1. What is the maximum number of frequencies SINCGARS radio sets can hop on? 1740. 2320. 4640. 920. 2.

Your equipment is not ready or available if CB1 on the mounting adapter is set to ON and -no beep is heard in the handset. display does not show "Good". power indicator lamp does not light. the display does not cycle through. 3. As a net member you will load the CUE frequency -any time you suspect jamming. to receive a Cold Start net opening. so you can receive all CUE calls on the net. only when you need to CUE the NCS. 4. What establishes the frequency hopping pattern? FH Sync Time. Net ID. TEK. TSK. 5. The NCS has instructed you to "STAND-BY FOR ERF - STORE IN 1 - MEET ME ON 1 OUT". What sequence do you follow when HF322 appears on your display? Sto/ENT, CHAN to 1, H.Ld/0. FREQ, Sto/ent, channel number, CHAN to 1. Channel number, Sto/ENT, CHAN to 1. Sto/ENT, channel number, Chan to 1. 6. To load a TSK you must set the RT FCTN switch to -Fill. REM. LD. LD/V.

7. When you set the FCTN switch to Z-A all data is zeroized except -TSK. battery life condition. manual frequency. hopset. 8. When you receive the ERF from the NCS during Cold Start procedures your display will show -HFnnn. Fill HLnnn. Cold. 9. To answer a CUE call your KY-57 must be set to -OFF. ON. P. TD. 10. To load a hopset you must set the RT FCTN switch to -LD/V. RV. STW. LD. 11. When your display shows "Bad" during TRANSEC loading it is an indication that -your FCTN switch is not in LD/V. you have loaded the wrong TSK. you have loaded a generic TSK. your mode switch is in FH. 12. When loading FH data you will connect the fill cable to -J1 ON THE MOUNTING ADAPTER. RT AUDIO DATA. RT AUDIO FILL. KY-57 FILL. 13. What will the display show when you load a TSK with the CHAN switch set to MAN?

Fnnn. Fill n. Cold. HFnnn. 14. What will you use to load FH data into the RT? MX-10579. KYK-13. KY-57. None of the above. 15. To transmit an ERF you will press the -SEnd/OFST button. Sto/ENT button. push to talk switch. FREQ button. 16. What keyboard sequence do you use to change the Net ID? H.Ld/0, Channel 1, CLR, new Net ID, Sto/ENT. FREQ, last two digits of new Net ID, Sto/ENT. CLR, FREQ, last two digits of new Net ID, Sto/ENT. FREQ, CLR, last two digits of new Net ID, Sto/ENT. 17. How often do SINCGARS radio sets change frequencies in the hopping mode? Over 100 times a second. 100 times a second. Over 100 times a minute. 100 times a minute. 18. To CUE an operating FH net you must set the KY-57 to -ID. C. ON. OFF. 19. To retrieve a hopset and transmit an ERF you must set the FCTN switch to -SQ ON. LD. RXMT.

RV. 20. The keyboard sequence for retrieving the hopset from permanent memory is -H.Ld/0, channel number. H.Ld/0, FREQ, channel number. FREQ, H.Ld/0, channel number. None of the above. 21. To operate in a secure SINCGARS FH net, all of the stations must -have the CUE frequency loaded. have the same TSK, TEK, Hopset and FH Sync Time. be set to FH/M. None of the above. 22. While operating in a net as a net member you must -adhere to all NCS directives. limit personal conversations. transmit only in response to net calls. respond to all calls. 23. How far must you remain from the antenna to avoid RF burns during transmission? 5 feet. 30 feet. 30 inches. 60 inches. 24. What will you use for the date when loading FH Sync Time? Day of the month. Day of the week. Last two digits of the Julian date. SOI time period in effect. 25. In order to receive a Cold Start you must load -FH Sync Time. CUE frequency. the TSK. a hopset.