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Parking Enforcement

South Gloucestershire

Annual Report

July 2007 – June 2008



Background and History 1

The Traffic Management Act 2004 2

Structure (Establishment and Management) 3

Off Street Car Parks 4

Car Park Crime in South Gloucestershire 2007/08 4-5

Policy 6

Road Safety 7

Targets & Performance 8

Finance 8-9

Best Practise 9

New Initiatives 9

Conclusion 10

Contacts and Further Information 11

Statistical Tables and Further Information 12 - 19

Parking Enforcement in South Gloucestershire

Annual Report

July 2007 – June 2008

A report on the aims, objectives and achievements of the Parking Services Team of Highways
and Transportation section, Planning, Transportation & the Strategic Environment, South
Gloucestershire Council

Background and History

South Gloucestershire Council received Decriminalised Parking Enforcement

status effective from the 2 July 2007. Previously all Parking Enforcement had
been carried out by the Police and Community Support Officers of Avon and
Somerset Constabulary – Traffic Wardens having ceased to operate in the
district in March 2005.

Civil Enforcement Officers (Parking Attendants) employed by the Council are

authorised to enforce any Parking restriction created by a Traffic Regulation
Order raised under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the enforcement of
other offences, such as “Obstructing the Highway” and any moving traffic
violations remaining with the local Police Force.

This report identifies the achievements of the first twelve month period,
including the transition to working under Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act
2004 made on the 31 March 2008. It is intended that subsequent reports will
run annually from April of each year and will be published as soon as figures
can be collated. It is intended that this report will place Parking Enforcement
in a wider context and begin to show how encouraging greater compliance
with Parking Restrictions improves traffic flow, eases congestion, reduces
crime on our Off-Street Car Parks and improves road safety, to do this this
year's report attempts to set a benchmark from which future years
achievements can be assessed.

Contact information and where to find further information is given at the end of
this report.

The Traffic Management Act 2004

On the 2 July 2007 the Council started using Decriminalised Parking

Enforcement powers contained within the Road Traffic Act 1991 and
employed Parking Attendants to patrol the streets. On the 31 March 2008
those parts of the Road Traffic Act 1991 that affected parking enforcement
ceased to have an effect and were replace by Part 6 of the Traffic
Management Act 2008. Parking Enforcement now became Civil Parking
Enforcement, and Parking Attendants were re-titled Civil Enforcement Officers
or CEOs (although they continue to be identified as employed in Parking
Enforcement) and the area covered by the enforcement regime became a
Civil Parking Area.

Although Parking Attendants became CEOs under the new legislation they
continue to be identified as Parking Attendants on their uniform to clearly
show that they are employed in parking enforcement in the district.

Structure (Establishment & Management)

All Parking Services staff and any staff employed in Parking Enforcement or
management are directly employed by South Gloucestershire Council.

The Council employs twelve Civil Enforcement Officers lead by two Senior
CEOs in two teams running working throughout the day and covering the
district seven days a week. The Council also employs a further 4 Case
Officers, filling three full time posts supervised by one Senior Case Officer.

The Parking Services operates within the Highways and Transportation

section of the Planning Transportation and the Strategic Environment
Directorate of the Council. The team is managed by the Parking Manager.

No bonus payments are made to any staff and the issuing of Penalty Charge
Notices for the contravention of parking restrictions is not linked to any award
or reward system.

Less than 3% of the total road network in the district is subject to a parking
restriction with the primary and secondary enforcement area indicated in blue
and orange on the district map below. All Primary areas are patrolled daily
with Secondary areas being patrolled between 2 to 4 times a week.

South Gloucestershire Council works in partnership with the Highways

Agency for the enforcement of Trunk Roads in the District.

Patrols in South Gloucestershire

This map is for indicative purposes only and patrols visit other areas on
demand or on a random basis.

Off Street Car Parks

The Council provides 30 off-street car parks subject to parking regulations.

A table detailing the facilities available can be found at the end of this report
along with information on maintenance costs etc.

South Gloucestershire Council does not charge for any parking in either on-
street parking places or in its off-street car parks.

Car Park Crime in South Gloucestershire 2007/08

This report looks at crime in car parks in South Gloucestershire and aims to
set a baseline for future comparisons to examine the implications of new
legislation. Future versions of this report can be used to compare whether
levels of crime in our car parks and urban areas have risen or fallen following
the introduction of this new legislation.

Table 1 below looks at all car park crime in South Gloucestershire and breaks
it down by type of offence. The figures are taken from Avon and Somerset
Police and include all crimes where ‘car park’ was recorded as the location of
the offence and therefore includes crime in private car parks and car parks not
patrolled by South Gloucestershire Councils Civil Enforcement Officers. 30%
(131 offences) of all offending in car parks in the area is theft from a motor
vehicle, with criminal damage representing 24% (107 offences). There have
also been a range of other offences in car parks including theft offences, drug-
related offences and theft of pedal cycles.

Table 1: Types of crime occurring in South Gloucestershire car parks in


Type of offence Number of offences Proportion of total

Theft from a motor vehicle 131 29.9%
Criminal damage 107 24.4%
Theft of a motor vehicle 45 10.3%
Theft offences 43 9.8%
Violent crime 42 9.6%
Drugs offences 30 6.8%
Theft of a pedal cycle 9 2.1%
Non-domestic burglary 6 1.4%
Robbery offences Under 5 Under 1%
Sexual offences Under 5 Under 1%
Other offences Under 5 Under 1%
Total 438 100.0%

Source: Avon and Somerset Police recorded crime statistics.

Table 2 below shows crimes that have happened in car parks in the main
population centre of South Gloucestershire, as defined by neighbourhood
Police beat. Patchway has had the largest number of crimes in its car parks
over the year (88 offences, 20% of all car park crime) with Kingswood second
(44 offences, 10% of total). Staple Hill and Chipping Sodbury have both had a
small number of offences recorded as occurring in their car parks, with 14
offences (3%) and 7 offences (2%) respectively.

Table 2: Car park crime in the main population areas of South
Gloucestershire, 2007/08.

Area Number of offences Proportion of total

Patchway 88 20.0%
Kingswood 44 10.0%
Hanham 37 8.4%
Yate 31 7.1%
Thornbury 19 4.3%
Filton 18 4.1%
Staple Hill 14 3.2%
Chipping Sodbury 7 1.6%
Total 258 58.8%

Source: Avon and Somerset Police recorded crime statistics.

Table 3 below shows four major types of vehicle crime in the main population
centres of South Gloucestershire in 2007/08. These figures can be compared
with subsequent changes in levels over time to give an idea of changing
patterns of vehicle crime in these areas.

Criminal damage to a motor vehicle is the most frequent vehicle-related

offence in these areas (1056 offences), followed by theft from a motor vehicle
(887 offences). Theft of a motor vehicle represents 435 offences whilst
vehicle interference represents 145 offences.

The largest number of vehicle-related offences have been recorded in

Kingswood (515 offences) in 2007/08, followed by Yate (471 offences). The
smallest number of vehicle-related offences were recorded in Chipping
Sodbury over the year (82 offences).

Table 3: Vehicle crime in the main population centres in South

Gloucestershire, 2007/08.

Area Theft from Theft of motor Damage to Vehicle Total

motor vehicle vehicle motor vehicle interference
Kingswood 180 99 205 31 515
Yate 160 61 228 22 471
Patchway 134 62 168 13 377
Filton 113 70 132 19 334
Hanham 118 54 79 37 288
Staple Hill 94 49 126 14 283
Thornbury 74 17 76 6 173
Chipping Sodbury 14 23 42 3 82
Total 887 435 1056 145 2523

Source: Avon and Somerset Police recorded crime statistics.


South Gloucestershire parking policy is lead by the Joint Local Transport Plan
(the JLTP), a partnership agreement between South Gloucestershire Council,
Bristol City Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council and North
Somerset Council, and driven by the shared priorities of improving
Congestion, Road Safety, Air Quality and Accessibility.

Parking restrictions, and therefore the enforcement of those restrictions, are


• To improve traffic flow and relieve congestion;

• To ensure safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles;

• To improve access to Businesses and our wider community;

• To ensure a fair use of limited parking spaces;

• To improve our environment;

• To encourage, where appropriate, the use of alternative modes of


The JLTP includes a Parking Action Plan Hierarchy setting out guidelines on
the imposition of parking restrictions in a range of situations across the district
and ensuring a consistency of approach across the wider area.

Through the JLTP with our partner Councils of Bristol, Bath and North East
Somerset and North Somerset we aim to reduce congestion and make real
improvements to road safety, accessibility and air quality throughout our
region. Traffic flow through South Gloucestershire is already amongst the
highest in the Country and is predicted to grow significantly, by adopting a co-
ordinated approach to traffic management with our neighbours we will best be
able to meet the challenge that faces the district.

The Council is guided by all possible Best Practise with regard to access for
disabled or disadvantaged groups when designing traffic schemes or in
providing off-street Car Parking

The Council is currently formulating a Policy on the potential introduction and

use of residents and other Parking Permit Schemes.

Road Safety

Parking restrictions, and therefore the enforcement of those restrictions, are

intended to reduce congestion, improve traffic flow and discourage or
eliminate instances of dangerous parking where the visibility of other road
users or pedestrians is adversely effected.

Regular patrols in our on and off-street parking areas will also help to maintain
a safe environment in our communities and attract visitors to local facilities.

It is intended that over time a clear and improving trend will be shown to result
from our Enforcement activities.

Tables indicating our current achievements are given at the end of this report
along with information on the number of assaults experienced by Civil
Enforcement Officers and Parking Attendants enforcing parking restrictions on
behalf of the Council.

Parking Attendants are frequently subjected to verbal abuse and intimidation

while on patrol, often requiring Police action or support. Parking Services has
a very good working relationship with local Police stations, individual officers
and Police Community Support Officers. In the twelve month period that
South Gloucestershire Council has employed a team of 12 Officers to enforce
parking restrictions in the district there have been 24 cases of verbal of
physical assault during which the Parking Attendant or Civil Enforcement
Officer has had to call for support, resulting in three Police Fixed Penalty
Notices being issued and one Police Caution. A list of the locations of these
assaults is given at the end of this report.

Targets & Performance

The Council took parking enforcement powers on the 2 July 2007 and patrols
commenced on that day. As part of the gradual and well publicised
introduction of the new regime only warning notices were issued by Parking
Attendants until the 25th of the month when the first Penalty Charge Notice
was issued at 08:00 in Kingswood. Over the period July to the end of March
and the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement a total of 6174 PCNs issued
of which 78% were paid (within a national range of 40% to 84% reported by
the Parking Benchmarking Initiative 2007) 88% being paid at the reduced rate
(see tables at the end of the report for a detailed breakdown).

The first warrants were issued to Bailiffs in April 2008 with 5.41% of issue
being passed to bailiffs to date. Early indications suggest an average
collection rate of between 5% and 15% of PCNs passed for debt collection.

Legislation allows for two levels of Representations (appeals) against the

issue of a PCN to be heard by the Council with a third appeal heard by an
independent Tribunal – the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Appeals or Representations to the Council over the period run at 23% of issue
(within a national range of 3% to 49% of issue nationally – PBI 2007) with
43% of appeals being allowed and the PCN cancelled.

Appeals to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (formerly the National Parking

Adjudication Service or NPAS) accounted for 0.54% of issue against a
national range of 0% to 15% of issue (Parking Benchmark Initiative - PBI). Of
these 42% were allowed by the Adjudicator or not contested by the Council
(because the appellant supplied, late, previously unseen evidence) compared
to a national average of 42% (from National Parking Adjudication Service
Annual Report for 2005).

All challenges and representations made to the Council against the issue of a
PCN were responded to within 10 working days.

Over the period June 2007 to May 2008 inclusive Civil Enforcement Officers
issued an average of 0.80 PCNs per hour patrolled against a PBI range of 1.1
to 0.24 per hour.


The financial predictions for the introduction of parking enforcement in South

Gloucestershire suggested a breakeven point at year three after introduction
and we remain committed to meeting that target.

The end of the first financial period for the year 2007/08 saw an operational
deficit of £190,688.72 and this shortfall was financed entirely from existing
Highways and Transportation budgets.

South Gloucestershire Council does not charge for any of its Off Street
parking facilities nor does it make any charge for On Street parking at any
Similarly no paid-for Permits, Waivers or exemptions are issued or available in
the District.

Best Practise

All Civil Enforcement Officers and back office Case Officers working for South
Gloucestershire have gained a City and Guilds qualification in Parking
Enforcement as well as ongoing attendance at a wide range of related training

South Gloucestershire Council’s Parking Services works closely with national

Parking and Traffic Enforcement forums ensuring that the District benefits
from the Best Practise found across the country and at the same time
maintaining a modern, consistent and dynamic approach to parking
enforcement with South Gloucestershire contributing to the national debate on
improved standards and practises.

New Initiatives

From the 31 March 2008 the Traffic Management Act 2004 (the TMA)
introduced the concept of Higher and Lower Penalty Charges so as to make
the Penalties for contraventions more clearly reflect the seriousness of the
act. All PCN issue after the 31st is broken down accordingly in the tables at
the end of this report.

The TMA introduced two new contraventions, parking across dropped curbs
and parking more than 50cm from the curb that can be enforced without the
need to raise a Traffic Regulation Order. Because the legal position
surrounding the signing of these restrictions is unclear South Gloucestershire
Council has not considered how to enforce the restrictions yet and is delaying
any introduction in the district until the legal position is clarified.

CEOs can now issue Penalty Charge Notices through the post where a driver
either threatens them or drives away without accepting the issued PCN. This
change closes a loophole allowing a small number of offenders to escape
without penalty for their anti-social behaviour.

Postal PCNs can also be issued from evidence gained from CCTV. South
Gloucestershire Council is considering the introduction of mobile cameras to
be used in priority areas such as the front of schools etc where uniform patrols
have not proved to be effective.


The introduction of Decriminalised, now referred to as Civil Parking

Enforcement, in South Gloucestershire has allowed the Council to ensure that
parking restrictions created by the Council in consultation with local
communities are effective and fit for purpose. From feedback received form
the public it is already clear that Parking Services are providing a valuable
enforcement tool in dealing with the anti-social behaviour of inconsiderate and
dangerous parking.

Performance figures are already falling within the top two quartiles of
benchmarked national data and early finance figures suggest that the Service
will become self sufficient within the projected timescales and will not be a
long term drain on Public funds.

- 10 -
Contacts and Further Information

Parking Services can be contacted:

• On the internet -

• By email -

• Telephone - 01454 86 8000

• In writing - Parking Services

The Civic Centre
The High St
South Gloucestershire
BS15 9TR

Further information on topics covered by this report on the Council web site,
local Libraries and Council Offices and at:

The Joint Local Transport Plan

The British Parking Association

Please note that the BPA is not set up to deal with individual complaints from
the public.

British Parking Association

Stuart House
41-43 Perrymount Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 3BN

Tel: 01444 447 300
Fax: 01444 454 105

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal and “PATROL”


- 11 -
Statistical Tables and Further Information

Car Parks in South Gloucestershire

Location Standard bays Disabled Max stay

Station Rd/Filton Ave 12 3 2 hours
Link Rd/Church View 31 4 2 hours
Gloucester Rd North/Filton Rd 58 + 1 motorcycle 2 12 hours
Abbeywood 45 + 1 motorcycle 12 hours
Abbots Road 11 3 24 hours
Laburnham Rd 43 + 2 parent/child 3 2 hours
Bank Road 24 + 1 motorcycle 3 2 hours
Boultons Road 50 + 1 motorcycle 3 12 hours
Cecil Road 53 + 1 motorcycle 3 2 hours
South Road 13 + 1 motorcycle 3 2 hours
20 short stay + 13
St. James Street 3 2 hours and 12 hours
long stay
Coniston Road 31 3 2 hours
The Parade 87 + 7 staff 10 12 hours
Staple Hill
Byron Place 49 3 2 hours
Haynes Lane 26 3 2 hours
Page Road L/S* 35 3 12 hours
Pages Road S/S* 27 3 2 hours
Chipping Sodbury
Wickwar Road 162 4 12 hours
St Mary Street 85 6 2 hours
Castle Court S/S* 78 + 10 Natwest 8 2 hours
Castle Court L/S* 174 12 hours
Rock St L/S and S/S* 347 20 2 hours and 12 hours
Park Rd 13 3 12 hours
32 short stay + 17
Flaxpits Lane 4 2 hours and 12 hours
long stay
Warmley Station 27 3 24 hours
Longs Drive 12 3 2 hours
Cranleigh Court Rd 21 2 12 hours
Kennedy Way 71 4 12 hours
Abbotswood 38 3 12 hours

- 12 -
Methods of Payment over Period June ’07 to June ‘08

Method Percentage
Cash 15.56%
Cheque 26.31%
Credit Card 57.39%
Postal Order 0.73%

Issue, Appeals and Finances

2007/08 2008/09 (April &May)

Number Percent Number Percent
PCNs Issued Total 6174 2212
PCNs Paid Total 4777 77.37% 1459 65.96%
Within discount period 4196 87.84% 1398 95.82%
At full rate 556 13.25% 60 4.29%
With additional Charge 159 3.33% 1 0.07%
Informal/Formal Total 1394 22.58% 296 13.40%
Representations Number cancelled 597 42.83% 117 39.62%
Appeals to the Traffic Total 26 0.54% 0.00%
Penalty Tribunal Won 15 57.69%
Lost 8 30.77%
Not contested 3 11.54%
Finance Total Income ( on street) £ 41,415.00 23.69% £ 11,150.00 24.13%
Total Income (off street) £133,369.75 76.31% £ 35,050.00 75.87%
Total Income (1) £174,784.75 £ 46,200.00
Total Income (2) £173,933.30 £ 41,051.49
Total Expense £316,941.24 £ 72,878.85
Balance (1) -£142,156.49 -£ 26,678.85
Balance (2) -£143,007.94 -£ 31,827.36


1. Income and Balance figures denoted as (1) refer to income against

issue in the month.

2. Income and Balance figures demoted as (2) refer to actual income in

the month.

3. Since the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement on 31 March 2008

51.18% of PCNs have been issued for Higher contraventions and
48.82% for lower.

- 13 -
Car Park Maintenance for Financial Year 2007/08

Administrative & Support Staff Transport etc. £30,793.08
General Repairs £8,765.04
Grounds Maintenance £11,498.08
Buildings Maintenance £40.00
Electricity £1,454.88
Rent £112.50
Rates (Non Domestic) £85,870.16
Water Charges £468.00
Security Systems £9,438.67
Equipment Maintenance £922.00
Surface maintenance £332.74
Income £23,554.91
Balance £126,140.24

Income includes all enforcement income received in the year 2007/08 from
Excess Charge Notices issued under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
prior to Decriminalised Enforcement Powers taking effect. This includes
payments collected from Notices issued in the previous twelve month period.

- 14 -
Penalty Charge Notices Issued By Category by Town
Between 02/06/2007 and 31/05/2008

Prior to CPE (up to 30th March

Post CPE (31st March 2008)
On Street Off Street On Street Off Street
Almondsbury Chipping Sodbury Almondsbury Chipping Sodbury
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 21 Issued Notices: 3 Issued Notices: 35
Bradley Stoke Filton Alveston Filton
Issued Notices: 1 Issued Notices: 13 Issued Notices: 2 Issued Notices: 29
Bromley Heath Hanham Aust Hanham
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 17 Issued Notices: 1 Issued Notices: 30
Cadbury Heath Kingswood Bradley Stoke Kingswood
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 178 Issued Notices: 8 Issued Notices: 447
Charfield Mangotsfield Charfield Longwell Green
Issued Notices: 1 Issued Notices: 2 Issued Notices: 2 Issued Notices: 1
Chipping Sodbury Patchway Chipping Sodbury Mangotsfield
Issued Notices: 92 Issued Notices: 4 Issued Notices: 136 Issued Notices: 16
Cribbs Causeway Staple Hill Cribbs Causeway Patchway
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 81 Issued Notices: 3 Issued Notices: 29
Downend Thornbury Downend Staple Hill
Issued Notices: 180 Issued Notices: 185 Issued Notices: 484 Issued Notices: 266
Emerson's Green Winterbourne Emerson's Green Thornbury
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 3 Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 463
Filton Yate Filton Warmley
Issued Notices: 131 Issued Notices: 136 Issued Notices: 251 Issued Notices: 1
Frampton Cotterell Frenchay Winterbourne
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 251 Issued Notices: 6
Frenchay Hanham Yate
Issued Notices: 208 Issued Notices: 214 Issued Notices: 274
Hambrook Harry Stoke
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 14
Hanham Kingswood
Issued Notices: 54 Issued Notices: 1,788
Harry Stoke Mangotsfield
Issued Notices: 3 Issued Notices: 59
Kingswood Marshfield
Issued Notices: 448 Issued Notices: 7
Mangotsfield Mayshill
Issued Notices: 17 Issued Notices: 1

- 15 -
Prior to CPE (up to 30th
Post CPE (31st March 2008)
March 2008)
On Street On Street
Marshfield North Common
Issued Notices: 4 Issued Notices: 2
Mayshill Patchway
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 173
Olveston Severn Beach
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 5
Patchway Staple Hill
Issued Notices: 58 Issued Notices: 623
Severn Beach Stoke Gifford
Issued Notices: 3 Issued Notices: 1
Staple Hill Thornbury
Issued Notices: 139 Issued Notices: 469
Stoke Gifford Warmley
Issued Notices: 9 Issued Notices: 1
Thornbury Winterbourne
Issued Notices: 234 Issued Notices: 25
Tormarton Yate
Issued Notices: 0 Issued Notices: 52
Issued Notices: 2
Issued Notices: 18
Issued Notices: 8

- 16 -
Notices Issued By Category by Contravention - Off Street
Between 02/06/2007 and 31/05/2008

Off Street Car Parks

Code Description PCNs Issued
2 Overstaying the time limit 23
3 Unauthorised Parking 4
4 Parking out of bay 6
80 Exceeded maximum stay 657
81 Parked in restricted area 115
83 Parked without clear display 2
82 Parked after expiry 1
85 No valid permit displayed 1
86 Parked beyond markings 806
87 No disabled badge shown 582
89 Exceeds max weight/height 2
9 Prohibited Vehicle 1
90 Re-parked in the same place 1
91 Wrong Class of Vehicle 34
95 Incorrect Parking 1

Notices Issued By Category by Contravention - On Street

Between 02/06/2007 and 31/05/2008

On Street Parking
Code Description PCNs Issued
1 Parked on Yellow lines 2,873
2 Loading or unloading 62
4 Parked on penalty time 1
5 Parked after Expiry Time 5
22 Re-parked 186
23 Incorrect Vehicle 38
24 Parked Outside Bay 210
25 Loading Bay No Loading 183
30 Free Parking Bay 1,781
40 Disabled Bay - No Badge 127
42 Police Parking Bay 35
45 Parked on Cab Rank 112
47 Parked on Bus Stop 438
48 Outside School in Term 3
70 Parked in a loading area 1
90 Re-parked within 1 hour. 5
99 Pedestrian crossing 13

- 17 -
Accidents in South Gloucestershire in 2007
(Excl Motorway & Trunk roads)

Forum Area
Gloucestershire The
Frome Vale Kings Forest Southern Brooks Severn Vale

All accidents 533 109 100 93 163 68

manoeuvre = 32 10 6 4 9 3
Hit objects in
carriageway = 26 8 5 3 8 2
parked vehicle
crossing from
3 1 0 0 1 1
masked by
parked or
crossing from
offside masked 7 2 0 3 1 1
by parked or
standing in
1 1 0 0 0 0
masked by
parked or
factor - ' vision
affected by
stationary or 14 7 2 1 3 1
factor -
crossing road
7 3 0 3 1 0
masked by
stationary or
parked vehicle'

- 18 -
Locations of Serious Verbal and Physical Assaults
to Parking Attendants
Date of
Location Incident Type
09/07/2007 Mangotsfield Verbal/Obscenities
03/08/2007 High Street, Staple Hill Verbal/Obscenities
03/08/2007 Cecil Road, Kingswood Verbal/Obscenities
11/08/2007 Yate Leisure Centre C/Park Verbal/Obscenities
11/08/2007 Cranleigh Court Road, Yate Physical
15/08/2007 Kimberley Road, Kingswood Physical
16/08/2007 Page Road, Staple Hill Verbal/Threats
21/08/2007 St John Street, Thornbury Verbal/Threats
25/09/2007 Station Road C/Park, Filton Verbal/Obscenities
28/09/2007 Alma Road, Kingswood Verbal/Obscenities
08/11/2007 Broad Street, Staple Hill Verbal/Threats
02/11/2007 South Road, Kingswood Physical
22/11/2007 Kimberley Road, Kingswood Verbal/Threats
28/11/2007 High Street, Staple Hill Physical
06/12/2007 Kimberley Road, Kingswood Verbal/Threats
12/12/2007 High Street, Thornbury Physical
11/02/2008 Regent Street Verbal/Threats
25/02/2008 Church Road, Filton Physical
02/03/2008 Buckingham Gardens, Downend Verbal/Threats
15/04/2008 Broad Street, Staple Hill Verbal/Obscenities
22/04/2008 Page Road, Staple Hill Verbal/Obscenities
28/04/2008 Page Road, Staple Hill Verbal/Threats
01/05/2008 Kimberley Road, Kingswood Verbal/Threats
28/05/2008 Castle Street, Thornbury Verbal/Obscenities

- 19 -