7/17/10 Dalton McGuinty, Premier Legislative Building Queen's Park Toronto ON M7A 1A1 premier@gov.nl.

ca Re: Government Organized crime Once In There Is No Getting Out www.oitingo.com Dear Dalton McGuinty On July 14 2010 I sent you an e-mail that you deleted on July 15 2010 I then went to your web site to see your friendly face beside the following message Thanks for visiting my website. I'm always looking for new ideas on how to make Ontario an even better place to live and work. Please send me your thoughts and suggestions. And if you have a concern or a question, let me know about it. I look forward to hearing from you.

So I e-mailed you on line informing you that Ontario, all of Canada and the world would be much better places to live if they all had legitimate democratic governments exchanging the government organized crime for quality lives. But you have refused to respond to that e-mail also with it obvious that you were only interested in suggestions conducive to the Spirit of the Roman Empire to make life better for the 10% wealthy as surely there must be far more ways to ransack us of the 90% majority without stirring our inert minds. The time has come for you to realize that the Spirit of the Roman Empire is on the edge of Doom’s Day with the rise of The Spirit at long last in the Bright Light of TRUTH I offer you a final opportunity to make amends by jumping ship and acting responsibly appropriately consistent with the Constitution in support and

cooperation with the The Spirit to the certainty that ever individual is equally governed, protected, benefited and equally punished when due. Please attend to the issues published on the www.scsc.biz web site immediately Note the evidence published on the www.oitingo.com I will send this to the GLIST that includes you and try again to send on line of your web site, but ultimately I will send it by registered mail this day July 17 2010 so I will have evidence to prove that you have been provided the evidence of the utmost serious nature to the safety and wellbeing of the 90% majority of Ontario and the world populace. Frank Gallagher Charter Democracy Force Justice Inc. From: Premier, [mailto:premier@gov.nl.ca] Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2010 7:25 AM To: Frank Gallagher Subject: Not read: Dalton McGuinty Legislature
Your message Dalton McGuinty Legislature Sent: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 18:50:52 -0230 was deleted without being read on Thu, 15 Jul 2010 08:55:28 -0230 Technical problems now over come Please go to www.scsc.biz

The Attorney General accountable to the people through the Legislature Dalton McGuinty appointed former Attorney General Michael Bryant and refused to deal with the tyrant in 2005 Legislature were provided the opportunity to deal with him but also refused Michael Bryant who refused to represent me when I became a victim in his courts that documented witnessed and reecorded and then aided and abetted his flight from justice demonstrated the kind of justice they actually serve Bribery is Lobbery - No 2 Tier because there are 3 and the lost and disorderly you put them out of their mystery and their courts will justify

Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Legislature For the final time I offer you the opportunity to deal with the issues I present you consistent with the supreme law of Canada

That would be the Constitution and time you had a look at it and the Rule of law in The Spirit Frank Gallagher Charter Democracy Force Justice Inc. www.cdfji.ca

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