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The Mammoth Christmastime Crossword Across Down

Created by R. A. Watterson.
4. What the wise men studied in order 1. The town of Bethlehem was
Crossword questions that refer to verses in the Bible were created with the King James Version. Some of the questions in this to find Jesus’ birthplace. within the land of the tribe of
crossword are indirectly related to the Christmas story. To brush up on your knowledge of the facts surrounding the first Christmas, 6. Prophet who predicted that __________.
see Matthew 1:18–25; 2:1–12; Luke 1:26–38; 2:1–20. Note: Gray boxes indicate a space between two words. the Messiah would be born in 2. The province where Zacharias
Bethlehem. and Elizabeth lived.
1 9. Another name for “wise men.” 3. The first two words that the
10. Another term for nativity scene. angel said to Zacharias.
13. Guide for the traveling wise men. 4. Angels appeared to them to
2 3 14. French for "Christmas." announce Jesus’ birth.
4 5 6 7
15. The reason God sent Jesus to earth. 5. A gift you can give to Jesus
16. The man who blessed Baby Jesus at that never stops giving.
8 9
the temple. 7. What Zacharias was burning
10 18. The town Joseph and Mary lived at in the temple when an angel
11 12
the time of Mary’s engagement. appeared to him?
19. One of the two Gospels that relate 8. Circular decoration made with
13 14 15
the events of the first Christmas. green leaves
16 17 21. King famous for a loving, 11. The method God used to warn
Christmastime deed. Joseph and the wise men of
24. One of the gifts that was given by the Herod’s evil plans.
19 20 wise men to Jesus. 12. Jesus' first "bed" on earth.
21 22 23 24
25. The number of months Mary stayed 17. Joseph’s profession.
with Elizabeth while pregnant with 20. One of Jesus' names,
Jesus. meaning "God with us."
26 27 26. The woman priestess who gave 22. The country Joseph, Mary,
thanks when seeing Baby Jesus at and Jesus fled to after
the temple. receiving a warning from an
27. Mary said, “My soul doth _______ angel.
29 30 31 32 33 the Lord.” 23. The name for the shortest day
28. The period before an event. in winter.
29. How many months pregnant was 25. The reason Mary and Joseph
34 35 Elizabeth when an angel came to went to Bethlehem.
Mary announcing that she would be 30. Roman emperor at the time of
the mother of Jesus? Jesus' birth.
31. How old was Jesus when He visited 32. Winter snow transport.
37 38 39 the temple for the first time? 33. The offering Joseph, Mary,
37. The king of Judea at the time of and Baby Jesus brought to the
Jesus' birth. temple.
39. Town where Jesus was born. 34. Building where Jesus was
41 40. Another of the gifts to Jesus from the born.
wise men. 35. What Zacharias became when
42 43
42. Last name of the protagonist of A he didn't believe his elderly
44 Christmas Carol (novel by Charles wife, Elisabeth, could have a
45 46 Dickens). baby.
43. The angel sent to tell Mary that she 36. Songs sung during Christmas.
would be the mother of Jesus. 38. The type of lodging
47 45. Decorations that twinkle and glow. establishment that Mary and
46. A tree used to symbolize everlasting Joseph were unable to secure
life. rooms at when arriving at the
47. The sea (in this case, actually a town of Joseph’s ancestors.
lake) near the place where Joseph 41. Traditional Christmas drink.
S&S link: CLF: Jesus, God’s Son-1b and Mary lived at the time of their 44. The first thing Zacharias did
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engagement. when an angel spoke to him.