OPERATE SWITCHBORD TELEPHONE SB-3614A(V)/TT Module/SubCourse: SS9804 Edition: A

The final examination contains multiplechoice questions covering all lessons. This is an open-book exam--you may use the Instructi text to find answers. ons To take the examination, follow these steps: Step 1 Action Review each question thoroughly before selecting a response. Point and click on the response you think is correct. Note: You may select only one answer for each question. Check your answers. Once you submit your exam with all answers marked, you can't retrieve it for changes. Point and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the exam. Your examination answers will be forwarded to the Army Institute for Professional Development for action. You will receive intermediate results by e-mail. Final results will be sent to you by surface mail. If you cannot finish the exam in one session you will be given the option to save your exam temporarily. Simply click the submit button then click save. You will have 10 days to complete your exam for grading. The next time you login your exam will be automatically loaded with the responses you have previously marked.





1. What number must you key to initiate an automatic trunk call?

1 5 8 9 2. You are setting up a conference call of six subscibers. There is no answer from the fourth number requested. You should: call the other two requested numbers. call the fourth number after all others have been contacted. mark the numbers that didn't answer. All of the above. 3. What key will illuminates to indicate that both conference links are busy? P key. Reentry pushbutton. C key. Call status lamp. 4. Pressing the R/CGRLS pushbutton when connected to a two party call, will: release operator to idle state. release called subscriber. release operator and called subscriber. release calling subscriber only. 5. To mark a multiparty call, what pushbutton must you press? R/CGRLS. Call Ans. Staff/DTMF. Reentry. 6. To answer a call in operator's queue which pushbutton must you press? Reentry. Staff/DTMF. OPR/RLS. Call Ans.

7. When operating a 90 line stacked switchboard, how many conversations can take place at one time? 15. 20. 30. 60. 8. When you must leave the switchboard unattended, what key will you press? Reentry. R/CGRLS Staff/DTMF OPR/RLSE 9. When extending a local call you must key: 3 digits. 4 digits. 7 digits. 9 digits. 10. What must you key to monitor a call already in progress? 0 and press the reentry button. 0 and the trunk PRSL. 0 and the terminal number. 0 and the subscriber phone number. 11. You are connected to a two party call, pressing the Clear/CDRLS pushbutton will: release called subscriber only. release operator to idle state. release operator and called subscriber. release calling and called subscriber. 12. When you extend a call to a subscriber who is off hook, what type of tone do you receive? Dial tone Error tone Busy tone Test tone

13. How many subscribers can be in one conference call link? Maximum of 5. 15. No more then 7. Up to 10. 14. What should you do when you cannot make contact with a conference number in a conference call? State to the originator, number is not in the conference. Perform a one time precedence. Press the P key. Place a conference call on hold. 15. What do you key to extend a one time precedence call? C. R. I. P. 16. To initiate test tone the operator must be connected to: a subscriber line. an idle trunk. a 2-wire circuit. none of the above. 17. How many precedence levels are assignable to subscriber lines? 2. 3. 5. 7. 18. To place a subscriber on hold, what pushbutton is pressed? Staff/DTMF. R/CGRLS. OPR/RLSE. Reentry. 19. What indicates an incoming precedence call is first in queue?

Illuminated staff/DTMF. Flashing call answer button. Terminal status indicator. None of the above. 20. What is the highest level of precedence assignable on the switchboard? Immediate. Route. Flash. Flash override. 21. What does call holding allow you to do? Place a conference call on hold. Place a subscriber on hold to answer precedence calls. Place a multiparty call on hold. Place a single subscriber on hold. 22. When directing test tone to a subscriber line, what digits must you key? 100. 700. 800. 900. 23. You have made an error in keying a subscriber number. What key do you press to cancel the command? OPR/RLSE. Clear/CDRLS. Reentry. R/CGRLS. 24. When extending a trunk call to another SB-3614A, how many digits must you key? 6. 7. 10. 13. 25. To retrieve a call placed on hold, what pushbutton do you

press? Reentry. OPR/RLSE. Call Ans. Staff/DTMF. 26. What data will you key to initiate a trunk call to an automatic switch? PRSLGXX LSRPGXX RPSLGXX SLPRGXX 27. What tone will you receive if a called extension is not preemptable? Error. Test. Ringback. Busy. 28. When both conference links are busy, and you attempt to initiate a third conference, what tone will you receive? Busy. Error. Test. Dial. 29. What is the total number of conferees that can be involved in both conference links? 5. 7. 10. 12. 30. Pressing the OPR/RLSE pushbutton while connected to a two party call will: release called party from link. place operator in idle state. place operator in reentry mode.

release calling party from link.