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C 60/26 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 25. 2.


20 G. People who have repeatedly treated their pets with Tiguvon (Fenthion) have suffered serious phosphate
ester poisoning. As it was unable to answer my Question E-1470/96 (1) on the same subject, I would ask the
Commission to answer the following questions as a matter of urgency:
Which institution examines the mode of action of ethical and freely available antiparasitics, especially for their
harmlessness to humans and animals and their compatibility with the environment? Is the Commission aware
that manufacturers wishing to continue marketing products registered before 1978 were required to submit the
results of all tests by the end of 1996? Did they do so? Is this governed by EU legislation? Were products
authorized after 1978 adequately tested?

(1) OJ C 345, 15.11.1996, p. 76.

Joint answer
to Written Questions E-1534/97, E-1540/97 and E-1544/97
given by Mr Bangemann on behalf of the Commission
(12 June 1997)
The Commission has no knowledge of the facts reported by the Honourable Member. It is making enquiries
among the Member States concerned and with the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products,
and will inform the Honourable Member of the outcome of these enquiries.

(98/C 60/50) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1563/97

by Yves Verwaerde (PPE) to the Commission
(6 May 1997)
Subject: Harmonization of professional status
Will the Commission say what it intends to do about the possible harmonization of the status of travelling
salesmen within the Union?

Answer given by Mr Monti on behalf of the Commission

(30 June 1997)
Directive 86/653/EEC of 18 December 1986 on the coordination of the laws of the Member States relating to
self-employed commercial agents (1) harmonizes Member States' legislation governing the contractual relation-
ship between a principal and a commercial agent acting as a self-employed intermediary. The Directive does not,
however, apply to representatives who are employees.
As for labour legislation applicable to employed representatives, legislative proposals relating to specific
categories of employed persons do not feature among the priority measures envisaged in the Commission's
medium term social action programme.

(1) OJ L 382, 31.12.1986.

(98/C 60/51) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1564/97

by Leen van der Waal (I-EDN) to the Commission
(6 May 1997)
Subject: Results of the Third Framework Programme
1. Can the Commission indicate the total amount of expenditure in the Third Framework Programme on
research in the area of transport?
2. What proportion of this funding has gone specifically to transport by inland waterways?
3. What results has the funding referred to in question 2 produced, where are the results being applied by the
inland navigation sector and what savings have these results led to in that sector?