. High Street as they are selling quickly. eating them, the list is endless. We
to alert their owners to a problem by Market Cost is £20, 10am – 12.30pm. Ring Jan We do hope to see all our friends and still play games, sing songs, make
limping or becoming lame. The elbow, If Christmas shopping is on the top of on 07840755092 if you want more many who come for the first time, at things, go on outings and even go
shoulders, hips and spine are the most your list The Country Market has a details or message our facebook page these events. You will be warmly away. But for the girls to do these
common areas to be affected and one or great selection of hand crafted items welcomed. fun activities we need more adult
more may be affected at a time. that could make a perfect present. There At time of writing we are looking On the 12th December the ladies will Leaders. If this is something you
The signs to look out for are stiffness is still time to order a personalised item forward to participating in the festivities celebrate at their own Christmas party might like to try, have a look on the
especially after resting, reduced and you can talk to our team of for the Christmas Lights Switch On the in a member’s home, just to relax and website to find out more. We
mobility often displayed as an producers to discuss your requirements. 24th November, with a full range of our have some fun, particularly need Leaders for
unwillingness to jump or climb. usual products for sale on the day and We shall have stepped into Christmas Rainbows (5-7 year olds) and
Difficulty in grooming, especially the our ‘Resting Point Refreshments’ to with much enthusiasm! Brownies (7-10 year olds). We are
middle of the back and tail. Your cat break the journey from one end of the all volunteers but to know that you
may become grumpy or even town to the other with a freshly made have taught someone to plait for the
aggressive because he is in pain. cuppa and a slice of something nice to first time, for instance, can be so
Another indication is swollen or painful go with it. You may also be glad to find
Members of rewarding. The website address for
joints and worsening signs during cold
or damp weather.
one of Debbie and Maureen’s knitted
hats to keep your ears warm!
Watton District more information is https:// and scroll
Your vet will be able to diagnose
arthritis after a clinical examination, by
Don’t forget that we are happy to take Girlguiding are right to the bottom to register your
advance orders for all of our baked interest as a Leader. Alternatively
manipulating the joints to check for
stiffness, pain, grating and reduced
goods, eggs, plants (subject to going to you can contact Jayne Eastwood on
availability), and produce. Free delivery 01953 880076 the District
movement. X-rays may be taken to is available within the local area. We Disneyland Paris Commissioner for Watton District.
check for changes to the bones and to accept Credit Cards with no minimum Next April, in 2020, 38 Rainbows, You will have to provide references
monitor the progression of the disease. spend required. Our last Market before Brownies, Guides, Rangers plus their and have a disclosure check.
The most common form of treatment is Christmas is on Wednesday 18th Leaders are going to Disneyland We look forward to hearing from
long-term, anti inflammatory drugs and December 8.30am – 11.30 am. Paris for three days. This, for some, you and welcoming you. If you do
these can be very effective in reducing may well be a once in a lifetime not wish to be a uniformed Leader
pain and increasing mobility. However, experience and certainly an you can volunteer with a Unit as a
never give your cat human anti-
inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin as
Step Into opportunity not to be missed. Such Unit Helper. You would still require
trips cost a lot of money and so to references and a Disclosure Check.
they can be highly toxic and even fatal. Christmas! help as many girls and Leaders with Disclosure Checks are paid for by
There are also supplements available We are always willing to go the ‘extra “Step into Christmas, let’s join the cost we are holding some Girlguiding UK.
such as glucosamine, chrondroitin mile’ to ensure that you get exactly the together” goes the Elton John song and fundraising events. We are holding Bryony Horn Saham Toney
sulphate that are thought to help repair right item. Come in and have a chat if this is just what the ladies of Watton three events in the near future. The Brownies
damaged cartilage and may have some you are running out of ideas as we may Inner Wheel have started to do as they first will be a Christmas Shopping Jayne Eastwood DC Watton District
anti-inflammatory properties. be able to make some useful prepare all their activities for the Night on Friday 29th November, and 1st Watton Guides
School House and craft workshops in local Norfolk produce, Christmas
Fayre on the the marquees are all free of charge. decorations, soaps and beauty products,
Christmas trees and decorations will be metal sculptures and wood carvings will
Fairland in on sale and Father Christmas himself be for sale, and much much more. There
will be on hand to help with the will be demonstrations of chain saw
Hingham festivities and to give presents and show carving throughout the day!
This year South Norfolk's favourite pre- children around his Grotto. We’ll be Extensive signage and free programmes
Christmas event takes place on the running a raffle with more than fifty will encourage visitors to explore
Fairland in Hingham (NR9 4HN) on fantastic prizes, including vouchers for everything on offer. There will be carols
Sunday 8th December from 11am until Barnham Broom Hotel & Golf Club, tea and Christmas music in the church to get
4pm. Whatever the weather, the Fairland for two at The Assembly House in us all in the mood for Christmas as well
village green will be crammed with lots Norwich and a case of champagne. as an art exhibition by the Hingham &
to do for visitors, including food and Around the edge of the green will be a Hardingham Art Group. There is ample
drink offerings, Santa’s Grotto, a kids’ hundred indoor stalls for Christmas parking in Hingham and also at the
disco, an outdoor bar and a horse box shopping, in the Lincoln Hall Sports & Social Club on Watton Road,
offering gins and craft and badgemaking community centre, in St Andrew’s which will be signposted. This event is
workshops. Children’s attractions, Church and in the Hingham Rectory not for profit and proceeds will be used
including the kids’ disco in the Old Bowls Club. Stalls offer crafts, gifts, for community projects in Hingham.

Watton Society Quiz

Watton Society had its Annual Quiz which was again well
attended with teams of up to four players competing for a
much fought over Trophy. This year the winners were a team
from University of the Third Age, comprising of Anita
Taylor, Keith Taylor, Arthur Rawbone and Marian Smith.
They won in a tie break with Northern Lights. A prize is also
given to the team that came last to encourage them to reach
higher scores. Looking forward to seeing you all next year.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.
Pictured Left: Keith, Marian, Anita & Arthur receiving the
Winners Trophy from Watton Society Chairman John Kerr

A Very Brief History of

Watton Brewery
From the Watton U3A 'Looking at Watton' Group
Beer was brewed in Watton for over 100 years at the brewery
still visible in the High Street. It was first established in 1809
but was rebuilt by Edward Stevens in 1831, probably on the
site of the earlier smaller works, and part of which we still see
today. His son, Robert Stevens extended the brewery in 1838
Watton Loch-Neaton Short and managed it until he died in 1866.
After the death of Robert the brewery was purchased by
Mats Bowls Club at Watton Thomas Crawshay Frost and the business expanded under him.
In 1877 he built a large extension that doubled the brewing
Sports Centre output. This extension included a much larger chimney ( which
Its now been 4 month since we started at the Sports Centre and I am was only demolished in 1975 when it became unsafe.)
pleased to report that all is going well, we now have some 20 regular It is said the Watton had three wells at this time giving a
members attending our afternoon and evening Roll Ups, as we are constant supply of good water. One of these was situated under
now into the winter period our times are as follows: Tuesday the brewery yard where it was needed in the process of brewing
Afternoons we are in the Badminton Hall 1.45pm to 4pm and beer and where a horse was used to operate the machinery that
Thursday evenings we are in the Main Hall 6.45pm to 9pm, if you pumped the water into the brewery ( The other two wells were
are playing please arrive in time as we start on the hour. During and under the town pump by the clock tower and by the National
after our Roll Ups (we have a 15min break) there are refreshments School pump)
including Tea and Coffee available in the Bar. Any enquiries please An advertisement from the time shows T. C Frost as a brewer
call Norma on: 07748245496. We look forward to meeting you for a and maltster of Watton Brewery , Norfolk, selling, amongst
Roll Up or just a social chat. other things, Light Bitter and Table Ale in 18 gallon casks
known as a Kilderkin for 15/- (75p) and 9 gallon casks, a
Firkin, for 7/6d (37 1/2p) Also advertised were malt and hops,
Watton Fireworks wholesale and retail.
Thomas Crawshay Frost sold the brewery business to William
Having made the difficult decision to change the evening from the
Cann and Co. of Wymondham in about 1890 and in 1894 it
Saturday to the Sunday it was fantastic to see so many local families
was acquired by Morgan’s Brewery in Norwich who continued
out enjoying the evening and an amazing demonstration of the
to brew beer in Watton until about 1912.
power of Social Media, signage and word of mouth.
Taken from the The Norfolk Heritage Explorer :- The building
The Town Council are very grateful to the local businesses and
is described as a brick built with a slate roof and has a date
community groups that make it possible to put the event on and who
stone inscribed R.S.1838 and a large stone set into the wall of
went the extra mile to switch the day at such short notice. It was a
the top floor reads ‘WATTON BREWERY’ The building is L
great demonstration of the Watton spirit. Picture by Bobby De’ath
shaped and has 2 floors, with an extra floor on the south side.
It is recorded that the building was empty in 1974 but auction
documents state that in recent years (to 1988) the premises was
used as a printers. (Ed: It was Rapide Printers who grew and
later moved to Threxton Road Industrial Estate but now
At some point after this the site was bought and converted to
flats now known as the ‘Old Brewery’
The brewery business was listed in White's Directory in 1836,
1864, 1875 and 1904.

Ashill Bowls Club

Ashill Bowls Club held their end of season presentation night at
Broom Hall and was well attended with 40 in attendance, it was
also their 65th anniversary year. Competition winners were
George Davison (male singles) Pat Davison (ladies singles)
Alan Willer (mixed singles) Alan Willer & Dave Cook (mens
pairs) Brian Smith & Sue Bloomfield (mixed pairs) with
George Davison winning overall league points Highlights were
winning elmham.league ko cup and runners up in county EBA
mens central league. congratulations to all and thanks all for a
great season. Brian Smith (Hon Sec)
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 11
light, air, nutrients and anchorage. In a modern
Great Hockham setup, anchorage is provided by media such as
Dance-Away at gravel, sand, vermiculate, styrofoam, coir, in fact
Gardening Club any inert substance. Hydroponic systems can be
The Queens Hall ‘Hydroponics.' As the nights draw in and my
cries for rain earlier in the year are answered, it
constructed in a variety of designs. From the
slides Julian used in his talk, all designs seem to
have a basic layout. Working down, there is the
Saturday December 7th seemed appropriate that we welcomed Julian
McAlpine to give us what he called, a quick foliage of the plant, the stem supported in the
7.30pm - 10.30pm introduction to hydroponics. Coined from the inert material within a container, the roots
extending below the container and the nutrient
Latin hydro meaning water and ponos meaning
Ballroom, Latin & Sequence labour, the mechanism of hydroponics has been solution in a tank underneath.
around a long time. Consider that plants growing There are passive systems where the nutrient
Bar - Raffle in a natural aquatic environment employ many of solution is transported to the roots via a wick.
the components of a modern hydroponic system. Active systems using pumps, floating systems
The scientific application of the principle was with air pumps and air stones as used in fish
first thought to have been employed in one of the tanks. In fact home systems are often setup with
seven wonders of the ancient world, The equipment from aquarium suppliers. There are
Hanging Gardens of Babylon. During the 10th drip systems, ebb and flow systems where water
and 11th centuries the Aztecs developed a is pumped to cover the roots for a time, allowed
system of floating gardens using rafts made of to drain, and then pumped again, each period
reeds with the roots extending below into the being about 30 minutes. The cycle is then
water. repeated. But we are now getting into 24-hour
Early systems were a response to necessity. operation using the appropriate lighting. There
Some people live in areas of the globe that do are aeroponic systems where the exposed roots in a commercial system may have to be treated,
not have soil or the soil they have is unable to receive a constant mist spray. Fundamental is but at a horticultural scale rainwater would be as
provide the sustenance required for plants to that in no system is the nutrient solution good as you need. There are now nutrient
grow. But there can be advantages to discarded, they are all closed systems. mixtures available that allow commercial
hydroponics even if the local soil is well drained I regret that you may not have a clear idea from hydroponic producers to claim their produce as
and fertile. With hydroponics the plants can be my notes of Julian’s narrative, and this is partly organic. This has not gone down well with
supplied with a complete nutrient mixture. due to the fact that there were some very organic farmers of the more traditional kind who
Energy is not wasted by over application and informative diagrams accompanying his have had to invest a great deal of time and
runoff. The plant requires a smaller root system description. There is much on-line, but Julian has money in having their operation certified as
as it gets all it requires with no competition with a website,, where there is organic.
its neighbours. Soil based pathogens cease to be more information and contact details. Julian had bought in small DIY kits for people to
problem as in a modern hydroponic system there Of course, this is not utopia and there are some buy. All components were from recycled items
is no soil. There are no weeds therefore there is disadvantages. These include the cost of including wine bottles, green so that the
no hoeing. More plants can thrive in a much equipment, it can be labour intensive, require a transmitted light would inhibit algal growth. He
smaller growing area whilst still maintaining high level of expertise, daily attention, and did not enlighten us as to how he came by so
great plant quality – but with a caveat. Julian specially formulated nutrients. Pests and diseases many wine bottles.
pointed out that probably 100% of salad crops are a big risk especially as waterborne diseases The results of the competitions this month are as
and 70% of fruit found in supermarkets are can spread rapidly in a recirculation system. The follows:
grown in hydroponic systems, but commercial more complicated systems will require electric Floral: First: Sue Thomas. Second: Sue
pressures can minimise nutrient input in favour lighting with a spectrum specific to the Cunningham. Third: Eric Rogers.
of size and appearance over taste. Any requirements of the plants. Also, some plants Fruit / Vegetables: First: Jane Dalton. Second:
hydroponic system we operate for ourselves, like require direct lighting, some indirect. Nutrients Sue Thomas. Third: Chris Dalton.
our conventional vegetable plots, do not suffer added to the water include the familiar NPK, Seasonal Photograph: First: Chris Dalton.
from this drawback. Hydroponics should not be (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous), with Second: Prue Szczepanowski. Third: Laura
confused with the conditions found in a small, but essential quantities, of calcium, Lincoln.
waterlogged pot. In what is an anaerobic magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, copper, Our next event is our Christmas social. Members
environment the plant roots receive little or no molybdenum, boron and chlorine. I may have only, £5.00, meal and drinks provided, after
oxygen and are prone to pathogens that thrive in missed Julian informing us of where we might dinner speaker, Steve Cale – The Nature Reserve
those conditions. source aforesaid chemicals, but I suspect he may Outside my Door. Important: pre-booking
Julian reminded us that in order to maintain be able to help if you contact him. Hard water essential.
healthy plants they require five things: water, may affect some of the nutrient components and Edward Szczepanowski.

T.V. in Britain’s Best Back Garden, ferns grow from and pathways taking
Ashill & Holme with presenter Alan Titchmarsh stating you to fish filled ponds. The garden has
that he was “blown away to find a three distinct planting areas. The first
Hale Garden beautiful tropical rainforest garden, not contains sun loving plants from hot, dry
in Belize, but in Suffolk”! The garden locations including yuccas,
Club has also featured in the Daily Telegraph, bottlebrushes and echiums from places
Homes and Gardens, filmed on Channel such as Mexico, Australia and the
The Making of an Exotic Garden - 5 and on the BBC’s Gardener’s World. Canary Islands. The second area has
Presented by Andrew Brogan Andrew talked of how he grew up in bamboos and large palms with linked
Ashill & Holme Hale Garden Club London without a garden, has no formal ponds to feed these giants of the plant
members were treated to a tropical training in the horticulture, in fact was world. The third is a shady area where
delight at its meeting on October 24th. an insurance broker until a decade ago, large tree ferns such as Dicksonia
Andrew Brogan of Henstead Exotic but decided to follow his dream of antarctica grow. He was adamant that
Garden in Suffolk gave a highly developing an Jungle garden in East these jungle plants can thrive in the East
engaging talk on how he established his Anglia when he moved to the Suffolk Anglian environment and that amateur
stunning jungle garden in East Anglia. coast some 12 years ago. His garden is gardener’s can grow these varieties in
The garden is some two acres in size planted with palms, banana plants, tree their own garden. He stressed the
and although planting only started just ferns, bamboos and other exotic plants importance of choosing the hardier
over decade ago it is now a mature to produce this “jaw-droppingly tropical plants, as the temperature (and
exotic garden which can be visited by impressive garden”, as described rainfall) is lower in the UK compared to
the public. The garden has featured on recently in the gardening press. What is their natural environment. Andrew
amazing is that brought along a large range of hardy
starting with tropical plants from his nursery, which
bare earth he members quickly snapped up to start
has managed to their own Norfolk exotic garden.
produce such a The Club Xmas party is on the Thursday
wonderful December 12th, 2.00pm. Our January
rainforest monthly meeting is on Thursday
garden in little January 23rd, 2.30pm at Holme Hale
more than a Pavilion, when our speaker Tony Goode
decade. Some will talk about “Growing Alpines for the
70 tons of rock Time Challenged”. New members are
have been always welcome so please come and
brought into the join us. Website:
garden to
produce dry Email:
stone walls that
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 12

Watton Churches Together December St. George’s Church, Saham Toney Thought for the Month
St. Mary’s Church, Watton Sun 1st 11.00am Lay Led Worship Sun 8th 11.00am Family Holy Communion By Rev Jacqui Horton, Minister at Watton Methodist Church
Follow us @StMarysWatton Sun 15th 11.00am Morning Worship Henry and James (ages 6 and 4) love opening their small Advent
If I can be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me, Tues 17th 9.30am Parker’s School end of term service boxes through December. Each box is numbered and they take it
on 01953 881439, I can then Sun 22nd 11.00am Christingle and Carols Service in turns to extract the content of the relevant box. Excitement
email or telephone you back or arrange to meet up with you. Tues 24th 9.30pm Christmas Eve Holy Communion ensues as they discover a small plastic frog, a sticker, an eraser
Thank you: Your Vicar, Revd Gerry Foster. Sun 29th 10.00am Group Holy Communion Ovington in the shape of a snowman. These very small items are
1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 9.30am Holy Communion exclaimed over, and cherished, and have the potential of being
2nd Wednesday Morning Worship S.s. Peter & Paul’s Church, Carbrooke
Sun 1st 6.30am Advent From Darkness To Light kept for ever. Such small, insignificant things (unsatisfactory
Thursdays 7.30-8.00am, 5.00pm - 5.30pm Parish Prayers
Saturdays 9.30am - 10.00am Parish Prayers Sun 8th 10.30am All Age Worship gifts in many respects), and yet, how appreciated and treasured!
5.00pm - 6.00pm Prayer & Praise 8th 3.30am St John Ambulance Carol Service This child(ish) process provides an excellent analogy for the
Sundays 10.00am-11.30am ADventure-free for 0-16 yr Sun 15th 10.30am Holy Communion reception of the Christmas story. A baby (always small), peasant
term time only Mon 16th 6.00pm Carol Service with Carbrooke School parents away from home (insignificant twice over), a birthplace
Breakfast - Crafts - Games - Faith in Jesus Teaching Wed 18th 2.00pm Carbrooke school Christingle shared with animals (unsatisfactory in the extreme), and yet, and
Sun 22nd 4.00pm Carols by Candle Light
Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-12 noon yet, a story appreciated and treasured for 2,000 years!
Tel: 01953 881252 Christmas Day
25th 10.30pm Christmas Day Family Communion However, the Christmas story carries something else that those
Sun 1st 8.00am Holy Communion BCP small Advent presents can never do. It carries the ability to
10.00am Holy Communion Sun 29th 10.30pm Group Service Ovington
transform people’s lives and, ultimately, to change the whole
Sun 8th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP St John the Evangelist Church, Ovington
10.00am Informal Holy Communion Sun 1st 9.30am Holy Communion
world. In fact, it has been doing that for the two millennia just
3.00pm Town Carol Service at Sun 15th 10.30am Lay Led Worship mentioned.
The Queens Hall Sun 22nd 6.00pm Carol Service For anyone who would like to read the story for themselves, get
Sun 15th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP Christmas Day hold of a modern language version Bible, or search on the
10.00am Holy Communion Wed 25th 10.30am Christmas Day Family Service internet, and look up chapter 2 of the book known as Luke’s
6.30pm Carol Service Sun 29th 10.30am Group Holy Communion Gospel. The chapter, with the subsequent story, make interesting
Sun 22nd 8.00am Holy Communion BCP reading and the story of the small, insignificant family in
10.00am 4th Sunday at 10 unsatisfactory circumstances might just change your life!
Tues 24th Christmas Eve
10.00am Christingle Service Especially for
All Saints Church, Threxton
children and families
Christingle Service Especially for
All Saints Church Threxton invites you to join us for
Christmas Carols with Watton Silver Band
What’s on at St Mary’s
children and families.
11.30pm Midnight (Mass) Holy Communion
on Sunday 22nd December at 3 p.m.
Church, Watton
Wed 25th Christmas Day Sat 30th November Christmas Craft Fayre at St Mary’s Church

Fri 27th
10.30am Family Holy Communion with Carols
9.30am Holy Communion (not Wed 26th)
Fountain of Life Church 10am – 2pm visit Father Christmas in his grotto, raffle, cakes,
crafts, games for children, seasonal refreshments throughout the
Sun 29th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill morning. Book a table to sell your own crafts, £5 telephone
There will be No 10am Service at St Mary’s Church
1 December 10:00 18:00 01953 884385.
10.30am Group Service at
St John’s Church Ovington 8 December 10:00 18:00 Coffee and Chat: Thursday 5th December 10.00am – 12noon.
Thur 2nd Jan 9.30am Holy Communion 15 December Christmas Alive! 15:00 A social coffee morning at St Mary’s Church, all welcome.
Watton Community Cinema “Blinded by the Light”: Friday 13th
Watton Methodist Church 22 December Carol Service 16:00 December 1.15pm, at St Mary’s Church. Refreshment Café
Every Wednesday the Church is open for quiet reflection and opens one hour prior to screening. Tickets £5 available at the
prayer between 10.15am & 11.30am. It’s your quiet place. box office on the day (drink and cake included in the price.)
At 10.30am there is a half-hour Midweek Service in the Large ADventure: Sundays 10.00am-11.30am - free for 0-16 years at
Vestry led by the Minister or a Church Member. St Mary’s Church. Breakfast – Crafts – Games – Faith in Jesus
Sun 1st 10.30am Mr J Hull Teaching. (term time only)
6.30pm Local Arrangement Story Bags: Mondays 9.30am – 10.45am at St Mary’s Church
Sun 8th 10.30am Mrs E Warby for parents and preschool children. (term time only).
3.00pm Town Carol Service at Queens Hall
Watton Rainbow Brownies: Mondays 4.30-5.45pm at St Mary’s
no evening service at Watton Methodist Church
Sun 15th 10.30am Miss A Hall Church Rooms for girls aged 5-7 years. The Rainbows will be
6.30pm Rev’d J Horton meeting each Monday (term time only) at St Mary’s Church
Sun 22nd 10.30am Rev’d J Horton
6.30pm Local Arrangement
Christmas Fantasia or look on Facebook
Saturday Coffee Morning: 21st December 10am – 12 Noon. A
The Thetford Singers are pleased to announce A Christmas
Tues 24th Christmas Eve
Fantasia. This year’s Christmas concert will be held on 13th
social coffee morning at St Mary’s Church on the 3rd Saturday
7.00pm Rev’d J Horton of each month. All welcome.
December 2019 at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) in Thetford
Wed 25th Christmas Day November Winners of the 150 Draw £50 number 35 David
Methodist Church during their Christmas Tree Festival,
10.00am Deacon J Woodfin Skipper, £25number 149 John Searle
tickets are £8.
Sun 29t h 10.30am Mr A Warby
The Singers invite you to Step into Christmas with them and
No evening Service at Watton Methodist Church
enjoy a Fantasia on Christmas Carols at Thetford Methodist
Roman Catholic Community
Each Sat 5.00pm Mass at Watton Methodist Church
Church. Rudolph will be putting in a musical appearance Watton Surgery Patient
along with the more traditional Christmas protagonists like
Tues 24th
Christmas Eve
First Mass of Christmas at
Jesus Christ (the Apple Tree) and Mary.
We are immensely pleased to welcome Baritone John
Participation Forum
Watton Methodist Church Holland Avery back to Thetford for this performance and
The Watton PPG in conjunction with Watton Surgery recently
At Our Lady of Pity Church at Swaffham also to feature the Breckland Handbell Group with pieces held a Saturday Walk-in Flu Vaccination Clinic. This was very
11.30pm Midnight Mass of Christmas from their repertoire. successful with 232 patients attending. Patients also had the
Wed 25th Christmas Day Please come and join us for an evening of songs, carols, bells opportunity to join *Discover Me. This is a nationwide research
9.30am Mass of Christmas Day and congregational singing to get us all into the Christmas spirit study that aims to analyse the health and genetic information of
Thur 26th 11.00am Mass of St Stephen for Altar Servers on 13th December 2019 at 7.30pm in Thetford Methodist thousands of people. By taking part in Discover Me patients will
Church Services for the ACOS Benefice Church. Tickets are £8 from the Leaping Hare Box Office. receive free information about their ancestry.
December– January While waiting for their vaccinations members of the PPG served
St. Nicholas’ Church, Ashill refreshments and other organisations were also present. These
Sun 1st 10.00am Lay Led & Sunday Funday Diabetes UK included the UK Diabetic Watton Support Group, The Watton
Sun 8th 9.30am Family Holy Communion Our November meeting was our AGM. Once again we had a Branch of the Royal British Legion and the Daisy Programme.
Sun 15th 9.30am Morning Worship good year, with new members and some interesting speakers. The PPG would like to thank them for their support.
Tue 17th 7.30pm Carol Service We attended the Carnival and the Christmas Market. The The Chairman of the Watton Surgery PPG, Mr Tom Thurston,
Wed 18th 1.30pm Ashill School Service committee was voted back in en masse. But, on the sad side
Thus 19th 2.00-4.00pm Messy Church said that they were very pleased with the number of patients who
we have lost 3 of our members over the past year and our
Sun 22nd 9.30am Crib, Christingle and Carols thoughts remain with their families. We also enjoyed a fish had attended as this was over 100 more than had attended a
Christmas Eve and chip lunch following the meeting. similar event the PPG organised last year. He also thanked
Tues 24th 11.00pm Midnight Holy Communion Our last meeting of the year is our Christmas Party, on members of the Watton Surgery staff who came in and looked
Christmas Day December 9th, 10.30am. There will be a new list of dates and after the reception deck and others who gave the flu
Wed 25th 9.30am Family Service for Christmas speakers will be available in the new year. So, on behalf of vaccinations.
Sun 29th 10.00am Group Service OvingtonSun 19th the committee and the members of the Watton & District *For patients who would like to find out more about Discover
9.30am Morning Worship Diabetes UK Group, we wish you all Season's Greetings for a Me ask your Medical Practice or visit
Sun 26th 9.30am Holy Communion Joyful Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful 2020.
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 13
Threxton was ideal for a pony and cart and a
This Winter at Your Watton Rotary blinkered harness was used to limit the pony to
just forward vision.
Sporty Roundup Ann also purchased a rally cart in the 1960's
Highlights since our last piece include our which was a low vehicle and proved to be quite
Next up at #YOURSPORTY is our Our Christmas
Annual Dinner at Broom Hall on October 18th dangerous as the driver had limited vision
Party on Friday 13th December with live music
to mark the 65th anniversary of the granting of behind the horse! Ann entered her ponies and
from the Underdogz, 9:30pm ‘til late, £5 per ticket
the Charter recognising the official formation carts in local shows, more for fun rather than
available from reception.
the Rotary Club of Watton & District (to give us from the competitive aspect.
During the Christmas period we have Chocolate
our full title) as a constituent member of Rotary In the 1970's it became too dangerous to drive
Skasouls performing live on Saturday 28th
International. The morning End Polio Now the ponies on the area's busy roads.
December, 8pm ‘til midnight, £6 per ticket available
event held in Tesco’s foyer raised £86.00 and, Ann brought several different types of harnesses
to purchase from reception. Then rounding off the
hopefully, also raised awareness of the need to to show us and explained the methods of fitting
festivities we have our New Year’s Party with live
keep gnawing away at the vaccination them in way to ensure that the ponies were
music and disco from Jonno, £6 per ticket with a
programme to ensure that poliomyelitis is comfortable whilst wearing them.
glass of bubbly on entry.
banished from the world. It was good to hear, on The second speaker was David Stoner who is
Throughout the month we have our Happy Hour,
that day, that the World Health Organisation has also a member of Watton U3A.
Monday to Friday between 4pm and 6pm with 50p
declared that Mother Earth is now officially free David moved to Watton five years ago. He
off of pints and £3 doubles. Alongside this we are
of the wild polio type 3 virus, and also that the became involved in local groups and
showing live sport every day, with both the
British Government is contributing a further subsequently became leader of the Watton U3A
Hockey Club and Football Club having regular
£400M to the eradication programme, whilst Ukulele Group.
fixtures on Saturdays at the Sports Centre.
Rotary is working closely with the Bill & David also has a keen interest in Teasmades. We
Also on the sport side we have our increasingly
Melinda Gates Foundation (Microsoft) to learnt that the first model was patented in 1902
popular fitness class timetable running throughout
provide both cash to buy the vaccines and to in Birmingham and it sounded quite dangerous
the winter with a number of them being booked up
fund personnel, mainly volunteers, to administer from the description. The 'Teaboy' was later
in advance so make sure you book in either using
them. made locally in Dereham by Metamec. David is
your member app or give us a call on
Our meeting of the last Thursday in October was mentioned as an authority on Teasmades in a
declared a guest night, particularly with our published book on this subject.
Whatever interests you come down and have a
ladies in Inner Wheel in mind. Our usual David has a vast collection of vintage 78 rpm
look at what's on offer at #YOURSPORTY.
attendance numbers were virtually doubled, and records and played one for us on an original
Broom Hall Hotel was kind enough to give us wind up gramophone. It was a 1953 recording
Have you ever their main dining room (Swallowtails
Restaurant) for the evening. Our intrepid
of the Veleta Waltz and the Bluebell Polka.
Next it was our chance to sing whilst David
wanted to know a traveller, David Watkins, gave a fascinating
photo-travelogue of his journey from
provided guitar accompaniment for 'Silver
Threads Amongst the Gold' and 'Swing Low
magicians' secrets? Vladivostok to North Korea, taking in the city of
Harbin in Northern China, famous for its
Sweet Chariot'. To conclude a most interesting
The Silver Social brings another exciting and varied talk David sang 'Angel Band'.
amazing ice sculptures. Although escorted The Chairman announced that there was to be a
performance to Breckland this December with everywhere in North Korea, David found it a lot
Britain's Bad Boys of Magic, Kane & Abel. The change of programme for November 28th. The
more interesting than its counterpart to the Ukulele Group will be entertaining us and Leigh
twin tricksters are set to tour across the district south.
at rural community locations with their fantastic Sharpe's talk will now take place in May 2020. A
The first meeting of November was an in-house Northumberland holiday book had been compiled
show Breaking the Magicians' Code, where the ‘memories’ night. Martin (undersigned)
audience will see the laws of magic broken right for perusal and single
produced an attendance note from the Rotary photographs would be made
in front of their eyes! Club of Tahiti-Papeete. This was acquired
This magical performance is part of The Silver available upon request.
during a return journey from New Zealand in Anita had sent for details
Social, an exciting daytime touring arts May 2006 where he and Helen had attended that
programme which is aimed at older people but with regard to the possibility
year’s International Convention of Inner Wheel of arranging the Watton
open to all. The project is run by Breckland Clubs in Christchurch. He commented that it was
Council and funded by Arts Council England, U3A holiday in Yorkshire
probably the most expensive ‘ordinary’ Rotary for 2020. The U3A Quiz
Breckland Council and Norfolk County Council club dinner he had ever attended apart from,
Public Health. The Silver Social brings Group had come first in two
possible, Florence West. Martin Parker reminisced quizzes in October. The
something a little different to daily life in towns that, yes, whilst that meeting was expensive, our
and villages across Breckland, through U3A Remembrance Day
return to UK with Alitalia (following attendance wreath was on display and
alternating circuits of creative workshops and another IIW Convention) was even more
live performances held in familiar community would later be placed at
memorable. Our late afternoon flight was Watton War Memorial
venues. Whether residents want to meet new cancelled after several attempts to take off in
people over a cuppa, take part in new social during the annual service.
severe crosswinds and snowstorms. We had to be Next month's meeting on
pursuits, enjoy professional theatre without bussed through the night up the spine of Italy to a
having to travel too far or you know a neighbour 28th November is the
Milan airport for onward travel to London through Christmas Party, starting at
or family member who might like to join a new more snowstorms to a nearby hotel (because the
group, The Silver Social aims to bring high the earlier time of 1.30pm.
airport was closed) where we rested for 3 hours or The November Pub Lunch
quality accessible arts in a friendly, familiar so. Arriving at the hotel in the early hours, and
space. will take place at The
leaving again early in the morning, having had no Windmill, Necton on 10th
Cllr Mark Robinson, Executive Member for assistance from the night porter, the manager
Community, Leisure and Culture, commented: November. There will be no
arrived just before we left and demanded the cost Pub Lunch meeting in
"This is another wonderful event hosted by The of a full nights stay! I won’t repeat our response
Silver Social which brings communities together December or January.
suffice to say it included reference to the airline for Please contact our
and I hope lots of people come along to see for any reimbursement due. Martin Anscombe
themselves just how great this show is! People Membership Secretary,
should be prepared for a rebellious mash up of Christine Warne on 01760
comedy, magic and rule breaking, which I am Watton U3A 440820 if you would like to
become a member of
sure will have residents leaving with a smile."
Residents can catch the show at the following October Meeting Watton U3A, or would like
further information.
venues: Two speakers came to our October meeting.
Monday 2 December, 2pm-3:30pm - Ashill The first speaker was Ann Durrant, a member of
Community Centre Watton U3A, and Ann spoke about her love of
Tuesday 3 December, 2pm-3:30pm - Harling ponies. Richmond
Old School Village Hall Ann moved to the Watton area from Melton
Wednesday 4 December, 2pm-3:30pm - Mowbray shortly after the Second World War Seniors Golf
Attleborough Town Hall and was employed by Lady Walsingham for Richmond Park golf club
Thursday 5 December, 2pm-3:30pm - Shipdham three years as a horse riding teacher then later seniors won there 2nd
WI Hall taught pony riding at Thetford Chase Pony Club. round Hodds slaver match
Friday 6 December, 2pm-3:30pm - Necton Ann met her husband at a Wayland Hall dance against the links golf club
Community Centre and they were married in 1949. A wedding East Runton . it was a cold
Tickets are just £5, tea and cake is included! present (given two years later) was a mountain rainy day but was
Free transport can be arranged to any of pony called Thunderstorm. The pony lived to brightened up by a 6 shots
listed venues from residents' homes for those the age of 36 and had 14 foals. victory well done John and
without access to a car or public transport. Mountain ponies are known to be very hardy team. They get a home
Tickets can be paid on the door, however and Ann was able to ride as well as drive these draw against either
people are advised to reserve their place in ponies. Ann purchased her first pony cart for ten Dunston Hall or Feltwell in
advance via or by shillings and this was subsequently painted next round sometime
calling 01362 656870. yellow so that it was easily seen. The flat January.
landscape in the area of Carbrooke, Watton and Brian Smith.
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 14

symbol of glorifying war clearly have never been

Watton Remembers The to war. A soldiers lot is to do their governments
Fallen and the injured bidding when the politicians have failed,
Remembrance 2019 was a collaboration between sometimes their own politicians are nothing more
the Town Council, Watton Churches Together and than terrorists who whip up hatred as with the Nazi
the Royal British Legion. This year St Marys regime. This year we have been celebrating all the
hosted the service & refreshments after the Act of nationalities that have fought for freedom and
Remembrance at the War Memorial and Revd against oppression alongside the British. They
Gerry Foster led the service. Over 30 organisations answered the call from all over the world, from
laid wreaths on the day. empire, commonwealth, and also neighbours.
A special thank you goes to 2Lt Liam Wells, Since 1812, when we got over our differences, the
Watton Detachment Commander who was Parade USA has been our most powerful ally. But we must
Master for the first time and did a fantastic job of not forget the Indian troops who held the line on
managing the parade and procession. the western front until the UK had trained enough
soldiers to fight back. The ANZAC troops at
Royal British Legion Gallipoli, the Canadians on D-Day, those from the
Caribbean who fought with distinction in many
Watton & District Branch theatres, there are too many to mention. Of course
The end of the Remembrance two weeks marks the we have to think of the occupied countries whose
end of the Poppy Appeal year. Contrary to popular peoples fled to Britain to continue the fight,
belief the Poppy Appeal runs throughout the year Czechs, Poles, Dutch, French and Norwegians to
and in 2018 raised around £50 million. In fact the name a few. We must not forget where our forces
Poppy Appeal has raised about £1 per second since have been involved in conflicts since 1945 all
the end of World War 1, that’s about £3bn. All of around the world and served alongside soldiers of
that money goes towards ensuring that our armed those nations, Borneo, Cyprus, Aden, Belize and
forces community past and present can find help Kuwait. There are very few places that our armed
when the really need it. The Royal British Legion forces have not served and continue to do so.
(RBL) has campaigned tirelessly since its I have to have a special paragraph here to mention
formation to have a government department the 50 anniversary of Operation Banner, a civil war
dedicated to veterans and that finally happened this that our politicians bizarrely refer to as “The
year. Unlike the American Legion, which predates Troubles”. Soldiers are trained to kill our enemies
the RBL by 2 years, we are a charity spending so being sent onto the streets of your own country
money on veterans’ welfare. In the USA that is a is by far the hardest job in the world. After leaving
government responsibility and the American the RAF I spent several years as a Paramedic and
Legions job is to lobby the government of the day met many people suffering with post-traumatic
to do just that. We’re getting there and when we stress disorder (PTSD), and most of those had
do, it’ll be done right, it’s only a hundred years and served in Northern Ireland (NI). My entire service
in our history that’s a fleeting moment. career spanned that operation, and still today I find
It still surprises me when people stop and ask about myself subconsciously having a quick check under
the significance of the poppy, in this technological my car for wires. When somebody asks, I say “Oh
age I think the answer is “Google it” you will get a just checking for leaks” and I didn’t even serve in
much better explanation there than I can give. It NI, such was the impact of that operation.
suffices to say that it is the accepted symbol of (Continued on page 15)
remembrance and respect. Those who see it as a
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 15

Czech and
Polish WW2
at Wretham
Around 100 people attended the short
but moving service of remembrance at
the war memorial outside the gates of
St Ethelbert at Wretham.
The Rev Tony Heywood led the
service during which the Exhortation
was read before a two minute silence
followed by the Kohima dedication.
Andy Reeves played the Last Post and
as the Royal British Legion, RAFA
and Air Cadets standards were
marched to the 14 war graves in the
churchyard, piper Stan Hebron played
a lament as he led the remainder of
those attending to the graves.
The Rev Heywood gave a blessing,
the names of the war dead read out
and two poppy crosses were placed at
each grave.
Among those attending to lay wreaths
were Wretham Parish Council
chairman Harold Smith, Breckland
chairman Lynda Turner, Thetford
Mayor Brenda Canham, Watton
Mayor Pat Warwick, defence attaches
from the Czech, Slovak and Polish
republics, Brandon Town Council
chairman Victor Lukaniuk, David Fitt
for the Wretham and Hockham RBL,
Anthony Polak of the Memorial
Association for Free Czechoslovakia,
Peter Nahodil of the Czech
Association and representatives of the
Wretham and Hockham RBL and
RAF Honington.

(Continued from page 14) heatin nowadaze, thet meark yew yars. questions ranged over a variety of
As we approach the festive season let’s orl sorft an thet only want a bit of a Wen we wos allowed tew hev a pig general knowledge. This meeting
not forget that it is also a time of draft an yew cum down wi suffin. I or tew in tha back yard, they was also an opportunity to renew
reconciliation. You could not have rekkun he hent far orf cos those yewsed tew git orl riled up if tha membership and receive a copy of
failed to notice there is an election onus wot still hev an ole range in yung lads nex door yewsed to hull our new schedule, detailing the
looming and it seems that Brexit is a the kitchen, mite git a bit smoked banga’s oova tha hidge, manys tha exciting ideas we have planned
very divisive issue. The EU countries owt wen tha wind dunt lay rite, but time Ire hed tew hoss orl oova tha for the coming year and some
are our friends and sometimes friends moost o tha time we’re orlrite. garden tryin ter git tha warmints new categories for the Spring and
don’t agree. When that happens, you Cos muck cartin and spreedin ken back in tha sty. Cor blarst we hed Autumn shows for 2020.
put it behind you and get on with being clear tha ole tubes wen thas still a sum rare ols cuts o fat pork, ham an November also saw us crafting
friends. So at this time of mite ripe, so evry little helps. bacon wot yewsed tew larst orl yar decorations for our Christmas
remembrance, spare a thought for all Torkin of muck cartin, were bin an rownd. Ole Hoppy Jonas wos the Tree entry for the Shipdham
those who have made the ultimate upset the ole cownsil chairmawtha ole boy wot cum rownd wen tha ole Christmas Tree Festival. Do come
sacrifice in the cause of freedom or for agin, cos were bin spreedin on the hog wos jist rite an he wud dew tha along on December 7th and 8th to
whatever their government of the day fild ahind har howse, and tha wind deed and leave tha ole beast orl see our entry, as well as many
thought was a just cause. Let’s just dint lay rite so she got tha full reddy tew smook or carve up fer others. All trees are decorated for
support our armed forces; they do their benefit o tha wapers. Tha farmer Sundy dinners. The twos better donations to various charities.
job until the politicians can get it right. saw her cumin inta tha yard an he meat than wot yew git terday. Cos We are looking forwards to our
Thank you to everyone who has come clawed orf owta tha way afore she yew people wot dunt eat meat, (members only) Christmas party
out at various times over the let loose, so me an Horry got the yew’ll hefta parden me fer running on Thursday December 19th.
remembrance weekend and to all who full blarst from booth har barrels. I on abowt how we yewsed tew do Music, food, fun and good
have and continue to support the say tew har I say, “ Thas oonly things owt har in tha Willage. company – it is what Bradenham
Poppy Appeal. I have met and spoken tarkey muck my gud woman an no My ole Gramma yewsed tew say. Horticulture and Garden Club is
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last few weeks, we would love to have yewshull twelve pownder agin tha sorry fer them wot hev tew live wi Dates for your diary: Free to
you as Legion members. Chrismus wos cumin?” she shut up yew” members - £2.00 non members -
If you want details of our branch the then, but gi us booth a luk wot wud Cheerio and dunt fergit, dew yew £1.00 for members of Shipdham,
website is: or tarn milk sour. kip a troshin. Boy Sid Ashill and Great Hockham Garden
you can telephone, Helen Daly, the Thars anutha cowncil meetin nex Clubs.
secretary on 01953 885124. week, but I hent shur if I orta goo 7th and 8th December: Shipdham
Merry Christmas. along arta the trubble oova tha mud
Bradenham Christmas Tree Festival all
an now tha muck. Horry sez he
dasnt goo, an thet teark a lot tew git
Horticultural welcome FREE All Saints Church
Thursday 19.12.19 7pm Christmas
The Ovington him sceared orf. and Garden Party with The West End Waiters
Tell yew wot wos bin a bit of a (members only)
Crower sprise tha year, we dint hev many Club Thursday 16.01.20 7pm Beetle
By the boy Sid fireworks a gooin orf fer a week or Wish everyone a very Happy Drive and Fish and Chip Supper
Hoop yew’ve cum in from tha rearn, tew, even lukin acrorst tew Watton Christmas and a blooming good Mini show – any house plant
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Har yew gitten on tergetha, when yew tuff enuf tew stand owt in the wind a quiz - challenging, but just £12.00
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every wun hev got this ole central goo orf lay, like they hev dun otha was NOT a requirement and
The Wayland News November 2019 Page 16

Park new
Ladies Captain
On Monday 3rd November the
Ladies of Richmond Park attended
their Annual General Meeting
which was followed by a
presentation of the trophies won
throughout the year.
The Ladies Section had been
without a captain for the last two
years so were delighted to welcome
their new Captain, Claire Carney to
the role. Claire made a good start
to her year by inviting the ladies to
join her for coffee and pastries
before heading out to the golf
course. There the ladies formed an
Arch of Honour to welcome Claire
to the first tee; each lady was given
a marker to place on the first
fairway indicating where they
thought Claire’s drive would land
and the winner was Cherrie Lawn,
the new Vice Captain. previously drawn by Claire but had been agreed that it had been a fun first day with
There followed a 9 hole team kept hidden until after all the ladies had their new Lady Captain. The winners were
competition “Three Blind Mice” completed their rounds. Despite the rather Eileen Chard, June Stone and Hilary
which was played in the Stableford difficult conditions following a Sutton but Claire made sure that there
format. The teams had been considerable amount of rain, the ladies all were prizes for all.

Rotary Umbrella
Watton Rotary Club Umbrella Festival
concluded on Saturday 14 September
when we had 30 decorated umbrella
entries, and we are pleased to confirm the
winners were:
Ages 6-11 2ND Watton RAF Brownies
Ages 11-16 Watton Guides
Adult Brenda Draper
All the entered umbrellas were paraded in
Watton Carnival Parade on Sunday 15
September, some by the entrants and others
by Watton Guides, and some on Rotarian
Paul Weatherill’s WW2 Jeep, and others on
John Bunning’s Vintage Fire Engine.
Our Treasurer has now totalled our
accounts, and we made £671 to be divided
50/50 between Nelson’s Journey our
President Peter Cowling’s chosen charity
this year, and Rotary Charities. The funds
were further enhanced by Brenda Draper
our Adult Winner donating her umbrella
back to the Rotary Club and it was raffled
for £22 at our Jazz Night at the Queens
Hall on 22 September. The Rotary Club
have rounded the total up to £700 and
enhanced the donation to Nelson’s
Journey from £350 to £500 to support the
excellent work they are doing in
supporting children in families following
a bereavement.
Many thanks to all who supported us.
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