Koto quiz 1. In what year was the St John Ambulance Association founded? (a) 1887 (b) 1876 (c) 1857 (d) 1877 2.

English Branch of the Order was granted some land at Clerkenwell on the outskirts of which city? (a) London (b) Perth (c) New York (d) Sidney 3. In what year was Charles V granted the island of Matta? (a) 1543 (b) 1530 (c) 1685 (d) 1887 4. Under whose leadership did the, the Knights withstand another great siege by the Turks? (a) Grand Master John de la Vallette (b) Fulk de Villaret (c) Napoleon (d) Charles V 5. Who was the city of Valletta was built and named after? (a) Napoleon (b) A/Prof Ho Nai Kiong (c) John de la Valette (d) Charles V 6. When did the First Crusades capture Jerusalem? (a) 1098 (b) 1100 (c) 1099 (d) 1131 7. There were often fighting between the Christians and the, (a) Knights (b) Moslems, (c) Cyprus (d) Turks 8. In 1945, where is the temporary Headquarters was located at? (a) St Peter Church. (b) Beach road (c) Clerkenwell (d) Jerusalem 9. When was The Cadet Proficiency Badges Scheme launched? (a) 1960 (b) 1970 (c) 1980 (d) 1990 10. The St John Ambulance Headquarters at Beach Road was officially opened in (a) 1957 (b) 1960 (c) 1965 (d) 1969


11. After the heavy losses at the siege of Acre in 1291, where did the few surviving Knights of St.John escaped to? (a) Rhodes (b) Cyprus (c) Malta (d) Rome 12. The Baptist Day of St. John falls on every year (a) June24 (b) July 1 (c) August 23 (d) June 13 13. Any one of the following statement is not included in the Cadet Code of Chivalry. (a) To be kind to all animals. (b) To be thorough in work and play (c) To be smart and strong. (d) To be cheerful and prompt in all I do. 14. In what year was the St. John ophthalmic hospital founded? (a) 1883 (b) 1887 (c) 1885 (d) 1882 15. The Chief Commissioner of St. John Ambulance Brigade in Singapore is (a) Dr Tan Kia Choo (b) Dr Chen Sze Hua (c) A/Prof Ho Nai Kiong (d) Grand Master John de la Vallette 16. For purposes of administration the vast estates and possessions of the Order in the countries of Western Europe were divided into Priories and, (a) Commanderies (b) orders (c) subordinates (d) chancery 17. Who is the Sovereign Head of the order? (a) Dr Tan Kia Choo (b) Dr Chen Sze Hua (c) Her majesty the queen (d) Fulk De Villaret 18. The first St.John council was formed in which year? (a) 1967 (b) 1953 (c) 1952 (d) 1944 19. In which year was the Life-Saving Medal of the Order was instituted? (a) 1941 (b) 1874 (c) 1903 (d) 1873 20. When was the Sub-Centre of the St. John Ambulance Association first formed in the industrialized area of Singapore? (a) October 1969 (b) October 1979 (c) December 1969 (d) December 1979


21. Who granted the island of malta? (a Napoleon (b)Gerald (c) Emperor Charles V (d Raymond du Puy 22. Which of this is not a Priory? (a) Priory of Canada (b) Priory for South Africa (c Priory of Western Australia (d) Priory of New Zealand 23. What does G.C.St.J stand for? (a) Bailiffs (b) Dames Grand Cross (c) Grand royal highness (d) Dames 24. What is the third grade under the grades of the order? (a) Pro Fide (b) Service of man kind (c) Officers (d) Chaplains and Commanders 25. What does Pro Utilitate Homonium stand for? (a) For the service of mankind (b) To be loyal to the queen and my officers (c) To be thorough in work and play (d) To be kind to all animals 26. Who granted the Order its first Royal charter?. (a) Queen elizabeth (b) Prince charles (c) Prince of wales (d) Queen Victoria 27. When was malta expelled by napoleon? (a) 1969 (b) 1798 (c) 1789 (d) 1945 28. When did the Queen issue Letters Patent reviving the Order and restoring its estates? (a) 1433 (b) 1557 (c) 1357 (d) 1789 29. When was the St. John Ambulance Brigade established? (a) 1969 (b) 1979 (c) 1877 (d) 1887 30. Which one is not a course conducted in Singapore? (a) Basic first Aid (b) Adult first aid (c) Lower home nursing (d) Higher First Aid 31. Divisions were known as what later on? (a) Area (b) Zone (c) Corps (d) District


32. When did a major re-organisation occur in the St. John Ambulance Brigade? (a) 1st sept. 1978 (b) 1st October 1979 nd (c) 2 December 1969 (d) 1st December 1979 33. Who started first aid lectures in Singapore? (a) dr.js.webster (b) dr.js.joseph (c) dr.js.frenster (d) dr.js.nicolas 34. After the hospice was being destroyed it was rebuilt by (a) probes (b) some merchants (c) pilgrims (d) Rector gerald 35. When did the Queen Victoria grant the Order its first Royal character? (a) 1888 (b) 1890 (c) 1889 (d) 1887 36. Who was responsible for the Ophthalmic Hospital in Jerusalem? (a) Commissioner-in-chief (b) Hospitaller (c) Grand Prior (d) Director-General 37. Classes before the Second World War was held in all the following languages except (a) Dutch (b) Greman (c) Japanese (d) French 38. Under Queen Mary England temporarily returned to the Church of (a) British Realm (b) Rome (c) Paris (d) Clerkenwell 39. Which one of the following is not a grade of the order? (a) Officers (b) Chaplains and commanders (c) Knights and dames (d) Prelate 40. Names for admission or promotion after approval, must be submitted for sanction to the (a) Chancellor (b) Grand Prior (c) Chapter general (d) Sovereign 41. Which of the following are not the executive officers of the order (a) Almoner (b) Prelate (c) Genealogist (d) Librarian 42. The names for admission or promotion must be approved by (a) Grand Prior (b) Chancellor (c) Almoner (d) Chapter general


43. One of the objects of the cadet divisions is (a) to encourage young people to be smart (c) to develop the spirit of selflessness

(b) To promote health (d) To be good role models

44. The St. John Ambulance Singapore was upgraded to the National Headquarters level in (a) 1978 (b) 1798 (c) 1879 (d) 1987 45.The St. John Ambulance Headquarters in Beach Road was officially opened by (a) Dr Yeo Siew Ho (b) Ms Margaret Lim (c) Mr S R Nathan (d) H .E Enche Yusof Ishak 46. In 1945 the temporary headquarters was located at (a) Church Rome (b) St. Peter Church (c) Methodist Church (d) Church Clerkenwell 47. The council acts as a ___ between Singapore and the parent organisation in England (a) Liaison (b) Barrier (c) Business partner (d) Teacher 48. The Rhodes were expelled by the Turks in (a) 1255 (b) 1522 (c) 1525 (d) 1545 49. Which of the following are not Great Officers of the order (a) The Grand Prior (b) The Lord Prior (c) The bailiff of eagle (d) The secretary 50. There was often fighting between the Christians and the (a) Pirates (b) Moslems (c) merchants (d) Priest


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