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What’s The Biz -- December 2010 1

What’s the
December 2010
Oxford Area’s Monthly Business News & Info
Vol. 5 #12 anniversary!

AT&T Prime Wireless in Oxford, celebrated its second anniversary on November 1. And, according to director of operations, Jay Peters (3rd from left), “Oxford is simply the
best!” Pictured with Jay, from the left are Kiven Matti, Ian Boice, Ralph Kattula and Martin Hanna. Not pictured is Mike Hami. Prime Wireless is located at 1510 S. Lapeer Road.
Their phone is 248-236-9000.
2 What’s The Biz -- December 2010

Lein for James R. Porritt, Jr.

ATTORNEY Save energy
commercial Serving Orion and Oxford Areas
Since 1973 dollars at home
broker’s Licensed Real Estate Broker • Past Chair of OCBA Real Estate Committee
Member of American and State Bar Real Estate Sections
and at your biz
commissions 248-693-6245 1. Turn off unnecessary lights. A
single 60 watt bulb that is left on 2 hours
By James R. Porritt, Jr.
Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm
recently signed into law a new law pro-
SIMPLE WILLS a day, 5 days a week when it could be
turned off will cost you at least $27.50
per year.
Here's why: 60w x 10 hours/week x
viding for a Commercial Real Estate
• Self directed disposition of assets
Free Initial 52 weeks/year = 31.2 kilowatt-hours x
Broker's Lien. • Your choice of administrator Consultation $0.8815 per kWh = $27.50.
The new law allows licensed real es- 2. Heating and cooling account for
tate brokers to record liens to secure com- • Your choice of Guardian for minors about 50 percent of household utility
missions due on sales, purchases, leases, • Your choice of Trust for minors to be set up after your passing. costs.
or options to purchase (a) Set your thermostat to 68 degrees
commercial properties. “Avoiding Probate” does not justify the cost or inconvenience of setting up a Living Trust and for heating during winter. Each additional
The law was opposed degree of heat will cost you at least 1 to
maintaining it for the rest of your life. Michigan’s unsupervised probate procedure is 3 percent more on your bill. If you nor-
by real estate attorneys
and title insurers because
inexpensive, uses preprinted forms, avoids formal accountings, court appearances, or approval mally set your thermostat to 72, your bill
of the fear such liens can of asset disposition. could be as much as 12 percent higher.
entangle the subsequent (b) In the summer, the thermostat
should be set no cooler than 78 to 80
sales of real estate.
There are strict req-
Real Estate Transactions and degrees. For every degree the thermo-
stat is raised, 4 to 8 percent can be saved
Attorney James uisites imposed on the
R. Porritt, Jr. brokers in order to per- Troubled Mortgage Relief on cooling costs.
(c) Here's why: Let's say that your
fect their liens. What re- July heating bill is $120 with the tem-
mains to be seen are the repercussions 436 S. Broadway (M-24) , Suite C • Lake Orion •
perature set to 72 degrees. At 50 percent

North Oakland Dental Group

for brokers or property owners in cases of your utility bill, this means that $60
where liens are recorded for disputed com- was spent on air conditioning. At a sav-
missions. The law went into effect Octo- ing of 4 percent per degree, this means
ber 5, 2010. that you could save 24 percent, or $14.40
If you have questions for Jim regarding this on your bill by raising the temperature to
real estate issue, or have suggestions for future 78. The math works the same way dur-
columns, please call him at 248-693-6245. ing the winter when you lower the tem-
HEALTHY SMILE CENTER 3. Clean your refrigerator coils with
Personalized Gentle Care a soft brush at least annually, more often
For The Entire Family if you have pets that shed. This makes
New Modern Office With for a more efficient transfer of heat and
State-of-the-Art Equipment cuts the amount of energy used.
9 N. Washington
MarthaVega-Crist,DDS 4. Clean the air conditioner condenser
(M-24 - Lapeer Rd.) • Oxford
coils and fins when you see grass and
248-969-4840 airborne debris collected on them. Use a
garden hose with a spray attachment and
rags or a soft brush. If the amount of
Creative debris is extensive, you can buy con-
Embroidery • Comfortable Family Care • At Home and In-Office denser cleaning sprays at most plumb-
ing and heating supply houses. The con-
Computerized Embroidery & Monogramming
Custom Designs, Personalized Gifts
• Warm Friendly Staff ZOOM® WHITENING
denser is the unit outside your house.
Business, School & Team Logos • Varsity Jackets • Cosmetic Dentistry • Join Us In Our 5. Lower your water heater setting
10 E. Burdick St. • Oxford • Make Over Consultations Newly Remodeled Office Today to 120 degrees F for both energy saving
248-628-9531 • Most Insurances Accepted • Quality Care In Our Community and safety.
I-69 Exit #155
Since 1981 6. Wash as much of your cloth-
“For All Your Family Pharmacy Needs” DOWNTOWN
ing on cold rather than warm or hot

830 South Lapeer, Oxford

Patterson OXFORD settings.
830 S. Lapeer This copy of "5 Minutes for Facilities" is
Prescription Pharmacy Drahner Rd.
provided courtesy of Facilities Performance
1 S. Washington St. • Oxford LAKE ORION
Services. For the next article, "How to Save
248-628-2538 • Fax 248-628-0721 I-75
Energy ($$) at Work,” please visit www.fps-
Tim Davidson, R.Ph. 81
What’s The Biz -- December 2010 3

Still time for year-end financial moves Candy Cane

The holiday season is always a busy time
of year, so you’re probably pretty busy.
But it is important to take some time now
this must be accomplished by year-end.
· Be generous. If you’ve been thinking
of making charitable gifts, don’t put them
duct it from your taxes in future years.
However, if you then want to repurchase
the investment you sold, you’ll need to wait
to evaluate year-end financial moves that
may be beneficial in preparing for your fi-
nancial future.
off any longer. As long as you make a do-
nation to a qualified charity before the year
ends, you can claim a deduction on your
at least 31 days to avoid violating the IRS’
“wash sale” rules.
· Take capital gains. In 2011, the tax
Tree Farm
Which year-end moves should you con- 2010 tax return. For example, if you do- rate on long-term capital gains is scheduled
sider? You will want to talk to your finan-
cial advisor and tax and le-
nate $100 to a charitable group [either a
religious organization or one that has re-
to increase to 20% for most investors, up
from the 15% rate it’s been the last several
Voted ‘Best’
gal professionals first, but ceived 501(c)(3) status from the Internal years. If you have stocks or other appreci-
here are a few ideas to get Revenue Service], and you’re in the 25% ated assets that you were thinking of sell- For the past three years, customers
you started: tax bracket, you can deduct $100 (with a ing in the near future, you might want to voted Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm
· Boost your IRA con- tax benefit of $25) when you file your taxes do so before the year comes to a close. in Oxford the best tree farm in WDIV-
tributions. You have until for 2010, providing, of course, that you However, it’s generally not a good idea to 4’s "Vote for the Best" competition.
April 15, 2011, to fully fund itemize. If you donate stocks or other types make investment decisions strictly because What makes this farm so special?
your IRA for the 2010 tax Andrew Hunter of assets, you may also be able to save on of tax consequences. If your appreciated Friendly customer service and beauti-
year, but the sooner you fin- of Edward Jones capital gains taxes, because it will be the assets are still a part of your overall finan- ful trees rank at the top of the list. The
ish with your 2010 contribution, the quicker charity, not you, that eventually sells those cial strategy, you may be better off holding farm's environmental management prac-
you can get started on your 2011 contribu- assets. them for the long term, even with a higher tices appeal to many as well. Each tree
tion — and the earlier in the year you fund · Sell your “losers.” If you own in- capital gains rate. is carefully trimmed every year by
your IRA, the more time you give your ac- vestments that have lost value since you Considering these moves before the year owner Frank Genovese to produce a uni-
count the opportunity to grow. purchased them, you can sell them before ends may help you better prepare to ad- form but natural look, allowing precious
· Put more money into college sav- 2010 ends and then use the tax loss to off- dress you financial picture in 2011. ornaments to hang between the
ings plans. If you have a 529 college sav- set capital gains you may have earned in Edward Jones, its employees and finan- branches (normally, trees are trimmed
ings plan for yourself or someone else, con- other investments. If you don’t have any cial advisors are not tax advisors and can- so thick that ornaments lay on the
sider putting more money in before year- capital gains, you can use up to $3,000 of not give tax advice. Please consult your branches). The high percentage of pre-
end. You can gift up to $13,000 ($26,000 your tax losses to offset other ordinary in- qualified tax professional regarding your mium trees on the farm earned
per married couple) per person per year come. If your loss is greater than $3,000, situation. Genovese "Snowfresh" status, a qual-
without gift tax consequences. However, you can “carry over” the excess and de- This article was written by Edward Jones for ity designation given to only 2 percent
use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advi- of trees sold in Michigan.
Genovese manages weeds, insects


and irrigation in an environmentally

General Insurance
friendly manner, earning the farm
Create and implement a strategy designed to help you achieve
your long-term financial goals.
Insurance Protection for your
MAEAP certification by the State in
2007. It is the only farm in Oakland
County to be environmentally certified.

you based YOUR
objectives and risk tolerance.
Do something positive for yourself. Call today for a no-cost,
no-obligation portfolio review. Together, we can create a
strategyBUT on yourDECISIONS
current situation,
Immediate Coverage
Friendly, Personalized Service
Serving The
Variety is another big factor. Walk-
ing through the field, one can find Fraser
Fir, the rare Koreana Fir, and a wide
variety of other fir and spruce, up to
12-feet tall. Trees are priced from $10
For 56 Years
to $150.
Sometimes the market
“Highest reacts
in Investor poorly with
Satisfaction to world events,
Full Service but Firms,
Customers are greeted with music
just becauseTwothe
in a Row,” according
reacts to themean
doesn’t J.D.Power
youand Associates 2009
should. and have use of tree carts and saws.
and 2010 U.S. Full Service Investor Satisfaction StudiesSM.
Still, if current events are making you feel uncertain about Trees are shaken clean, wrapped and
Edward Jones received the highest numerical score among full service bro- drilled (for certain stands), all free of
your finances, youin should
kerage firms schedule
the proprietary J.D. Powera complimentary
and Associates 2009–2010 Full
1097 South Lapeer Road • Oxford charge. Santa visits with the children
portfolio review. ThatSatisfaction
Service Investor way, youStudies
canSMmake surebased
. 2010 study you’re in
on responses from
on weekends while the adults stir their
4,460 investors measuring 12 investment firms and measures opinions of 248-628-2565 •
control ofinvestors
where who youusedwant to go and
full-service how institutions.
investment you get there.
Proprietary study hot cocoa and select their freshly made

results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed in wreaths in the barn.
May 2010.
Call or visit yourYour experiences
local may vary.
financial Visit
advisor today. Responding to requests for "living
trees," Genovese was first in the state
Andrew Hunter, AAMS®

to develop living trees grown in light-
Financial Advisor weight containers for use indoors dur-
826 S. Lapeer Rd., Suite A ing Christmas, then planted in the land-
Oxford, MI 48371 The quality wreaths and trees pro-
The Oxford Leader for 52 Weeks
(248) 628-3811 duced on this farm have taken the
30 in Oakland County
Member SIPC
$ Genoveses to the governor's residence
for official presentations on four differ- or ent occasions.
For more information, visit
Member SIPC call 248-628-4801
4 What’s The Biz -- December 2010

George and Tamara Kelly, counselors

When life
throws obstacles
your way . . . Walkability expert Dan Burden gives his opinion
A couple sat in our office last week on on the problem facing downtown Oxford Photo by
the brink of divorce. We listened to the con- A. Moser.
flict they were experiencing and offered how
counseling would benefit them and save their
marriage. As our session came to a close ‘Walkability’ is
the buzzword in
the couple expressed relief and the wife said,
“We should have done this a long time ago.”
This couple is not unusual.
Many people put off getting help until they
can no longer ignore or avoid their problem,
downtown Oxford
nearly always making matters worse. By Andrew Moser
Counseling should be seen simply as a Oxford’s walkability got a preliminary
source of help rather than a last resort.
The “good life” is not a matter of whether
Celebrate The Season exam by one of the nation’s top walkability
we will encounter problems but whether and
how we face them. CANDY CANE The results: downtown is too noisy, too
fast and too congested.
Facing our problems can become an op-
portunity for growth and restoration. How- CHRISTmas TREE FARM Walkability expert Dan Burden, after
spending three hours in Oxford, shared
ever, at times, life presents us with obstacles Recall the sights, sounds and fragrance of Christmas past. Create memories those results with a group of leaders and
we are at a loss to overcome on our own. for Christmas future with the perfect tree we’ve carefully grown to help create business owners gathered at the Oxford
We are here to help you by listening, sup- your family’s tradition while benefiting the environment. Schools Administration building, Nov. 10
porting, and guiding you as you deal with your We also offer: “The biggest thing I see when watch-
concerns. We have experience dealing with ing your traffic . . . is it’s too noisy, it’s too
• Potted Living Christmas Trees fast and there is a loss of civility,” Burden
a wide variety of issues.
In addition to marital counseling we deal • Beautiful, Custom Fresh Wreaths, said. “That is the good news. The bad news
with parenting challenges, anxiety, and de- Swags, Garland is you have a lot of traffic congestion and
you can’t go anywhere.”
pression, as well as other problems. We in- • Free Tree Cleaning, Wrapping & Drilling However, he didn’t let the shocking
vite you to contact us to learn more about
how we can help. • Tree Stands news dampen the mood of the crowd for
Contact George and Tamara Kelly, counselors, at
CANDY CANE COUPON Our Warmest Wishes “I have worked in Michigan towns
248-651-0900 or visit
enough and worked in towns throughout

Oxford Coffee Club

300 OFF for a Blessed
Holiday Season and
America enough, that I can speak with a
pretty high level of confidence -- you can

Starting in January, The Oxford Leader will

any PURCHASE do some pretty amazing things,” he said.
Limit One Coupon Per Family World Peace Burden is the executive director of the
host weekly business networking meetings. Not valid with any other offer Walkable and Liveable Communities Insti-
These meetings will be free, there will be no HOURS: tute and has helped more than 2,700 cities
attendance, nor referral mandates. 4780 Seymour Lake Road • Oxford Monday-Friday in the United States and around the world
Coffee Clubs in Orion, Clarkston and 12 Noon-5 p.m.
(Between Sashabaw & Baldwin Roads) Saturday & Sunday
become pedestrian friendly. He has worked
Ortonville have proved popular with local busi- 9 a.m.-5 p.m. with 300 communities in Michigan, includ-
nesses. Watch The Leader for news of when ing Lapeer, Brighton, Howell and Traverse
and where. Please see WALKABILITY on page 8
What’s The Biz -- December 2010 5

President “Committed to promoting, Chamber

Laidler enhancing business prosperity
for our members.” benefits for
says farewell
Winter is coming and so is the Cham-
Call 248-628-0410 or visit us online at
small to big
ber of Commerce annual Christmas Pa-
rade scheduled for Decem-
ber 4th.
Please come to the pa- A word from
rade and welcome Santa the president Getting involved with your local
and Mrs. Clause to Oxford. Chamber of Commerce is definitely a
Bring the family and enjoy great idea. When you get involved with
the day in down town Ox- the Chamber of Com-
ford. Maybe do some last News from merce, you’ll find that it
minute Christmas shop- the director can help grow your own
ping!! business.
This will be my last ar- Many people seem to
ticle as President of the have the idea that the
Chamber. We have ac- a column by Chamber of Commerce
complished many good Rick Laidler is only for larger
things in the past year and businesses, but even
I have enjoyed my year serving the Ox- small businesses can
ford Chamber. become a member.
Working with Holly Bills, the executive
a column by Here are a few benefits
director has been a rewarding experience; of joining up with your
Holly Bills
she is dedicated to the members and is Chamber of Commerce
working hard to make sure the members and some of the ways that you can use
are receiving value for their investment in it to help grow your business.
the Chamber. Attend Events with Other Small
Holly has made my job a lot easier. Businesses
Thank you, Holly. First of all, if you join the Oxford
I would like to thank the other officers Chamber of Commerce, you’ll have the
of the board, Kevin Wisely, Vice President opportunity to attend events with a
and Tim Walker, Secretary for their sup- variety of other business owners. In
port over the last year. fact, you’ll even be able to set up your
I would also like to thank the other board Simple Organics owners Laura and Troy Farwell, of Oxford, along with Lakeville resident John
own booth to promote your business at
members who have given their time and trade shows which will allow you to
effort to make the Chamber successful.
And a special thank you to all the mem- Natural living health store opens in Oxford exchange business cards with other
business owners and visitors as well.
bers of the Chamber for your support This is a wonderful way to grow your
thought out the year for all of our events Oxford has become the home of a grocery items at a reduced cost. “No one business.
we held, with out you the events would new natural living store. Partners, Troy wants to spend their whole paycheck on Qualify for Low Cost Insurance
not have been possible. & Laura Farwell and John LoVasco, are organic foods and natural products at the You’ll also find that when you are a
Please keep up the good work for the open for business. A ribbon cutting cer- local markets. The co-op gives them member of the Oxford Chamber of
upcoming year. emony is planned for Dec. 1, at 3:30 p.m. great, reduced prices,” states Farwell. Commerce, you’ll be able to qualify for
As I ride off into the sunset and start to Simple Organics carries all natural Customers can join the co-op for $35.00 low cost insurance, such as business
prepare for retirement, I will look back at supplements and wellness products, or- per year and have the opportunity to or- insurance and health insurance. This
all the memories of the Oxford Chamber ganic personal care products, and will der weekly. can be extremely important and helpful
of Commerce and the many rewarding have an organic food co-op. Another unique feature at Simple Or- if you are running a small business,
experiences and friendships that I have “The store carries the cream of the ganics is the professional wellness prac- since the costs of insurance can be
made over the years. crop in terms of supplement and wellness titioner that will be on site daily to assist overwhelming.
products. We have the highest standards customers with product selection. Farwell Meet Great Sources
when it comes to the products we choose states, “You will not get better service or As you begin to get more and more
The BLUE to carry, “states owner Laura Farwell, a better education at any other health involved with the chamber of com-
BUTTON “We believe in organic, whole food prod-
ucts that work. We are not into the latest
store. We are very excited and we look
forward to people experiencing the
merce, you’ll meet more and more
on our website great sources. These sources can be
gimmick; we are into tried and true herbal Simple difference.”
links YOU to all used for products that you need, you
methods that have been proven to work Simple Organics, at 115 S. Washing-
of our PICTURES can also act as a source for others, and
for thousands of years.” ton St., just south of downtown Oxford. you’ll find many sources to help you to
Go To Simple Organics food co-op give cus-
tomers an additional chance to purchase
Call 248-236-0027. They are open Tues-
day-Friday, 10 - 6 and Saturday, 10-3. Please see HOLLY on page 10
6 What’s The Biz -- December 2010

Love INC: Did you know?

Resources, assistance Christ the King Church will bring The Little Drum- Schenden’s Spa on the Lake and Schenden’s Spa at Great
Lakes Athletic Club. Redeem gift cards at both spas while
for those in need mer Boy performance back to Oxford again this year!
The Little Drummer Boy is a full scale production writ- appointments last through December 23, 2010. (Gifts
ten by Christ the King Church member Steve Harms, cards can also be used at Troy location ongoing.)
By Sandy Weaver
Love INC Executive Director and produced and directed by Pat King and Steve
Love INC of North Oakland County is a non-profit co- Harms. This story takes you on a holy quest to wit- Oxford Smile Center accepts most insurance
operative effort that links churches, volunteers, and agen- ness the fulfillment and prophecy of the birth of Jesus plans and will fit you in for an appointment if you
cies and helps them to organize their efforts by reaching Christ. Join us on Thursday, December 16th or Fri- need to be seen before the end of the year?
out to the poor and disadvantaged. day, December 17th at 7:00pm or on Saturday, De-
We serve as a needs "clearinghouse" where people in cember 18th at 2:00pm or 7:00pm you will find that ’Wiches can cater any occasion! Take advantage
need contact us and we in turn get them connected with
there is more to the story than was ever told before! of our Holiday Special 10% off to all Chamber of Com-
local churches and agencies that provide them with assis- merce Members. Check out the menu at
tance. Performance location is 1550 W. Drahner Road, Ox-
There are currently 21 area churches ford 248-628-0038. or call 248-572-4790 to
that have joined the Love INC of NOC build your own custom menu. Also, give the gift of
Affiliate. The mission of Love INC is to That you can show someone how thankful you ‘wiches! Buy $20 in gift cards and get $5 for yourself!’
mobilize the Church to transform lives are for their friendship or their love by buying them
and communities In the Name of Christ.
an Oxford VIP card! There are 62 ways of saying thank Soothe Your Soul (located at 20 Hudson Street)
Love INC opened its clearinghouse
you! Yes this card has 62 participating businesses offers a great selection of affordable gifts for your
in March, 2007. We currently average holiday shopping. We also carry work by several local
approximately 500 phone calls per month offering you discounts, ranging from bars and grills,
from those seeking assistance with rent, to salons and carpet cleaning! This is a gift that keeps artists. Gift Certificates are available in store or online
Sandy Weaver 24/7. We also have a great variety of class offerings
utilities, transportation, clothing, furni- on giving, and is perfect for anyone on your Christ-
ture, personal needs, among various other types of re- mas list! Go to and buy your and can help you relax with a Craniosacral or Reiki
quests. card today! It is only $10 and takes less than 5 min- Treatment or a wonderful massage.
The main ministries which are housed at area churches
are the Clothes Closet, which is located at St.Mary's in-
utes to buy, that beats standing in lines at the de-
partment stores! H&R Block is offering a Free Simple Federal Tax
the-Hills Episcopal Church (next to Canterbury Village),
the Personal Needs Ministry, called "Little Luxuries,” and
Return (Federal Form 1040 EZ). If you need money for
the Household Ministries called "Bed, Blessings, & Beyond," December 3rd is the tree lighting in downtown Ox- the holidays, you could get up to a $1,000 today
which are located at Christ the King Church in Oxford. ford, and December 4th is the Chamber Christmas parade with an emerald advance.
Approximately 80 volunteers donate time on a regular ba-
sis to staff these ministries. The 3/50 Project supports independent, locally You can get 10% off your ad in the 2011 Orion/
It is the hope of Love INC that a much needed Furni-
owned businesses by inspiring consumer loyalty to Oxford Resource Guide until 12/31/10? This Guide is a
ture Ministry be developed in the near future. A location premiere advertising venue for this area, being mailed
and sponsorship is needed in order to complete this mis- the storefronts that directly fund their communities.
sion. directly to every home & business in Lake Orion and
Four area churches are now serving free meals four Think of three businesses in Oxford that you’d miss Oxford in May each year. Call Vicky at 248-330-8787.
nights a week, where individuals can come for comfort if they went away. Stop in. Say hello. Pick up a little
food and conversation. These churches are: Lake Orion something that makes you smile. That’s what keeps 4M Collision Center has been family owned since
United Methodist Church, Immanuel Cong'l Church, Ox-
them around, after all. Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your 1995. We have four locations to serve you better. Our
ford United Methodist Church and Christ the King Church.
local economy. newest opening is here in Oxford. 1663 N Lapeer Rd.
More than 100 volunteers from 10 churches prepare and
cook these meals on a regular basis.
Phone 248-572-4844. We offer Free loaner cars as part
Love INC relies on area churches and individual dona- A Familiar Taste just joined the Chamber of Com- of our service.
tions to provide the funds to develop and maintain their merce? They feature delicious authentic Southern
ministries per Sandy Weaver, Executive Director. If you Home Cooking! Their menu is filled with American Pee Wee Patch is open Monday- Saturday until
would like to know more about Love INC, you may call favorites such as: Chicken and Dumpling,Grammys 11pm. No registration required for evening and week-
the Clearinghouse at 248-693-4357 or visit the website at
Carrot Cake,Sweet Potato Pie, German Chocolate end care. Open to everyone! Call us for your holiday parties, Christmas shopping or “date night”! (248)814-
Cake, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Homemade Cinnamon
Rolls and more! Look at their catering menu! Located 1010
Upcoming December Events at 33 N. Washington, Oxford stop in and say hello or
Unattended cooking is the number one cause of
call and place an order 248-572-6333
December 3: Tree Lighting, downtown Oxford fires in the United States? Please remember to stay in
To accommodate a significant shift in client the kitchen when you are cooking during the holiday
December 4: Annual Christmas parade, come downtown and preferences toward medical skin care services and season. Happy Holidays! Call Servpro of Lapeer at
join us for ‘Candycanes and Christmas Carols” themed floats away from traditional luxury spa services Schenden’s 810-664-1000 for any of your fire or water restora-
and fun. The parade will begin at 2 pm. For more information Spas is expanding their Troy location and closing tion needs. Independently Owned and Operated.
please call the Chamber office at 248-628-0410
What’s The Biz -- December 2010 7

Give The Gift

That Keeps On

A Holiday Gift
to the

Ageless Day Spa & Salon

OR go to
xford LeaderCommun
ity news
since Apri
l 15, 1898 n,
Fire unio e
twp. agre ct
Vol. 113,
No. 31

Wed., Nov.
17, 2010

You are n
One Sect
ion 28 page
s 50 cents

to contr
our website
High schoolwith
By C.J. rs got some–
Editor firefighte re
Leader 12 union never had befo

Oxford’s ’ve
week they t.
thing last first labor agreemen wen t very

be overrun
their very proc ess Snell, who
ght the n
“We thou Firefighter Kevird Fire Fight-
” said Oxfo
smoothly, president of the ciati on of Fire

serves as International Asso that both sides
n, . “We feel end.”
ers Unio
Local 4763 the d
Fighters fair contract in township boar
got a very y morning, the year union con-

On Frida the two-
to approve ”
voted 6-1 contract,
tract. good first part of the
it’s a very was
“I think Mike Spisz, who some im-
rew Mos er
er tee we made ective
said Trus g team. “I think
By And ol this ship’s persp
Staff Writ High Scho if negotiatin ts from the town union members
Leader driving by Oxford not be alarmed
When 19, do ve- provemen cial end and the for on their end,
ing, Nov. y response on the finan looking
Friday morn erous emergenc they were
num tice one got what it’s a win-win.” the lone dissent-
there are ing lots. -
s in the park gency. It’s a prac of the so I think Joe Ferra
ri cast ’t conserva
It is not
an emer
n as part for
ent Treasurer use he felt it wasn state of the


beca rtain
arme d intruder rgency Managemin con- ing vote gh given the unce erty values.
-- an rd
ss and Eme to Oxfo n tive enou and declining prop with our
“Readine grant awarded n and Clarksto ble that ,
Schools” with Lake Orio s Department of economy wasn’t comforta been declining
“I just h as it’s ally
juncture the United State Free Schools. e, as muc gh to basicsaid.
by taxable valu g to have enou he
schools, and Office of Druging until 10 a.m., goin act,”
of the contr more of a
if we’re
Education at 8 a.m. and runn p of students, the demands took
Starting t grou Oxford meet all to make sure we
and a selec Sheriff’s, “I wanted oach.” yet been
OHS staff Oakland County representatives tive appr ballot had not , he in-
g with and ity conserva one noon
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Burdick George E. Free
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insuranc the new contract, the premium cost
Mail To: P.O. Box 108
state of

Page 14 Under percent of percent starting

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will contr Jan. 1, 2011 and
666 S. Lapeer Rd.
Place subs
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offer expire beginnin . with that,

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Jan. 1, 2012 absolutely fine 15
CT on Page
per Custo are
one coupon (LOR) “We TRA
Limit field.
65 See CON
other offers.Oxford or Spring Please
with any
Not valid only in Lake
r (Next to Lake Orion • 248-3
• Oxford • 91-2111
Oxford, MI 48371

962 N. Lapee in •
3639 Baldw

City: State Zip

$30 Oakland County • $33 Out of County • $38 Out of State

8 What’s The Biz -- December 2010

Genisys, Clear University ‘Walkability’ is the mission

expand relationship
Continued from page 4 pedestrians to see each other better, re-
City. sulting in lower turning speeds and a
When he says there is hope for shorter distance for a pedestrian to cross.
downtown’s walkability, he means it. He also brought up the idea of installing
Genisys Credit Union recently ex- Cleary University’s main campus in islands, which would help reduce a ve-
panded their relationship with Cleary Howell and additional location in Ann Ar- “You have a really great town, you have
great bones. The pattern of your blocks, hicles turning speed.
University by offering Genisys member- bor employ 200 full and part-time staff Burden stated that the current traffic
ship as an added benefit to their students as well as educate over 1,200 students the layout of your town, the location of
your buildings is something that many signals were “three generations old” and
and employees. each year from all over Southeast Michi- they needed new ones. He would also like
This program is an extension of the gan. towns would love to have and you got it,”
Burden said. to see at least two more signals be added
Genisys member tuition grants specifi- More information about this partner- downtown.
cally designated for the members and ship can be found on the Cleary Univer- “It’s now a matter of polishing the jewel
and all the things you can do,” he added. Other ideas he mentioned were two traf-
employees of the credit union and the sity website at, at their fic crossings, redoing the pedestrian cross
new scholarship named in honor of administration center or at either of the Before speaking about some options for
N. Washington, which he called the “big walks and adding color to the parking
former CEO, Dianne Addington, for two campus locations. spots.
gorilla,” Burden said a Complete street
Cleary University degree-seeking stu- Genisys Credit Union is glad to be part Anna Taylor, owner of Pink & Charlie,
policy is needed.
dents who serve their communities as of your community, and we truly be- said that when the time was ready, Bur-
The policy states transportation plan-
leaders and volunteers. lieve that Genisys is “where you come den would come in with four designers
ners and engineers should design and op-
“We are excited to be able to offer first.” and spend three days studying and map-
erate the roadway with all users in mind,
this benefit to the students and staff at We are locally owned, locally con- ping out a plan for downtown.
including bicyclists, public transportation
Cleary University,” said Norm Soucy, trolled and continue to be an award-win- “It’s a three day complete package to
vehicles, and pedestrians of all ages and
Business Development Manager. “It’s a ning organization for financial safety and completely study our downtown,” she
great partnership that will not only pro- soundness. added.
What can Oxford do? He said turning
vide financial education, but will provide Follow our community involvement Oxford resident Rod Charles asked Bur-
N. Washington into a boulevard would be
possible money-saving opportunities as on Facebook at den what the timetable would be once they
the ideal, complete with a median and
well.” genisyscu and Twitter at shrubbery on either side of the road. were ready to proceed.
Currently, a communication plan, on- to find out “The median and boulevard gives you Burden said they would have to do the
site visits and student orientation events what’s going on in your neighborhood. the beauty, the function, the safety and study, which would require interviewing
are being discussed to enhance the part- A calendar of events can also be found allows you to have more parking,” he said. the Michigan Department of Transporta-
nership experience. on our Web site at One of the first ideas he mentioned was tion (MDOT) and Oakland County, fol-
lowed by a presentation with his findings

Genisys Rewards in
narrowing the lanes to nine or 10 feet. He
explained that by narrowing the lanes, it and suggestions.
forces the drivers to How quickly the
become more vigilant. project would be
“When you have a ‘The biggest thing I see completed would

time for the holidays

boil down to one
nine or ten foot lane,
you have to be vigilant,when watching your traf- thing: funding.
and when you are fic . . . is it’s too noisy, it’s “It just depends
what your re-
driving a car, vigilance
Genisys Credit Union wants to give back plication. Members can transfer money, view is a good thing,” he too fast and there is a loss sources are and
to its members this holiday season by offer- account balances, review transaction history said. “You have fewer
crashes...(and) if we
of civility . . . That is the how quickly people
can assemble the
ing the gift of Genisys Rewards.
It’s an exciting program that rewards
and locate a surcharge-free ATM or shared
branch while finding the perfect gifts for the are worried about good news.’ money and where
sustainability and get- you are going to get
members for using their Genisys Rewards special people in their lives.
ting the best functions and uses out of the funding from,”
Debit MasterCard on signature transactions. So make this holiday season easier! Con-
our streets, we probably don’t need 12- Burden said.
For every $2 a person spends, they’ll earn tact Genisys Credit Union about their
15 foot lanes.” Madonna Van Fossen, director of the
one point redeemable toward travel, mer- Genisys Rewards Debit MasterCard and
The idea of putting a roundabout in was Downtown Development Authority, said
chandise or gift cards. Genisys Rewards program to start earning
something Burden said he was not con- that it was critical to get the Village Coun-
“This is a great option for holiday shop- points today. Visit their website at
sidering at the time based on the amount cil, the DDA, the Planning Commission as
ping,” said Michelle Mattson, Account Man- or contact your local
of daily traffic and space that would be well as the business owners, residents and
agement Manager. “Not only is it convenient, branch for details.
available. property owners all on board.
but it’s like giving yourself a present when Genisys Credit Union is glad to be part of “Before we present to MDOT, it is criti-
you buy for someone else.” your community, and we truly believe that Downtown Oxford averages about
30,000 cars, trucks and semi-trucks pass- cal that we come together as a commu-
The program is FREE to register and Genisys is “where you come first.” We are nity, that we don’t appear fractured,” she
participate, and Genisys Rewards Debit locally owned, locally controlled and con- ing through daily.
“I am not going to rule out a round- said.
MasterCard holders are automatically en- tinue to be an award-winning organization Burden agreed.
rolled. Members can also view and redeem for financial safety and soundness. Follow about, but I am going to say we need to
do a lot of analysis before we find out if “Once that vision is locked down and it
their points online or by phone. our community involvement on Facebook goes before the city council and the city
Genisys mobile banking is another FREE at and Twit- we have enough room...for a two lane
roundabout,” he said. commission and you guys defend it, then
option for members to use with the Genisys ter at to find you are handing MDOT exactly what they
He praised the fact downtown has curb
Rewards Debit MasterCard. It allows shop- out what’s going on in your neighborhood. want,” he said. “It’s a done deal; it’s a
extensions already, but he thinks more
pers do their banking via text, mobile A calendar of events can also be found on package, bow and ribbon and they can just
could be done with them. He explained
browser, downloadable app or iPhone ap- our Web site at start building.”
curb extensions allow for a motorist and
What’s The Biz -- December 2010 9
Alternatives to cash You’re Never Too Look younger
holiday bonuses
Employees expect holiday bonuses. But Old To Make for holiday
parties with
in this economy, cash-strapped employers
may wonder how to reward employees
during the holidays if funds are low.
New Friends!
If holiday bonuses are something a com-
pany does every year, chances are employ-
ees count that bonus as part of their sala-
ries. Terminating bonuses without advanced Come and experience why our
notice could leave many employees in the
company coming up short in their personal
residents feel “Home” at
Independence Village at Waterstone Treatment
Small-business owners may find it dif-
ficult to carve out cash bonuses, particu- Fall This revolutionary new technology uses
a cleansing agent to purify the skin, removes
larly if the business is struggling financially.
Employers looking to avoid bonuses this Special dulling debris, and allows the pores to breath.
Beneficial nutrients, such as marigold, sea
year or offer alternatives to cash should
notify workers of any changes well in ad- 1st Mo nth kelp, vanilla and Vitamin E are delivered to
the skin, which helps your skin recover from
vance of the season. Otherwise they may
face upset or mutinous workers. Once
employees understand that there will be
FREE stress. Your skin will look visibly younger,
feel vibrant and revitalized.
This treatment helps to firm and tone,
changes to bonuses this year, consider one plump the skin, making the appearance of
of these alternatives. Call Lisa or Mar ybeth Today fine lines and wrinkles greatly diminished.
* Paid vacation time: Offer an extra week To Reser ve Your Stay W ith Us! After just one treatment there will be a no-
of paid vacation. It doesn’t require imme- ticeable difference in the appearance of your
diate cash out of pocket and still shows
employees that you value their service.
* Added perks around the office: Spruce
248-236-8300 skin.
While coming in for the galvanic treat-
ment you will also enjoy a full European Fa-
up the office with ways employees can 701 Mar
Mar ket SStr
arket treet • O
treet xfor
Oxfor d, MI 48371 •
xford, cial. This service includes cleansing, exfolia-
unwind. A computer equipped with some Professionally managed by Senior Village Management tion, galvanic treatment, massage and mois-
*All meals, accommodations, activities included! No obligation.
video games, a billiards table or a TV with turizer.
a few recliners gives workers the ability to Booking an appointment means you will
take a break now and then and enjoy them-
selves. Jude’s Facial Special leave with a great looking face and find tran-
quility and calm, in your 90 minute session.

* Spa services: Hire a massage therapist

$ 00
Comments from my clients…
or chiropractor to come in and offer mas- “Wow, my skin really does look good! I
sages to employees. It will help them un- can definitely see a difference.” E.A.
wind and potentially be more productive. “I love the way my skin looks!” C.B.
* Mail privileges: Enable employees to “Jude, that was the greatest facial I¡¯ve
mail holiday cards and packages on the ever had. My skin was so smooth and it was
company’s dime, saving them a trip to the even better a few days later. Thank you so

European Facial
post office. much!” L.W.
* Children’s party: Throw a supervised Hope to see you soon!
party for the employee’s children, allowing Jude Cunningham 248-736-2343
the workers to go out and catch up on holi- cleanse, exfoliation, Downtown Salon 248-236-9124
day shopping.
massage and Gift Certificates Available
* Offer flex time: Give employees the
opportunity to work from home a few days moisturizer
during the holidays so they can schedule
work around busy days. - also includes - Hey, Oxford!!
* Company retreat: Plan a big-ticket trip
or event that the employees can attend at Galvanic
no cost to them. A day out at an amuse-
ment park or something to that effect may
be more cost-efficient than cash bonuses.
* Gift cards: Find out if a local retailer Fills in fine lines and
offers a group discount and give employ- wrinkles, your face will
ees gift cards to that store. Treated Untreated If you didn’t read last week’s
* Smaller monetary gift: For those who look like porcelain. Oxford Leader
Leader,, you don’t know
still want to give cash, make it a smaller what you’ve missed!!!
gift than last year and explain to employees
that you wanted to do something but sim- Jude Cunningham, Esthetician 52 Weeks for $30
ply cannot afford to match bonuses from Downtown Salon • 40 S. Washington • Oxford or
years past -- Employees will still appreci- 248-236-9124 • Direct 248-736-2343 call 248-628-4801
ate the gesture.
10 What’s The Biz -- December 2010

Hello fresh breath, Annual Canned Food Drive You can feel it
For Oxford/Orion FISH
good-bye alitosis! Give yourself the gift of good oral
when you walk
Halitosis is an oral condition identifiable
by consistently bad breath. Understanding
health and help feed our community.
Holiday breaks are a great time
in the door
the causes of halitosis is the first step to to take care of your teeth. By Dan Garr, MPT
treating this almost always preventable con- Whether you are coming in for your
dition. Halitosis has many origins: first day of physical therapy or just stop-
Certain foods…Diet plays a large role
• Zoom! Teeth Whitening - Brighter Teeth
in One Hour
G o W ild ca t ping in to check us out, you will feel the
in oral health, including your breath. Gar-
lic, onions and other foods are absorbed
• Invisalign® - The Clear Alternative to Special warm and inviting atmosphere at
HealthQuest Physical Therapy. We have
Braces For ever y new pati
ent that says
into the bloodstream, transfer into the lungs treated nearly 3,000 patients in the past
• Cerec® - One Visit Crown Treatments “G O W IL D CA TS
and expelled in the air through breathing.
• Evening and Saturday Appointments ”
Oxf ord Smi le Cen six years and many of them have become
Until a food is eliminated by the body, it has ter Wil l Giv
• Exams, Cleanings, Veneers, Natural $25 to the Oxford our primary source of referrals. It’s ex-
the potential to affect your breath. High
Looking Fillings & More School Athletic Bo tremely rewarding to know that a patient
Periodontal disease…A primary symp- osters
came to us because a friend or family
tom of gum disease is foul breath and an member shared their positive experience,
unpleasant taste in the
Oxford Smile and it all starts when they walk in the
mouth. Periodontal disease
requires immediate care by Center door. Samuel C. of Oxford states, “I was
an oral health professional. unsure of where to go and what to ex-
Poor oral pect. Much to my surprise I was very
healthcare…without John M. Khoury Jr., DDS much at ease after my first meeting with
proper brushing and the physical therapist and very happy
cleanings food can remain 1120 S. Lapeer Rd. • Oxford, MI 48371 with the treatment plan.”
in your mouth and breed
bacteria which can cause Our goal is to reduce your pain or stiff-
ness and return you to your active
Dr. Khoury supports the local community with elementary educational visits,
odorous breath. Unpleasant Halloween candy buy-back and support of school athletic programs.
lifestyle as quickly as possible. We do
odors can also result from John M. this by implementing traditional and non-
food collecting on teeth, Khoury, DDS
gums and tongue.
248-969-SMILE traditional treatment methods as well as
educating you about your issue. You will
Breathing patterns…Continuous
breathing through the mouth instead of the We’re The #1 Choice... be treated by a licensed physical thera-
pist on each visit and we are able to
nose can cause dry mouth which can con-
tribute to halitosis. Dry mouth (xerosto- Come Experience the Difference. modify your treatment plan daily based
on your current status.
mia) is a significant decrease in saliva pro- Please call us today for a free consul-
ductions so the mouth is unable to cleanse tation to find out how physical therapy at
itself and remove food particles. Xerosto-
HealthQuest can help you regain a higher
mia can also be caused by medications or a
salivary gland disorder. quality of life.
Improperly cleaned Got a question of Dan, give him a call at 248-
dentures…Dentures have the potential to 236-0035 or visit his website,
collect bacteria and food particles resulting Free
in bad breath if not properly cleaned.
Tobacco products…Cigarettes, cigars, Consultations
smokeless tobacco and snuff can stain teeth continued from page 5
and put the body at risk for a host of dis-
ease as well as contribute to bad breath.
Our Specialties improve your business. You may even
be able to find retailers that will want to
Medical conditions…Bad breath can be Include: carry products that your business
an indicator or symptom of a respiratory • Neck & Back Pain offers as well.
infection, diabetes, a gastrointestinal disor- • Headaches & Migraines Associate Your Name with the
der or a liver or kidney disorder. Consult • Shoulder, Hip & Knee Pain Chamber of Commerce
your physician. • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Last of all, you’ll find that you’ll
Good oral healthcare prevents hali- • Total Motion Release benefit from the ability to associate
tosis. Treatment of bad breath primarily • Auto, Sports & Work Injuries Dan Garr, MPT your name with the chamber of
depends on the cause but proper brushing, • Foot & Ankle Sprains & Strains OXFORD
flossing, in addition to regular exams and commerce. When people realize that
cleanings help remove the bacteria that
• Hip & Knee Replacement Rehab 53 S. Washington St. you’re involved, they’ll be more likely
• Elbow Conditions
cause bad breath.
For more information call 248-969-SMILE
• Women’s Health 248-236-0035 to work with you.
So, as you can see, there are many
or visit Dr. Khoury • Educational Presentations benefits for getting more involved with
supports the local community with programs such • TMJ the Oxford Chamber of
as Halloween candy buy-back, Donated Dental • Total Motion Release Commerce.You’ll be able to find great
Services, elementary educational visits and sup- 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday - Friday • 8 a.m. to Noon Saturday opportunities to grow your business and
port of school athletic programs. increase your profits.
Quick Scheduling • Most Insurances Accepted
What’s The Biz -- December 2010 11

Charge cards and holiday spending

Ready or not - the biggest spending up to 20 percent or higher. Even depart-
season of the year is quickly approach- ment store cards tend to carry a high in-
ing. Even in these tough economic times, terest rate.
with so many people on restricted bud- Instead of using these credit cards,
gets, studies still suggest that most house- Lakes Community Credit Union will help
holds will spend an average of $500 to you with your holiday spending with their
$800 on holiday expenses. special Holiday loan promotion.
Where is the money going to come This special loan will make the holidays
from to pay for the gifts, the food, and all affordable with a 6.99 percent APR, a 12
the trimmings? month term and a maximum loan amount
Some people have been of $2,500.
putting money away in a Lakes The best part is that you can use the
Holiday account, and oth- Community money on holiday shopping, taking a va-
ers are able to fit the pur- Credit Union cation or putting in a new furnace.
chases in their budget. Typically, Credit Unions are looking to
More commonly, many help individuals and families reach their
people will make their pur- financial goals without charging a high
chases with Credit Cards. price and heavy penalties. As the financial
If you are considering crisis hit our country, Credit Unions looked
using a Credit Card, please for ways to help stabilize the problems of
take a moment and look the American auto industry - a problem
closely at your credit card we all could feel in the metro Detroit area.
agreement(s). We're currently offering car loans "as
What is the stated inter- Carolyn Chevier, low as" 3.75 percent APR to qualified buy-
est rate? Is the rate vari- president ers - call us for details. Take the rebate
able? What are the monthly and see how much money you can save
payment requirements? Most importantly by financing your new car at Lakes.
- are there any gimmicks or surprises in Lakes Community Credit Union offers
the fine print? membership to people that work, live and/
With new credit card laws continually or worship in Oakland County.
being updated, revised and put into place, As a member, you get to vote for our
many credit card companies have changed Board of Directors. Our profits are re-

Mark Your
their fixed rates to variable rates, making turned to you in lower loan rates - the

it easier for them to bump up your rate. money doesn't go to big corporate own-
Other credit card companies offer you ers. We're located at 350 N. Park Blvd (M-

a low introductory rate, but once the short 24) just south of Indianwood Rd. Wishing
financing period is up, the rate can jump you a safe and happy holiday season!

Find the ‘romance’ at Ella Fashion

This winter season is coming with a
super sensual and feminine trend. The big-
3 Great Special Sections
gest trend for this season are the form That Will Be Sure To Increase Your Business
fitting dresses, full skirts with high- waist
and a lots of vests and jackets.
To create the 2010 fall/winter collec-
tion Ella Fashion got the inspiration from
4 2011 Calendar
Oxford & Lake Orion
the ROCOCO Art, a French design tech- November 24th
nique applied on the lines, colors and The Oxford Leader & Lake Orion Review
shapes making fashion revival of what
was worn in the past.
This fashion revival is also seeing in
the texture of the Plush Velvet, Opaque
4 Shopping Guide
FULL COLOR • December 15th
and Shiny fabrics present in the decora-
tions as well as in the light and nude shades Ad-Vertiser
fabrics that symbolize the lightness and
simplicity that go together with embel-
lishes pieces.
The prints for this season bring a light
4 Best of the Best
Oxford & Lake Orion
FULL COLOR • December 29th
finishing that is more in line with our pro-
file with designs tied to XVIII century. ion style dictated by Maria Antonieta dur- The Oxford Leader & Lake Orion Review
The clothes each one with their particular ing the XVIII century.
detail, the laces, the velvet buckle, a dif- Come for a magnificent shopping ex-
Call Your Ad Representative Today For More Details
ferent lining, the golden metals, ruffles,
drapes, pleads are all following the fash-
perience at Ella Fashion and transform your
wardrobe in this romance. 248-628-4801
12 What’s The Biz -- December 2010

up to 72 months
• Fast, Easy Approvals
• Excellent Personal Service

Oxford Branch
22 Southeast Michigan locations,
find more at
*Rates and terms may vary depending upon credit qualifications, age of collateral,
payment protection package, and AutoPay from checking or savings account.

Where you come first.