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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 59/9


Extension and non-extension of the validity of reserve lists for open competitions, internal
competitions and recruitment procedures, under Article 29(2) of the staff regulations, expiring
on 31 December 1997 and 31 January 1998

(98/C 59/05)

THE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE EUROPEAN PE/46/S(T) Computer sector administrators ((i) com-
PARLIAMENT, puter engineers (ii) project managers)
PE/47/S(T) Telecom sector administrators (systems
HAVING REGARD to Council Regulation (EEC, and networks)
Euratom, ECSC) No 259/68 of 29 February 1968 laying PE/52/S Scientific and technological options
down the Staff Regulations of Officials and the administrators
Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the
EUR/A/34 Lawyer-administrators for Netherlands
European Communities, and particularly Article 30

HAVING REGARD to the Bureau’s decision of 25 June Category LA

1997 determining the appointing authorities,
PE/152/LA Italian-language translators
HAVING REGARD to the reserve lists for the open PE/155/LA Dutch-language translators
competitions and internal competitions expiring on 31 PE/156/LA Spanish-language translators
December 1997 and 31 January 1998,
PE/157/LA Portuguese-language translators
PE/159/LA French-language translators
HAVING REGARD to the opinion of the Joint PE/170/LA French-language interpreters
Committee of 1 December 1997,
PE/171/LA French-language interpreters
EUR/LA/42 Finnish-language assistant translators
ON a proposal from the Director-General for the
Budget, Personnel and Finance, EUR/LA/43 Finnish-language translators

Category B

PE/48/S(T) Administrative assistants (computer

Article 1 sector)
The validity of the following reserve lists is extended PE/49/S(T) Administrative assistants (i) telecom.
until 31 December 1998. networks, (ii) technicians, telephone and
Category A EUR/B/26 Administrative assistants (accounts,
finance, audit)
PE/53/A Greek-language administrators
PE/54/A Administrators ((i) head of planning, (ii)
TV director/producers) Category C

PE/55/A German-language administrators PE/108/C German-language typists

PE/56/A Portuguese-language administrators PE/110/C Clerical assistants (printer-binders)
PE/57/A Administrators (architects) PE/111/C Clerical assistants (keyboard operators/
PE/62/A French-language administrators PE/112/C Spanish-language typists
PE/63/A French-language assistant administrators PE/113/C Dutch-language typists
C 59/10 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 25.2.98

PE/114/C French-language typists EUR/D/65 Skilled employees (Austrian ushers)

PE/50/S(T) Clerical assistants (scientific and
technical options) EUR/D/66 Skilled employees (Finnish ushers)
C/345 Clerical assistants (Option 2: technical
EUR/D/67 Skilled employees (Swedish ushers)
EUR/C/23 Italian-language typists
EUR/C/28 Danish-language typists

Article 2
Category D
The validity of Reserve list PE/4/D (Skilled employees)
EUR/D/24 Skilled employees (drivers) expiring on 31 December 1997 is not extended.