Cadet proficiency badge scheme Knowledge the order of St.

A. Multiple choice (40%) 1. Who established a hospice for pilgrims in Jerusalem at about AD600? a) Probes c) emperor Charles V b) John de la Valletta d) clerkenwell 2. When was the St John Ambulance Association founded? a) 1892 b) 1877 c) 1874 d) 1892 3. When was the St John Ophthalmic Hospital rebuilt? a) 1504 b) 1831 c) 1960 d) 1144 4. Who was one of the few public-spirited people that organized the beginning of first aid lectures in Singapore? a) Dr J.S Webster b) Dr Edward c) Dr Chen Sze Hua d)Dr Ho Nai Kiong 5. When did the first crusades capture Jerusalem? a) AD 600 b) 1113 c) 1999 d) 1099 6. Classes in Singapore just before the Second World War was held in many languages except… a) French b) Dutch c) Tamil d) Punjabi 7. When was the first St John council formed in Singapore? a) 1952 b) 1555 c) 1959 d) 1727 8. How many zones does St John have? a) 15 c) 10 b) 14 d) 4

9. For how many years did The Hospitalles hold the island of Malta? a) 19 years b) 270 years c) 200 years d) 15 years

10. In 1310, under their master Fulk de Villa ret, where they fortified the city and built a a) hospital b) school c) Military base d) church B. Fill in the blanks (40%) 1. One of the objectives of the brigade is to ____________ & ____________ a body of men and women thoroughly efficient in first aid & _____________ nursing. 2. To be ______________ the ability to decide which of several injuries should be treated first. 3. To be ______________ is to continue one’s efforts, though not at first successful. 4. ___________________ instituted a new clan of military Brethren to help the knight tem play in protecting the routes of the pil grivnage and defending the frontiers of the ___________ kingdom of Jerusalem. 5. Two powerful orders constituted the main defence of the Holy Land for nearly two centuries until its evaluation by the ______________ after the fall of ____________ in 1291. 6. Members of the religious military order established by the crusades at _____________ in 1118 to protect the pilgrim and the holy sepulcline. 7. The hospitalles held elides for over 200 years and under went _________ great sieges. 8. In 1798, the knights surrender Malta to ______________ and from then on ceased to engage in military activities. 9. The motto ‘pro _____________ hominum’ means for the service of mankind. C. True and false (20%) 1. In 1961, the total strength of the brigade in the United Kingdom and overseas, including both adults and cadets was over 250,000. (T/F) 2. One of the objectives of the cadet vision is to promote health education. (T/F) 3. St. John Home Nursing Hospital gives free treatment every year to large number of patients all over the world. (T/F) 4. One of the objectives of tnc SJA & Brigade is to keep the peace and justice throughout the world. (T/F)

5. After the heavy losses at the siege of Acne, the knights of St. John escaped to Jerusalem and made their headquarters for 19 years there. (T/F) 6. Geraloh’ successor, pay mound du puy who first took the title of master of the Hospital, instituted a new class of military Brethren to fight (help) the knight templars in protecting the routes of pilgrimage & defending the frontiers of the Latin kingdom & Jerusalem. (T/F) 7. Members of the military religious order established by the order of St John to are for the sick needy and all to help the knight’s templars to protect the kingdom of semsauem. (T/F) 8. The original purpose and aim of the order is to cave for the sick and to allow the poor and homeless. (T/F) 9. Subordinate to the grand priory of England, there was also a grand priory of Ireland and a priory of Britain (Scotland). (T/F) 10. In 1996, the brigade removed the district level and the area was renamed a zone divisions in each school were administered as corps. (T/F)