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C 1/6 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 3. 1.


of 18 December 1997
on Music in Europe

(98/C 1/04)

THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, (5)Ùaware that better access to repertoires will make it
possible to develop, among the younger generation,
an interest in and taste for music, and to promote
Having regard to the Council resolution of 16 September the dissemination of different musical cultures;
1996 on the integration of cultural aspects into
Communty actions,

(6)Ùvaluing the action already undertaken by the Council

Having regard to the final document from the ‘Music for of Europe in the music field and recalling that the
Europe, Europe for Music’ meeting held in Ennis Community and the Member States foster co-
(Ireland) on 18 and 19 October 1996 and the operation with that organization and with other
proceedings which followed therefrom, relevant international organizations in the sphere of
culture in accordance with Article 128 (3) of the
Treaty establishing the European Community, by
ensuring that the instruments adopted are comple-
Having regard to the Council Decision of 30 June 1997 mentary, with due regard for the individual identity
regarding the future of European cultural action, inviting and autonomy of each institution and organization;
the Commission to table proposals for the establishment
of a single instrument for programming and financing,

(7)Ùrecalling that, since the programme of support for

cultural cooperation activities in the Union,
(1)ÙConsidering that music is a fundamental part of the
Kaleidoscope, expires in 1998, it is important to
cultures and history of our countries and constitutes
prepare means of cooperation to be developed in the
one of the most important and omnipresent modes
future and, without prejudice to the positions which
of individual and collective artistic expression in our
may be adopted, to consider in detail the needs and
everyday lives;
topics of priority interest in the various sectors
covered by the programme,

(2)Ùrecalling the infinite richness of the European

musical heritage and the richness of contemporary
new works distinguished by their diversity, vitality
and constant ability to go on developing and regne- WELCOMES the study ‘Music in Europe’ produced by
rating themselves perpetually on contact with other the European Music Office, offering for the first time a
cultures; comprehensive approach at European level to all the
sectors involved in the music creation cycle;

(3)Ùaware that the musical creation process is based on a

cycle which ranges from composition to dissemi-
nation of the work to the public and that music, as a EXPRESSES its determination to promote the European
means of artistic and cultural expression, cannot be music sector, in particular by encouraging the emergence
separated from its eminently social role nor from the of an environment conducive to the circulation,
importance of the economic sector it reflects, which exchange and dissemination of repertoires, performances
in Europe covers an infinite range of talents, and artists in Europe and in the world;
know-how and professions and thus constitutes a
source of employment to be taken into account, in
particular in the case of young people;
AGREES on the need to consider in more detail, in the
context of Article 128 of the Treaty establishing the
(4)Ùaware that it is important to ensure that the public European Community and in compliance with the subsi-
can have access, throughout the territory of the diarity principle, the work done in the Union together
Member States, to repertoires and to musical with the relevant authorities of the Member States and
performances, in all their diversity and richness, and with professionals, to deepen knowledge of the needs of
that European music in the world is highlighted; the European music sector in all its facets,
3. 1. 98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 1/7

INVITES the Commission: repertoires, performers and musical productions (live

to submit to it, in the framework of the Council
Decision of 22 September 1997 regarding the future of —Ùenhanced skills for artists and other music
European cultural action, proposals for the music sector professionals, especially in the framework of the new
designed to supplement the action of Member States by possibilities afforded to musical creation by the new
measures in particular in the following fields: information technologies, and vocational guidance in
the music sector,
—Ùimproved access to music for a wider public, with
particular attention being given to musical education
—Ùthe possibility, within the existing structures and
from a very young age, by supporting innovative and
within the limits of available financial resources, of
exemplary projects highlighting the essential, inte-
improving the mutual information of the Member
grating role of music in society,
States on musical knowledge through, for example, a
—Ùdisseminating and composing music, promoting strengthening of existing networks, or by creating a
exchanges, especially of young creative and monitoring centre or a European information and
performing artists, and supporting the circulation of documentation centre.