SS0754 100% 1. What is the life expectancy of the BA-5590 in the AN/PRC-119? 20 hours. 40 hours. 60 days.

180 days. 2. Where should you set the RT FCTN switch to clear all memory and extend the life of the battery? LD. OFF. STW. ZA. 3. You press the BATT/CALL button on your AN/PRC-119 and the display show 05. How much battery life do you have left? 11 1/2 hours 12 1/2 hours. None you must replace the battery. 15 hours. 4. How would you start the clock after entering the battery life condition? Press Sto/ENT Press start. Press BATT/CALL. Press time. 5. Which SINCGARS radio set combines the features of an AN/VRC-88 and AN/VRC-90? AN/VRC-91. AN/PRC-119. AN/VRC-87. AN/VRC-92. 6. How many SINCGARS configurations are possible? 4. 6.

5. 7. 7. What is the life expectancy of the fill battery? 30 days. 60 days. 3 months. 6 months. 8. When you press the BATT/CALL button the display shows 11. This indicates that you-Must replace the RT battery. Need to charge the vehicle battery. Must replace the KY-57 battery. Have 11 hours of battery life left. 9. How many RT-1439s are required for an AN/VRC-92? 1. 2. 3. 4. 10. To operate in the secure mode you must set the KY-57 MODE switch to-LD. P. RV. C. 11. Where should you set the KYK-13 MODE switch when you are connecting or disconnecting? Position containing the TEK. ON. Z. OFF/CK. 12. Where do you set the RF switch on the RT when performing a transmitter test? M. PA. LO.

HI. 13. How long do you have to store a frequency once you have entered it from the keyboard? 10 seconds. 7 seconds. 15 seconds. 5 seconds. 14. Where should you set the FCTN switch to load a frequency? LD. LD-V. ON. SQ. 15. What will appear on the display when you press and release the FREQ button with the CHAN switch in MAN? Ed 30000 ----Sto/ENT 16. Which component will you attach to the Mounting Base MT-6352 in a vehicular configuration? AM-7238. AM-7239. RT-1439. AS-3684. 17. What must you press to store a frequency in permanent memory? FREQ. Sto/ENT. SEnd/OFST. LE/3. 18. Where should you set the FCTN switch on the RT to turn it in to maintenance? REM. STW. TST.

SQ OFF. 19. Mercury battery BA-1372 is used to maintain memory in-KYK-13. KY-57. RT-1439. All of the above. 20. Where should you set the RT FCTN switch for normal secure single-channel operation? SQ ON. ON. REM. SQ OFF. 21. What battery will you install in the KY-57 to supply operate power to a manpack configuration? BA-5590. BA-4386. BA-1372. BA-3030. 22. The CB1 switch on mounting adapter in vehicular radio sets-provides signal circuitry between RT and AM-7239. controls power to the AM-7239 and PA mounting base. provides interface between the RT and amplifier. provides switching between RT "A" and "B." 23. Why is the AN/PRC-119 limited to short range communications? The AS-3683 will not radiate long distances. It doesn't have an AM-7239. The BA-5590 doesn't supply enough power for long range. It doesn't have a power amplifier. 24. SINCGARS radio sets may be operated with-AN/VRC-43. AN/PRC-77. AN/VRC-46. All of the above.

25. Where should you set the RT FCTN switch to shut down temporarily and maintain memory? OFF/CK. OFF. ZA. STW.