1. Where should the installer install the ground connector? Where it is easy to find. Where it will easily attract foreign matter. Where it will not be disturbed. Where it is closest to the earth. 2. To what is the housewire connected inside the building? A protector. A terminal. A C block. A junction box. 3. When installing the drop wire to the station protector; what terminals do you use? I terminals. G terminals. L terminals. W terminals. 4. You are ready to attach the housewire to the protector. To what terminals do you attach the housewire? I terminals. L terminals. H terminals. G terminals. 5. What is first aid?

The first assistance available. The immediate and temporary care given to the victim until medical assistance is available. The assistance of medically trained personnel. The care received at a hospital in an emergency room. 6. What is the correct formula for the installer to use when positioning a ladder against a building? Base Base Base Base 1/3 the height away from 1/6 the height away from 1/4 the height away from 1/5 the height away from the building. the building. the building. the building.

7. Connecting the TA-236/FT telephone to the connector block is easy. Which wire goes to which terminal? Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow and green to green. to yellow. and black to black. and red to red.

8. How does the installer secure the wire to the telephone pole? With an S knob. With a basket weave. With a drop wire clamp. With a split knob. 9. What is the minimum clearance needed between telephone wires and foreign ground wires? At least 12 inches. At least 6 inches. At least 8 inches. At least 4 inches. 10. The telephone has been installed. What must the installer do before departing? Test the phone by calling a friend.

Test the phone by talking into it. Test the phone by calling the operator and adjusting the bell. Test the phone by having the user check it out. 11. How much insulation must the installer remove from the drop wire when preparing it for installation in the Ready Access Terminal? 1/2 inch. 3/4 inch. 1 inch. 1 1/4 inch. 12. You are providing first aid for an injured workman. What would you take care of first? Poisoning. Broken bones. Serious bleeding. Elevate the injured part. 13. You have to pass 2 untaped quad wires through a floor. What size hole must be prepared to accomplish this? 1/4 inch. 5/8 inch. 1/2 inch. 3/8 inch. 14. What must the installer remember when passing ground wires, housewires, or drop wires through holes in a building? They should be twisted together to reduce static. They should not be twisted together. They should be in separate holes. All insulation should be removed first. 15. After the drop wire is secured to a station protector what does the installer use to secure the wire to the building?

split knob. S knob. T knob. E knob. 16. What is shock? It is a depressed condition. It is the visual review of a persons injury. It is caused by onlookers. It is a loss of blood. 17. The installer is installing 20 lines inside in a vertical run. What is the normal distance for securing these wires? 1 foot. 4 feet. 3 feet. 2 feet. 18. What should be done to inside wire if it crosses a metal beam? Give it slack. Install a backup wire. Tape it for protection. Reroute the wire. 19. What are some symptoms of shock? Excessive heat, perspiring, rapid heart, regular breathing. Skin pale, perspiration on forehead, pulse rapid, irregular breathing. A red face, slow pulse, deep breathing, eyes vacant. Skin pale, perspiration on forehead, slow pulse, irregular breathing. 20. You are working on a ladder against the building. How far above your work should the top of the ladder be positioned?

1 foot. 2 1/2 feet. 2 feet 1 1/2 feet 21. It is very difficult to locate an open in drop wire. What is the best remedy to cure the problem? Remove the drop wire. Call the supervisor. Remove the drop wire. Notify the user the wire must be checked back at the office. Remove the drop wire. Test it every 6 inches until the open is found. Remove the drop wire. Connect it to the instrument in the truck. 22. Prior to climbing a pole to install a telephone line the climber should check the pole and the surrounding area. What is the purpose of this check? Check the distance of the pole from the building. Check the number of steps in the pole. Check the use of the pole . Check the pole use and foreign objects. 23. The installer is running house wire in a horizontal position. At what distance should the wire be fastened? 14 inches. 18 inches. 16 inches. 12 inches. 24. What is one method of determining where an open is in a telephone line? Intermittently check the line for resistance. Accepting the word of the person who called the trouble. Connect an instrument to the line at each

connection point and attempt to make a call with the telephone. Connect one lead of the test instrument to one connector and tap the other connector with the other lead. 25. The installation is complete and the telephone tested. However, before you depart there is an important step you must perform. What is it? Recheck the grounding. Recheck all connections. Complete the DA Form 3938. Recheck the DA Form 3938. 26. What can be used to protect the wires that pass through a hole in the wall? Keep it tight. Insulators. Keep it loose. Tape. 27. What is shock in regards to first aid? A fast heart beat. A depressed condition. A hyper condition. A severe loss of blood. 28. Troubleshooting a telephone line is easy. What does the person doing the troubleshooting refer to to determine the trouble? The repair chart. The installation chart. The troubleshooting chart. The internal wiring chart. 29. The house wire is secured to the protector. How far from the protector do you secure the house wire? 2 inch. 1 inch.

1 1/2 inch. 2 1/2 inch. 30. When installing wires on screws it is important to remember how wires are placed so that tightening the screw will make the wire secure. How is the wire placed on the screw? Clockwise. On the left side only. On the right side only. Counterclockwise. 31. When running wire inside a building in a conduit what other wires may be in the conduit? Only ground wires. Only one conductor of electric wires. None other. High voltage electric wires. 32. Why is it important that two persons carry a ladder regardless of length? Safety requirement. Electrical requirement. Regulation requirement. Liability requirement. 33. Who is the person who initiates a DA Form 3938? The Dial Central Office. The requester. The lineman. The supervisor. 34. Who is responsible to know first aid? Only officers. Only Noncommissioned officers. All military personnel. Only medically trained personnel. 35. When making a hole through the building to pass

the wires through the installer should remember what important factor about the hole? It should be level with the ground. It should go in and up at 45 degrees. It should slant upward for moisture protection. It should slant down to make passage easier. 36. When the wires are connected to the connector block, how much bare wire should be seen between the insulation and the screw and the screw and the end of the wire? 1/4 inch. 1/16 inch. 3/16 inch. 1/8 inch. 37. The wire passes through a hole in the building from outside to inside. How far from the hole is the wire secured on the outside of the building? 2 1/2 inch. 2 inch. 1 1/2 inch. 1 inch. 38. Then running twelve or less wires vertical inside the building at what distance are they secured? 16 inches. 14 inches. 12 inches. 18 inches. 39. When connections are made at the connecting block in what position is the second wire? Behind the screw head. Behind the first washer. Behind all washers. Behind the second washer. 40. When grounding the system, the installer may use

a water pipe only under what conditions? It is the hot water pipe. It is a pipe just under the surface. It is a cold water pipe connected to a neutral system. It is local for the building only. 41. What item installed by the installer is used as a safety device for the user of the telephone? A station protector. A fuse. A static line. A ground system for the building. 42. When installing the drop wire at the Ready Access Terminal the installer installs which wire on the right side? The ring wire. The steel wire. The aluminum wire The tip wire. 43. Where should connector blocks be positioned? At a At a At a At a location easily reached for maintenance. location near the entrance hole. location hidden from view. location accessible to the user.

44. Communications lines sometimes use the same poles as power lines. What is the distance between a 300 volt power line and a telephone line? 4 feet. 6 feet. 8 feet. 2 feet. 45. Before going out to troubleshoot a telephone line what should you do in regards to checking the line?

Perform a Perform a Perform a Perform a

capacitance check. test for opens. transmission test. resistance test.