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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 60/13

However, it is necessary to emphasise that the training of health professionals in the diagnosis of clinical
symptoms of poisoning due to consumption of meat treated with beta-agonists is a matter for the Member States.
The Commission, in the more general context of acute human poisoning, has promoted cooperation between the
Member States pursuant to Council Resolution of 3 December 1990 on improving the prevention and treatment
of acute human poisoning (2), which may be of assistance to the Member States with respect to the
aforementioned diagnosis.

(1) OJ L 125, 23.5.1996.

(2) OJ C 329, 31.12.1990.

(98/C 60/30) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1113/97

by Honório Novo (GUE/NGL) to the Commission
(24 March 1997)

Subject: Reduction of the fleet of Empresa de Pesca de Viana and Community aid

The fisheries company Empresa de Pesca de Viana (EPV) which has been in business for nearly fifty years, has
always been involved in catching and drying cod, and more recently in catching, processing and freezing a range
of types of fish.

In recent years, the company has significantly reduced its number of vessels (from 12 to 2-3) and has also made
major cuts in its workforce − from around 300 eight years ago to around 70 at present.

Now, at the beginning of this week, 39 of the above 70 have received notice that their current contracts will not be
renewed. Among the reasons given is the reduction in the size of the fleet. However, the indications are that EPV
has no plans to pay any compensation at all to the workers whom it plans to dismiss. I also have information
which suggests that the previous wave of job cuts was carried out without any redundancy payments being made.

I know for a fact that the above reduction in the number of vessels was carried out with support from Community

Exactly how many EPV vessels were decommissioned using Community cofunding? What was the total amount
of such funding?

Did the funds granted to EPV include sums specifically earmarked for a redundancy scheme designed to reduce
the number of jobs? If so, can the Commission give details of the figures?

Answer given by Mrs Bonino on behalf of the Commission

(16 May 1997)

The Commission is sending directly to the Honourable Member and to the Secretariat of Parliament data on ships
which benefited from Community aid and the amounts of aid granted.

During the period in question (1986-92), Community legislation on the granting of premiums for the permanent
laying-up of fishing vessels did not include specific funding for social measures.

(98/C 60/31) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1132/97

by Pedro Marset Campos (GUE/NGL)
and Laura González Álvarez (GUE/NGL) to the Commission
(24 March 1997)

Subject: Projected construction of a subcritical nuclear power station in Aragon, Spain

A debate has been triggered off by the prospect that an experimental electrical power project, known as an
‘energy amplifier’ − which would be an alternative to conventional systems − may be built in the region of

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