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C 45/176 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 10. 2.


Answer given by Mr Marı́n on behalf of the Commission

(31 July 1997)

Prior to the Commission’s decision to suspend decentralised cooperation programmes at the end of 1995
following the Court of Auditors’ special report 1/96 (1), the Med-Campus programme cofinanced 103 inter-
university cooperation projects over the academic year 1994-95. The catalogue of those projects is being
forwarded direct to the Honourable Member and to Parliament’s Secretariat.

43 projects covered economic development, 27 the environment, 21 management and 12 culture.

The financing proposal adopted by the Commission in 1994 after the Med Committee had given its approval was
for a grant of ECU 8.9 million from budget item B7-4080, which funds activities promoting multilateral and
regional or sub-regional cooperation in the Mediterranean.

Med-Campus will be launched afresh in the last quarter of this year.

(1) OJ C 240, 19.8.1996.

(98/C 45/234) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2430/97

by David Hallam (PSE) to the Commission
(8 July 1997)

Subject: 1988 European Parliament resolution on recognition for sign language

What action has the Commission taken on Parliament’s 1988 resolution (1) calling for recognition of sign
language in Europe?

(1) OJ C 187, 18.7.1988, p. 236.

Answer given by Mr Flynn on behalf of the Commission

(30 July 1997)

In 1995, the Parliament allocated the amount of ECU 500 000 for measures related to sign languages in the
Community. This was welcomed by the Commission which is conscious of the importance of sign languages in
the equality of opportunity for deaf people.

The Commission has since taken the necessary steps to ask the non-governmental organisation, the European
Union of the Deaf, to set up sign language projects in 1996 and 1997 which take into account the 1988 Resolution
of the Parliament as a base for their development. The results of the 1996/1997 sign languages project will be
examined at a conference in Brussels in September 1997 with a view to providing concrete proposals for further
measures with regard to sign languages throughout the Community.

(98/C 45/235) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2431/97

by Edouard des Places (I-EDN) to the Commission
(8 July 1997)

Subject: Authorization to place plant protection products on the market

In the light of the judgment of the Court of Justice of 12 November 1996 in Case C-201/94 on pharmaceutical
products, where the competent authority of a Member State possesses evidence that a proprietary plant protection
product with an authorization to market in another Member State and a proprietary plant protection product for
which it has already issued a marketing authorization are manufactured by the same company or by its
10. 2. 98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 45/177

licensees, and that those two products, though not absolutely identical, have at least been manufactured
according to the same formula and using the same active ingredient and that, furthermore, they have the same
physical and chemical effects, must that authority, unless considerations such as the effective protection of
human life and health militate against it, grant that marketing authorization to the imported plant protection

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(1 August 1997)

The Commission is conducting a detailed investigation of the problem raised by the Honourable Member and
will inform him of the outcome as soon as possible.

(98/C 45/236) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2521/97

by Renate Heinisch (PPE) to the Commission
(22 July 1997)

Subject: Level of European Union funding awarded to universities and research institutes in Baden-
Württemberg in 1996

For what measures was Community funding given to universities and research institutes in Baden-Württemberg
in 1996 and what amounts came from
1. the 4th framework programme on research, technological development and demonstration,
2. Community programmes in the energy and environment sectors,
3. Community Initiatives, especially the Interreg programme,
4. the Socrates, ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ and ‘Youth for Europe’ programmes,
5. the Regional and Structural Funds and
6. other Community programmes?

Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission

(7 August 1997)

The Commission is collecting the information it needs to answer the question. It will communicate its findings as
soon as possible.