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C 60/40 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 25. 2.


(98/C 60/65) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1739/97

by Riccardo Nencini (PSE) to the Commission
(23 May 1997)

Subject: Payment of aid for agriculture at regional level

Regulation (EEC) No 797/85 (1) introduced various incentives for farmers, including a compensatory allowance
in respect of ‘natural handicaps’. The Region of Umbria (Italy) then issued Regional Law No 11/88 laying down
rules for the application of that regulation and delegated to the local authorities in the mountain areas concerned
the task of paying the relevant allowances, which they did until 1993. Subsequent annual allowances have not
been paid yet, even though farmers have complied with the conditions laid down by the regulations in force;
moreover, it should be emphasised that the Community’s financial contributions have already been transferred to
the Regions.

Could the Commission urge the Region of Umbria to ensure the annual allowances due since 1993 are paid?

(1) OJ L 93, 30.3.1985, p. 1.

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(19 June 1997)

The aid scheme which provides for the payment of compensatory allowances to farmers in less-favoured areas is
not compulsory for the Member States. Member States and regions can choose whether or not to introduce such
support measures, the cost of which is part-financed by the Community.

However, once a region has introduced such a scheme and the Commission has approved the relevant
implementing provisions, the region is required to apply it according to the rules and in a sustained way. Any
discontinuation of the aid scheme or suspension of payments must be approved anew by the Commission. Since
introducing the system of compensatory allowances, the Umbria Region has never notified the Commission of
any intention to suspend the scheme.

According to the Commission’s information, payments were not made in 1994 while the annual instalment for
1995 was paid normally. The Commission is contacting the Italian authorities to clarify the situation and will
remind them of their obligations under the Community provisions.

(98/C 60/66) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1742/97

by Doeke Eisma (ELDR) to the Commission
(23 May 1997)

Subject: Narcolepsy
1. Is it true that consideration is being given at European level to withdrawing the entitlement to participate in
motorized traffic from all people with a sleep-related disorder, including people with narcolepsy, in advance
and as a category?
2. Can the Commission explain how this is regulated in other Member States?

Answer given by Mr Kinnock on behalf of the Commission

(25 June 1997)

1. Community provisions on the minimum standards of physical and mental fitness for driving a
power-driven vehicle are laid down in Annex III of Council Directive 91/439/EEC (1) of 29 July 1991 on driving

Considering that sleepiness in general and narcolepsy in particular are not addressed specifically in the standards
set by the Annex, they fall under the general provision (point 18 of Annex III) which states that: